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January 16th 2014 2:15 pm
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Thought I'd check in today to see what was happening; see if HQ ever fixed the fleas and what do I find but a notice saying CLOSED SOON. If you haven't looked up at the big yellow exclamation mark on your page, you might want to take a moment and read the future - that is, that there isn't going to be a future. Not for the Catster Community at any rate. All the fun stuff is going away and this will become another online magazine with lots of advertising.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that if it's not making money for them, they can't just keep it going out of the goodness of their hearts. Bottomline - everything costs.

Just wanted to say goodbye to all my friends one last time. I'll check in everyday for a little while to see what's doing with my buds, but, hey! - it's been fun these past few years, y'all, so THANK YOU!

Hugs from Samhain, Sleeper, Fearless, Owl, Socks, Spock, Ricki and all the rest of the Ferals



December 9th 2013 4:50 pm
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Mama Alex here:
Today we had to take one of the Ferals into the vet to be put down. The vet couldn’t say for sure what had happened when he examined him, whether he’d possibly been hit by a car or maybe even shot – not an impossibility here in the country, only that he had an injury to his lower spine, paralyzing his hind end. I can’t even say for sure which Feral it was, though we know he was one of the black males without a blaze on his chest, and he would let me pick him up. Given that, I believe it was one of the Sevens - Seven Point One, as we renamed him after the Foster family brought him back saying he wasn’t trainable. I will say that this sweet boy - supposedly untrainable – the whole time that I held him, even though he must have been in great pain, made no move to bite, uttered no growl, no hiss. He will be missed.



October 13th 2013 2:01 pm
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Dear Friends,

We thought we’d post this diary to say how much we’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent here, but that we’ll be moving on for now. We will leave our pages up, in case we’re able to pop in from time to time.

As an update, we’re all doing well here, including the Ferals. Owl is growing into a handsome young tom cat – I try to give him the smackey-paw at least a couple of times a week just to keep him in shape. Sleeper is beautiful - in a large way. Fearless is sadly mentally-challenged, but we love her anyway. I am, of course, my usual adorable snarky self. As I said, the Ferals are well…with a few additions. Aunt Bobbie, who was around all winter and then disappeared, has returned. Apparently she’s been living across the road. A grey tabby that the pawrents have unimaginatively named the New Guy who showed up early in the spring and then left, is back acting like he hasn’t eaten since he left. And there’s one more…he’s a 4 month old (or so) black male, skinny as a rail, though he’s putting on weight now. He hasn’t left the porch since he showed up a week or so ago. I think he’s afraid it might disappear if he does and he’d be alone again. The Papa named him Spock – the pointy ears, don’t ya know?

Well, I guess that’s it for now – be well, my friends.



September 4th 2013 7:58 am
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Personally, I think this part of his training was long overdue, so I decided to take matters into my own paws.

Last night was one of our livelier nights - don't know why; maybe the subtle change in the weather. It's been an odd summer anyway, mostly. Cool nights and only occasional hot days. But yesterday I felt it - that first sense that fall might be just around the corner. It had us all wired, active in the wee hours of the night. And we weren't the only ones moving around...

Fearless, ever ready to sacrifice herself to a cause, ran interference for us, keeping the pawrents occupied in other directions. Sleeper was lookout cat, keeping watch in the door. But we were found out anyway early this morning by the Mama.

I caught a mouse last night out in the cattery - at least the Mama assumes it was me. (I assure you - it WAS.) I, of course, brought it in to play with (torture, you mean, says the Mama with a frown.) Hey - I'm a cat; it's a mouse - you do the math.

And - (and this is what amazed the Mama and is the only reason she's letting me talk about it) in a spirit of true generosity and selflessness, I gave it to Owl. (Don't say I never gave you anything, you little irritant.) This is what the Mama found when she walked into the bedroom: Sleeper by the door, watching, and me and Owl with the mouse. Or rather, my looking on like a proud cat-mama while Owl batted the mouse around. Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on your point of view - it was still alive, so the Mama grabbed it up in a wad of paper towels and took it outside, putting it in a spot where the Ferals wouldn't get it, in case it had a chance of recovery. She has told us before, she applauds us keeping the mice out of the house, (wishes we wouldn't bring them IN), but she's not keen on our keeping them alive to play with. What can I say? It's who I am - deal with it.



August 27th 2013 12:33 pm
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It's a rainy, muggy day today - kinda boring. Watched the Mama clean the stove (yawn). Played with mousie - but only when I thought no one was looking. Slapped Owl around a couple of times, but my heart wasn't really in it. Licked the empty food bowls until the Mama felt sorry for me and put a little dry food in there (what a pushover.)

Could go out in the cattery, but I can't seem to work up the energy for it. Besides, if I do that too often, the humans start to think this qualifies for "outdoor time". Not. I won't be satisfied till I get my leash-walk. Which, BTW, 25 - 30 minutes is not nearly long enough. Might as well nap.



