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Secret Admirer ?????

May 27th 2011 3:47 pm
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Mom was working today so it was back to birdwatching and we sure have some big birds that come into our garden. Ziggy keeps making noises at them and Tommy rushes to the window when something catches his eye. When mom came home we all excited and was ready and waiting at the door for her to come in. We then rushed to the kitchen to be fed, most important for mom to feed us as soon as she gets home. After wolfing down our tea, I wanted to go out as the sun was shinning and it looked like a nice day, bbbrrrrr, I wasnt out long, it was too cold. I didnt even want to go out after supper!!
Talking of supper......It has been Thai's Birthday today so we had chicken. Thai has been so excited, he has been racing around. I told him to 'build a bridge and get over it' before he did himself an injury. Thank you to all those who have sent Birthday gifts, it made his day to know so many cared.
Not sure about the bad weather some of you have been having, I have heard from Lacey, that some thunderstorms are expected. We hope you are all safe and we will continue to purr for you all. of my secret admirers has given me a couple more clues...she is black and white and she is a paw friend of mine......hhhmmmmm...the plot thickens. I have over 3000 friends and a lot of them are black and white. How do I narrow that down? This is purr-plexing.
More clues needed..PLEASE.
Blizzard....dont sound so surprised that I too have admirers. I am pretty fit for a tri-pod and I am proud of my mouse pouch.

Cat Game no 13.

This is a fun game that can be used as an alarm clock for dormant humans or as a signal that a Cat wants to go outside. All that is required is vertical blinds in the bedroom. It is best played when there is more than one Cat in a household. When the humans are asleep, one of the Cats should go over to the blinds and attack them with the purpose of making as much noise as possible. Run and hide under the bed when a human gets up and blearily opens a door to go outside. The other Cats should play possum so that the human doesn't know who did it. Different Cats can do this at different times, with the objective being to see how many Cats can attack the blinds until all are thrown out by the enraged humans.

I really want to know who my secret admirer/s are!!!
Stay safe guys.
Love you all.


Day 4 of bad weather.

May 26th 2011 2:12 pm
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I think I am right in saying it is day 4 of really bad weather for some catsters. We are still purring that you stay safe. It has been like a winters day here, cold and windy. April was so dry and warm and may has been so cold and windy. This weather really is weird. So, if Mother Nature reads my diary, Please, please, please, mellow the weather, think of the animals.
On a sad note, one of our Catster friends has unexpectedly made her journey to the bridge today,
Please stop by and send some purrs, she has very few friends and we all know how much it helps to hear from fellow catsters at a time like this.
Thank you for all the gifts and comments yesterday, very kind of you all. I just wish I knew who my 2 secret admirers of them gave me a clue.... Here is a small hint for you: I live far away across the sea. Amongst your Catster friends you will find me. Purrs, Your Secret Admirer ”
I think I know who it is...............NO, are you kidding, have you seen how many of you live across the sea!!!!! How can I work that one out....OK, any of you super sleuths out there, feel free to step in and help track them down. More clues needed, PLEASE *goes down on bended paws* Pretty Please.

Cat Game no.12

Many of the newer things that humans call telephones (on which they spend far too much time talking to other humans instead of attending to their masters) have lots of little buttons on them which you can use. The little ones without numbers are often "speed dial" buttons, which means that if you can turn the phone on (look for a "speaker phone button"), you can make phone calls too! Since humans love to talk on the phone, they will be glad to hear your melodious voice greet them! Their feline masters will be even more pleased if you make your call early in the morning to save them the trouble of making the humans wake up early. If you can call long distance, so much the better! Serves those slug-like humans right for sleeping during prime play time and leaving their masters unattended!

Stay safe everyone and dont forget to check in on catster and let us all know you are safe. Love and purrs


DDP and Purrs needed for Day 3 of terrible weather.

