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The Second Surgery

January 28th 2013 5:40 pm
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Up until the beginning of August 2012, Uno's left eye caused her no trouble at all. There never was any excessive tearing. Interestingly too, Lefty, Righty, and Uno never have had any of the typical kitten runny eye, sore eye, or upper respiratory problems that most young kittens have. Even now none of the three have ever had any of the typical runny eye, sore eye, or upper respiratory problems that most cats get, even when some other cats in my household had these problems.

At the beginning of August 2012, for the first time since her surgery she had undergone as a tiny kitten, Uno started showing excessive tearing down the left side of her face. It was clear liquid. There was no sign of infection, no swelling, nothing at all to indicate any problem. Allergy seemed unlikely because she was only having excessive tearing on the left side, not the right side. It was thought that perhaps the problem was some kind of irritation and that it might resolve itself.

As time progressed, the tearing got worse and Uno's left eye started obviously bothering her a LOT. There still was no evidence of infection or any other problem to explain the tearing except for the possibility that the eyelids were somehow again causing irritation or there was a problem with the eyeball itself. The decision was made to have Uno undergo a second surgery, this time for a complete enucleation of the left eye.

On September 3 2012, Uno underwent her second surgery. The vet found that for some unknown reason, what was left of Uno's left eyeball had ruptured. Complete enucleation of the left eye was done and the eye opening was sutured completely closed. I took Uno home that night with orders to keep her crated for a week so she couldn't do anything to injure herself. The vet told me that Uno was likely to be subdued and in pain after the anesthetic fully wore off. However, when it comes to Uno, its better to expect the unexpected.

That very night, Uno made it clear that she felt GREAT. It was just lucky for me that Uno still was under enough anesthetic effect to still be willing to be relatively inactive and accepting of her necessary crate confinement. The consensus is that just as before her first surgery, Uno's left eye must have been bothering her so much before the second surgery, that the second surgery brought her so much relief that she felt good even with the post-surgical pain. As a preventative measure, Uno was put on antibiotics for a week post-surgery.

Uno's next few days in the crate were a nightmare for me and for her. She wanted OUT. She repeatedly loudly protested (the Siamese in her was SO obvious when she was crated, no other breed can vocalize the way a Siamese or Siamese mix, especially a pissed off one, can) and tried to pull the crate door open. I managed to keep Uno crated five days and then there absolutely was no holding her back any longer. On the fifth day she repeatedly dumped her litter, her food, and her water, and was raising so much hell in the crate I was afraid she was going to hurt herself if I tried to keep her crated any longer. So I let her out.
Uno came out like a rocket and she never looked back. Uno healed rapidly and without any complications after her second surgery. She immediately resumed her position as the Queen of my cat family. Uno still continues to astound me with her agility and coordination. Yesterday I was sitting on the bed working at my laptop and Uno was lying on the headboard above me. She decided she wanted to go somewhere so she took a flying leap from the headboard, sailing over and completely clearing me and my laptop and landing at the foot of the bed, a good 90 inches distance from the headboard.

Whenever I hear anybody talking negatively about handicapped animals, I think of how well and happily and capably all the handicapped animals I've had over the years have handled life and how much they all have lived their lives to the fullest and enjoyed their lives.

After all who would have ever thought that an undersized little kitten with only one eye would manage to become the ruler and Queen of all the other cats in my cat family and although I try not to show favoritism, I must admit Uno has become my favorite cat.


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Purred by: Alex R

February 6th 2013 at 5:56 am

This has been an interesting read - the trials of Uno and his "box-mates" - thanks for sharing. And... I see the nasty posters are back - we had this problem a while back, but Catster managed to weed them out. Too much of a coward to post her name, I'd say the only whining I'm hearing is from her. You can delete it, though I suggest you report this gaitleTaskete to Catster first.

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