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Novi's Nudgings

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I's skeered!

December 20th 2012 4:12 pm
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OMC!! YOU WILL NOT BELIEF WHAT MY MAMA DID!!! She bringed 3 more doggies to the 'pawtment. 3 OF 'EM plus lil Bear. Now, I knows lil Bear & he don' skeers me but those other doggies. I's bein' quiet & hidin' behin' a coush-not moofin' er nussin'. One those doggies is lil. We's 'bout the same size & she finded me. I jump up & RUNNED. I's hissin' & all poofed up big. Those doggies was followin' me & chasin' me efurwhere. I jump ona back ofa shair. Mama try grabbin' me but I's hissin' & spittin'. I gots my claws dug ina shair. Mama fin'ly gots me. My heart is justa racin'. I's good cuz I knowed mama not let them doggies gets me. Mama putted me ina bedroom wif Ingen & close a door so I's safe.

What kinda mama brings stranger doggies to a house with kitties? SHEESH, don't she think 'bout us at all? MEAN MAMA!!! I's hidin' & not speakin' to mama. That'll teash her to do that.

**From mama**
I thought Novi was already in the bedroom with Ingen. I didn't know he was hiding behind the couch. I've brought these dogs over before & usually the kitties are in the bedroom. SORRY NOVI! Mama LUFF you lots. Pawlease furgive me?


BUBBLES & stuffs

December 11th 2012 12:00 pm
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Me & mama play bubbles efur day. She goes ou'side ona balcony & I goes too. She try play games on her "talky, ignore kitty thing" but I don' lets her. I jump on her lap and "meh, meh, meh" in her face. FINELY, she getsa message ("I wanna play bubbles, mama."), so she gets out my bubbles. I paws at 'em. I chases 'em. I pokes my nosey at 'em. My fav'rite is when mama leave a door open to the 'pawtment. Bubbles try get in MY 'pawtment--I don't lets 'em. I gets 'em really fast. I am purrtectin' my turf. NOPE, no bubbles here. MOL

Is been tuff fur lotsa kitties & furmilies lately. My daddy (Unkle Blizzard ,mama panda , & alla Taneytown kitties) loosed his works. My furriends, Burt , Tao & Ethan , goed to the Rainbow Bridge. Isa hollydays & so mush bad stuffs & sadness. Me & Ingen been purrin' & purrin' 'at efurthing get better fur alla my furriends, their furmilies & my furmilies.


I GOTS her

November 16th 2012 11:26 pm
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Sheesh mama not been he'pin me write in my di'ry fur long time. I fin'ly maked her sit down an' type fur me (I's sitted on her lap so she can' moof er goes nowhere. MOL)

A while 'go mama goed to the Washin'ton Pet Expo. She seed lotsa kitties & puppies but dinnit bring anyfur home. WHEW! BUT, she bringed home lotsa foods fur us, mos'ly me & lil Bear, to try. I been tryin' all kinda diff'ren dry foods (I still don' like wet foods. Ingen can has 'at). Now, I eated 'em all up & mama can' memmers what I like best. Is ok, cuz mama gets me good foods alla times.

Mama gotted this bag wif lotsa papers from the Expo too. She dump the bag & was lookin' fur sumpin. WELL, I jump on that bag an' it skeered me. I's runnin' 'round like a crazy kitty but that bag jus' kep' chasin' me all ofur. Mama try to get it offa me but I's sooooo skeered. I run 'round the room, ina hallway, unner mama's bed and does it all ofur 'gain. FIN'LY I gots ho'd of that bag and chewed it & clawed it to pieces--I showed it whosa BOSS. Mama finded the bag but she coulnant find me. She efun shaked my treats but I's hidin' unner her bed an' dinnit wanna come out. Af'er a while I comed out an' snuggled wif mama.

OH, an' mama been laffin' at me & says I'sa "cat-dog". Mama was puttin' lil Bears treats ina bag fur goin' to the park. One of a treats 'scaped an' I EATED it. Is purrty good. (It's a small, soft liver treat--I don't think it will hurt him.) Mama efun gived me 'nuther one few days later cuz I's beggin' fur treats 'gain. YEP, I eated that one too.

