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Sam I am!

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Thanksgiving Blessings

November 25th 2009 6:43 pm
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Thanksgiving was my favorite Holiday. I was very blessed. I'll be spending my first Thanksgiving at the bridge with all my angel friends. I miss my family dearly and I know they miss me too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my pawsome friends!

Kisses from Heaven


My 1st Birthday at the Bridge

November 4th 2009 3:30 pm
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Mom's heart is heavy this week as it's my 17th Birthday and my first at the Bridge celebrating with my angel friends. Mom and I use to spend the week celebrating both our Birthdays as her's is Sunday.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends for thinking of me through your kind pmails, gifts and rosettes. I love you all.


My sweet Sammie..I miss you more now than ever. I know how much you would have enjoyed today, the weather was lovely and the sun was shining bright on your beloved backyard. I took your Brother KiKi for a walk and thought of you both out there chasing each other in the leaves.
You will always be in my heart right there where you left your pawprints.


Birthday wishes to Heaven we send
Wrapped in love that will never end
Thoughts of you are never far away
Happy Birthday Sam
You're loved, missed and remembered every day!


Always in my heart

October 21st 2009 12:10 pm
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My Dear Sweet Sammie;

It's been two months since you went home, your
sweet, sweet memories still lingers on. It's been a long road
for me you see, but I know your soul is resting in thee. His
golden hands have taken you home, but my love for you still
carries on.

I miss you like crazy.

Always in my heart;


One Month

September 21st 2009 12:10 pm
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It's so hard to believe it's been a whole month since we said our goodbyes. It's been a difficult month and I miss you my sweet boy. I look out your garden window everyday and miss you sitting there on your cushion. I miss you at dinnertime where you would sit on your chair with us begging for chicken if that was on the menu. I miss those quiet moments in the evening where we sat on our chaise together on the deck watching the fire flies, and the canadian geese fly above, and our many walks in the yard, you always looked forward to them. Those are just a few of the memories I hold so dear. I'm lost without you. I will treasure those wonderful memories of you always.. Fly free!

There is a certain sadness
that clings to me as mist
like the grassy morning meadow,
glistening and dew-kissed.

Drops of sorrow on my brow
ally with ceaseless tears.
Memories flow like rivers,
drowning out the years.

This comes from having loved
with every ounce I knew.
It comes from being loved
so completely by you.

Author Unknown


Home and Thank You's

September 3rd 2009 2:12 pm
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Mommy and Daddy brought my ashes home last night, while they were there they got a chance to speak to my Doctor about the necropsy. My CRF was pretty bad, plus I had a rapidly growing lymphoma in my liver, it was baffling when I made my journey to the bridge as to what type of cancer it was, as my condition declined so rapidly. Mom & Dad are at peace knowing they made the right decision before I really got to suffer even more.

My human cousin, who found me when I was 8 weeks old was so sad to learn I made my journey to the bridge. I loved her, and thank her for picking me out of my other litter mates and bringing me to my forever Mommy. I was the pick of the litter after all.

Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet and caring to our Family. She has received beautiful cards, gifts, rosettes and pmails. Thank you to my friend *Sky* who sent Mom a personalized gift in my beautiful tuxedo colors.
Thank you also to my friend *Sammie* for sending Mom such lovely poems.

Love Always;
Angel Sam


Thank You

August 24th 2009 11:12 am
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This is Sammie's Mommy...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love, kindness and support shown to my Beloved Sammie who joined the angels on August 21st..The lovely pmail messages, diary comments, stars, rosettes and gifts. The outpouring of love from the Catster community for my little man Sam has been overwhelming.

Every message, prayer and purr is so very much appreciated, both when Sam was sick, and then again after he went to be with the Angels.

Many of you wrote in your diaries about him, and some sent me beautiful heartfelt poems. Thank you friends!

A big special thank you goes out to all my wonderful friends at "Olde Furts" I love each and every one of you.

