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It's my sisfur Viola's birthday today! She's Four!

May 27th 2015 6:28 pm
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Daddy woke us up this morning with the news that it is my sisfur Viola's birthday today! She is now a big four year old! I am so happy for her! She is lots of fun to play with, and we both love sleeping with the pawrents at night. I think I will go chase her around the house now...


Meowmy and Daddy's "Gotcha" Day

December 21st 2014 12:10 am
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We always try to remember our furry furiends' gotcha days, so we think we should do the same for our pawrents: Yesterday was their 40th anniversary. I don't know exactly what that is, but they told us it is something like a gotcha day for us kitties. Anyway, they seemed kind of happy about it, so we are too! We are purring for them, of course.


It's my sisfur Viola's gotcha day!

November 12th 2014 1:32 am
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Today is the second anniversary of my sisfur Viola's gotcha day! Even though we had lived together for a little while before (we came from the same breeder), almost a year had passed since I had last seen her as a little kitten and at first I was not too happy that this now 18 month old cat had invaded MY home! I got over it pretty quickly, and now we are the best of furiends, chasing each other all over the house and usually napping together, often on daddy and meowmy's bed. I really like having her around, especially when they have to leave us alone for shopping trips and such, it is really nice to have her around to keep me company.


It's my birthday! I am the big 5.0!

September 18th 2014 12:14 pm
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Hi everyfur, hope all of my furiends are having a pawsome day. I sure am, it is my fifth birthday! But I still feel and behave like a kitten, especially when my sisfur Viola and I are chasing each other all over the house or when I ask Daddy to toss me a mousie to fetch.

I think today I will probably take a nap or two, get daddy to play fetch with me (he sometimes gives me treats when I return the mousies to him), and curl up with him and Meowmy for my cuddles, strokes, and scratchies. Of course I do these every day! I do hope they get me some nice prezzies!

Note from Daddy: Shortly after Saphira joined us almost three years ago (check her gotcha story on her profile), I said three things about her:

She is the best behaved feline ever to own us.
She is the most amusing and entertaining feline ever.
And she is an absolute joy to have around.

Almost three years later, all of these are still true, and all three also apply to her sisfur Viola. We love both of them to pieces.


A really great day to remember and some new (to us) food we- LOVE

July 20th 2014 2:46 pm
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Hi to all my furiends, I want to purr about several things in one entry, since Catster still has some fleas that seem to affect diaries.

Today is the 45th anniversary of a truly great day in history, when a great human named Neil Armstrong became the very first person to put his pawprint on the moon. We all know about the cow who jumped over the moon, but he did not land there. Our human grandpa, who went to the bridge long ago, helped develop the big rocket that took them there, and we are very pawroud of him and everyone who helped make this happen.

Ever since I joined the pawrents over two years ago, they have tried to find a healthy canned food I would eat, something better than the Fancy Feast that our breeder fed us and I kind of like. Until now, I have turned up my pretty little nose at all of them. They finally found one, it is really healthy and we BOTH love it! It is called Soulistic, and only Petco sells it. Daddy gets the Good Karma Chicken flavor, and it is great! It is on sale until August 9, eight cans for the price of six.

Happy purrs to everycat!


WOWIE! THREE whole DDP picks in the last few days! I feel SO- honored!

June 12th 2014 6:38 pm
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For meowing out loud, THREE DDP picks in just a few days! Thank you Diary Gal, I feel so honored, three time over! Daddy apawogizes for being late responding to these honors and all the wonderful pawmails, comments, and prezzies from all of my furiends. He blames it on some time he has had to spend on a project, he is writing something called "software" for some kind of camera thingy. What's with this "software"??? Isn't my beautiful spotted lavender coat soft enough for him? I think I need to hiss at him!

Anyway, I want to thank all the furs who have sent me concatulations. If I managed to get all of them in here, I get credit for it, but if any were left out it's Daddy's fault! Note that many of these wonderpurr furiends have sent me multiple goodies, for each DDP honor.