May 25th 2011 4:21 pm
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I am a daily diary pick again today. Its fun being in the spotlight once and awhile.
So sad to hear little Indiana had suddenly left us for the bridge today, we send love and purrs to him and hiss loving family who are devastated by his passing.
Who are my secret admirers, it seems I have a couple and Zach has one too. Ooooh, I really wanna know, I do, I do, I do. Please give me a clue. I buff up real smart.
Catster has really been getting on my whiskers today, I wish they would sort out all these problems, but things seem to be getting worse. Come on guys, we gonna loose friends if this carries on. If mom had whiskers, they would be in a twist now!!!!
We are still purring for all those affected by the tornadoes, this will be day 3 of this with more days to follow. We saw it on the news, its awful, are hearts go out to everyone, so many have lost their lives, humans and animals. Keep the purrs coming, they really need the support.

Cat Game no.11

Convince your human to move the couch out a little bit from the wall, just enough so that you can move between the wall and the couch. Demand that your human throw a toy (preferably a small ball) for you to chase. Instead of chasing it through the open room, run behind the couch, tunnel along, miraculously emerge from the other end, and grab the toy. Your human will be deeply impressed by your sophisticated move and will readily throw the toy again and again.

The Catfather thinks he has a six pack of mouse pouches, I think that boasting a little!!!


Purrs needed for day 2 of terrible weather.

May 24th 2011 2:41 pm
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Ok guys, yesterday was very bad for some catsters and dogsters and they are in for more bad weather again, so get those purrs motoring. I couldn't go to bed last night until I knew Tink and other friends were safe. I spent most of the day napping to catch up on my sleep as I knew tonight was going to be another rough one for a lot of people, and we worry about you all.
More news from last night.....The Catfather has got himself a girl, yep, he showed us all his softer side in his diary. (hes a softy, as soft as his mouse pouch). He broke a few hearts apparently, so there hope for me yet.
I have apparently got a secret admirer! I am not sure whether someone is serious or its one of you guys messing around and pulling my leg ( dont pull to hard I only have 3). I dont want to make a fool of myself.
I dont think Im a bad catch, fair enough I am on the wrong side of 9 but I have all my own teeth and whiskers and my mom says I have lovely eyes and I have a leg in each I dont...ok, 3 corners.
On a serious note. for cats sake PURR for all its worth!!!

Caat game no 10.

A good game to play with the other Cats in the house is to see how many different places you can sleep in one day. You mark your sleeping spot with an appropriate deposit of hair, which is a necessary part of any Cat-owned home. It is important to play this game at least weekly, since the humans are always removing the markers. Bonus points go to the unusual spots, like the top of the fridge, TV, or air conditioner, and even on top of the Vacuum Monster slumbering in its closet. Of course, if the Vacuum Monster should awaken while you're sleeping on it, there is a potential for serious consequences!

Take care everyone and stay safe.


Horrendous weather

May 23rd 2011 2:24 pm
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Our thoughts and purrs go out to all who are affected by the horrendous weather again. We hope you are all safe. Also purring for all the animals that are outside in this weather who dont have somewhere safe to go. Please go to the forums and check in and let us know you are OK. We worry about you all.
Parts of the UK have severe weather warnings too and some people have lost their lives.
Come on Catsters, Purr up a storm to blow this weather away!!!! Or the Catfather will pop round and make you an offer you cant refuse!!

Cat Game no 9.

Step 1: Warm up by tearing through the hallways and over furniture at high speeds. Be sure to drag your claws and make zzzzzrrrt noises on the rugs. Furniture that is off limits during the daytime makes great springboards. (Even more fun with two or more participants.) Important style points are gained during this step. Two extra points if you get a yell from a judge.

Step 2: Find objects that make noise and activate them. Door stoppers that go SPROING-OING-OING when you run by them, wind chimes and blinds that rattle when disturbed, and loose objects that go thud when they hit the floor are best. Technical points are awarded in this step. The more complex the device the better. Five points for knocking over the phone so it goes BEEP BEEP BEEP *If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again* ...

Step 3: Make the loudest possible noise. Glassware and remote controls are useful here. It might be beneficial to slightly open the judges' door before this step. Final creativity points are awarded now.

