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Samoa Says

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Update on Samoa

October 11th 2013 8:23 pm
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Samoa's Mawmee here to give you an update on the day we've had. Most of you that are on Facebook already know about this, and because it has been a very tiring day, I'm going to repost my FB posts so you can be up to date on the latest findings.

Upon ultrasound, Samoa has a 6 cm mass in her abdomen near one of her kidneys. Some blood work was sent off (with results in a few days) to determine if it is an adrenal gland cancer. Apparently this is rare in kitties. If it isn't that, it is some other type of cancerous mass.

We've been back and forth between our vet and the ER vet where there is an internist who did her ultrasound. Here is one of the Facebook posts:

Latest Samoa update: She is back at our vet's office for more fluids/potassium through her IV. I did get a call that she ate some food which was good to hear as she is very weak from all that she has been through since last night. I'll pick her up in about an hour (as they don't have anyone supervising over night) and she will go back tomorrow for more fluids/potassium. I also have potassium type gel to give her twice a day. The mass is next to her right kidney. It could be cancer from her adrenal gland - blood work was sent off to check for that and we won't know anything for several days. If not that, then a cancerous mass of some kind, but not operable. We'll take it one day at a time, but it is not looking good for my sweet Samoa. Thank you so much for all the uplifting purrs and prayers.

Thank you for keeping Samoa in your purrs!


At the ER

October 11th 2013 7:28 am
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Well, a night away from the boys sounded like a good idea, but I sure didn't expect it to be at the emergency vet!

I had a regular vet visit scheduled for today, but last night I was exhibiting some strange behavior. Mawmee called our vet but they were closing in 15 minutes and had three emergencies come in, so they suggested I go to the ER vet.

Last week, I started limping a little on my back right leg. Mawmee thought maybe it was from walking on the kitchen counter. Sometimes when I get to the sink area, I slip and a foot goes in the sink.

So, she made my vet appointment. But a few days later, I was doing okay. Then suddenly yesterday, I started holding my head down and walking slowly and laying in places I don't usually go.

When I got to the ER vet, my mouth was open and I was breathing heavy which is unusual for me because I like going places in the car. They took me back and put me in an oxygen kennel.

After blood work and a urinalysis, it was determined that I have very low potassium levels. I was also somewhat dehydrated. They decided to keep me over night, start an IV with potassium and recheck me in the morning to see if the potassium levels go up. Apparently, you have to administer potassium very slowly or it can cause heart problems.

The vet said my blood work is a mystery as to what is going on. I guess low potassium happens when something else is going on with the body. Diabetes was ruled out, and my kidney levels are not bad. However, my urine is not concentrated like it should be, so there is probably some type of kidney issue going on. My white blood cell count is high which can indicate either an infection or even inflammation from a chronic disease. The ER vet doesn't think it is an infection because there is no evidence that indicates it. My temperature is normal. They also checked my blood pressure over night, and it is at the high end of normal but not hypertension.

Mawmee just got a call from the vet. She said my potassium level has gone up from 2.5 to 2.75 but it still needs to go higher, so I'll probably be spending the day at my other vet's office. Once they got me hydrated, my BUN level came back to normal, but now the blood work indicates that I'm anemic.

So, if you cats could get your purr machines going, I sure would appreciate it! I'll update you later today!



July 22nd 2013 9:30 am
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Well, I'm feeling special today! I guess the Diary Gal decided to come back from vacation and pick me as a DDP today! It has been a long four months since my last honor, so I'm glad she took notice!

Did you hear that the royal baby might be born today? She may one day be queen. I'm already the queen of my house! Maybe they will name her Samoa.

In sad news, our friend, Jasper, made his journey to the bridge yesterday. He was 18 years old. Please stop by and read the beautiful diary entry his Mommy wrote about him. He was one lucky cat to have lived 18 years with his family. We know they will miss him very much.

Thank you to my friends who have honored me for my diary pick today. For some reason, I'm unable to load pictures, so I'll try later. Thank you, Tabitha, for making me a nice DDP picture!

I hope you all are treated like royalty today . . . .


"Yer In"

July 18th 2013 4:47 pm
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I didn't think it was appropriate to title this diary entry, Urine Update, or Pee Wee Update, so I did it southern style. After all, I am a southern princess!

Yesterday, the vet called and talked to Daddy about the results of my urinalysis. I don't have an infection, and the protein level is good. Apparently, if you have too much protein in your pee, it can be the beginning stages of CRF, especially in older kitties. She told Daddy that my pee was watered down but I guess that isn't a bad thing. I make some pretty massive pee wees!

Thanks for the purrs!

And in some sad news, our friend Cleopatra made her journey to the bridge today. Please stop by and send some love her way. Her Mommy is very sad, and so is her brother, Sebastian.

Rest in peace, Cleo. I know the angels will take good care of you!


Fat Kidney?

July 17th 2013 9:25 am
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Yesterday was my yearly vet visit. As you might remember, I was at the vet two months ago because I had been losing weight and was hungry all the time.

I went to the vet in one of our hard case carriers. I thought it was very nice, and I liked that it had more room inside. Of course, I was a perfect princess in the car.

In May, my blood work came back with no problems, however, an x-ray revealed something going on in my tummy. The vet felt what she thought was a mass, but the only way anything could be determined was through an ultrasound (which we decided not to do).

So, two months later, I'm back at the vet for her to feel my tummy again. And guess what? Whatever she felt has not gotten any larger. She said she wasn't sure if what she was feeling was my kidney, or possibly spleen. She looked at the x-rays again, but she can only see one kidney in the x-ray. The other one was in hiding.