The family of Bliss (My Cherished Angel), Penelope and Minuette
The family of Mac, Ivy, Legolas (Legaly)-Forever Loved, Zander and more!
The family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73A, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23 and MALLEE DG# 22
Smiley Cassanova

Thank you all!

Catster furiends are the best ever!




A day to remember...

June 6th 2014 8:39 pm
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Viola and I want to remind all kitties and their humans that this is the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, when a lot of very brave men attacked the army of a very evil man named Hitler. Our human grandpa was one of those men. Even though we never knew him, we are still very pawroud of him, and all those who fought beside him.


I did a bad! I dumped daddy's drink into his clock radio!- (Long!)

June 1st 2014 1:03 pm
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Saphira's dad here, this one is a bit long, and no, it was not really Saphira's fault, mainly mine. You will see as her story unfolds.

It began as I was lying in bed watching some Winter Olympics coverage, I think it was curling. Don't laugh, one of the sports guys on a local Southern California station was doing the coverage, and out of curiosity I took a look at it. For those of you who have never watched it, curling is kind of interesting to watch, but there is no way you can call it exciting. As the night wore on, the (non)excitement got to me and I dozed off. I had been drinking some V8 juice, and left the partially filled glass on top of the clock radio on my nightstand...

I was rudely awakened by a loud crash and the sound of a feline rapidly fleeing the scene. As I came to, I saw that it was Saphira departing and that glass had dumped over the top of my radio. Earlier I called it a clock radio, but it was not the $30 discount store special, it was a $400 Bose Wave Radio that I had for many years and had never had a problem with. At that point I accidentally turned it on and was met by a very loud ugly noise, and the unmistakable odor of burning electronics! Not at all good! I immediately removed power and began cleaning up the mess. I was pretty upset, mostly with the situation and with myself for leaving the glass where selective gravitation could cause it to fall in the ONE spot where it could do the most damage. I was NOT really upset with Saphira, while I try to discourage her from walking on my nightstand, it is not a major crime, and she was not disciplined in any way. My wife completely misunderstood my irritation, thinking I was angry with our kitty. At one point she asked if I wanted to rehome her! I was too busy cleaning things up so I could take the ailing radio into the dining room where I could disassemble it, clean things up, and assess the damage, and did not answer her at the time.

In my prior life I was an electrical engineer, which does come in handy in such situations. I very methodically disassembled the radio, cleaned it up with distilled water, and let everything dry overnight. The next morning I began connecting the various components one by one, powering the unit up each time. I was very lucky, each time things seemed to work, and when I completed reassembly the radio seemed good as new, the only area where there was some thermal damage was around the connector where AC power enters the unit and it had overheated when the liquid caused a short circuit. Still working fine.

As I was returning the radio to its normal location, I asked my wife why she thought I might want to rehome Saphira, to which she replied that I seemed so upset. I explained to her that I blamed myself for the whole situation much more that I blamed the cat. I also told her that even if that had not been the case, and the radio had been damaged beyond repair, I have my priorities: I really, really like that radio, but I LOVE our cats, and love beats like every time. I could have bought a new radio, but I can never replace Saphira.

I did learn my lesson, and I NEVER leave drinks on that darn radio anymore!


My secretary is WAY BEHIND on my diary, he is going to try- to get caught up.

June 1st 2014 12:25 pm
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The daddy/secretary human has been kind of busy on some kind of computer thingy, he says he is writing something he calls "software" for some kind of camera they are building. Hey, my beautiful spotted coat is not soft enough for him? And even worse, this camera thingy won't even take pictures of great subjects like my sisfur Viola and ME, just boring old stuff in the sky like stars and things. BORRRRING!!!

Anyway, expect some stories about goings on around here with Viola and Moi.


It's my furiend Silver's Gotcha day!

May 16th 2014 10:40 am
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Today is Gotcha day for my furiend Silver
I would really appurrciate it if some of my furiends could send him some prezzies or pawmails.

Purring "Thank Mew"

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