Step 4: Look innocent when the judges storm into room and turn on the lights. Pretending to be asleep is good form. Five bonus points if another pet gets blamed. Seven points for style if the judges stub, trip, or completely fall over the objects knocked over!

Be safe every Cat!


Nothing much to report

May 22nd 2011 3:35 pm
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Its been a quiet Sunday. Mom had a rough night last night (I think shes doing too much and trying to cope with her illness). She overslept this morning and had to rush and get dressed and go and see to aunty moms cats, as she is away for a few days. When she got back, I was allowed to go out in the garden, the weather was brilliant so I came in. Mom had go for a nap and she ended up sleeping through our dinner time. We had an early tea to make up for it and the weather had improved so I spent some more time outside. Meeko came out too but he just whined the whole time so I threatened to tell the Catfather but he just carried on so mom took him in. That cat does my head in!!

Cat Game no 8

Any number of Cats can play. The game begins when the referees go to bed. The player runs to the bowl where the dry Cat food is kept and executes a "place-kick." The player does this by attempting to kick one kibble from the bowl with a paw. Using the nose and tongue is allowed, but this is considered bad form. Often the bowl must be tipped, rocked, or rattled. Once the kibble is out of the bowl and in play, the player proceeds to bat it around the room as quickly as possible. This is accomplished with short alternating swipes with the front paws and running behind it as it moves. This is also known as the "kibble dribble". If the kibble gets stuck at the intersection of two walls, the player must attempt to put it back into play with a "corner kick."

If the kibble is still on the playing field after 30 seconds, the player is awarded a point. That player is then allowed to eat the kibble, after which one returns to the bowl to put the next piece into play. No points are awarded for kibbles that are kicked out of the playing area (under the stove, behind the refrigerator, etc.). These are left for the cockroaches and other spectators. The player must put a new kibble into play.

For equipment, any dry kibble will work, although round ones roll particularly well. The referees control the pace of the game by waking up (usually after the first few points have been scored) and imposing obstacles between the player and the kibbles. The referees do this by placing covers on top of the bowl, placing the bowl on a counter top or shelf, or otherwise hiding it. An advanced player is measured by the degree of ingenuity displayed in overcoming the obstacles between self and the kibbles and resuming the game. The game ends when all the kibbles are eaten, are out of the playing field, or when a referee puts the player in the penalty box.

The Catfather should try playing the game before eating all the kibble!!


Catster Friends

May 21st 2011 4:36 pm
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Its been a wet day today and you know how I feel about getting wet, it dont happen!! So it was more bird watching and we have started getting the youngsters come in the garden with their parents, all fat and fluffy.
Mom was called into work again this afternoon to say goodbye to another cat, this one was so unexpected, she passed away before the vet came, mom was so upset. Sami seemed to have no health problems and had only been vet checked last Thursday. A check that all cats have once a month. All was fine.
Please treat everyday with your cat like its their last, one day it will be and you my never expect it.
We would like to thank all our Catster friends for all the comments on my diary yesterday. I think we struck a chord with many of you. They were heart warming. Catsters are the best.

Cats are Wonderful Friends

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "all is well
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side --
A friendship that takes time to grow --
Small wonder why we love them so.

Stay safe and purr hard.



May 20th 2011 3:34 pm
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I spent most of the day in the garden, it wasn't overly sunny but it was warm. Ziggy was chasing flies and then running around with them in his mouth and Boo would chase Ziggy.
Mom brought Ollie out for some fresh air. He wasn't quite sure what to make of being outside. Ollie has brain damage, so he doesn't do things like we do things, he sat for while trying to work things out and then he spent ages wondering around and sniffing everything. It was nice to see him outside and it will do him good to experience new things and the warm weather will do his health a world of good.
Today we remember Pollyanna coming to live with us, she was only with us a short time, bless her.
We also ask ourselves WHY???? Why is it when us cats get old, ill or do things that people don't like, example- pee on a new carpet, we are easily disposable. Polly was taken to the vets to be put to sleep, her owner had died and relatives couldn't be bothered with her. I was rehomed a few times because I peed in the wrong place, nobody wanted to find out why? Circles had brain damage and the vet wanted to put her to sleep. What would of happened to Ollie if mom hadn't taken him on.
We cant help getting old, ill or making mistakes. People don't dispose of humans when they get like this so how can they justify doing it to us? Why cant they help us and have patience with us, we don't do it on purpose, please don't give up on us when we have given you the best years of our life, we still have more to give.

