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Wrapping my angel wings around my earth brother with healing- sunshine and love...

January 14th 2009 6:48 am
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Writing from the bridge…it has been a busy few weeks surrounding our precious friend, Madi, with rays of healing sunshine and love. What an ordeal she has been through…she is on her way to a full recovery and we couldn’t be more happy. My work will continue as I spread angel dust and sunshine to all those in need. The power of the paw and all the positive energy from Catster and Dogster are truly amazing gifts.
I need some extra support and power of the paw for my earth brother, CK and my family. CK is not on Catster; however, some of you know about him and his story…others, probably not. To give you a few of the details…Mommy rescued CK 16 years ago from a horribly abusive situation. To help you understand the magnitude of his past experience, he was a bait kitty.
CK has always been our “special needs” kitty. He never totally learned to trust or heal from his past. He has always had very unpredictable behavior and despite all the love we continually give him...he can still be most aggressive. It’s not his fault, he truly tries and he knows he is loved. Unfortunately, many scars run deep and his fear often gets the best of him. The two of us lived together for 16 years….often times not in the same room when unsupervised; however, we developed a bond that only we understood. Sadly, not even I, knew how deep the bond truly was. I guess the saying, “love knows no depths until the hour of separation” really holds true.
CK is about 17 years old now. Until I left for the bridge, he was physically healthy…on occasion, he would have a few bouts with IBD…but that is about it. About 3-4 days after I was gone, he became a different kitty. He stopped eating, became lethargic and got an upper respiratory infection….he doesn’t go outside and we don’t know how he got this infection. Mommy took him to the vet and he was put on antibiotics. The vet was so surprised to see what a decline he was taking. He was also put on anti-depressants as the vet felt his bond with me was so deep, his grief over my departure to the bridge left him broken hearted…wow, guess this should be a great lesson for all of us to take to heart…as often times, we don’t‘ realize what we have, until it is no longer there!
CK improved a little, but never returned to his old self….he has been slowly fading away into his own little world. Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and I (from a far) have been loving him and giving him all we can to help him over this hurdle….it’s not working.
Once again, his upper respiratory infection retuned full force; mommy and daddy took him to the vet yesterday. The news is not good. The vet is very concerned…I think the words were “I don’t like what I see…!” As the vet explained, CK has lost 3 pounds since I left for the bridge on Oct. 27, 2008 and now weighs only 7.2 pounds. That is really a lot of weight for a kitty to lose so quickly. The discharge from his nose was a little different this time, bloody and discolored. One of two things are going on…

1. He has cancer: a tumor in the head/neck region (just like our daddy did
11 years ago) or
2. Failure to thrive due to my death and inability to fight the infection.

Either way, it is not good. Mommy and daddy elected not to do all those invasive tests on him. They may do a head/neck x-ray at some point to see if it is cancer or failure to thrive w/ severe infection; however, I am so thankful they will only treat his symptoms and keep him comfortable for his remaining time on earth. They did get him a special antibiotic shot which lasts two weeks. The vet says if there is not a lot of improvement in a week, we are facing a tough rough a head….it appears we are already on that road…
We are all so sad….I worry about my family as I had no idea we would be facing this so soon after I left for the bridge. I am wrapping CK and all my family in healing rays of sunlight and love….but we could use some extra purrs and power of the paw from our Cater/Dogster family.
CK…be strong, little friend…mommy and daddy will keep you safe, comfortable, loved, and warm until we are together again.

Rays of sunshine and healing love to all, Jazzi Angel Kitty


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