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all caught up

May 19th 2012 4:13 am
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moms says this will make us all caught up. in what i dont know but being caught up doesnt sound like a nice thing to be. all i know iz that i finally get to talk to my friends in catster. people say cats are not a social animal but that aint true. we like friends and family but are just fussier about who that is. dogs are friends with everyone. even people they dont know. dogs either slobber you to death or bite you. we cats like to take our time and check peoples credentials and references. some cats even prefer people who dont like cats. they are less likely to engage in any excessive petting or baby talk. and hugging. few cats like hugs. me i likes to nuzzle, rubbing my head all over my hoomans. they seem to like it too. moms says i am rambling so i guess it is tata for now.


better late than never

May 16th 2012 7:28 am
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sorry that i didnt getz this writ yesterday. there was a little family crisis with the hoomans but they seemz to haz that worked out for now. anyhoo wez didnt get to use the puter and since shadow dont likes sharing moms said we could both write today. it waz another beautiful day out. i spent a lot of time laying by the slider watching the birds and squirrels and those other little rodents out playing. i dont miss going outside myself. life wasnt so great when i lived out there. i would much rather snuggle than scrounge for food. moms pretty much gives us food whenever we want it and the crunchy bowl is nearly always full. nuzzling if what i likes best but eating comes in a close second.


want to go to camp

May 11th 2012 2:05 pm
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I nearly didnt get to use the puter today. moms has been real busy all day. this afternoon she waz making cups cakes for the church campers to sell. i wish i had some to sell. camp sounds like it would be fun. i wonder if they have a kitty kamp. if so sign me up. but only if there is lots of food. and laps. and toys. those things i must have. maybe willie would like to go to camp with me. lucky says princesses dont do camping.


nearly forgots

May 6th 2012 12:33 pm
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i almost forgots it is my day to do the diary page. i waz so excited bout willie getting diary of the day. he deserves it. he doesnt get as much attenshun from our friendz and he is all macho about it but i know it bothers him sum. we iz getting closer now. he gets moms up in the morning to feed me and he head butts me and cleans me. he still chases me but not too often and besides he does that to all the cats. i think it is his way of saying youre all right. moms says i can go gets an hallergy shot tomorrow. i dont like going to the pokie place but i like even less being all congested and sneezie. hopefully tomorrow night i will be feeling a lot better.


company comin

April 29th 2012 4:32 am
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moms and dads had company yesterday. it iz funny how willie and shadow who always act all meowcho [even if shadow is a girl] always take off and hide. lucky doesnt hide even though she is the scaredyess. i check them out and if they look interesting i will stick around. these went stright down to dads hidey hole in the basement so i decided it was a good time for a nap and went back to the bedroom where i stayed. howz do you react when company comes?


doin all right

April 25th 2012 4:38 am
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i knows a lot of you haz been concerned about my health and i can report that i am doin fine. still sneezin and stuffed up but the pokie man says that is a chronic condition i just haz to learn to live with. now that both shadow and i are feelin great [wez waz both playin with invisible toys yesterday] willie is acting funny. moms said it might be his annul glands but i dont knowz what that is. it just seems to go in streaks like that. even moms and dads are getting tired of going to the pokie place. but we cant complain. nothing major wrong with any of us. we send out our purrayers to all those not so fortunate.


finger lickin chicken

April 21st 2012 4:32 am
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today moms and dads hadz chicken for supper. i luvs chicken. itz the best. i got right up on moms chest [they always eat in their reclining chairs]. i dont think she was too happy about it but she gave me sum just the same. i hadz to share with willie but that was ok. if moms had her way they would eatz chicken every day. yay moms. maybe some day i catch me a chicken all for myself. but i would share anyhow. thats just how i roll.


i iz so umbled

April 17th 2012 4:38 am
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ddp again?! i iz so honored. and umbled. i iz nothing special. i owe everything to my hoomans. without them i probably wouldnt even be alive. i waz so pleased with my honor this morning that i batted the furball around for a while. when i first came here i didnt even know how to play. or maybe i was just too weak to. now i can really show that furball who is boss. it iz my favorite thing to do next to nuzzling dads or moms. someday i will get the other guys to play with me. i just glad wez no longer fighting every day.


iz be better

April 12th 2012 3:11 am
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it seems like i have finally got my hallergies under control. moms says i still haz to go to the pokie place today and getz shotz again. all my scabies are gone except for a couple between my toes. moms would have taken care of them but i haz ticklish feet and dont like her messin with them. iz be nuzzlin and playin again. it feelz good to be back to normal. i just hope this is the last trip to the pokie place in a loong while. purrs to all my friendz out there who are having health issuez. its not fun but sometimes you just haz to take you medicine even if you dont like it. moms does know best [usually].


my beginninz

April 8th 2012 4:24 am
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when dads rescued me i was not a purrty sight. i weighed 4 pounds--and i was full grown. my face was covered with puss and matter and my grey coat was mostly brown. my one eye was infected and i was dehydrated and starving. i dont think moms thought i would make it. now whenever i go to the pokie place they all comment on how much better i look. the other catz are starting to accept me. even shadow hardly ever hisses at me. although i used up one of my lives i intend to make the best of the other 8. i am so glad there are people like moms and dads who give catz like me a second chance at life.

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