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January 31st 2011 4:10 pm
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Tigger tagged me in a game where you list 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do. Then I have to tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.

1) Mum is a cuddle-holic. There is only so much cuddling a guy can take.

2) Being kept indoors. I want to roam. OK - so if I do escape, I tend to get beat up, and then it is a trip to the vet.

3) The vet - hey, nice guy, but I can live without stressful car drives, and needles.

4) Breakfast being late on the weekends, because she wants to SLEEP IN. Hey - I'm awake with the birds, why should I wait?

5) Having to share the kitty litter trays with the others. I agree with Roo on this one - I would like my own private kitty litter tray - then I might leave the pot plants alone.

These will be my 5 picks to play the Tag game next:

Marmelade, my brofu Marmalade's mate - two cute peas in a pod

Leroy, the cutest little fellow you've ever seen, and brofur to the famous Wizard Merlin

World's Coolest Soc, what can I say - he's the coolest :)

The Pharaoh Loki, we royal cats have to stick together

Mr Ari Dangerous Beans, dangerous? cute, I'd say

Goodness - I seem to be having a "cute" day - must be cos we all are :)

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January 31st 2011 at 6:17 pm

Utu I agree with you when we want breakfast we should get it. I don't like the vet either. I'm not fond of the indoors can never win a paw to paw fight when I get in one.
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February 1st 2011 at 7:04 am

Oh, mew hate da late brekkie on da weekend - what beed up wif dat???? Not mew's fault da hoomans beed tired, mew dont ever tell dem to stay up late, so get your lazy rear end out of bed and feed mew on time ... dat beed what mew say anyway.

Mew like your list, Utu!

Da Claw


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