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Meowmy and Daddy's "Gotcha" Day!

December 21st 2014 2:30 am
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We always try to remember our furry furiends' gotcha days, so we think we should do the same for our pawrents: Yesterday was their 40th anniversary. I don't know exactly what that is, but they told us it is something like a gotcha day for us kitties. Anyway, they seemed kind of happy about it, so we are too! We are purring for them, of course.


A big "Thank Mew" to all my furiends for their gotcha day- wishes

December 7th 2014 4:04 pm
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The secatary (Daddy) apawlogizes for taking to long to thank all of our wonderpurr furiends for their good wishes and prezzies in honor of my second gotcha day. He claims to have been busy, a likely story!

Anyway, we want to purr thank you to all of these furiends, he hopes he has not left anyone out:

The family of Mugsy, Taffy (forever loved) ADB#30 and Texas
Maneki Neko & Life of "Pi"
The family of Harley ~ DB #173a, Cody ~ DB #173b and Raj ~ DB #173c
The family of Mac, Angel Ivy, Legolas (Legaly)-Forever Loved, Zander and more!
Beepers and family
The family of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Abigail, Angel Zack and more!
Smiley Cassanova
The family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23 and MALLEE DG# 22

We all hope we have not left anyone out, Daddy sometimes furgets things!


OMC! Another gotcha day already!

November 12th 2014 1:13 am
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It seems like only yesterday that daddy and meowmy drove down from their home to bring me there to join my big sisfur as part of their furmily, but it was actually two whole years ago! Saphira and I quickly became furiends, and we love chasing each other all over the house, playing fetch with them (I play catch too!), and napping all over the house, especially on their big bed. The grub is pretty good too, and I love the kitty treats! I was a "little" 18 month old overgrown kitten then, and even though I am 3 1/2 now, I still feel and play like a kitten. They really love the fact that I never really grew into my ears, they are still very prominent and they think they are one of my cutest features.

One of the best things has been all the nice furiends I have made here on Catster, and are really happy that after that nasty scare early this year about our Catster community going away, things changed and we are all still here!


A really great day to remember and some new (to us) food we- LOVE

July 20th 2014 1:38 pm
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Hi to all my furiends, I want to purr about several things in one entry, since Catster still has some fleas that seem to affect diaries.

Today is the 45th anniversary of a truly great day in history, when a great human named Neil Armstrong became the very first person to put his pawprint on the moon. We all know about the cow who jumped over the moon, but he did not land there. Our human grandpa, who went to the bridge long ago, helped develop the big rocket that took them there, and we are very pawroud of him and everyone who helped make this happen.

Ever since my very picky sisfur Saphira joined the pawrents over two years ago, they have tried to find a healthy canned food she would eat, something better than the Fancy Feast that our breeder fed us and she seems to like. Not a problem for me, I eat almost ANYTHING. They finally found one, it is really healthy and we BOTH love it! It is called Soulistic, and only Petco sells it. Daddy gets the Good Karma Chicken flavor, and it is great! It is on sale until August 9, eight cans for the price of six.

Daddy needs to apawlogize to all of our furiends, I was recently honored with several DDP picks and between all the Catster fleas and being kind of busy he never acknowledged the prezzies and pawmails of concatulations from our furiends. I have hissed and growled at him over this!

Happy purrs to everycat!


A day to remember...

June 6th 2014 8:42 pm
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Saphira and I want to remind all kitties and their humans that this is the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, when a lot of very brave men attacked the army of a very evil man named Hitler. Our human grandpa was one of those men. Even though we never knew him, we are still very pawroud of him, and all those who fought beside him.


Meowmy's best birthday prezzie this year...

June 1st 2014 2:08 pm
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As we approached early March, Meowmy and daddy had been suffering from the same depression all of our Catster furiends and their pawrents had experienced, over the imminent closing of our community and loss of all of our profiles and furiends. On February 12 we woke up, and the pawrents began planning their dinner out that evening to catebrate Meowmy's birthday, with the loss of our Catster community still on their minds. Later that day daddy was checking his emails and got really excited, and when he told Meowmy the great mews that our community had been saved, she said that this news was the best birthday present she could have hoped for. Me, I still kind of like the idea of some new kitty toys and treats!


My secretary is WAY BEHIND on my diary, he is going to try- to get caught up.

June 1st 2014 1:46 pm
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The daddy/secretary human has been kind of busy on some kind of computer thingy, he says he is writing something he calls "software" for some kind of camera they are building. Hey, my beautiful spotted coat is not soft enough for him? And even worse, this camera thingy won't even take pictures of great subjects like my sisfur Saphira and ME, just boring old stuff in the sky like stars and things. BORRRRING!!!

Anyway, expect some stories about goings on around here with Saphira and Moi.


My Birthday, and our profile pics are back!

May 28th 2014 4:23 pm
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This has been a double catebration! Yesterday was my third birthday! I am a big three years old now, but I still feel and like a play like a kitten. I need to thank some of my furiends for my neat prezzies:

The family of Harley ~ DB #173a, Cody ~ DB #173b and Raj ~ DB #173c for that cute bluebird

GAGA for the fun balloons

Ashlynne for the delicious cuppy cake

And if that was not enough to do the happy paw dance about, today daddy found that our long missing profile pictures are back! It was so yucky not being able see our COTD and DOTD winners. Now we can quit hissing at the fleas and start purring again!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for being my sweet furiends.


Our furiend Skitty's birthday

April 28th 2014 9:21 pm
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Hi, our furiend Skitty. has a birthday today (4/28). She is a sweet Chocolate Spotted Ocicat like me, I am sure she would apurrciate a birthday note or prezzie.

Thanks, Viola


Our furiend Tiger Lilly's gotcha day

January 19th 2014 2:05 pm
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Just wanted to let all of our furiends know that it is the gotcha day for Tiger Lilly,
a sweet little Bengal kitty. We love those spots! It would be pawesome if some of our furiends could send her a prezzie or pawmail of concatulations!

Thank You all!

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