August 19th 2013 6:06 pm
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Yup, it was Bob alright! And he brought back a friend from his time in South Africa – a Unicorn Corn Cricket by the name of Tumelo. That’s pronounced “TOO meh loh” – it means “faith”. He brought his drums and Bob’s got his keyboard, and man - the sounds those two are producing are really rad! We are all enjoying the nightly jam session. Here’s a pic of Bob's South African friend in the Sunflower House.



August 18th 2013 5:30 am
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It’s around 5 AM and suddenly all 4 of us are bounding through the catdoor from the cattery and jumping up at the kitchen windows, peering outside. The Mama drags herself out of the bed and makes the rounds of the windows, looking out with a flashlight. Nothing.
“Whatever it was, it’s gone now, kids. It’s safe to go back in the cattery. Mind if I get some more sleep?” She lies back down, we wander off - except for Owl, who sticks around awhile patting the Mama’s face with his paw. Finally he gets bored at her non-reaction and leaves.
“Probably a cricket walked by,” she mumbles. Silence. Then both eyes open: “Bob - was that you?”



August 16th 2013 7:19 pm
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For the past two nights the pawrents have shorted us on our evening walks.
Oh, not in length; we have still had the customary 20+ minutes of time. But instead of us each getting individual attention, they’ve carried us (CARRIED us – a further indignity) out to the fenced-in garden to have our walks together, in so-called family harmony.

OK, so it’s not so bad out in the garden. It’s a pretty big space, about an 1/8 of an acre, and there’s lots to see and do in there: chew grass, race up and down the paths between the beds, birdwatch, eat bugs, and best of all – chase frogs. But, it’s the principle of the thing. I’m supposed to lower myself to rubbing shoulders with that wet-behind-the-ears juvenile Owl? It’s demeaning. Even though I’ll grudgingly admit he’s not such a bad hunter. Unlike our humans.

It’s painful to say it, but the pawrents have absolutely no hunting skill whatsoever. Every time one of us would catch a frog, they’d be over there to get in on the action, but they’d only succeed in the frog getting away. And they wouldn’t take the hint and step aside to allow one with superior skill handle the situation. Not that I can fault them for that. It’s the one true virtue they excel at: being even more arrogant than us cats!

Anyway, we had a fine time, running the folks back and forth trying to keep tabs on each of us. And at the end of it, we got to have DINNER! :)



August 11th 2013 5:24 am
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So this morning I was up to my usual tricks, and slipped out the door into the entryway when the Papa went out to get something. See, we live in this old farmhouse that’s got this hallway kind of like an airlock on a spaceship. When you step out of the kitchen door, you have the choice of either going out the front door or up the stairs to the second floor door or under the stairs to the basement door. Lately the pawrents, after the initial curse or two, have been letting me stay out there until they have reason to go out again. It can get a little boring since there’s not that much to explore under the stairway now, not much I could hurt myself on, and I’ve seen it all before anyway. Usually, by the time they let me back in, I’m waiting at the kitchen door. This time when the Mama opened the door, she said: “Oh, it’s you. I’d forgotten you existed.”

…….????!!!!!.......I gotta admit, this sent me into a blue funk for awhile. I started thinking - What If I’d Never Been Born?

[This is where you got to imagine those wavy, blurry images like they show when someone is dreaming or remembering stuff that happened earlier]

Picture this: Sleeper is a little tiny baby; Big Mama (our cat mother), has left her under the kitchen window and never come back, don’t know why. It wasn’t because she had made a choice and carried me off instead; I’d never been born, remember?

So, the Mama takes the Sleep in and bottle-feeds her for a month, and everyone is just hunky-dorey, except maybe the Sleep feels a little lonesome every once and a while for someone like herself to play with. Then Fearless shows up with all the other Ferals, and the Mama feeds them all, but Fearless is the only one who asks to come inside, so the pawrents let her in. And then Sleeper and Fearless are really happy to have each other to play with; and Fearless isn’t ever jealous of Sleeper’s sister, because the Sleep doesn’t HAVE a sister, so Fearless doesn’t act mean and chase her friend ever. And then they get a little baby brother Owl who loves to play with his big sister Fearless since Sleeper is older now and doesn’t want to play as much. And they’re all happy together and never fight, and …………………….. Wait a minute…HOLD THE PHONE! This is supposed to show how much poorer everyone’s life would be if I’d never existed!


Well, it was a dumb idea anyway.



July 28th 2013 6:21 pm
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Hmmm…it seems I got picked for Diary Pick today. Cool – thanks Angel Buddy and crew!

The pawrents are seriously burnt out, they say, though they walked us tonight anyway. They’ve just been through the festival days for their little village which included for the main event, the Ultimate Air Dogs.

This went on last year, too, apparently, but it was even busier this year with the frenetic energy which usually accompanies these kinds of public events. They wouldn’t have minded it so much, except that the road was closed down for 3 days, during which time regular customers as well as anyone else was required to park around the corner to be able to come in to the shop. Ah well, not our problem – we’re cats!

More importantly, what’s the deal with the weather??????? It’s 60 degrees here and supposed to fall into the 40’s in a couple of days – at night, of course – but this is July, for cat’s sake! The pawrents say “it’s good sleeping weather” – what is that supposed to mean? I like to be warm when I’m sleeping!

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