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May 7th 2011 6:37 am
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Hidy Ho Neighbors!!!

Ok ok I'll keep my attempt at humor low key MOL. I belong to a group "Kitties with Stomatitis" and it seems that for now I have a reprieve with this horrible disease.

My furriend BO, is not so lucky so I am hoping that you all will send some POTP to him and if you have any wonderful words of widsom for his mom to help. You can visit his page at:

I am going to have so much fun this weekend, I am going to be watching the Kentucky Derby and I gave Meowmy's brother some $$$$ to place a bet for me..... I JUST MIGHT HIT THE JACKPOT..

Have a pawsome weekend everyone.




April 23rd 2011 8:36 am
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Hoppy Easter to all my catster furriends:)

I tried to upload a new video with my drop dead trick...but it didn't take so I'll attach my youtube link....if you want to take a peek:)

Afte r visiting the SPA/VET on Wednesday, I had my toofies cleaned, 5 extractions, I was microchipped ( just in case I get outside) and a pawdicure..OMC it was a dreadful day:( I last ate Tuesday night at 8:15 pm and my cleaning wasn't started until 2:00 pm is a hungry kitty to survive....needless to say when meowmy came to get me at 7:00 pm I wasn't a happy camper!!! I was groggy, hungry, my mowf hurt, my beautiful fur coat was in a dishevelled state and I wanted to eat!!!

I am back to my old beautiful self today and as I paw this I am lounging in the warmth of the sun.....

Meowmy accidently spilled my Antirobe yesterday MOL, now she has to get more....drats......

I am praying that the "dreaded Easter Bonnet" is lost..




April 18th 2011 5:44 pm
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Thank you to all my furriends for the lovely gifts and thoughts on my Gotcha Day!!!! We, the family had so much fun yesterday. I got lots of hugs, kisses and treats:) I am pooped out....oops sorry Newmie MOL.

You are the bestest at Catster:)




April 11th 2011 7:45 am
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Hey, I found out that meowmy is AFRAID of spiders!!
Meowmy took a vacation day today……to spend time with ME….MOL…..anyways back to the story, meowmy is reading the paper on the sofa, the Mr is working on his laptop and I am stretched out by the fireplace , well sated after breakfast.

All is calm in the manor, then suddenly meowmy is screaming like a banshee….stamping her feet on the floor and POINTING AT ME “get the spider”…… no one moves BUT THE SPIDER…. one of those dark fat bodied beauties…….

All of a sudden I hear WOMP…… and another scream…..she missed because she was looking at the MR while trying to kill the creature…….. once the deed was done and the creature banished forever I hear, Harley… of your jobs is to eliminate these creatures……..I BEG YOUR PARDON….. this Princess DOES NOT!!!!

Once things calmed downed I then investigated the route the spider took, then his final resting place, just out of curiosity MOL.



April 3rd 2011 3:29 pm
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OMC..... I AM SO SICK OF WINTER!!!!! Here I am sitting on my stool watching the activity outside....seeing the flowers starting to bloom in the without coats on AND WHAT DO YA THINK HAPPENS..... IT IS SNOWING.....AND ALL I SEE IS THIS WHITE CRAP....... Today is April 3rd.....SNOW BE GONE!!!!




April 2nd 2011 5:09 am
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Whoo Hoo!!! DDP, I am so honored!

Thank you Catster for picking me..... It has been a busy week for me but the BESTEST part of the week was hearing that I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ALL MY TOOFIES REMOVED....

Meowmy took me to see the Vet Lady again just for a "look see" since she has changed my diet....I didn't like the visit...all those SMELLS. After they weighed me, I slinked into the corner and hid my face with my paws over my eyes....(tears streaming down face)

The nice Vet Lady pried open my mouth and did a thorough exam, and the two were talking.....bottom line, gums look less inflamed and much better:) I must go in for a teeth cleaning and 1 tooth will be all in all I am one lucky kitty although I will PROTEST on the day of the toofie cleaning:)

Have a pawsome weekend and enjoy the spring weather.