Cat game no.7

This game involves some risk of exposure to Cat Solvent, but is worth it because it annoys the humans greatly. If the human leaves the bathroom door open and is taking a shower instead a bath, lurk beside the shower stall or bathtub and wait until he/she is finished, steps out, and reaches blindly (due to water in the eyes or a lack of glasses) for a towel. As soon as a foot comes within reach, bat at the big toe with a paw and run out of the room. If you can escape without being splashed or spotted while lurking, you win. It is not wise to try to play this too frequently, as the human will quickly catch on, gleefully try to soak you with Cat Solvent, and force you to retreat with loss of Dignity.

Maybe some of this solvent can shrink The Catfathers mouse pouch.

Dont forget to cuddle with you moms and dads today and tell them you love them.


Another Quiet Day

May 19th 2011 2:42 pm
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Mom let us out for a bit this morning, the sun was out and she wasnt ready to take the car to the garage, so she thought she would let us out in the sun for a bit while she did stuff indoors.
It was sunny and warm and I found a nice pot to sleep in and keep moms seedlings warm. Mom came out to put some washing on the line and she had washed one of our cosy cushions, she put it on the floor and I promptly moved on to it. Mom said I was a muppet, as it was wet. We came in for some dinner and then mom had to go out. When she got home she wasnt very happy, the car is poorly and needs a new fuel tank. She hasnt had the car long, she had to buy this one as the other one was on its last wheels. Then dad came home and he wasnt happy, his car has gone wrong, so he has to use moms car for a bit. It never rains, it pours.
We have horrible neighbours, who we have never done anything too, its sort of like psychological bullying. They never say anything directly to mom and dad but say things in ear shot. Our garden is cat proofed and one of the reasons is because of them and they hate it when we are out because we sometimes meow too loud. The other day mom was in the back yard with us and they were saying rather loudly that they wish our house would burn down with us in it. Mom got frightened and upset and went in. Why would people say things like that about us, we keep ourselves to ourselves. They treat most people the same in our street and they are not liked. But you are supposed to feel relaxed and safe in your home, I self harm sometimes because they have scared me to made too much noise for me to cope with. Mom and dad cant afford to move. We could do with some purrs as mom is very low at the moment. We dont like it when mom is unhappy, and shes trying so hard to get her life back with her illness.

Cat game no. 6

This game is played when your human has the newspaper lying on the floor for reading. Run down a hallway toward the newspaper at full speed, leap onto the paper, and see how far you can slide. The slippery advertisements are best for this. This game is even more fun if your human is unaware that you are going to play. It can be followed by a good round of "Catch Mouse" (newspaper variant). It can also be played on throw rugs.

Unless the Catfather is sat on it, then you wont be able to move it!!!!


Quick entry

May 18th 2011 3:04 pm
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Just a quick entry tonight as mom is very tired.
Did some more birdwatching again today as mom was working, so it was a laid back day. When she got home, we just wanted food and then go out. So I wolfed down my food (a bit too fast) and it came back up. whoops. I then went out, only to find it was damp, so I came in again. Thats it, one non eventful day. Dont know if tomorrow is going to be any better as mom has to take the car to the garage as its leaking fuel. Oh well, I will work on my mouse pouch!!! I want one like The Catfathers, mol.

Cat game no. 5

Dogs will run after a ball or stick that humans throw, take it back to them, and continue doing this until they drop. As established earlier, dogs are not bright. A dignified Cat MAY fetch a ball for its human; but if the human persists in continually throwing the ball away, assume that the human truly does not want it, and leave it. A small minority of Cats will fetch favorite toys like pipe cleaners, twist ties, or other small plastic things. They claim it's great exercise and doesn't deprive them of too much Dignity.

Cairo loves this game, personally I am more of a spectator.

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