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March 28th 2011 3:35 pm
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OMC, Blizzard had threatend to fly over and sit on me if I dont stop with the ouchies. "paws in the air" ok,ok, I promise not to make any more ouches, just dont sit on me.
Mom washed one of our cat beds today and out it out in tne sun to dry, next time she looked out of the window I was streched out in the bed. I thought she put it out for me, how was I to know.
Its been yet another sunny day, that was until the fog started comeing in and it got chilly. Mom said when someone says the fog is comeing, that it reminds her of one of her favourite films. I shake my head, who on earth would make a film about fog.....sounds boring to me. Then she goes round saying ' stay away from the fog....theres something in the fog'. What in the name of cat is that all about. I swear, i will never work out humans, infact I dont want to work them out. I have enoigh trouble trying to work out some of the cats that I am suposed to call my brothers, huh, pre madonnas if you ask me, siamese and Tonks, give me a straight forward moggy anyday.
On a serious note, if you have time check out Shelly sues page
She needs a new home and is very ill.
Dont forget the power of the purr, it can work wonders.



March 27th 2011 3:33 pm
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I have gone and done it now!
My cousin Mouse has threatened to come and snuggle with me if I make any more ouchies. Dont get me wrong, I love my cousins but Mouse is just such a fidgit, I would'nt be able to get any sleep.
So, Mouse, if you read this, no offence but I will try and not make any more ouchies.
My sleep last night was disturbed and not by the other cats in the house but by 3.30am he woke mom up to say he couldnt sleep and that he was going to have a shave. Well that woke everyone up and they thought it was food time and mom was none to pleased cause she couldnt get back to sleep. Humans....they have a lot to learn from us about sleep.
Another sunny day here today. We are all trying too get used to the clocks changing.
Mom decided to have a bath late this afternoon and of course when mom is up doing something so are we. So she was trying to have a quiet bath but she had 7 cats in the bath room with her and 2 of them (the twins) were walking along the side of the bath....and of course it happened....she was joined in the bath by Tommy, who thought it was great fun and after he was fished out, tried to get in again. So that was the end of moms relaxing bath. Timmy and Tommy love water, even when mom is wahing dishes, they are there, dabbing the bubbles. I cant stand water, Im scared I will shrink and besides I am still able to wash myself and if I am feeling really lazy I get fox or ziggy to wash me, I just have to stick my head uner their nose.
Its great being on older brother.


Quiet Day

March 26th 2011 5:22 pm
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Its been a queit day here today. I went out for a little bit but when the horrible people next door went out in thier garden and started making a noise, I wanted in, they freak me out. We cant see next door but mom says as we cats are very sensitive we can read their auras and know what people are like.
The rabbits were all chilled out in the sun, we have 10 rabbits and we cats dont really pay any attention to them. The rabbits like to chase us and nibble our tails.
The twins have been chipmunk watching, we have them in the kitchen.
Mom says she might get us a leash to take us for longer walks if any of us want to go. What are we....dogs? She said it might tire cairo out. Yeah, right....hes a tonkinese, I dont think they tire out. Thai is a tonk too but hes more in control of himself.
I have been a bit naughty today, I made an ouchie (as natalie the nat cat would say). I did some self harm again, an area on the back of my neck is now bald and sore, mom said I must of done it overnight. I have no idea what set me off this time, perhaps its the thought of losing an hours sleep tonight. The clocks in the UK go forward one hour tonight for the summer so we get less sleep. How backward are we? Its takes us days to get back into our routines of when we get fed, which is most important.
Night, night all and stay safe.


Yay, quiet night.

March 25th 2011 5:18 pm
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A quiet night last night, no madness at last. I was able to have a great nights sleep on the bed and even Meeko with his big feet didnt wake me.
Another lovely day here today but I was busy this afternoon. I had to supervise mom when she was cleaning the rabbits out. Thats not an easy job, Its hard work sitting there and pointing out what needs to be done. I had just got cosy on the bag of hay when mom had to move me so the rabbits could have some hay, I wasnt happy and protested, but i still had to give up the hay.
Boo came out in the garden with us, but as soon as mom went in, he ran in aswell, hes such a mummies boy, just like Meeko and Cairo. Cairo is the biggest mummies boy I have ever known, he stretches up to mom and meows when he wants to be picked up and will be carried around for ages. He can also tell when mom is going out, he gets very possesive and tries all sorts to stop her from going out. I just tell him to stop being a baby but he just flicks his tail at me. These youngsters today


March 24th 2011 5:01 pm
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The madness at night got even earlier last night but thankfully it didnt last long, only the main two culprites took part, Thai and Cairo. I slept on the couch again last night, the bed was jam packed and mom had to try and slip in without waking 5 cats that were on her side of the bed, that was a sight to see.
I wasnt very happy this morning, Dad wouldnt let me out in to the garden, he said it was too early, 5.45am, I dont call that early. I had to wait until mom got up, then I couldnt be bothered, I was having a nice nap.
I soon let her know when I was ready to go out.
Its been nice and sunny here today, if a little breezy but its nice to see things starting to grow and everything warming up. I had a nice roll in the dust and came in all gritty and I was able to rub my head on lots of stuff out side, it helps with itches that I get on the side of my missing leg.
Mom says I always look perplexed when I try and scratch that side as my bottom just twitches and look round and give it a hard stare, you would have thought Id have learnt by now.
Im off to grab a bed for the night.


Getting my own way.