Hugs & Purrs


Mastercat Card

March 29th 2011 7:09 pm
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WHOO HOO!!!! I was sitting on my stool this morning watching all the birds, cats, dogs and people enjoying the SPRING weather outside when I saw the postmistress delivering the mail......

I had my little neighbor friend check out the mail....I HAVE MAIL..... it is my MASTERCARD CARD(thanks Dai$y).

OK my are all invited over for a meet and greet when the pawrents go away again :) Unfortunately I didn't qualify for a PLATINUM card so I don't have an "unlimited" amount....... (embarrassed) I won't be able to send prepaid tickets:(

Hugs & Purrs



March 28th 2011 5:42 pm
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Our dear Furiend Shelly Sue is very ill. She needs a home that is smoke free and that will be able to take her to the vet. We know there is somefur out there that will fall in love with this beautiful sweet little girl and give her a furever home. Her mommy is so very concerned and is unable to get help for her from the vet right now. Please go visit her page if you can help in any way.

Harley sends many hugs and purrs to Shelley Sue and her family.



March 20th 2011 2:50 pm
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Dear Diary:

I am so confused........ I look in the mirror, I see that I am a cat.....(albiet a lovely domesticated feline). Now what confuses me is when I am "chastised" for something that is not my fault at all as I am just being "true to my nature".

The Mr and Mrs have a baby gate up to prevent me from going into their bedroom! Whenever they are in there I lay outside of the gate just "chirping" so they know I am there. Meowmy trusts me and knows that I know I am not allowed in the bedroom and sometimes she forgets that she has left the gate open. Being the mischevious little kitty that I can be, I snuck in the bedroom one night and explored the forbidden and had a blast MOL .....sometime later I heard the Mr ask....."where is the beast".....oh oh, Meowmy realized what "SHE" had done. Meowmy looked into the bedroom and lo and behold, guess who is just sitting there, 'LOCKED' in the bedroom with no escape....DANG....I've been caught!!

Meowmy mentioned that she had found me.......and the Mr came by, took a look and raised his voice OUT.....then I heard him say, I think I just chastised the wrong one!!!!

Oh my.... so many rules to live by, not that I mind but I love just being a CAT and being true to my nature sometimes......

Ah well....... I shall just sit by the window and watch those birdies at the feeder and let my instincts take over MOL



March 19th 2011 6:25 am
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1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Since I have my own bedroom, I don't often have the opportunity. When meowmy sleeps in my bedroom with me, then YES I DO....but it's not much fun because I dont' get much reaction!!! I should mentiona that the reason I have my own bedroom is because the Mr is such a light sleeper that I would wake him up and an UNHAPPY MR. is not a good thing MOL...

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Not really because I have my PURR HIGHNESS lounger that is also a scratching post and I USE THIS ALL the time. I'll bet that if I didn't have this then I would be a wild one and tear up everything in sight.

3. What is your favorite treat?

Oh, I am not picky when it comes to treats......but my favourite is the chicken/shrimp treats when I can't have the TUNA flakes.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

NO, I haven't been able to grasp this task yet....perhaps it is the FELINE in me that prevents me from learning this one! Come on, I do enough on command ( for treats though....gotta have those treats)

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Yes, I was abandoned as a kitten and lived in a barn until I was rescued and fostered with a nice family that had 19 other kitties (and dogs too)! It has almost been a year that I am with the Mr and Mrs and I LOVE MY LIFE.....and my new furriends on CATSTER,,

**Here is what you have to do now. You need to copy & paste this entry into your diary. Delete my answers and Tag furriends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the furriend who Tagged you ! You need to send a message off to the furriend/s you would like to Tag. You may copy and paste my original Paw Mail/ message I sent to you. You may also send your message in a Zealie. That's it! You may want to read your furriends Diary entries afterwards and thank them for playing. Have fun!

Right: time to do some tagging!!! :) x

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