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July 20th 2013 6:05 am
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6:21 AM – Sleeper sticks her nose in the Mama’s face; time to get up and feed all of us.
6:25 AM – we mill around the Mama’s feet meowing while she fixing our plates; Owl is the most obnoxiously loud.
6:30 AM – breakfast.
6:40 AM – I attempt to get out the door when the Mama steps out on the porch to feed the Ferals.
6: 45 AM – morning wash-up and toilet in the cattery.
7:00 AM – I and/or some of the others lay down in front of the kitchen sink and/or stove requiring the pawrents to step over us about a dozen times as they fix their breakfasts. Fun, hehehe…
7:30 AM – nap time.
8:00 AM – cattery viewing time: watching the Ferals; watching the pawrents move around outside, checking the garden, chainsawing the boxelder tree that split and came down day before yesterday; loading things in the car for work, etc…
8:35 AM – Fearless lies in front of the door to make sure no one gets through it without us knowing about it.
8:40 AM – Sleeper jumps on the bathroom sink so the Papa will turn on the water for her.
9:00 AM – I run into the hallway when the door is opened and have to be retrieved from under the stairs.
9:30 AM – pawrents leave for work; time for bed.
1:30 PM – wake up long enough to check the food bowls: empty. Go back to sleep.
5:30 PM – Mama and/or Papa come home; time for dinner!
5:40 PM – time for walks. What do you mean it’s too hot to walk?!!!
5:45 PM through around 10:00 PM – check the food bowls a few dozen times until the Mama relents and gives us a little more kibble (we’re all still dieting because of Sleeper – thanks a lot, Sleep.) Lay around; play some; check to see if there’s any action going on outside the cattery.
10:30 PM – Pawrents lay down; I come to tuck them in with a few licks and head bonks. Lights out.
10:35 PM – Owl starts meowing for no apparent reason. The Mama gets up to check on him.
10:40 PM – night patrol.
1:00 AM – Fearless is crying at the door to go out for a walk. The Papa sprays her with the water bottle.
1:30 AM – Owl knocks the kitchen stepladder over; the Mama jumps out of bed in a fright; everyone scatters except Sleeper who remains calmly on the couch.
5:00 AM – Owl and Fearless start a highspeed game of chase through the house, leaping up over the pawrents; the Papa sprays them; the Mama just groans and rolls over. I jump on the stove. Jump down a moment later when I get sprayed.
6: 21 AM – we do it all over again. Have a nice day!



June 19th 2013 6:14 pm
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We’ve finally convinced the Mama to stop working for a moment and write us an update, as well as check in with our friends. We're sorry if we've missed a lot of significant events while we've been gone.

We’re all doing well here, though Socks was missing for a few days, showing up yesterday with what looks like a bite to the base of his tail. The wound was clean-looking and the Mama didn’t feel any need to dress it or give him antibiotics, but he has been more skittish since. He will hardly let the Papa get close, and after eating, has felt more comfortable going back outside with the rest of the Ferals. No skin off my nose, of course – I think there’s enough of us in here as it is!

Owl is settling in pretty well, I’ll reluctantly admit. The last week or so the pawrents have taken him out on the leash and he’s done OK. Of course, not to give him too much credit, we ARE out in the country, and there’s not too much to worry him out there.

Sleeper is bigger than ever; the pawrents are putting her on a diet, which means ALL of us have to suffer – way to go, Sleep, you troublemaker! We’ll probably all waste away to nothing before she loses enough weight for the pawrents to feel they can stop restricting food. Hummmph!

Meanwhile, the weather here is like heaven. Figures that the Mama has been mostly stuck inside working on the machine during the best of it. Fortunately, she and the Papa still have found time to walk us. We are the most important aspects of their lives after all. :)



May 21st 2013 6:08 am
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[Pic links will have to be without mouseovers, since that handy link seems to have changed – anyone know what we’re supposed to use now?]

So, there we were, minding our own business – wondering when the Mama was going to come in from the garden and walk us. The Papa took pity on us and decided to do it without her since she was trying to get the seeds planted for her Sunflower House before the rain was supposed to start. the 2nd phase of the Sunflower House

When it came time for my turn, it started raining. Well, a little is OK, but it was coming down pretty good, so we came back to the house. Meanwhile the Mama had just finished putting in the last sunflower seeds and was thinking she’d better bring the flats of tomatoes, peppers and annuals in before they got completely waterlogged. Around here in this climate, everything has to be started indoors under lights first, then hauled out for sun and wind hardening-up for increasingly longer intervals. Today is the day designated for the average last frost day, though we’ve had frost into June before, and once in August! The plants are all hardened and ready now to be planted out, but most everyone waits for Memorial Day, and the Mama will probably do that, too.