March 23rd 2011 4:51 pm
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OMC, the 2am madness got earlier last night, it was midnight madness. I chose to sleep downstairs again until everything calmed down, then went up on the bed and snugled between mom and dad.
Cairo couldnt find knottie to play with, so at first tried to drag a shoe around, which momhad to take off him as he was dragging it downstairs and making too much noise, then he had one of dads socks.....I am the only sane one in this madhouse???
This morning I wanted to out, mom said no and reminded me about what happened in my previuos homes. For those that dont know me,I have been hit buy cars twice before I came to my forever home and it has had a lasting effect in many ways. I dint lose my leg due to a car, I lost it due to a rare form of cancer that attacks areas that have had trauma in the past, I had my leg amputated last sept.
I kept shouting to go out and boy can I shout and hollar, it can be blood curdling. I got my way...yay. Mom came out with me and patched up the area I got out of, she did a really good too. She kept a close eye on me and I didnt even look to get out. Honest guys, I have learnt my lesson. There is no where safer than home and mom remimded me of that becouse she loves me.
Stay safe everyone.


I have been a naughty boy!

March 22nd 2011 3:06 pm
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After last nights 2 am madness, I decided to sleep downstairs on the sofa along with Boo, Ziggy and fox. We were all spawled out and had a goodnights sleep. There was a bit of madness again in the early hours but mainly upstairs running across the bed and Cairo wanting knottie thrown for him when mom got up.
Now, why was I a naughty boy today?
Mom lets me go outside in the back garden so I can exercise my back leg a bit better to make it stronger. The garden is cat proofed but at the moment the other cats are not allowed out as a couple panels of the fencing are rotting a bit and need replacing and she knows the others will find this weak spot and try to get out. I am usualy a good boy and she didnt think I would be able to reach this spot, let alone get out. I have been going out in the garden for a couple weeks now and all has been OK, but what no one knew was that I was casing the joint and waiting for the right time to make my escape. Which was today.
I clawed at the week panels and made a hole just big enough to get out, yay.
Mom looked out of the window and couldnt see me, she rushed out in a panic, calling my name, ran in to the garage and opened the door to lane behind our house and was calling. She sounded really worried so I thought I had better let out a couple of meows to let her know I was safe. She relised where I was and came back in the garden to the hole I had made and I was sticking my head through the hole, so she pulled me back through and told me I was a naughty boy. What I didnt know was that when I got through the hole I wouldnt be able to get much further, not with 3 legs but that is not the tail I will be telling the youngsters tonight, mol!


2am Madness

March 21st 2011 5:15 pm
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There was I fast asleep on the bed between mom and dad, Meeko was taking up half the bed and I ended up with his back paw in my ear, which I was not happy about, when suddenly Thai and Cairo came bouncing across the bed. What was all that about?
Then it started......the twins were downstairs playing in a cardboard box and making such a noise, then Thai and Cairo came flying up the stairs sounding like they had hob nail boots on, bounced across the bed and back downstairs, you could hear them skidding around on the floor as they chased each other, this went on for ages, Thai climbed the bedroom curtains, walked across the curtain poll and lauched himself on to the bed. By this time I was getting stroppy, I need my beauty sleep, mom was now awake too and trying to explain to the wayward felines that it was very early and could they please go to sleep. Mom then got up to go to the bathroom and Cairo thought it would be a good time to go and fetch knottie for mom to throw for him to go and fetch. Well, she had no choice as he cries if she dosnt. So she threw it a few times down the stairs for him, at which he went after as fast and heavy footed.
Mom came back to bed and eventully all were worn out and settled down to sleep, most of them on the bed so I had even less room, they have no respect for cats challenged in the leg department.
This 2am madness seems to happen most nights and I am going to have to disapline those youngsters.


December 24th 2010 2:26 pm
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Its Christmas eve. We are all chilled out. There is still a little snow on the ground, so it wont quite be a white Christmas but its as near as we have ever been to one.
The presents are wrapped and still hidden away from us because if they were put under the tree now we would be peeking and Boo would do more than peek.
As midnight approaches we will be thinking of all the animals that are not so lucky as we are to have loving family's. We will send all our positive thoughts, that all animals will soon have a home and know what love is, out into the universe. We would love for all of you to join us in doing this. All our collective positive thoughts could make a difference, after all its the time for miracles.
I'm off to track Santa paws. wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.


December 22nd 2010 1:04 pm
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Thank you Catster for the honour of being one of the daily diary picks today and thank you KCK for my new pic.
There seems no end to this icy weather. We had another dusting last night and all was white this morn and mom had to go to work very early and when she came home there had been a little more snow. Oooh, she came home with more parcels and I think one of them is for me, I wonder what it can be?
Mom has been shutting herself away to wrap the pressies as we just run rampage over everything, we don't think its fair so we cause chaos in the tree. Thai and Cairo are often at the top trying to hit each other on the nose. Thats when Thai isn't dragging a small branch around that came of the tree. Dont know how he managed it, its fake tree!!!! still, moms getting fun photos of them.
I have a confession........I had a go at climbing the tree......but slipped down and landed on my bottom. It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time but I was a bit embarrassed at the end, luckily mom didn't have her camera ready.
How excited is everyone???? 3 sleeps to go!!
We cant open our pressies until mom gets back from work at the sanctuary on Christmas day, so we will all be wound up and racing around, don't think we will be able to guarantee that the tree will still be in one piece by the time she gets home. Ooops, I didn't really say that. I hope Santa paws doesn't read my diary.
Im off to sleep, the sooner I sleep, the nearer Christmas gets.

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