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Dreamboats #94, #95, and #96

February 6th 2013 7:47 am
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Dreamboat #94 craves attention, and who better to give him some but the girls of Catster! Meet Orvis! Well, girls, you can only look but don't touch because this dreamboat has a wife (Xena)!

I'm partial to cats who know how to celebrate the holidays, and what I wouldn't give to get in Orvis' closet! He doesn't like to have doors closed on him, but he is going to have to close the front door because all the girls will be lining up now that he is Dreamboat #94 - congrats, Orvis!

Dreamboat #95 loves to sing, and what gal wouldn't want to hear some lovely singing for Valentine's Day? Meet Squeezix! I adore his sweet face and white paws, and the comfort and attention he gives to his aging parents.

In addition to singing, he also gives kisses! Pucker up, Squeezix, the girls are heading your way! Congrats on being Dreamboat #95!

How can you not be a dreamboat when your name is associated with love? Meet Dreamboat #96, Romeo!

This handsome mancat - who shares my birthday - loves his English garden. Can't you see yourself walking paw in paw as he tells you all about the flowers in his garden?

He is very attentive and affectionate which makes for a great dreamboat. He is also quite intelligent and enjoys watching The Animal Channel. I always find the orange boys to be so handsome, and Romeo is no exception! Congrats on being Dreamboat #96, Romeo!

Be sure to stop by and meet these handsome boys if you're not already friends with them!


Dreamboats #91, 92, and 93

February 5th 2013 8:26 am
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Well, sit back and enjoy because we're starting the new Dreamboats today!

I'm kicking things off with Dreamboat #91. While this handsome mancat has moved on to a new forever home, I fell in love with his dreamy eyes the first time I saw him! Meet Harrison!

Harrison is a big floof of a boy with adorable face markings. I find it so attractive that he likes walking on a leash. He was a bit of a bad boy with his sister, Kitty Pryde, but who doesn't secretly like a bad boy? I know his Mommy misses him, but I have a feeling he is doing just fine with his new family. Congratulations, Harrison, on being Dreamboat #91!

Dreamboat #92 is another handsome orange and white boy - meet Francis! I was attracted to Francis because of his keen sense of fashion! Wouldn't you drool if this showed up at your front door?

I also like that Francis isn't afraid to show his vulnerable side. He needs a stuffed animal around him at all times to feel comfortable. He also loves to be brushed, and proper grooming is very important for all dreamboats!

Congratulations, Frances. I'm honored to have you on my list!

Being from Kentucky, this chicken-loving boy got on my list when I realized how much he loved KFC! Meet Dreamboat #93 - Norman!

Norman is the faithful admin of the Sweet Face group, and one look at his sweet face and you will melt! He is a very kind cat who always goes out of his way to encourage others. He is super intelligent, and nothing is sexier than a boy with a brain!

Congrats to you, Norman, on being Dreamboat #93!

I hope you all will visit these three handsome mancats and ask them to be friends. Stay tuned because there are many more you will meet this month!


Dreamboats 2013 - D.I.T. Become Official!

February 1st 2013 9:51 am
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February - the month of love! And to kick things off, today I'm making the 2011 Dreamboats-in-Training official dreamboats. For those of you who are new to my Dreamboats, here is how it works.

I will be listing a bunch of new handsome dreamboats, angel dreamboats, and dreamboats-in-training. If you are chosen as a dreamboat-in-training, you keep that title for two years and then you become an official dreamboat.

I'm very proud of 2011's Dreamboats-in-Training - they have grown into very handsome mancats.

And here they are with their new Dreamboat number:

81. Ollie
82. Hunter
83. Zack
84. Leroy
85. Vern
86. Gomez
87. Russell
88. Charlie
89. Jaxson
90. Percy

I'm sad that Ollie and Vern are now angels, but they will always be dreamboats to me!

My complete list of Dreamboats from the past few years can be found here!

My list is long, so check back daily as I announce all the new dreamboats for this year!


The Time is Near . . . . .

January 18th 2013 9:53 am
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Do you know what time it is? Besides being around 10:50 a.m., the time is drawing near . . . . .

My annual Dreamboat List is being compiled, and starting in February, you will meet all my new Dreamboats, Dreamboats-in-Training, and Angel Dreamboats!

Not only are there handsome boys on Catster, be sure to check out pretty Millie who is today's Cat of the Day. She is quite stunning!

I've been keeping busy watching the house for more birds. So far, none have dared enter the house! But if a tweet decides to get in here, I'll be the first to escort him out!


Bird in the House!

January 8th 2013 2:35 pm
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It was naptime in our house. But, as H.o.H., I'm always on duty. So, when I saw a bird in the house, I knew I had to take action immediately.

Yes, you heard me correctly - we had a bird in the house! Mawmee was on the computer, and Daddy came into the family room, and said, there is a bird in the house and Samoa has it!

