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Life on the inside!

Mom's leavin us fur a few days!

August 20th 2014 3:18 pm
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Ah! Mom is leavin us fur a few days! She's gonna go visits our furmily back on the east coast. I am nervfous 'cause even though my uncle Ken has come over ta feeds us, I still get scared and stuffs. Mom told him though where my favfurite toy was gonna be kept (duh! Da Bird sparkly thing!)and she told him if I din't come out fur yummies, he could leave the food by the bed and I would sneaks out to eat it.

Last night I made sure to get exercises, and chase Kitty lots and lots. Mom closed me out of the bedroom fur awhile. When she does that though I like ta scratch and mew at the door and she lets me in, and on these special nights then I like to chase Kitty again pretty much right away. I think Mom is worried I am gonna bother Kitty while she is gone, and that Kitty will get stressed out n stuffs.

Lately it's been pretty good livin' inside. It's been quite a long time now. I never look out the front door-I achully avoid it all together. I still run from Mom though sometimes, but oh my cat! I have been getting sooooo mannnny cuddddles! I like to sleep on the bed sometimes, only sometimes, far away by Mom's feets. But I like to sit up next to her tummy too, and she loves that, and I do too 'cause the best thing is getting petted a lot. And Da Bird...that's the other best thing.

Wish me and Kitty luck this weekend! Mom made sure to put lots of tissue paper out fur me to run through and yummies and blankies too in my hidey spots, just in case.





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