So, she and the Papa are rushing through the pelting rain, carrying plant flats into the greenhouse when it starts to hail. [A note about the greenhouse. You might wonder why we can’t just leave the plants in there instead of carrying them in and out – it’s because the fiberglass paneling is old and doesn’t let in near the amount of light it did in the beginning. It’s a good 2nd step from the indoor lights, but to give the plants the hardening-up they need, there’s no substitution for the real thing – in graduated doses.]

The Papa had retreated to the porch to watch the storm, but the Mama was standing in the greenhouse dumping the excess water out of the flats when the REAL storm began. They weren’t exactly golfball size, but they were BIG. The storm lasted for several minutes, during which time the Mama was pressed up against a wall, hoping the roof wasn’t going to cave in! No way was she taking the short run from the greenhouse to the porch while all that was going on! the hail

Afterwards, the pawrents went to inspect things for damage. Amazingly enough, there was little to see: leaves down, hailstones everywhere, some shredded leaves of plants in the garden and rivers of water washing through all the low spots. Otherwise, the garden looked fine. And the Papa took me for my walk once the rain stopped – yay!
hailstones with quarter for scale
hail in the garlic bed



April 25th 2013 5:19 am
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It is snowing...AGAIN. (sigh)
This is no longer amusing.
End of story.



April 22nd 2013 5:52 am
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OK, everyone's always talking about poop on Catster, so I guess I will add my "two-cents worth":

There is nothing so freeing, so satisfying, as being able to do one's business au naturale - that is, out in the open, under the great blue sky.
To paw that raw earth, let loose, and then cover with the real thing - dirt, grass and dead leaves. Oh yeah. Thanks, Mama, for bringing me out here.
[She says I'm very welcome - one less poop to scoop!] Hehehe...



April 18th 2013 5:49 am
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There’s a special irony to this story, as the Mama was just saying to Zach’s Mom a few days ago that it would take a gorilla on steroids to break into the cattery. Yeah, well…or one small grey tom-tabby to break OUT!

Yesterday - strictly by fortunate chance, I’ll point out - the Mama was outside and wandering over towards the cattery, she was startled to see a grey kitten climbing up the mesh. Wait a minute…that cat’s on the OUTSIDE of the pen! And it’s OWL!!!!!!!!!!!

She ran over there and, after a little persuasion, got him to come to her. In his defense, he was trying to get back in when she saw him, but was a little weirded-out and scared to find himself on the wrong side of the fence.

She took him back in the house and she and the Papa came back to look for the exit hole, only to find Fearless on the outside now! Fortune smiled again, and Fearless didn’t do what she normally would do, which is high-tail it down towards the ruins where she likes to go on her leash-walks. So, they scooped her back up and put her in the pen, still not seeing any visible holes in the fence. Until they looked closer…

The wire mesh on the cattery fence came in rolls which are 4 foot wide, so in constructing the mesh walls, it was necessary to overlap slightly and then fasten it closed with plastic cable-ties. You know - those things that have the little teeth that grab hold when you zip the end through the loop. Well, it seems that after 2 years of outdoor weather and the repeated wear put on them by the Ferals who like to climb up the side of the cattery and sit on top (!), some of the ties have broken. And on closer inspection, the pawrents could see where the two smaller cats were able to worm their way out.

So, now they have bought fresh cable ties, and are resolved to replace them every year or two. Dang! And I didn’t even get to make an escape myself!



April 16th 2013 8:09 am
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You may have heard by now; after all, this is, like, an historic event!
Drum roll, please… Jezebel Dreamgirl #29 is turning 20!!!

That’s right, folks. That svelte, petite 7 lb (7 lbs???) tortie beauty, member of Catster since 2009, 1000’s of friends, winner of too many awards to mention – including CAT OF THE WEEK (they’ve never made ME Cat of the Week…), never met a Fancy Feast she didn’t like – THAT Jezebel.

In honor of this occasion, we have sent our best covert operative to get the juicy details on the Diva. Give a bow, Mister Zachery Byrne (Who’s your Daddy!!!) Bond ! The results he came up with are interesting and revealing, to say the least. Here are a few of Zach’s notes and photos:

Whitley dog and Jez

The April fools day joke 2009 "I hate Fancy Feast now" diary – the real story is very different. Apparently, she has friends with connections…

Her idol: "Definitely Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy. There's a cat with attitude!" …and an appetite.
Bucky Katt

Was Maurice really to blame?!