Mawmee came running in and there I was - perched over the bird! Daddy went to the garage to get gloves. Mawmee grabbed paper towels, and picked up the birdie and took him outside.

He was stunned - probably by my beauty - but within a few minutes, he was okay and he flew away. I wasn't about to get bird guts on my face, so naturally, I wouldn't kill him!

My clueless numbskill brothers slept through the entire episode. Mawmee asked me where the birdie came from, so I've been trying to tell her. I've been sitting on the counter and staring at the stove.

Mawmee wants to pull out the stove and see if there is hole back there where he could have somehow gotten in the house. Daddy wants to wait and see if any other birds get in the house before we worry about it.

I think Daddy must not be using his brain cells today because if another bird gets in the house and the boys are not napping . . . . . . . well, you catch my drift . . . . . . .


Olde and Furty!

December 6th 2012 7:54 am
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I've held off for two years. Apparently you're an official Olde Furt when you turn 10. I've had four siblings that were Olde Furts - Calvin, Spunky, Sugar, and Violet.

They used to talk all the time about this Olde Furt, and that Olde Furt, and how supportive the Olde Furts are, and how great the Olde Furt admins are, so I decided that if it is great, I must be there!

Besides, all the Olde Furts from our family are now angels, and every once in awhile some wisdom should come from the smart, beautiful one in our family - and we all know who fits that category the best!

We're getting festive at our house for the holidays. Of course, we can't have a big tree because of you-know-who, but we have several small trees throughout the house. Two of them are on the mantle, and I like to lay in the middle of the mantle amongst the lights and sparkly ornaments. There is something about soft Christmas lights that brings out even more of my beauty. I know, can you believe I have even more beauty inside me?

I hope you're having fun getting ready for the holidays at your house!


I Know I'm Beautiful But You Can Keep Telling Me

October 11th 2012 10:36 am
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As you all know, I believe getting the Diary of the Day bestowed upon you is so very special.

Of course, being Cat of the Day or Cat of the Week is special too, but I had to smile today when the lovely gal who is Diary of the Day has a diary entitled:

I Know I'm Beautiful But You Can Keep Telling Me

Please stop by and become friends with the beautiful Nova!

Of course, I also noticed that Nova is from Kentucky . . . . the land of beautiful cats!

She is also a tortie - like the beautiful Zoey who is Cat of the Week!

The only other thing that would have made the homepage purrfect would be seeing my face as Cat of the Day! Oh well, I guess Bob isn't too hard on the eyes!

Enjoy your special day, Nova and Bob, and your special week, Zoey!


Toofie Update

September 29th 2012 9:05 am
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I had a rather uneventful visit to the vet. My toofies got polished, and they are all still in my mouth. I was happy that the vet didn't need to remove any toofies.

Daddy took me and picked me up in the afternoon because Mawmee has a bad cold and was feeling punk. When I got home, Mawmee was amazed that I didn't even act like I had been under anesthesia. I was wide eyed and alert, and hungry since I hadn't had anything to eat all day!

I'm doing fine this morning! Gleek is the next to go to the vet for his yearly visit.


Smile for the Camera!

September 27th 2012 9:15 am
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Well, wouldn't you know that the Diary Gal would decide to honor me while my secretary was out of town! Thank you to all my friends who made the day very special.

This time tomorrow I will be heading to the vet's office for a toofie cleaning. Of course, I am a little nervous because I'm 12, and we don't want to run into problems similar to our sweet friend, Camille Rose. I have a feeling that she will be watching over me during the cleaning.

Mawmee had a fun time on her breast cancer walk, and unfortunately, she has a cold now, so I've been playing nurse. Yesterday she decided to take a nap on the sofa. I laid down next to her which is not something I normally do, but my stupid brothers can't be counted on for anything around here!

Keep me in your purrs tomorrow, and be sure to put on your sunglasses in the afternoon. My smile is going to be so bright!


Rocking the Pink!

September 20th 2012 9:59 am
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Tomorrow our Mawmee leaves for Santa Barbara, California, to walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

She has been in training since last November! Daddy is her trainer, and he told her that she has walked 451 miles in the past 10 months!

She will be meeting up with her Trekkin' for Ta-Tas team - Diego's Mommy, and Ele's Mommy. She is very excited to be only walking two days (39 miles) this time instead of three because it means only one night in a pink tent! She said the older she gets, the harder the ground gets! MOL!

Of course, she will be wearing lots of pink . . . . . and cat ears . . . . and a cat tail . . . . . and Hello Kitty jewelry! Everybody will know that she is purring for a cure! She has pictures of us wearing our For the Cure pink Calvin Collars, and those pictures will be part of her tent decorations. She also has pins with our pictures on it, and she has them pinned on her backpack, so we will be with her!

Daddy is going to be our catsitter again. He has the job down, but you know about the history with our catsitters . . . . they are non-Catster, so you won't see us around for a few days!

Be sure to wear some pink this weekend!

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