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Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Karma kitty, Fuzzy Butt, Karmelcat, Kittenhead, (she had all kinds of them!)

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-extra toe(s)

July 1st 1986

Seal Point

Face and ear rubs, eating, being scratched at the base of her tail, going outside to sniff the world.

Water, Nikki sniffing her butt, hairballs, having her mats combed, mommy screaming at the TV during NASCAR

Favorite Toy:
String, Ratherbee catnip toys, mommy

Favorite Nap Spot:
On worn clothing, on mommy, at mommy's feet, under Christmas trees

Favorite Food:
Roast turkey and chicken, filet mignon, marinated flank steak, sour cream, tomatos, milk, ice water

Language comprehension, picking hit country songs, giving massages


Arrival Story:
Karma's human once worked at a radio station in Clovis, New Mexico and one day told her listeners she wanted a kitten. She didn't really know what kind of cat she wanted, but she knew that when the right one came along she'd just "know" and it would be "Karma". For weeks it seemed like everyone called with grey male kittens, which just didn't feel like the right "fit". Then one day a lady called with a litter of grey male kittens (that must have been one busy tomcat making the rounds!) BUT in the litter was also one lone female who the lady said looked like a long haired siamese. Something just "clicked" so the radio lady got off her shift and immediately drove over to the house. Karma was just a tiny puff of fur living in a filthy garage and was scared to death. When she got to her new home in the "pink party pagoda" she immediately ran and hid and refused to come out. But the radio lady gave her all the space she wanted to feel comfortable. In the middle of the night Karma found her courage and climbed onto the bed, found her new mommy's neck, curled up and started to purr. The rest, as they say, is history...

Karma and her human had many adventures and journeys in the American Southwest. She was an only child until the tall bearded one moved in with Nikki, her feline housemate in 1995. Sadly, Karma Llasa went on to get her angel wings on Thursday, March 30th, 2006 just a few months shy of her 20th birthday. She is desperately missed...

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Purrs are love.

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March 9th 2006 More than 10 years!

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My Memoirs: A Life Spent Purring

Paws OFF!

September 19th 2006 6:30 pm
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Karma Llasa joined Catster with the intention of cataloging her memoirs before she died, but sadly she didn't make it. She left for Rainbow Bridge March 30th, 2006. Her staff is continuing to tell her stories from the many purrs and memories she left behind...

It was the time of year I always looked forward to. The nights got longer, the sun didn't shine as long, a chill came on the air and my Mommy brought a fir tree inside. Ah yes, the time of year called "Christmas".

I love trees. Always have. But this once a year indoor tree is special. I've heard some kitties think these trees are for climbing or messing with but that's not what I love about them. I don't completely understand it, but there's something special about the tree. It's like there's this special kind of love and light involved; something to be revered and marvelled at.

If there wasn't, humans wouldn't take such great care in putting on twinkly lights, colored ornaments and a special velvet rug for me to lay on underneath it. It's so pretty I wouldn't dream of messing with it. Besides I look gooood underneath it with the lights sparkling on my fur and my blue eyes shining like the ornaments adorning the tree.

Of course there was one Christmas when I was an impetuous young cat. I wanted to go outside and play but Mommy didn't have time to take me. I got mad, walked to the tree and smacked one of the dangling balls off the tree and clear across the room. I felt bad about it and vowed never to hurt the tree again.

When Nikki moved in with us she had never seen a Christmas tree. I wasn't sure how she was going to take to it. We both watched from across the room as our humans brought in the tree and put on the lights and colored things. When it was all done Nikki went to the tree to check it out.

Sure enough Nikki lifted a paw and aimed for one of the dangling balls and just as she was about to make contact I lept at her from across the room and cuffed her upside the head. "NO!" I hissed. "Leave the tree alone!"

For the rest of the night I stood guard and growled a warning anytime it looked like Nikki was even thinking of playing with the tree. And I have to hand it to her, with the exception of a few things being knocked off the tree by one of our tails as we walked by...she never once violated the tree.

Mommy involves me in the tree decorating and I get to help put up the ones that have my picture on them. It's always a time to reflect on our years together.

And if that's not worth respect and reverence, then I just don't know what is.

