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Life as a Dax

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I Made a Trip...

March 8th 2009 4:54 pm
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...from which there is no return.

I am going to let Mommy tell the story, in her words...

"Today we made a very tough decision. Since we moved, we noticed Dax had lost weight, seemed depressed and was behaving somewhat more aggressively than usual.

Dax has never loved Rosaleen, but at first she seemed to tolerate her well, even posing for photos with her. It surpassed my first fears, as Dax has never been a "kid-friendly" cat, and gave me hope that it may work out int he end, if we could get past the "Terrible Twos," where we knew there would be poking and prodding and some scratches and hissing too. Then as Rosaleen got older, Dax would relax.

Last week Dax attacked Rosaleen and scratched her in the face. She has become increasingly more aggressive and intolerant of Rosaleen; even though Rosaleen is a two-year-old, she has always been gentle with animals, including our cats. Today, Jadzia attacked Rosaleen again and put numerous marks on her face (narrowly missing her eyes by millimeters) without any provocation at all. It was the last we could handle. We have worked with Dax since before Rosaleen was born to prep her for living with a child, and although we love our pets and would do anything for them within our abilities, Rosaleen comes first.

We have been thinking and praying about the right course of action for some time should it ever come to this. Jadzia didn't like people very much, mostly only me, and she hated children, other cats (except Tasha), dogs, and pretty much everyone and everything. She doesn't accept change well, and would wither away in a shelter, where she would most likely be deemed "unadoptable" and euthanized, or quarantined for attacking a staff member. As a shelter staff member myself, I know what is adoptable and how animals fare in the environment, and I know that Dax would have suffered tremendously in a shelter, and never would have been happy in another home.

So my husband and I made the decision today to have her humanely euthanized. We took her to our vet, and she counseled us and agreed we were making the most loving decision we could. She went peacefully and we buried her in our backyard."

I know that many of you will disagree with my Mommy's decision, but please don't hate her. I don't. I will wait for her at the Bridge until we are reunited. Thank you for understanding.


I Got "Street Cred!"

January 28th 2008 12:40 pm
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Ok, so I have been really lazy about writing here, but I thought this warranted posting. A few weeks ago, I got into a tangle with our neighbor's pit bull dog. Everyone came out okay, except for the pittie's ego.

So here's the story...

The Ballad of Dax and the Pit Bull

Mommy says I've got some 'tude,
And that sometimes I can be rude,
But what she doesn't understand
Is being a tortie, I MUST command!
This is true for everyone
No matter dog, cat, or human.

It happened one eve;
Mommy took her leave
Of the yard, and went inside.
The neighbors who live on either side
Noticed she left her camera out,
And because they're nice, not thievin' louts
They wanted to give it back,
So the boy, with a knuckled CRACK!
Knocked on the door for Mom,
Who was surprised she'd forgotten
Her prized electronic possession
(Taking pictures is something of an obsession
Especially of us cats and Rosaleen).
So she was thanking the boy when
I scooted out under her feet
And Lo! Who did I meet?
But the neighbors' brown-and-white Pittie
(Who lives in a home with kids and kitty).
He sniffed me--he touched my nose!
It was like someone has turned a water hose
On me and got me soaked--I was MAD!
I hissed, growled, spit, and puffed up--egad!
I was angry, I swatted him upon his snoot
He was shocked, but his feelings were moot
To me--he had trespassed!
I slapped again and again lightening-fast--
And he RAN!
He did not turn back again
Until we were across the yard
And I had snipped and smacked his heels quite hard!
He remembered, "I'm 7 times her size!"
And growled to say, "It would be wise
For you to stop you attack!"
But I didn't care--I'm a cat
And I listen to only me!
The neighbor was able to seize
The dog's collar, and the pittie turned
To look at him instead of a kitty spurned--
Smart dog, he knew who to listen to--
And Mommy whisked me away with a "shoo!"
Back into our home.
Saying, "THIS is why you don't roam!"

