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Fido the sweetie cat!

Momma loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

October 11th 2009 2:44 pm
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Just sayin' :) I've been a bit more friendlier with meowmy and even Daddy noticed this change!

Mom never minds if I sit on her or near her, but dad on the other hand, will move me after a while 'cause I'm making him too "hot".

Allie keeps meowing about these birdies! Ooooooo they sound so fun!! I get excited too if I see birdies but often Boogs and Hondo shove me over to the side and then there goes the birdies :(

They are big and fat and seriously, not cool dudes!!! Our Hondo condo will go by a BIG window in our future home so here's hoping I too can see birdies come May!

Purred by: Allie (Catster Member)

October 11th 2009 at 4:25 pm

I'm sure you'll get to see more birdies when you're in your new house! They are fun to watch and today they were talking to me! Of course if I could get out there, they wouldn't be talking very long. heh heh heh
Purred by: Lancelot (Catster Member)

October 12th 2009 at 2:32 pm

Duuuude! The daddies are so hard to get! Mine HATES when I lick his nose and he "mashes me down" close to him and I am just so happy to be near him I don't care and I purr and look at him lovingly.
If mama did that I would have her wrist bleeding in 3 different places 0 to 12 seconds!




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