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How Big Do Oriental Shorthair Cats Get? Size & Growth Chart

Written by: Kerry-Ann Kerr

Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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How Big Do Oriental Shorthair Cats Get? Size & Growth Chart

The Oriental Shorthair cat is svelte and elegant, and just like their Siamese ancestors, they are athletic, lively, and intelligent. It’s easy to imagine these regal cats hanging out with Cleopatra, but they’re actually a relatively new breed. Their origin can be traced back to the 1950s, when English breeders crossed other house cats with Siamese cats. They then made their way to the United States in the 1970s, and it didn’t take long for them to make an impression.

Therefore, it’s understandable that you might not know much about this breed. So, what can you expect as your kitten grows into adulthood? For one thing, your Oriental Shorthair can get up to 8–12 lbs. Whether you’re here because you’re curious to learn more or if you’re thinking of getting one of these regal-looking cats, we have you covered!

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Facts About Oriental Shorthair Cats

  • Like the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair cat is chatty. They vocalize frequently and like to express themselves with their impressive vocabulary.
  • The Oriental Shorthair comes in a rainbow of 300 colors, so no matter what your favorite color is, you’re sure to find it. As a result, the Oriental Shorthair is known as the “rainbow cat.”
  • While there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic cat, the Oriental Shorthair comes very close. It produces a smaller amount of the Fel D1 protein, which people react to, so this cat is perfect if you have allergies.
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Image Credit: Ambiento, Shutterstock

Oriental Shorthair Cats Size and Growth Chart

This chart shows the average rates of growth for an Oriental Shorthair cat. Of course, every kitten will grow at different rates, so don’t be worried if your cat doesn’t fit into these categories snuggly. If you have been keeping up with your veterinarian visits and they’re confident your kitten is happy and healthy, you are on the right track.

Age Weight Range Length Range
8 weeks 2–4 lbs. 7–9”
3 months 3–5 lbs. 8–10”
6 months 5–8 lbs. 10–12”
9 months 8–10 lbs. 12–14”
1 year 8–12 lbs. 16–18”
2 years 8–12 lbs. 16–18”

When Does an Oriental Shorthair Cat Stop Growing?

Oriental Shorthair cats generally stop growing around 12 months of age, but do they ever grow up? Even as an adult, this cat is fun and outgoing and unlike many other cats, will become withdrawn and depressed if left alone for longer than a few hours.

These cats are just fun to have around and never seem to grow out of that playful kitten stage. They are interactive and enjoy playing with other family members, whether that other member is a human, a cat, or even a dog. It’s generally recommended that you get another furry companion for your Oriental Shorthair cat.

grey oriental shorthair cat
Image Credit: TalyaPhoto, Shutterstock

Factors Affecting the Size of Oriental Shorthair Cat

A few factors will affect the size of the Oriental Shorthair cat, like insufficient nutrition, genetics, not eating enough, breeding, too much exercise, and health issues.

There is a difference between having a small cat and an underweight one. If your cat is naturally smaller in weight and height, these characteristics will be proportionate. Conversely, a skinny Oriental Shorthair cat will be underweight for their age and height.1 Food refusal should be taken seriously because a lack of nutrition will negatively impact your cat’s development and growth.

Oriental Shorthair cats are prone to a few health issues, one of which is called protrusion of the cranial sternum,2 which can cause respiratory problems and make it difficult for the cat to breathe and eat. So, while your cat’s size difference might be down to something completely innocent, there are more worrying alternatives. If you ever feel concerned about your kitten’s development, contact your vet immediately.

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Image Credit: Jolanta Jd, Shutterstock

Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

If you start with high-quality kitten food for the first year of your Oriental Shorthair’s life before transitioning them to a high-quality adult diet, it will ensure that all of your cat’s nutritional needs are met. These are high-energy cats, so they will need a diet that can keep up with them. Oriental Shorthair cats like opportunities to explore and need to be mentally and physically stimulated to keep boredom and obesity at bay.

Cats cannot produce vitamins and amino acids like vitamins A, D3, B, arginine, and taurine. Therefore, you need to make sure these are included in their diet.

How to Measure Your Oriental Shorthair Cat

To measure your cat’s length accurately, you need to measure from their nose to the base of their tail, so you don’t include the whole tail. You will have to measure their height when they’re on all four paws and start from the floor to the base of their neck, so you don’t include their head in the measurement. You might need someone else to help you with this task, especially if you have a wiggler on your hands!

oriental shorthair kitten hold by owner
Image Credit: SvetMedvedeva, Shutterstock

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Tracking the growth of a kitten can be tricky, especially one with as much energy as the Oriental Shorthair cat. Thankfully, once you tire this cat out, they’ll want cuddles, so there might be an opportunity to measure them after exercise. If your cat is not following the figures from the chart, it does not necessarily mean you have something to worry about. Keep up with your recommended vet visits, and make another appointment if you’re concerned.

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