Sammie had been slowly going downhill this last month and he stopped eating last Friday, and lost almost three pounds. I had been syringe feeding him but his continuous volmiting was getting worse. He had been suffering with very bad bouts of constipation and was spending alot of the time at the Vet's getting enemas and laxatives at home. We were giving him fluids every other day and was still very dehydrated as it was being absorbed quickly. He had also been having some labored breathing at times. I knew on Thursday it was getting worse when I found him hunched over and panting. I was getting worried about his heart. He had calmed down later and the very next day wanted to go out on his beloved deck, but we had to make the difficult decision to let him go instead. We didn't want his suffering to get any worse. I'm happy and blessed to have been able to spend this last month around the clock with him. We were always inseperable. His Daddy always said to me I wish you would just sit down so poor Sam can relax.

I asked his Doc to do a necropsy on Sam. I know it doesn't matter now, but I needed to know more about the cancer vs the CRF. Sam is being privately cremated and next week we will bring his ashes home. I'm alittle comforted knowing he is in peace.

It's very quiet here, even with two other furs, his brother KiKi has been looking all around the house for Sam and he seems so lost. I've been giving him lots of love, but he doesn't like tears flowing down his big ole head. My heart is broken in a million pieces. He meant the world to me. I never had such a cute little kitten age so gracefully into the gentle little old soul that he had become. Thank you Sam for giving me such beautiful memories. This morning was hard as I went alone to get the morning newspaper. His garden window cushion was replaced with his favorite fresh flowers we planted this spring.

I hope to enjoy the many memories we shared. He had a wonderful long life. I was very blessed.

Thank you to all his wonderful friends.

Sammie's Mommy Joanne...


My Journey

August 22nd 2009 7:22 am
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Yesterday at 3:05 pm I made my journey to the bridge. I promiss my Mommy will write more later on, she just can't seem to right now.


Just a note of thanks

July 31st 2009 12:16 pm
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Hi friends. I just finished eating my turkey dinner Mom made for me and I'm thinking about napping in my garden window. I'd like to go out on my deck to nap on my chaise but Mom says it's too humid. I told her that I like it out there, but she doesn't listen, so maybe later.
I'm soaking up all the love around me. Mommy says I'm such a good boy.

I want to sincerely thank the Catster community for all the love, purrs and prayers of support through pmails, comments and precious gifties and rosettes. They have touched us so deeply.

If love alone could save me..I know I'd live furever.

Thanks dear friends, I love each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.



My Vet Visits

July 29th 2009 1:37 pm
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I haven't been on Catster as much as I would like to because I am a very sick boy. These last few months my health has been declining very suddenly and have been to the Doc's more times than I can count. I have lost alot of weight and haven't been eating very well, and throwing up. The pepcid has helped me alot with that. My CRF has gotten the better of me in the last weeks. My creatine has gone up and so has my ALT and Calcium levels. I was hospitalized and the fluids brough them down for a while, but then I developed a kitty cold because my resistance is down and I've been having sneezing attacks, I got an antibiotic injection for that. I went back to the Doc's again, and they did more X-Rays/tests and found that I have cancer in the liver, which is causing my ALT to increase. Mommy and Daddy have been giving me sub-q fluids at home. I am resting comfortably in my garden window, Mommy and Daddy are heartbroken and they have been spending time with me 24/7 giving me lots of love, care and devotion. The Dr's really don't know how much time I have left.
Ever since I've been on Catster these past few years Mommy and I have made so many wonderful friends who I will miss dearly. Mom & Dad are going to be spending much time on my care and won't be on Catster much.
KiKi has even been keeping a watchful eye on me and giving me lots of kisses too, he's been a great brofur!
I love you all.


Best seat in the house

July 6th 2009 8:22 am
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I had the best seat in the house for the fireworks this weekend. Mom put my cushion in the garden window for me as the parade went by and later on I watched the fireworks. What a view I had. I didn't mind the big kabooms, but poor KiKi threw up and just came out of hiding, it was sad.

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