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I'm A Poet and I Don't Even Know It!

March 3rd 2011 6:07 am
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With the help of my meowmy, I've been getting back into writing poetry lately. Here is a poem that pretty much sums up who I am. It is called "I'm The Princess". I hope you all enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback if you'd like.

"I'm The Princess"

Nothing more, nothing less,
I'm the Princess
I live in a condo
I have a friend Hondo
No Boys!
I have many toys
A nice family
A mommy better than any
A Grandma and Grandpa
Spoils me plenty
Nice bunk bed
Not red
Vaccuum cleaners I dread
I need a place to rest my head
Even have my own car,
I live near a bar,
I need to be 21,
No fun!
Oh great,
I'm only going on 8.
21, that time is just to far,
Back to my own car,
I live like a rock star
My foot, don't tap
I need my catnap,
Under the bright sun,
I wake up and go for a run,
Up the stairs,
Down the stairs,
From here to there and everywhere,
Lots of mischief to get into if I dare,
The cabinets are over there,
How do I get there?
Mommy says cabinets have locks.
I sit near the window overlooking the pond,
I'm very fond of our pond
I watch the many geese,
Flocks and Flocks,
I jump up there, on my La-Z-Boy chair and stare,
Watching "The Unheard Music" featuring the band X
I don't text,
I'm just Colleen listening to "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline"
Mommy says come here, come here,
Should I be in tears?
No way!
No need to hide, we're going on a stroller ride,
No leaves to rake,
We're going for a walk near the lake,
Look here, Look here!
Have no fear,
Your little princess is here.


DDP Yesterday, Missed Chicken Pawty and Cat Shows on Animal- Planet!

February 28th 2011 5:06 am
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Thanks to the Diary Gal for making me a Daily Diary Pick yesterday and thanks to everycat who sent me p-mails, comments, and rosettes. I really appreciate it.

I do have one big gripe though. Meowmy went over to Grandmaw and Grandpaw's house yesterday and had a Chicken Pawty without me at night. Can you imagine such a thing? Going off and having a Chicken Pawty without me on my Daily Diary Pick Day. She owes it to me big time. Just to get back I had to jump up on her at 4 am while she was trying to get some sleep and wake her up. That will teach her next time.

I also wanted to mention this pawsome new show on Animal Planet called Must Love Cats. This guy goes around to different cat related placed across the country to cover various topics related to us. Meowmy and I love watching the show together. They covered a story about a guy who decorated his house especially for all his cats. I sure wish meowmy would redo our condo especially for me. Also another interesting story was about a klepto kitty who went out at night and stole things from the neighbors. Everyone was wondering where there stuff was disappearing to and it turned out the cat was the theif. I don't think I would have wanted to have been that cat. I'm sure I would have received a good grounding for doing something like that. Also, they talked about nip on one of the episodes and I'm sure another topic that my friend Newmie might find interesting - Cat Poop Coffee. If everycat with cable hasn't had a chance to check out Must Love Cats on Animal Planet, I'd highly recommend it.



Ugly Kitties (A.K.A. Dogs) on T.V.

February 19th 2011 11:27 am
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Meowmy and I are watching Animal Planet today. I was wondering why most of the shows except Cats 101 and Must Love Cats feature Ugly Kitties (A.K.A. Dogs)? It seems as if us cats are being treated like second class citizens. I really think we should get more t.v. time. We are smart, well groomed, cute, and lovable. Since when can you say the same about Ugly Kitties?



How come Ugly Kitties get all the attention?

February 16th 2011 9:54 am
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So meowmy and I have been watching the news lately. They keep talking about the Westminster Dog Show. This morning they had the winner on t.v. That made me think - How come the ugly kitties get all the publicity? Why can't they have a big Cat Show that gets as much recognition. I'm sure I could make it there as I'm such a beautiful, well behaved cat right?

Just wondering what all the other cats out there think about this. I really don't think it is very fair.



Happy Valentine's Day and Thank You!

February 14th 2011 7:36 am
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Furrst off, I'd like to thank every cat who gave me Rosettes, p-mails, and messages congratulating me on my Diary Pick yesterday. The Diary Gal must really love me as I seem to be a Daily Diary Pick quite often lately.

Secondly, I'd like to wish everycat a Happy Valentine's Day today. I'm not doing much myself except spending extra cuddle time with meowmy. She, Grandmaw and Grandpaw are going out tonight for lasanga. No fair, they get to go out for Garfield's favorite tonight and they don't bother to invite me. I'm just told the same old thing - restaurants do not allow cats.



Locked In and Nail Trim Day!

February 12th 2011 6:37 am
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So this morning the meowmy was doing laundry. Apparently when she left the laundry room she forgot to check and see if there was a kitty lurking. She came back down a while later to check on the laundry and she opened the door, heard a meow, and saw me. Meowmy, you really knead to do a double check before shutting off the laundry room lights and shutting the door. It's meowy scary in there.

Also, I was informed that today is nail trim day. Oh goody, NOT! Like I'm really looking forward to getting into my carrier and taking a car ride. Plus what if the cats at the vets office try to get in my face. I hate it when those other cats invade my purrsonal space.

What can I say, When it rains it pours!



Packers are the Champions and Thanks!

February 7th 2011 9:10 am
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Furrst off, I'd like to thank all the kitties who sent me Rosettes, comments, and p-mails congratulating me on being Daily Diary Pick on Superbowl Sunday! I had a wonderful day. To make it even better our Green Bay Packers won! Lets hope they keep up their winning streak and make it to the Superbowl next season.



Superbowl Sunday Daily Diary Pick!

February 6th 2011 3:18 am
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I just checked my e-mail and to my surprise, I'm a Daily Diary Pick! I hope this is a good sign and that the Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl! Thanks Diary Gal!



Happy Superbowl Weekend!

February 4th 2011 6:29 am
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Meowmy and I are all excited for the Superbowl this weekend. You see the Green Bay Packers are playing the Pittsburg Steelers. Meowmy and I being from Wisconsin are rooting for the Packers. Go Pack! I noticed a couple of my other furrends on Catster are cheeseheads. I hope we have something to celebrate come Monday!



Thank you!

January 24th 2011 6:12 am
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I just wanted to say thank you meowy much to all the cats who sent me messages and rosettes congratulating me on my Daily Diary Pick yesterday.

I had a very nice day yesterday. I received extra Greenies and had a nice catnap in the sun.


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