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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Thank you for the Power of PPUUUURRR.

August 10th 2005 12:19 pm
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Thank you everyone for the ppuurrr. When I started this diary my person and her group were very depressed. They were going to placement with beautiful kittens/cats and no one was being adopted. They were being called every day by people who wanted help finding homes for kittens/cats. Since we are a foster home based group there was no place for them. Since you have all had good thoughts for us our adoptions have increased. One Saturday we had 3 sites and we actually adopted 9 cats/kittens. My person was able to take 4 kittens from our local shelter who needed extra attention until they are ready to be adopted. Last Saturday one foster home agreed to take in 4 kittens from a private party, but they were all adopted Saturday. We were able to take some more into our foster care.
Please join the Power of the Purr chain started by Selket. I agree with Selket that all of us puuurrrring together can change the human heart.


Power of the Puurrr

August 5th 2005 9:42 am
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In our house we have true evidence of the power of puuurrr. Two of the foster kittens who came to stay with us were brought to the shelter. They are only 5 weeks old & very small. The shelter was very full and the shelter worker who did the intake wasn't sure there would be a foster home available because all of the rescue groups were so full. When she took these tiny little guys out of the carrier to possibly euthanize them. They both began to puurrr and puuuurrrr and PUUUUURRRR. She just couldn't do it. She put them in a cage hoping that a foster home would come available.
My person had an adopton Saturday and said she wanted to take kittens from the shelter. So these two wonderful strong purrrrriinng kittens have come to live with us until they are ready to be adopted.

This is truly the power of puurrr. If they hadn't puuurrred they might not be with us now.

Please puuurrr and ppuuurrr and think good thoughts for all of the rescue groups in all of the rescue sites. Please help us all help those homeless animals have forever homes. Please help us help those tireless people who are helping the feral kitties by trapping neutering and returning them to manaaged colonies.

But most of all experience the POWER OF PPPUUUUURRRR!!!!!


Power of the PUUURRRRR

August 4th 2005 3:55 pm
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I am so honored to be named as The Rescue Cat Manager and to have inspired the Power of the PUURRR!!!

My person is so happy that with all of your help out there adoptions for Yolo County SPCA are doing pretty well. We can do better. My person was so sad when they would not have any adoptions at all or only one for the whole day. There are so many kittens/cats needing forever homes and our space in foster homes is limited.
With the Power of the PUURR we have had adoptions and for the first time in a while we have been able to take in more foster kittens.

Remember on Saturday and use the Power of the PUURRR to help all of the rescue groups find forever homes for cats/kittens/puppys/dogs/rabbits.


power of the purr

July 29th 2005 12:25 pm
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I would like everyone to remember the power of the purr tomorrow. My person will be going again to placement. She will be helping kittens/cats to find loving forever homes.

Everyone think good thoughts and invoke the power of the purr for all adoption sites where ever they may be. Help those homeless cats/kittens to find loving forever homes.

It happened to me and I know it can happen for all of them.


record numbers!!!!

July 26th 2005 11:09 am
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With our two sites and midweek adoptions we exceeded our goal of 12 adoptions last week. Thank you everyone for the postive thoughts!!

My person is down to one foster kitten for the moment. I know she will be called soon to take in more. Please spay and neuter your cats. There are so many kittens and cats that need homes, that there is no need to make more. Please help the rescue organizations in your areas. They need more than just money. They need your time and support. Check them out on the web.

I got an email from Selket that gave me a good idea. Let's all unite for the Power of the Purr and help all of the homeless animals (even dogs) find homes. How about it? Will you join me in the Power of the Purr?

Okay let's purr for 15 adoptions this week. More later PUUURRRRRR!!!!!!


Everyone needs good thoughts and help adopt and help now

July 22nd 2005 9:38 am
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With all of you out there helping us by keeping good thoughts we have had more kittens/cats placed in forever homes. Thank you for your help. Now, lets keep it up. We want to adopt out lots more because there are so many more to help. The foster coordinators are getting calls every day to take in more kittens. We know that many of you out there are in the same position. Believe me we are thinking good thoughts for you too. So now.. . .. . . . . let's keep thinking and hoping and wishing. Yolo County SPCA didn't reach the goal I set for last week of 12. We already have 2 this week so only 10 more are needed. Please please help us by thinking good thoughts. You can also help by supporting your local rescue organizations. Like my person's group they all need money, good food, blankets, litter, crates and many other things. Check out the web for rescue organizations or shelters in your area. Our website is

Thank you and keep those positive thoughts coming!!!!!


adopted adopted adopted happy day

July 21st 2005 9:54 am
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Last night my person was visited by 3 wonderful people. Between them they adopted our two special needs foster kittens.
One of them Cinders really isn't special needs at this point, she is just special. She had lost an eye due to infection & most people would not ignore how she looked to see her true personalty. Well someone did!!!
Then Paula was a true special needs girl. She was born with a deformity to the margin of her upper eyelid. She will need eye lubricating medication. My person got an application from two roommates who already have two cats with a similar problem. My person knew they would be perfect for Paula. They came and fell in love and she went home with them.
Okay now Saturday is coming. We need lots more adopted. Keep the positive thoughts going out there!!!!


she's back, she's baaaaccckkkkk!!!

July 20th 2005 2:06 pm
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My person came home last night. I am so happy I just tried to groom and lick her to let her know how much I missed her. As usual she kept saying Dodger no lick.

They did pretty well last Saturday at adoptions. Thank you for your good thoughts. I still have the foster kittens here because my person didn't send them to placment.

I have to say thank you to my second person who takes care of me when my real person isn't here. She makes sure that we are fed and safe and comfortable. And I don't hide from her anymore either.


wow, I am one of the picks of the day

July 14th 2005 8:19 am
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My person will be traveling so I won't get a chance to let you all know about things until next week.

Don't forget we still need to get those kittens and cats adopted. Last Saturday with the good thoughts from all of you we adopted 10!!!! Yeah that is wonderful. Now keep thinking positive thoughts and maybe this week we can adopt 12. We think we can WE think we can WE Think we can WE THink we can WE THInk we can WE THINk we can WE THINK we can WE THINK We can WE THINK WE can WE THINK WE Can WE THINK WE CAn WE THINK WE CAN!!!!


kittens, kittens and more kittens

July 12th 2005 2:21 pm
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Ok all of you out there who kept the Yolo County SPCA adoptions in your thought thank you. Now how about helping me get some of the 3 foster kittens in my house adopted. I need my person to myself. Now I know if these get adopted, she will just get more, but I could have her for awhile. . .

Don't think I am a grump. I understand rescue because I was rescued. This has been a really long year and there was a period of no adoptions.

Please help us help all of the kittens, and cats, and dogs, and puppies and rabbits

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