Now I'm legend in our 'hood
I got "street cred," it's understood
You do not mess with me,
'Cause I'm One Bad Tortie!

(c) MDM and Dax 2008


Tagged Again!

July 20th 2007 9:11 am
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Ok, so I was tagged again by my little Catster brother Jax, so here's 7 more facts about fabulous me!

1. I was the runt of my litter.
2. Mommy wasn't even convinced she wanted a cat when Daddy decided he wanted one....I sure turned into a "Crazy Cat Lady.":
3. When I was little kitten, Mommy would hold me close to someone and say, "ok, Dax, pray for them," and I would lay my paws on them. I don't do that anymore.
4. I'm lactose-intolerant. A small bite of cheese makes me vomit.
5. I was the kitty Mommy was most worried about not liking the new baby Rosaleen. I like her best, although sometimes she pulls my fur too hard.
6. I'm a Mommy's girl!
7. I tried to bite one of my vets. Mommy worked for him. She was holding me for him to examine and he yelled at her I didn't like that, so I tried to bite him.

I'm not going to tag anyone else for now.



May 22nd 2007 7:04 pm
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My very best furrrrriend E tagged me! Here's the rules, from her diary:

Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! That is right, I have been tagged by EDGARINA BALLERINA to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My randon facts:
1. Mommy thinks I might be part Manx.

2. Mommy and Daddy picked me up and brought me home the day they came home from their honeymoon.

3. I am named after a Star Trek character....Deep Space Nine! Check it out!

4. I like to munch on and play with uncooked spaghetti noodles.

5. I was born in New Cainey, Texas.

6. I'm a love-nipper. I nip Mommy all the time.

7. I used to throw up everytime I rode in the car; I once threw up on Mommy and my sister Tasha!

I am going to tag:
OREO (my cookie-kitty!)
Shum an Capote


Yay! Finally!

May 11th 2007 6:33 am
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I finally got Catster Plus! I'm so excited! Now, if I can only figure all this out....

*starts playing with PLUS features*


*sighs dreamily*

February 20th 2007 7:26 am
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I'm in LOVE!

His name is Oreo; his page is He is incredibly handsome. He is the same age as I am, and we have so much in common.

Sunday was the RnB Masquerade Ball, and it was wonderful. Oreo looked so dashing, and I had a fabulous dress, and we danced! Our friends were there, and we had a lovely time.

This has been the best Valentines ever!


I bring it on myself...

February 7th 2007 10:40 am
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...but I can't seem to help it. I'm such a brat!

Yesterday was horrific. I swear, WHY do Mommy and Daddy insist on doing "drop off" visits to the vet? I do NOT like that place one bit! I know the nurses are nice, and Dr. Burger and Dr. Mike care about me, but it's so SCARY without Mommy!

So, anyway, 'cause Mommy had to work and Daddy to take care of Rosaleen, Saavik, Tasha, and I had to brave the vet alone. We all "gave 'em hell" (as Daddy's Dad says), except for Tasha, who's just sickeningly good. They had to give me the sleepy drug again, and I wasn't pleased. Mommy was concerned that I might react to it the same as last time, but I didn't. The nurse told Mommy that I woke up easily and just stared at them malevolently. I was pretty cranky the rest of the night too.

On the bright side, Mommy promised no more drop-off visits. Damn straight!


A New Family Member

November 14th 2006 2:49 pm
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Well, it has happened. The human kitten that Mommy and Daddy were talking about is home. Mommy went to some place called "hospital" for five long, horrible days, then came back home (our new home) with this thing in a basket chair thing. She called it a "baby," the human kitten, and told us her name is Rosaleen.

It looks a lot like Mommy and Daddy, only much smaller. Now, I have never liked kids much. Those baby things really freaked me out! They move fast and suddenly, get pretty loud, and I'm told they pull cats' tails. I have no intention of letting that happen to ME.

