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It's a dogs life

Today is my Birthday!

September 3rd 2010 6:19 pm
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Today I am 9 years old!

Now THATS a reason to celebrate!!!!

Where's the tuna?



"OH- the cat came back. We thought he was a goner, but the cat- back, the very next WEEK"

July 20th 2010 8:44 pm
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Last night, I came home! I was gone for a week says Mommy. The GIRL came to the house after work to pick up something and there I was on the sidewalk staring at her!!
She walked all triumphantly into the house with me and nobody was there! She found the BOY in his room playing his online game, so we really surprised him! she just walked in his room holing me and he was all happy and we gave each other hugs. THEN I HAD to find my Mom (WHO I believe was out looking for me because I had heard her voice each night last week) I found her in the basement cleaning up and I meowed at her. she thought she was going insane and was hearing cats meowing so ignored me. I waited for a bit then Meowed again "Like, hellllloooooo Mommy, Did you not miss me?" Mommy looked at me standing on the basement steps and says to me "OH MY GOSH Kitty WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" And we gave each other hugs.
I told her my stories of my adventures, but I don't think she speaks "cat" because I heard her telling my BOY "I wish Ty could talk so he could tell us about his adventures"

I have been following Mom around a lot lately. And she has been nicer to me too. She gives me cat cookies!

I am getting sleepy....I think I will lay on the luxurious leather chair. Much better than where I had been sleeping all week. Even though Mom does not understand "cat" and so has NO IDEA where that place was.

But before I go, the "JAKE" dog says I have to sing my new theme song for you all one time. So here I go.

"OH- The cat came back, we thought he was a goner, but the cat came back the very next DAAAAAY" (In my case "The cat came back the very next WEEK")!

Time for bed....meow at you all later.

"SIGH" It is so good to be home.




Day 3 has come to an end and I am still missing

July 15th 2010 9:13 pm
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This is day 3 and I am still missing. At this point Mom does not know what to think. She has called the pound and reported me missing. But nobody has called yet to tell the humans that they have found me. Mom was hoping that I was safe somewhere in someones home. But you would think the people who took me in (If indeed, anyone has) would call the shelter and report a "found" cat. In the meantime, it is getting hotter and hotter here. Tonight there was a bit of a scary thunder storm. Mom was outside with the dogs making noise with my treats and calling my name. But still I did not appear. So now we are getting to the weekend as tomorrow is Friday.
Mom and Dad will probably just go to the shelter to see if I am there. The Boy and girl will probably investigate all the neighbours. At least the weekend is coming and nobody has to work. So the chances of someone being home if and when I find my way back home are good!
"Always look on the bright side of life"

I am declawed and am an indoor cat and know nothing about surviving the great outdoors. This is the reason why everyone is worried about me. That, and the heat. Every night Mom comes home from work, makes something to eat and walks and walks trying to find me. Dad searches in the day and the boy who work in the afternoon and stays up late, goes out every night, trying to find me.
Mom is thinking that this weekend, they will post flyers of me on lamp posts etc in the hopes that someone will call them.

They just want me to be home. Safe and sound to continue to live the fat happy cat life that I have been accustomed to living for the past 8 (almost 9) years of my life.

I hope I find my way back home soon

hugs - Ty


I am missing

July 13th 2010 9:29 pm
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Today I ran away from home. My Mom thinks I either snuck out late Monday night or Tuesday (today) morning. My Mom has been trying to find me all night. She even went out in the dark when it got quiet and shook my food bag around. but I did not appear.
I like to run outside when the doors are opened. When she lets the dogs out sometimes too. Usually though, I am pretty easy to catch because i just stand there. Or I hide and meow and come running as soon as I hear a human. But not this time. Not yet at least.

My mom is hoping that by the morning, I will show up on the doorstep. I have no front claws. Sooo I would come up on the losing end of any cat fight.

Where can I be? Mom will keep you posted.


FLEAS????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go- WHERE??????

October 7th 2008 7:51 pm
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Well, guess what has happened, kitties? My idiotic k9 brothers have been itchy lately and kind of not looking too happy. The new one, Teddy has been especially whiny and annoying. Mom has been giving the brats a lot of attention and petting and fretting. She has been on Dogster and feeling OH so sorry for them. Especially the whiny one.