OH & I MAKED A FURRIEND! I been waitin' at the door when mama take lil Bear ou'side, so mama thinked maybe I wanna goes ou'side. She putted my harness & leash on an' we goed ou'side. I's lil nerfus but then I started lookin' 'round. I goed ofur by the bushes & unner the walkway & I's talkin'. Mama was talkin' to me (she's 'bove me) but seed I's not talkin' to her. She comed 'round & down and seed I's talkin' to 'nuther kitty. That kitty gots skeered when it seed mama. I telled it "is okay. Is my mama & she don' hurts kitties." Mama bringed me ina 'pawtment & feeded the kitty. Now we gots 2 ou'sided kitties 'at mama's feedin'.

An' I gots sad news--our kitty fountain DIED! Is tragic fur me cuz I luffs drinkin' frum a fountain. I's so sirsty & gots no fountain. (there are 2 bowls of water for the fur-kids and Novi used to drink from them) Mama say we's gettin' 'nuther fountain. I hope is soon.

I tells mama alla times I wanna go ona balcony. I stretch to reach a han'le & I's meowin'. Then when we's ou'side I talks to the leafs & a buggies & to mama. I tells mama "le's play bubbles" & when she getsa bubbles I jus' squeeks & gets all 'cited. I LUFF BUBBLES!
__________________________________________________ _
**Note from mama**
Novi has become quite the talking kitty. I swear sometimes it sounds like he is saying "Mama".


Mama's hidin' stuffs

October 25th 2012 7:31 pm
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I's lookin' 'round ina closet an' guess what? Ina bottom ofa closet inside a duffle bag buried unner stuffs, I finded 'at mama's hidin' stuffs. You know wha's in 'ere? Da BIRD toys--they's still ina package but I fix it. I finded 'em. I open a packages & play wif those toys. I dinnit knows isa secret.

Mama finded the em'ty packages, then she finded the toys. She look at me & sayed "Novi, what'd you do?" I telled her it wasn' me but she dinnit b'liefs me. Mama jus' laff an' hided the toys 'gain. Oh well, was fun while it lasted.



October 11th 2012 4:50 pm
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Mama goed 'way with lil Bear. She's gone long times, so I taked a nap. When she comed home she gotsa new toy fur me & Ingen. Isa lil skweeky lighty mouse. OMC is so mush fun!! I rollin' round & bitin' it. I picks it up & carry it. I pounces on it. I LUFF MY MOUSY!!!

**Note from Jen**

I stopped at Big Lots and they had this little noisy light up mouse toy for $2. Thought I'd give it a shot. WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Tomorrow, I have to get more because both Ingen & Novi like this silly toy.


No purr?

September 24th 2012 9:00 pm
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I telled you 'bout Aunt Linda come to visit. Well, she ask mama if I purrs cuz she dinnit hears me purr. Mama been listenin' & listenin' but no purr. Does other kitties not purr? er is I jus' a silent purrin' kitty? Is 'at possible? hmmmmmmm Mama Panda, do Sweetie & Spot purr?

OH, I been 'cused of chewin' a hole ina D'ritos chip bag. Nobody seed me do it so I's innocent. It wasn' me an' nofur can prove I did it. Jus' cuz I like crinkly bags an' chews open alla my treats, mama gotsa put 'em in plastic boxes, doesn' mean I chewed ona chip bag. MAMA PANDA, you b'lieves me, right? Yer lil Novi woulnant do sumpin bad like that, now would he?


Aunt Linda comed to visit

September 21st 2012 8:52 pm
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Hi efurone,

Mama sis'er, Aunt Linda, comed to visit us fur few days. She a nice lady & she luffed on me lots.

Mama had ta work so we gots ta spend lotsa times wif Aunt Linda. She let me go ou'side ona balcony on'y she dinnit sits ou'side wif me alla times. (My chair is kinda fragile. My sister had a hip replacement surgery and she still uses a cane to walk. She was afraid the chair would break and she would be stuck on the ground until I got home.) She watch me but....I's really fast. MOL One time she coulnant find me cuz I sneaked ofur to my lil gurlie furriend's balcony. Mama telled her to shake my treats an' I poked my head out. I clim' ona rail & Aunt Linda got me back home. 'Nother time, she coulnant find me, I was ona ground. Aunt Linda's furry skeered fur me. She comed to get me but she have hard times walkin' ona un-even ground. She bringed lil Bear so's maybe I come out from a bushes I's hidin' in. I comed out but I's walkin' 'way from her. Fin'ly she gotted me and I's fightin' wif her while she's tryin' to carry me back ina 'pawtment. Here she gots her cane, a poo bag cuz lil Bear poo'ed ou'side, lil Bear ona leash an' I's fightin' wif her. Af'er that, she sayed I's on house 'rest. NO MORE OU'SIDE!!
Aunt Linda say I'sa lil cyootie & I gots really big since she seed me. She let me snuggle wif her too.

