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Mystery's Musings

Tux Cat's Cracked Pots

January 1st 2013 12:00 am
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The Master sent Tux Cat to the town market to purchase some pots to carry the needed amount of water from the stream each day. There were many beautiful pots that were all sizes and shapes and colors, but her master only had a small amount of money to give her and she had to spend it wisely. She searched for half a day and finally found two pots she had enough money for. One pot had a crack 1/4 inch from it's top and the other had a crack in it's center, but both together would bring back the necessary amount of needed water her master required each day.

When Tux Cat returned she found a branch just the right length shaped perfectly that rested on the back of her neck and across her shoulders, and she tied a pot on each end. She hoisted the pots up and traveled down the lane to the stream, filled both pots all the way to their rims, and on her way back to her master's house Top Cracked Pot lost a little bit of it's water out of it's crack and Center Cracked Pot lost half it's water out of it's crack. She took the pots of water inside and her master smiled. "Well done, Tux Cat! You have brought me just the right amount of water" and then shortly her master hung the freshly cleaned table cloth in the crevice in the top of Top Cracked Pot and tended to his own daily chores.

After a few months flowers began to grow on one side of the lane, and each day after fetching the water Tux Cat gathered flowers and arranged them nicely atop the daily fresh cleaned table cloth on her master's table.

Daily for months, it was the same. Tux Cat went down the lane to the stream and she arrived back at her master's house with Top Cracked Pot full near to the top and Center Cracked Pot half full. Top Cracked Pot grew proud for daily he fulfilled what he was designed to do. Center Cracked Pot became embarrassed and felt he wasn't as good as Top Cracked Pot for his center crack did not allow him to fulfill what he was designed to do.

One morning at the stream Center Cracked Pot could no longer contain his failure and spoke up. "Oh dear Tux Cat. Since you have purchased me I have been able only to deliver half of what I have been designed for because this crack in my center causes water to leak out all the way back to your master's house. Because of my flaw, you have to do all of this work, and you don't get full value from your efforts. Why, at least Top Cracked Pot can use his flaw to hang dry the master's tablecloth each day" The pot then whispered in shame, "I apology for being imperfect."

Tux Cat answered, "What ever do you mean?" She lifted the pots upon her shoulders and went to the lane, then pointed at the barren side of the lane while she addressed Center Cracked Pot. "See this side of the lane? This is the side I always bring you down on. Now look at this side of the lane, the side I always take you back up on. On our way back, look and see."

On the way up the lane Tux Cat pointed out all the beautiful flowers. Asylum. Buttercup. Cosmos. Daisy. Iris. Larkspur. Marigold. Pansy. Rose. Violet. Zinnia. "My dearest Center Cracked Pot, what makes you think you are so flawed and it's your purpose to stay all the way full!" she exclaimed. "Do you not see? It is Top Cracked Pot's more water that keeps my master's table linens clean. It it you being just the way you are that daily nourishes these lovely flowers with water, and brings flowers onto my master's table."

In a nut shell, we are all cracked pots. Some cracks are not as obvious as other cracks and cracks come in different sizes, and all cracks leak to it's own degree. It is the cracks the make us individuals, the placement of the cracks that make us unique, and the size of the cracks that gives us our purpose. While everyone is designed the same, it is not one's purpose to stay filled to the top. When one hides his cracks or doesn't make the most of his cracks, he cheats himself and others of all that he is and can be. All cracked pots have beauty to bring to the table.

Purred by: Guido the Italian Kitty db 115 (Catster Member)

January 1st 2013 at 9:17 pm

Holy Cannoli! Youza in Oh-High-Oh and got flowers bloomging out of da ice palnters? Amazing and youza furtunate fur shure- Happy MEW years pal


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