Next, The Battle for the Bedroom


A New Home, A New Beginning

August 25th 2006 10:24 am
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Karma Llasa joined Catster with the intention of cataloging her memoirs before she died, but sadly she didn't make it. She left for Rainbow Bridge March 30th, 2006. Her staff is continuing to tell her stories from the many purrs and memories she left behind...

Moving day had finally arrived. Now moving day was never a favorite affair of mine since the process involved total upheaval of my world, but I usually managed to deal with it. On this move, I think I was probably the calmest of everyone involved.

Nikki was flipping out in her cat carrier. Mommy was apprehensive that she was making the right choice. She confided in me that this would not be like when The Freak was living with us and she expected The Bearded One to make a comittment to be a family. He seemed a little anxious too. The other human helpers were busy moving boxes and furrniture.

When all our things were moved into the new place we were allowed to come out of our safe places and explore. The new place was nice. And big! It had a large porch and smelled new.

But something else was going on.

All I saw was The Bearded One give Mommy a round piece of gold with a shiny stone. It looked small, but it must have been really heavy because when Mommy took it in her hand she fell to her knees and started crying.

The Bearded One had tears on his face too and as he helped Mommy back to her feet he said "Well, is that a yes or no?" to which she replied "YES!" and hugged him. All the moving helpers had happy looks on their faces.

The Bearded One was going to become "Daddy" and with Nikki in the house it meant we would become a real family! Wedding plans began immediately and several months later, around my 10th birthday, Mommy became a bride.

That made me the big sister, a job that had great responsibilities especially since Nikki needed much breaking in.

Next: Our first official family Christmas means Nikki needs a lesson!


So Much For Being An Only Child...

August 11th 2006 10:07 am
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Karma Llasa joined Catster with the intention of cataloging her memoirs before she died, but sadly she didn't make it. She left for Rainbow Bridge March 30th, 2006. Her staff is continuing to tell her stories from the many purrs and memories she left behind...

It was October of 1995 when The Bearded One moved in with Nikki.

I think everyone was nervous about how it would go and how everyone would get along. At least there was a plan.

Our little apartment was crammed full of boxes and extra furniture, which was kinda fun because it was like a kitty cat amusement park with lots of things to climb on. We would shortly be moving to a newer, much bigger place.

And Nikki and I were to be gradually and slowly introduced to one another.

The last of the boxes had been brought into our place when I spied a familiar sight: a cat carrier! The creature inside was mewing and taken quickly to the back room and the door closed. A while later The Bearded One emerged and slid the door shut behind him.

Now it's important to note that the door to this room was the kind that you slide shut, not the kind that swing shut. This is an important detail to remember.

Anyway, so Mommy and The Bearded One sat down and watched me as I sniffed at the door. It was open a crack, just enough for me to see that on the other side was a green eyed grey kitty. That was no surprise, but her paw coming out from under the door was!

I puffed and hissed! HISS HISS HISS!!!!!!!!!!!

I eventually settled down and Mommy felt things were going fairly well. So she and The Bearded One left to get dinner.

Now it's hard to describe exactly what happened next, but that kitty decided she didn't want to be in that room anymore. After all, it wasn't her normal place. So she got her paw under the door and started jiggling it. It moved a little. Then she wedged her paw into the opening on the side and jiggled it some more.

Soon she was able to wedge a shoulder in the gap and make the opening larger. Next thing I knew she was sticking her whole face through and then the door slid aside enough for her to walk out into the living room.

Well, hello Nikki.

We talked. We argued. We negotiated territory. We laughed at our silly humans. We also made a pact not to ever disclose the exact nature of our conversations that night. She knows what was said.

When Mommy and the Bearded One returned the first thing they saw was a grey streak as Nikki ran to hide behind a box. I was sitting in the middle of the room. Mommy freaked out when she realized we'd been alone with one another and she feared the worst.

I was picked up and closely examined for battle wounds. The Bearded One picked up Nikki and did the same but we were both fine.

They figured if we'd introduced ourselves and hadn't killed or maimed one another that they might as well leave us be. Nikki was put into her room at night and when we'd be alone but she was so good at escaping that they finally gave up.

I won't kid you, there was an awful lot of hissing and swatting going on but we both had a sense that it wouldn't change things. The best we could do was negotiate territory. We were both devoted to our humans and our humans appeared devoted to us and to each other. Most importantly we had one other thing in common.

None of us would ever be "lonely onlies" ever again.

Next: Mommy hits her knees and cries when we get to our new home!

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