I had gained a few ounces from two months ago, so that was good news too. We aren't really sure what is going on, but the vet thinks that if whatever she felt in May was a cancerous mass, it would have felt bigger to her yesterday. And it didn't.

Because they weren't able to get any urine to test in May, they took some of my pee yesterday. I'll get the results of it today. My kidney blood values were all in the good range, but she said checking for protein in the urine will help us see if I am in the very early stages of kidney problems. Something is probably going on, but we're not quite sure!

I'm still very hungry, and Mawmee is feeding me more during the day, so hopefully I can gain more weight. Thank you for all the purrs - keep 'em coming!


Kitty Breast Cancer

June 5th 2013 4:29 pm
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We all know about our friends Queen Tallulah, Natalie the Nat Cat, and Sugar Bear who have battled feline mammary cancer. I thought I'd tell you about another friend who is going through the same terrible disease.

Please visit Avail's page and leave her an encouraging message in her latest diary entry.

She is a beautiful black kitty who has been through several surgeries - the most recent one yesterday! Please keep her in your purrs that she will have a quick recovery. She is quite a survivor!

And keep on getting out the important message of spaying female kitties and doing monthly Sugar rubs to check for lumps and bumps!


A Catster Mommy has Journeyed

May 15th 2013 2:50 pm
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I'm very sad and sorry to tell you that our pals in Australia had their Mommy journey to the bridge this past weekend.

Utu and his siblings (Ra, Blackie, Foxey, Schooby, Marmelade, Smokey, Alexander, Molly) are good friends, and we are purring for them tonight.

We just mailed a Schooby cat angel from The Cat in the Clover to their Mommy last week. She never got to see it.

Please send purrs to the family. For those on Facebook, here is their Mommy's page.



May 10th 2013 7:12 am
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One thousand eight one cats are having birthdays on Catster today! I don't know how many of them are becoming teenagers, but I am!

I've been give some very royal treatment around here since the vet found that lump in my belly. Of course, I've always been the diva of the house, but I'm back to getting my meals served in the guest room, and also spending my evenings sleeping on the guest bed.

I find it more relaxing to eat with some privacy, and I haven't had any flojectiles since that vet visit. I'm also getting a daily treat of Nutri Cal. My servant puts some on her finger, and I lick it off. It is a gel type sticky substance that is full of vitamins and calories to help me maintain my svelte figure. Being a teenager takes a little extra work, but I know I'm worth it!

Thank you to all my friends who have dropped off some beautiful gifts to decorate my page - I'm going to enjoy a few cupcakes today, and maybe even a nibble on a ladybug or bluebird!

Have a fun weekend!


Six Years and Blood Results

May 3rd 2013 7:52 am
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First, let me say happy anniversary to the Samoa Detective Agency. We became an agency six years ago today - wowza, what a long time it has been tracking down the ARGs! Thank you to everyone who used to be so active in the group, and a big thank you to those who still enjoy playing over in the group's forum. You rock!

The vet called me yesterday to tell me that my blood work was perfect. My kidney, liver, and thyroid numbers were all good. I am not anemic, and I was not dehydrated when I saw her. So, those are all good things!

We asked her several questions including whether the tumor could possibly be a hairball. She said based on the hard feel of the tumor, she was 95% sure it wasn't a hairball.

She and Mawmee discussed the ultrasound option. A specialist comes to their office to do the ultrasounds. Basically, the information we would get would be the exact location of the tumor and possibly what kind of tumor it is, however, the only way they would know for sure the type is to do a needle aspiration and biopsy the fluid.

I really don't want to undergo surgery at my age, and because that decision has been made, there doesn't appear to be any good reason for getting the ultrasound. It would not change the surgery decision, and Mawmee said she would rather spend the money for medication or other things I might need in the future. While money is not the sole reason we are not doing the ultrasound, it has to be factored into the decision. The ultrasound plus biopsy would be around $850.

Thank you for the continued purrs, and thank you for understanding and accepting our family's decision. The decision Mawmee and Daddy have made is based on what would be best for me. Unfortunately, we've been down this old age road before, and we've learned quite a bit from dealing with Spunky's chemo, Calvin's illness, and Violet's kidney failure. I'm just thankful that all my other organs are working good. Keep on purring for me!


Purrs Needed Please

May 1st 2013 5:21 pm
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The past two mornings, I have gotten sick very soon after eating. Mawmee has been concerned because the past month or so, I eat my meals like I haven't eaten in months. She noticed I look skinnier too, so off to the vet I went.

She was right - I have lost some weight. The vet lady and Mawmee discussed my issues, and Mawmee said she felt like I was exhibiting some of the same things that Calvin and Violet did - the constant hunger and weight loss.

The vet lady said my blood work last year showed good kidney, liver, and thyroid function, but that it sounded like possible thyroid problems. She wanted to be optimistic, but then she felt my tummy. She thought she felt something not right, so I went to the back for x-rays and blood work.

My blood work will be back tomorrow, but the x-rays showed bad news. There appears to be a mass in my abdomen. It was difficult exactly tell because my intestines looked a little strange. She wasn't sure if I had a lot of poopie in there, but it is possible they weren't in the right location because of the location of this mass.

An ultrasound might give a better indication of what it is, but considering that surgery is not going to be an option, we decided against the ultrasound.

If the blood work doesn't indicate any other problems, I might start on a low dose of prednisone to help shrink the mass.

I'm going to be 13 in nine days. I want to be around a lot longer, but we'll take one day at a time and see how I do. If you have some spare purrs laying around, I'd appreciate your sending some my way.

I'll let you know what I hear on the blood work tomorrow.

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