[Link to the Christmas diary here.]

The truth will out…"Well, I broke my good record when I decided to spray a pair of shorts and some laundry. I don't see why they blame ME, Maurice was the one who used MY litterbox? How am I supposed to use it after that, even if it has been cleaned???"

She's a not so great escape artist (always getting caught now that she's older) – Zach missed getting this shot because he fell off the trashcan…

One final photo collected just to let you know our Jez can relax and have a good time like the rest of us:
Jez lets her hair down

A very Happy FancyFeast-filled Birthday, Jezebel!!!



April 6th 2013 5:10 pm
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Samhain OFC (Official Family Chronicler), here. Couple of things to report. We’ve sort of held off reporting this one: Socks got sprayed by a skunk.
You heard me right – the big boy, not too long on brains – even if he is drop dead gorgeous – apparently didn’t have sense enough to back off from Mr Stripey and was face to face…so to speak…with a perturbed skunk. The good news: he’s smell-free - pretty much – after 3 days or so. The pawrents told him he had to stay outside, but lucky for him, it coincided with the brief warm-up we had. Not that it would have mattered much to him, I think. He doesn’t appear phased at all by cold – all that Nordic blood (did I mention the Mama calls him her big beautiful Viking?)

Second thing. Once again one of my few sanctuaries has been invaded – Owl came out into the cattery yesterday – OMC! It was sort of an accident. He was blocking the catdoor so the Sleep couldn’t come back in, and the Mama went and held the door open and called to her. Well, she came in, scooting around the little guy, but then he ran out. And would he come back in when she called? Heck, no!!! He thought the cattery was the greatest thing since catnip mice! Of course, he wasn’t too sure how to get back into the house later, so the Mama had to help him. This is just the beginning. Pretty soon, there will be no safe, quiet place for me to go. I’m doomed.



April 3rd 2013 6:49 am
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If you would like to play the Spring game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Add me to the Bird Watchers Anonymous group – MOL! Love watching the birds in spring. And the snakes…
2. Did I mention the snakes?
3. Lots of walks outside!
4. Warmth – oh, yeah.
5. Everyone feels energized again!

Thanks, Jezzie for asking me to play.

I am tagging:

Tony Dreamboat #119



March 31st 2013 6:22 am
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We’re here today to honor my very good friend Zachery Tristan, AKA Zachery Tristan Byrne, AKA Captain Dread Zaxery Drake, AKA Who’s Your Daddy, AKA … oh, never mind – you get the picture! We were truly pleased to see that Zach had made Cat of the Week this week…uh, weeks, maybe. Not too sure about the duration of Cat of the Week these days.

You all know Zach to be a handsome and debonair mancat, cool in the face of danger, irresistible to women (except me for some reason – never have figured that out, but we’re still friends), quick with the rapier wit - but perhaps you DON’T know the other side of Zach - the goofball that Zoe knows. My sister Sleeper was hoping to really tear into him – something about a hat…or a flower…or something. Sleeper is a little incoherent at the best of times – MOL!

Anyways, maybe it IS time we told a couple of the lesser known stories of Mr. Who’s Your Daddy. For instance, at least a few of you know about the magic flying carpet that we got from the Maharaj – the owner (if any cat can be said to have one) of Siddhartha, Sleeper’s long lost dad. It’s a long story – literally – in the Sleep’s diary archives. Well, see – Zach really got jazzed about it and wanted to borrow it (the rug) for awhile, and what could we say, being, like, we are best buds and all with his family, so of course, we said “Sure, anytime, dude!” And then, what did he do but take the thing flying over Area 51, and almost got shot down by the NSA! And the only reason he’s not still behind bars is ‘cause the Maharaj, who’s, like, the 2nd most powerful guy in all of India, with buckets of money, made a deal with our government and traded the magic artifact for Zach’s freedom. And I never even got to fly on it, bro. Huh.

And you know those rumors about how Zach was caught sleeping with the dog, and how he denies it and says the pic was bogus? Well, get this – it’s all true! And it’s not just the Diamond-dogguy – he consorts with all sorts of dogs and we’ve got the pic to prove it!
the real story!

[Sleeper, quit laughing!...snicker…]

Anyways, we love ya, dude! And a big conga-rats from all of us here in the frozen northlands! Hurrah!!!!

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