I sniffed her, and she smelled okay, kinda like Mommy, but different. Mostly she sleeps a lot and drinks milk from a bottle. Mommy holds her and coos over her and sings to her. Daddy tells her she is his baby princess and that he loves her. She pretty much doesn't do anything. Sometimes she cries, but not long.

Mommy says that everyone worried that i would hurt her. Come on! I'm not a monster! She hasn't done anything to me; why would I hurt her? Sometimes she's in Mommy's lap when I wanna be, but still...I just sniff her again and go sit in my armchair. Mommy can't hold her all the time, and that's when I get my attention. Mommy promises that as she gets older Rosaleen won't need quite so much attention and I can get more again. As it is, I know Mommy still loves me. I still get petted and loved and Daddy doesn't miss our feedings.

I'm still not quite decided whether or not I like Rosaleen, but we're okay for now.

I'll keep everyone posted.


Say NO to Drugs!

September 7th 2006 8:17 pm
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Okay, so it's been a week, and I think I'm not too traumatized to tell my story....

I've had a patchy history with "the vet." My first vet, Dr. Cox, was absolutely the most wonderful vet in the world. He was a Trekkie cat-person vet, and you can't get any better than that! He didn't even have to ask how to say my name! (It's "Jad-zee-uh," btw.) How fabulous is that? Well, I had no problems with him, ever. I loved going to see him and his great nurses. They adored me (of course!). I was a sweet little angel with them every time. When Dr. Cox sold his practice, Dr. Lott took over, and although he was no Dr. Cox, he was okay. Then I hurt myself, and it all went downhill from there. That was the first tiem I had to be sedated, 'cause my paw HURT and I did NOT want anyone to touch it!

After that, it was hit or miss. I scared an awful lot of vet nurses with my growling and hissing, and when one of the vets Mommy worked for tried to examine me, I tried to bite him (I missed, mind you, thanks to Mommy's and the vet's quick action, but not for lack of trying). Another vet Mommy worked for was okay; I even let him put glowy green stuff on my eye and look at it with a funny light. Well, when Mommy was no longer working for those vets and we went to a new vet, it was great! I really liked her. I was a good girl again for both my exam and vaccines, and for my teeth cleaning too.

I had to go in last week for my 6-month check-up and labwork, and I flipped out! I haven't told Mommy what set me off, and those nurses still don't know, but Mommy thinks it was the big German Shephered in the kennel across from me......I'll let her think about it (the more she dwells on it, the more she pampers me, after all *wink*). So because I was not cooperating with them, they had to call Mommy and get permission to give me sleepy drugs, and Mommy said okay.

Yeah, they worked, to be sure....too well, I think. When Daddy came to pick me up (Mommy was at work), I was way out of it and couldn't walk. I fell off the couch when daddy tok me out of my crate, and so Daddy got worried and called Mommy. She talked to me on the phone and it helped: I kissed the phone and rubbed on it, wishing Mommy was there with me. Daddy put me back in the crate and Mommy held the crate and petted me when she came home from work. Then when I could move a little more, she put in the bathroom with a box-fort (I LOVE box-forts!), my favorite catnip mouse, and some water, and sat with me, even giving me a little soft canned food when I could hold it down. When I was finally over my "drug trip," Mommy let me out into the apartment again, but boy, was I GROUCHY! Poor Saavik! (Well, maybe not "poor" Saavik!) She got to bear the brunt of my foul mood, even into the next day.

So I'm telling all you kitties out there, say NO! to drugs!!!


Rebuff to Tasha's Entry

July 9th 2006 10:58 pm
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I see that my perfect princess sister Tasha wrote about my adventure with the sugar a few nights ago. I would like to say for the record that I DID deserve some nip after Daddy got all mad at me! I only wanted what was obviously mine! What was Mommy going to do with catnip other than give it to me?

The sugar tasted pretty good too. Mommy read somewhere that we kitties don't taste sweet stuff...uh-huh...*licking lips*

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