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Second Chances

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Our Granpapa

March 9th 2009 7:20 am
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Okay kitties, our Granpapa is finally supposed to have his surgery tomorrow. Paws crossed there will be no more delays! Our whole family is very nervous about the surgery and the outcome, as we will find out more about Granpapa's cancer after his surgery.

Could we impose upon you all for another candle lighting blitz? We'd like to bolster Granpapa's spirits, so he'll know there's lots of good energy behind him tomorrow. You can LIGHT A CANDLE for him.

Thank you all so much for your support and friendship!


Dapper Me!!

March 8th 2009 8:56 am
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Wowza!! I just got a cool hat rosie from Lancelot, and I've won an award for my name!!! He has awarded me the Best Dapper Name!! I don't know what to say. I'm honored and just speechless.

For those of you who don't know the full story behind my name, it is a lengthy (although not boring one). My name is linked to my arrival in my furever home. Mama responded to a posting that went up in the forums about me. I was at a shelter and only had one day left...a plea went out for someone to adopt me out of the shelter because I'm so sweet and handsome. The shelter was only about an hour away from mama, and she just couldn't stand it. So she drove down and walked in with her carrier and announced "I'm here for the torti!". Everyone at the front desk just stopped and looked blankly at her. So she said again, "The male torti. I'm here to adopt him." Now they knew mama had not been in there before to see me, so they asked her if she would like to meet me furst, and she said, "Sure why not. But he's going home with me." So we went through all the formalities of introductions and shaking paws, and mama took me home. One of the ladies who was working at the shelter had tears in her eyes as I was leaving; she was the one who had originally started spreading the word about me, which eventually led to the posting here on Catster. Mama got there just minutes before I was to get the needle. **shudders**

So anyway! She needed to name me. Ele's boyfriend's mama was giving mama name suggestions, and Ambrogino was one of them. In Italian, it means "Immortal". I like the idea of that. Mama likes the idea of that.

And that is the story of my name. **takes a bow**

Thanks Lancelot!!!!!!


Still So Many Thanks

February 27th 2009 6:48 am
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Gosh everyone, when mama got home from her trade show tour yesterday we found out that I was a Diary Pick!!! Thanks, Diary Gal! It was very exciting news for us to see, and we apologize that we didn't get to mention this yesterday. Mama was very tired, so we had to get in some cuddling nap time.

I want to thank Calvin and family, Andre and family, and Ashley Grimalkins and family for the lucky four leaf clovers. We can use some good luck roght now!

I want to thank Cocoa and family and Chai and family for the lovely heart rosies!

I want to thank Stipey and Maya for the pot 'o gold!!! Who can't use one of those??

I want to thank Fido and fam, and Sully and Pansy for the sporty green hats!! MOL

Thanks to Miss Hazel Lucy and to Buddie and family for the wonderful pmails.

And thanks to all of you who are lighting canldes for our Granpapa. He is trying to keep his spirits up. Hopefully he'll be feeling well enough to go to Bike Week, so keep your paws crossed. Mama is not sure that Granpapa has ever missed Bike Week before.

Thanks for being such pawsome friends to us!! We love you all!!


Please Light A Candle for my Granpapa

February 19th 2009 7:08 pm
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Okay everyone, I'm going to share an email with you that mama got from her Jan-mom...Grampapa's amazing wife:

"I wish I could tell you how much your e-mails and prayers and all the candles mean to your Dad. To have such a loving daughter who cares so much is one of the most precious gifts to have. OK, no more tears, but I just felt I needed to let you know how much you are loved by both of us.

This has been a real test for the whole family and I know he will be fine after his surgery. Dr. Greene feels he will get all of it the first time around. MARCH 10TH cannot get here fast enough.

We need to keep up the good fight againt this terrible enemy. I know we have come a long way in fighting cancer and hopefully we can stomp it out completely one day.

Take care of yourself.

Janet Mom"

So here is what we are asking...and I'll warn you, we are going to ask again.

Could you please light a candle for Granpapa? The candles and all of the Catster well-wishes have really helped to bolster his spirits. Not everyone can afford the zealies for gifties right now, but the candles are free.

So if you could share some positive thoughts, then just CLICK HERE" and you can light a candle.

Granpapa was supposed to have his surgery next week, but he has come down with a bad cold so his surgery has been postponed. a way, Granpapa is happy is happy about this because he knows he'll make it to bike week!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Granpapa!!!! But the wait is not good, for a multitide of reasons.

So purrlease, we're asking for a prayer blitz, to keep Granpapa safe and as healthy as pawsible right now.

We love you, and your support and friendship means everything.


More Thanks

February 18th 2009 10:37 am
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Thanks goes out to Lancelot and Mago for the Paw rosie and well wishes for our Granpapa.

And thans also to Rizza and Puss-Puss, and to Miss Hazel Lucy for lighting candles. Granpapa Likes to see the candles that everyone has been lighting for him.