Today the smelly k9's went to the vet and the vet told mom that the idiots had fleas! HAH! Fleas! Looks good on you, I thought when mom told me. But then she told me something else.

I HAVE TO BE TREATED TOO. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, TY, the wonder cat who has survived 3 dogs, have to go in a stupid cat carrier and be taken to the smelly vet tomorrow night to be treated for something that I DO NOT HAVE, (DAD HAS CHECKED ME) I dont have any fleas.....yet.

HAVE you kitties ever smelled your smelly vet? He smells like frightened animals! The minute any animal in our house SEES THE SMELLY VET......THEY HIDE!

I will be held captive tomorrow in a stupid cat carrier. Mother will be the Catnapper of me. At which point I shall be taken to the smelly vet office.....picked and prodded....he may even look up my bum!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I remember the LAST time he did this, I am always cautious!!!) I will be examined for (shudder) fleas...... and then hopefully, if all goes well, I will return home to my peaceful basement and cat perch......
All this is the fault of my dog brothers. Stupid K9's.

The Yellow dog seems quite happy that I have to go to the smelly vet tomorrow.....The little bum.
Mangy mutt.....Tomorrow, when I get home.....I shall hide all of his balls. and vomit one the special one.



FAT? Moi?

February 26th 2007 8:28 pm
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ok, so it has been awhile since I typed in my journal. but honestly, nothing really new is going on. With all the snow that we have been getting lately, there are simply no birds to report on.
The view from the perch is getting terrible boring what with the lack of birds and the only mild amusement I get is when the idiots (dogs) go out to play.

OK, so there is one tiny new thing to report on mom got me new catfood today,Holistic she calls it, she says that my fur is dull looking and that I am getting fat!
Excuuuuuse me? Fat? Me? Mother, have you SEEN all the exercise I have been getting lately trying to outrun Teddy? There is no way I could possibly be getting fat!
Mind you, I have noticed, that I can't fit in my hidey hole anymore.
I just assumed it had shrunk.......anyway it isn't all bad, the new holistic healthy stuff...........................actually tastes quite good!

meow again to you soon


chased by my own home. sigh.

January 27th 2007 6:36 pm
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They had better not get any more dogs in this house, is all I can say. You know I have now been through 3 of them? And each one is the same as the last? Chase, chase chase, they all want to chase me. The new guy, Teddy is getting especially annoying. Today for example, he was asleep and I wanted to get a drink or water from one of the dog bowls. All of a sudden he is looking at me and next thing I know I am in a marathon. High jumping, obstacle jumping, running up and down the stairs. All because I wanted a drink. Dad is kind of cool though. Because he gives Teddy heck when he torments me. He does not ever bite or anything he just chases me everywhere. "I heard him say once, oh good my toy is here" TOY?????
Excuse me buddy, I am nobodys toy. Oh well. Mom says he is young and has to learn to leave me alone.
I guess I will have to be the mature one.
what else is new?




November 16th 2006 9:22 pm
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Have you fellow felines heard the horrible news about my family??????
There is another DOG
in the house. ewwww nobody asked ME!!!!
I have a pic that mommy took at the exact moment I saw another doggy in our yard. A picture tells a thousand stories says mom!
I added it!
Mom says his name is Teddy and I am supposed to be nice to him!!!!
Why? He chases me around like the other guys. Like Jake and like that other guy, Ben.

Why, oh why do Dogs like to torment us? I will stay on my perch and hiss and try to look cool and tough! Wish me luck!


ps This new dude does not "smell" as much as Jake.......wonder why????


Dogs are smelly

October 16th 2006 8:57 pm
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Sigh* Have you ever wondered what the deal is with dogs and our owners? I mean, really! They slobber, they stink, they poop outside in the yard, they bark at the stupidest things and still, they get all the good stuff. My idiot dog Jake is moms "baby poo". And for the life of me I cannot figure it out. He sits on his butt smiling at mom and sticks his head on moms knee and suddenly he is the most wonderful thing since sliced fish fillets. Oh well, he is kind of amusing....the things he will do for food. I have never been a sked to "Dance" for my food. He is kind of cute, even though I don't think he has much intelligence. From time to time I clean him because he stinks. He thinks it means I love him. hmmmmmmm you think so? Ok maybe.......

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