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My New Crisis!

May 28th 2006 9:44 am
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Summer stinks!

My window shelf is my sacred place. It is where my photography sessions take place. It is where I get combed. It is where I look out the window at my kingdom!

Today the window shelf got moved to a window facing the front of the house. Why? Why? Why?

Something big got put in my window - it blows cool air. I don't know why we need it because we already have cool air blowing out of holes in the wall! Mawmee said the upstairs gets too hot, and this helps with the electric bill.

Well, anything to have more money to buy me things is okay with me.

The problem is going to be Calvin ~ he is always my problem! The front window gets a lot of sun. Calvin worships the sun. I'm going to put up a "No Trespassing" sign on the shelf to keep him away.

My Catster stickers arrived ~ they are very cool! I got four stickers because I put a note in the envelope to Greg. I told Greg that he rocked! Calvin and Violet can have one sticker each, but I'm keeping the extra one for myself! I think I'll put one on my window shelf.

Ooops ~ I just went in the wrong room. . . . . . .


There's No Place Like Home!

May 27th 2006 6:15 pm
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Welcome home, Mawmee and Daddy!

I see Autumn is back from her "resort" ~ we sure enjoyed not having her around for the whole week. What a sucker she is ~ actually thinking she was going to a resort!

I've got lots of notes for Mawmee since I was in charge while they were gone. I've been sitting on the suitcase in the bedroom just ready to tell her all about the trouble that Calvin and Violet have caused.

1. Violet whined the entire time about wanting to go outside! I just giggled as Karen told her no way was she going out on her watch!

2. Calvin was a pest ~ always asking me where Mawmee and Daddy had gone, and was it time to eat? He probably gained 5 pounds because he kept telling Karen that he was supposed to eat a whole can of Fancy Feast instead of our usual tablespoon of food. I think she sneaked him some extra food. She got tired of listening to the big baby too!

Of course, I was a perfect angel, and insisted that Karen feed me upstairs instead of in the kitchen with the commoners. You can get away with alot when there is a new cat sitter. They don't know the rules.

Karen saw my sign about me being in charge. She seemed to treat me with more respect, as it should be!

Okay, now where is my souvenir. . . . . .


Listen Up!

May 18th 2006 7:59 pm
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Okay, Mawmee, I will be good. I'll take care of everything while you and Daddy are gone!

Do you hear that, Calvin?

Do you hear that, Violet?

I will post the rules.

1. Samoa is in charge when the parents are away.

2. See Rule #1

I'll give my full report in detail next week!

Over and out. . . . . .



May 17th 2006 6:13 am
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The word around the house is Mawmee and Daddy are going on vacation. Now, I can't confirm that yet because I haven't seen the suitcases come out, but I'm making a list of all the things I plan to do while they are gone.

1. Have a meeting with Calvin and Violet to let them know I am in charge.

2. Patrol the house daily to see if Calvin has thrown up anywhere.

3. Tell Karen to ignore my two siblings when she comes to take care of us.

4. Guard the top of the stairs.

5. Guard the litterbox.

6. Take notes on all the bad stuff Calvin does.

7. Tell Violet to quit whining ~ yup, she's gonna whine cause she won't be allowed outside for a whole week!

Where are my earplugs . . . . . . . .


Today is for our Mawmee!

May 14th 2006 10:49 am
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We had our meeting last night, and between Autumn, Calvin, Violet and me, we wrote this song for Mawmee's special day today.

M is for the cereal milk she give us,

A cause we're the apple of her eye.

W is for the way she loves and hugs us,

M means for her favorite, it's a tie!

E we get excited when we see her,

E she is emotional, for sure!

Put them all together they spell


a word that means the world to us!

Happy Mawmee's Day to all the Catster & Dogster Mommies!


Talk to My Secretary!

May 12th 2006 3:15 pm
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I'm becoming quite the social kitty on Catster. My friend, Twixy, has asked me to join not only her group, The Kitties Club, but also the Social Cats Club.

Because I need to keep up my Diva image, I am now a member of both clubs. There is a party planned for Saturday at the Social Club, and I plan to wear my black boa to impress the other cats.

Calvin just joined some snooty boys club called the Tom Cats Club. Ruben, who is quite sophisticated and debonair, started up that club. Why he wanted my creepy brother is beyond me, but apparently they all get together and do what boys do - UGH - I don't even want to know what boys do. I'm sure it involves smelly things ~ mostly coming out their backsides! You know how crude boys can be!

I prefer to chat with the gals about fashion and footwear.

Oh, secretary, did you mark the party down in my calendar for noon. . . . . .


Rainbows Are Pretty!

May 10th 2006 8:12 am
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Wow - have you seen Ahoy? She is my weather pixie's cat! She is outside in the rain today! I liked seeing my weather pixie's umbrella this morning, but I couldn't believe that one of her cats was out in the rain with her. I don't like the rain.

The good thing about rain is that when it is finished, and the sun comes out, you get to see a beautiful rainbow.

Violet is sad today because Magnolia Blossom passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Maggie is in her Flower Felines group. We talked about how the rain represents tears ~ I'm like to discuss deep stuff cause I am so intellectual!

We had a sister, Callie, who passed to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.

I hope Callie will be there to welcome Maggie. . . . . . .


Running on Empty!

May 8th 2006 4:14 pm
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That pesky Calvin has been one bad dude today! He is chasing me and getting me really angry. Darn ~ the claws were just trimmed, so I'm totally defenseless.

I'm going to use my charm to get him to quit, and if that doesn't work, then one swift swat across the face will have to do the trick! It isn't nearly as effective if it doesn't draw blood, but a good bruise will teach him a lesson.

Now, back to me. I've got more new stuff on my site. You will see some scrolling text. I'm thinking of doing a weekly thought for the day for all my fans.

I noticed my Diary is on the active list, so lots of kitties must be visiting my site. The thought for the day will be something brilliant, I'm sure.

And any day now, Catster is sure to recognize the wonderful diary that I have been keeping!

I can almost smell that award. . . . .


Party Central!

May 7th 2006 7:47 pm
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I don't know how much more partying a cat can do. I've been on the go since the big Cinco de Mayo!

The Kentucky Derby was a big hit, and of course, no one will remember who won the race, but EVERYONE will remember who came in second place - Bluegrass Cat!

I'm a Bluegrass Cat, you know ~ born in the bluegrass state of Kentucky ~ a true southern belle!

Saturday was also Twix's birthday. She's one of my Catster friends. We had a party at the Kitties Club today to celebrate. Twix also belongs to my Cookie & Candy Cats group. She has some really cute pictures on her site of her new birthday dress. She is a western belle, but I think she would fit in just fine in the south cause she likes big hats and pretty dresses!

I don't really do dresses ~ I'm more of a boa, scarf and occasional hat kind of cat.

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that I spent part of the day hiding under the bed. The big noise machine they call a vacuum cleaner reared its ugly head today.

I'm just remembering that I missed my dinner. . . . . .


A Rose by Any Other Name. . . .

May 6th 2006 5:48 am
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Happy Kentucky Derby Day everybody!

Mawmee just showed me a beautiful red rose petal. She told me that last night she and Daddy went to see the ladies who make the garland of roses that they will give to the winning horse today.

It is so beautiful, Mawmee, and such a pretty red color. Of course, since I am the most beautiful cat in the house, she showed it to me first. Violet had a little interest since he has a Flower Feline group.

I'm wearing my Derby Hat all day because I do look quite stunning. We have all day to party before the big race!

Hmmmmm, I smell burgoo, Kentucky Derby pie, mint juleps.

As they say to the horses ~ Go Baby Go. . . . . . .

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