If you would like to light a candle for my Granpapa, you can LIGHT ONE HERE.

On another note, last night my doggie had a seizure. He has epilepsy and is on medication for it, but his dosage is no longer sufficient. Mama began giving him a slightly higher dosage this morning, but this makes her very sad, as his medicine has the potential risk of causing liver damage.

So we're still giving mama mega-lovies to keep her cheered. That makes us happy, too!


Many Thanks

February 17th 2009 5:09 pm
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Today the lady in the blue shorts brought us a very nice posty card from Miss Hazel Lucy. She and her mom sent some very sweet well wishes for our Granpapa. Can you believe, with all that Miss Hazel Lucy has had going on with her own v-e-t visit(today), she still took time out to think about us!!!

Thank you Miss Hazel Lucy!!!!! ((hugs))


More Thanks

February 15th 2009 1:23 pm
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We would like to thank all of you for your continued support.

Thank you to Aldo and family for the candle lighting and for the supportive pmails to mommy.

Thank you to Samoa and family and their mama for their candle lightings.

We will be sharing all of this with our Granpapa, so that he knows there is so much pawsitive energy behind him, and to lift his spirits.

We love you all!


Many Thanks

February 14th 2009 7:08 pm
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Many of you may have read in Gimme's and Ele' diaries last night that our Granpapa has been diagnosed with a bladder cancer. We would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and support for our granpapa and for mama.

Thank you for the paws: Sully and Pansy, Smokey and Punky, Calvin and family, Ashlye and Troop, Boogers and family, Colleen, Andre and family, Lucy, Miss Hazel Lucy, Diego and LuLu, and Oly and family.

Thank you for the hearts to: Rocky Ann, and Freddie H. Mac and family.

Thank you for the roses to: Boogie, and Oly and family.

Thank you to Amelia for the star.

Thank you to Phoebe for the Bug Hugs.

Thank you for the kind pmails to: Sky, Lucky, Amber Jewel, Nuk, Tocca Dolce and my beloved Oly-Pie.

Mama is very distracted right now, so we know we won't be able to thank everyone individually. But we want you to know how much your friendship and support and purrs mean to us.

Mama finally got to talk to Granpapa this evening. He sounded very down, although he tried to make light of everything...probably so that mama wouldn't worry. Which won't happen. Please keep Granpapa in your thoughts and purrs.

We love you all.


My Sweetheart

February 8th 2009 7:11 pm
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I think my beloved Oly-Pie is sad. Many of you know that her doggie, Lexy, went to the Bridge this week. Oly has been sleeping in Lexy's bed and perhaps acting like she is really missing her.

I can understand. I don't know what I'd do if anything to happened to my doggie. My doggie is so wonderful and I love to cuddle with him and play with his toys.

Oly-Pie, sweetie, I'm thinking about you. I'm trying to finish getting my piratey ship all ready so that we can take a little cruise to some warm tropical island.


I'm a Star!!!!!

December 30th 2008 7:19 am
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I just KNEW something was going on this morning!!!!! Mama worked very late last night, so this morning she was trying to get a little extra sleep. Well, we all wanted our breakfasts, but Gimme kept grabbing pawfuls of her hair with his eleventy gajillion toes and claws, and pulling just as hard as he could. So mama got of bed and we followed her...and she locked us out of her room!!! Now I just had the feeling that I needed to get on the typy this morning, so I stood there at her door and scratched and scratched!! Finally she couldn't take it any more and she got up. She gave us breakfast, made her stinky hot drink, made a few phone calls, got on her work typy for a bit, and then FINALLY made her way back to the office to turn on OUR typy!!! And wouldn't you know it, the emails started pouring in. I said, "Mama, what's going on? Those are all for me?" So we looked a little closer, and I'm a DDP!!!!!!

And since I wrote about my piratey ship, now mama HAS to get some new pictures up!!!!!!

Thank you so much to Miss Hazel Lucy and to her wonderful husband Buddie for their pmails! Thanks to Lucky for the pmail, also!

Thank you to Sammie and Kiki for the snowflake. Thanks to Samoa and family for the snowman. Thanks to Hooch for the snowflake. And thanks to Fido for the snowman. Thank you to Lucy for the snowflake. I could store those snowflakes into a cooling system on my ship if I'm sailing in hot climates. And I think if I set sail into cooler climates, those snowmen might make good deckhands! MOL

Thanks to Mercy and family for the cool shades. Mercy suggests cutting them in half to make an eye patch!!!

Thanks to Pansy and Sullivan for the yummy shrimpie!! Perfect snack for a pirate! Thanks also for the pictures!!

Thanks to Diego and LuLu for the heart rosie!

Thanks to Phoebe for the pawsome shades!

And thanks to my Oly-Pie for the wonderful heart rosie. **swoons and blows her kissies**

How cool? Yesterday my beautiful Oly-Pie was a DDP, and today I am!! Thanks Diary Gal!

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