OH, I a'mos' furgetted. She put treats all ofur a 'pawtment fur me & Ingen. She sayed is a scavenger hunt fur us. Is kinda fun. I finded alla treats but it taked me a lil while. I nefur been ona scavenger hunt b'fore.



September 13th 2012 11:11 pm
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Guess what! My lil gurlie furriend, Ellie, comed ofur to visit me!!! We's all sittin' ina livin'room an' lil Bear look out ona balc'ny an' woofed. Me & mama look ou'side an' there's lil Ellie lookin' 'round ona balc'ny. Hmmmm! Mama opena door an' I goed ou'side an' sayed "Hi Ellie. How you get here?"
Well, it seem her peeples dinnit knows Ellie was ou'side. They closed a door an' leafed. Ellie was stuck on her balc'ny. She gots kinda lonely & skeered so she comed to visit. We played & played & played til her peeples comed home. They feeled really bad but was so happy Ellie was safe.

I guess Ellie's peeples is gonna has to watch her furry closely, but we's here to he'p too.



September 10th 2012 6:58 pm
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Mama's checkin' her mails & seed I gots lotsa prezzies. Hmmmm, why I gots lotsa prezzies? OMC today is my GOTCHA DAY! Las' year on this day, mama comed and taked me 'way from my daddy & my mama Panda. I'sa furs' kitten 'at leafed. I's really skeered & mama Panda was so sad (so was daddy).

I's ina cage & I cry & cry & cry. Mama talk to me but I keeped cryin'. Mama feeled bad fur me. She open a cage & I gotsa get out. I goes straight fur mama feet. Mama's tryin' ta get me out. Mama stop a car, gots me an' back ina cage I goed. Mama furgetted how mush I LUFF feets & was not a good idea lettin' me out when she drivin'. MOL I cried fur a lil while then I goed to sleep.

Fin'ly we gets to a house and I getsa get outta the cage. I meeted Ingen fur a furs' time. I's really skeered & I telled her "GO 'WAY!" I haved my own room fur lil while then I meeted lil Bear. WHO BOY, WAS I SKEERED!! I yell at him. I hiss at him. I efun walkied sideways. Who'da thinked we's gonna be furriends & brofurs.

THANK YOU EFURBODY fur prezzies & mos'ly fur 'minded mama is MY GOTCHA DAY!

I gotsa gurlie furriend. Ellie
We plays pawsies b'tween our balconies. She really purrty & sweet. Her mama & daddy & my mama thinks we's so cyoot when we plays. She jus' a lil kitten-on'y 'bout 5 months o'd.

Well, 'ats all fur now. I know I been MIA here lately. Me & Ingen checks in when mama let us. We gotsta go ona pirate 'venture wif Zach & Zoe & my 'migo, Gris

I try be better.



August 20th 2012 6:27 pm
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1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
Hm, I on'y haved one Christmas. I 'memmers I gots toys an' stuff. Is not a funny story.
2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek? I like to hide behind a coush. Lil Bear can' get me there.
3) What did you dream of being as a young kit? I's still a young kit. I wanna be a worl' trav'ler. So far, so good. MOL
4) What's your favorite hobby? Hmmmm, I like play wif lil Bear. I like he'pin mama wif laun'ry & bed makin.
5) What’s your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates? Jumpin' ona balc'ny rail. Mama's a'ways 'fraid I's gonna fall. Oooooooooppppsss, I falled yes'erday. Nope, no more jumpin ona rail fur me.
6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? To visit my daddy alla way 'cross a country so's he can see how big & han'sum I am.
7) What is your guilty pleasure? TREATS!!! I LUFF 'EM! I do anythin' fur treats.
8) What is your favorite make believe monster? Post a pic of this mysterious beast. I's skeered of a "devil dog", but I think lil Bear purtec' me. I HOPE.
9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Takes a baff--YUCKY!
10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoe’s. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on. I wan'sa be wif my 'migo, Gris.

I gonna tag Ingen cuz nofur tagged her. MOL
Unkle B'izzard
My brofur Snow & his sisfur Tink.

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