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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Hello Kit-tahs! I'm doing well!

April 22nd 2013 5:57 am
[ Leave A Comment | 6 people already have ] I hope you are. I'm enjoying lovely naps and nice petting from the mom and dad. I've been more active with the warming of Spring. I walk around and growl at everyone and smacky paw eveyrone who gets in my way!

I also have been at that strange tail that seems to follow me everywhere. Sometimes daddy covers it up so I don't have to see it at night, and that makes it better.

I'm due for more 'stuff' at the vet, but since i'm still getting B12s, little vet is holding off on anything. I don't want shots or unpleasant things-but the b12 clearly makes me feel better. I take my fluids like a good girl!

I don't like having my space invaded by all these cats, but I rule the roost, and don't let them forget it!



Blizzard's guest needs purrs and maybe more

March 14th 2013 1:18 pm
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Hello Kittahs,
I am well. I am annoyed that there are way too many cats here. I have already written to the Pope as that little Calvin has nibbled the end of of the wing off an angel nightlight by the bed....but somehow, I doubt Pope Francis will adopting CK, even if he is Catlick. I fear, dear Kit-tahs, that the brat with the angelic name will be going to reside in a much warmer place.
I need a favor, Kittahs. My dear friend, Blizzard, the Catfather has a houseguest. Her name is Kitty. She needs some purrs and help. If anyone can help pay for a vet visit for Kitty, it would be welcome. We know times are hard and our Mom has just been laid off. Blizzards dad is laid off, and Kitty has had several kittens, all but one born dead. The vet her owner took her to told them that she needs to be seen to, and probably have surgery because there are more in her. Since Kitty has been there, another kitten was born very small, and dead. Kitty's stomach is fairly large.
We are very concerned, because if there are more kittens in there that can't get out-the vet told the owners that Kitty has a small birth canal and is pretty old to be having kittens-that Kitty could get sick or die.
Bliz's dad simply don't know. Nor do we.
It better circumstances we could help out. However, right now that is fairly difficult.
We know things are tight and many of us are having rough times-yet, we feel we must do something....

It's good to be back, Kit-tahs.

Natalie the Natcat.


Who wants to to the Mardi Gras ball with the- Natcat?

February 11th 2013 8:07 pm
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Hello Kit-tahs,
Ah, it's good to be me.
I loll, I complain, I get petted, I get made much of, I loll some more.

I, dear kit-tahs, are shockingly without a valentine.

However, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

So who wants to let the good times roll with me?

It has been such a dreary winter. They are harassing my poor mommy at her job, trying to get her to quit. I have thoughtfully offered to pee on their chairs but Mommy has said we shall hold off til she has her 'papers' to get out of there with her degree. Well, papers? Like under the litter box?


So I am wondering, which gentleman cat would like to accompany this Natcat to the Mardi Gras ball?

Waiting...tapping my tiny paw.....

Natalie the Natcat


A letter to Big Harry on his Birthday

January 20th 2013 1:59 pm
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Dear Harry,

It's a lovely and warm late afternoon here. I'm curled up in my little bed, the heated one, the one you and your Clowder sent me. I'm feeling most well and happy today. It has, for me, been a week I feel well.
I went to the window last night and gazed up. I could have sworn I saw you, and that was well. I miss you, Harry. I miss you.
But you're not gone. Like my daddy says 'never say bye, say see you later'. And as I purr over Mommys shoulder and watch her scroll down on that strange thing called Face book, and see pictures of your mom with a new little person-a human kitten, who is ever so like us, except for fur. A funny little sprite, perhaps that is why your Clowder have so embraced him.
I know your Mommy misses you. You were-and are-her Guide, her Wonder, her Harry. You-special Cat with the oldest of eyes, that reflect back the light from another time, where we, as Mau, sauntered through stone and ametheyst chambers lit with torches, and on long legs leapt up truly into the arms of Bast, and gazed down at our kingdoms.
And now, I curl up next to Mommy and gaze into the candle that burns on our altar, today, for you, for the new beginning that lies just beyond the veil, for the breaths we draw together, for the purrs that fill the air, for a small boy who falls asleep, innocent and feline in nature, beside a huge slumbering dog.
And I, purring, and blinking slowly, gaze off into the space between all of this....and I think....
you, my kind one, engineered it all.
And I hear mommy whisper to you...'Happy Birthday beloved one...ancient one from our time. Smile as only a cat can from the heart...and know, we love and honor you forever.

love light, and see you later my twin,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws
Big Harry's Wallaby Twin Forever


The Nerve! Hmmph!

January 9th 2013 10:08 am
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Mom spoke with her friend the Vet Tech/Behaviorist.

She told her friend what was going on with me. I have a vet appointment on Friday for Daddy to discuss appitite booster change, and I will get a B12 shot.

Mom's friend said this to her:

'The appitite booster for now can be cut even smaller-if she won't eat well, just a tiny bit will help. But when she is in one of her 'episodes' you don't need to tolerate it. In her world, she's not a 'poor little baby girl.' She's a Cat who is exhibiting dominant behavior because she can. She may be being distressed by whats happening, but this is no little wilting flower. She's a very bossy dominant cat. When she acts out, put her in her little bed. Right away. She'll figure out that her biting, scratching, smacking isn't going to be tolerated.'


So last night when I hissed and smacked Mommy picked me up and said 'Natalie, this is not acceptable! You are going into your little bed now!'

And she picked me up by my scruff and put me right into the bed.


I didn't stay there long.

I came up and tried to make her get out of the spot I wanted to be in and I started to swing.

And she said 'No Natalie, you are going into your own bed." And she picked me up and put me back again!!!!

Now, I love my little bed. But I wanted to be where I wanted to be. And I didn't like to be taken away from that spot. But mom laid down and then, after a bit, I laid down in my little bed and went to sleep for awhile. When I came out beside mom later I didn't smack her.

Mom is concerned that I'm upset or not feeling well...she spends alot of time petting my little head, and talking to me. Her firend told her that too much petting can set off the FHS, and to watch the signals, mainly my tail which starts tormenting me by swinging back and forth as though ti's got a life of its own. Daddy calls it 'The Evil Tail' and says I believe it's attached to another cat and thats why it bothers me. OF course, Daddy, wrongfully so, says 'I ain't 'right'.

Daddy, I will remember that.

So, what do you think of that? Imagine that friend interfering in me ruling my pawrents!


Interfering woman!

Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny paws
Big Harrys Wallaby Twin


The Rollercoast of CKD

January 8th 2013 8:01 am
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Hi Kit-tahs,
I persevere in the face of all adversity.
I don't know Adversity, but I am sure he is one big cat.

Yesterday evening and early this morning were rough. I threw up a little and seemed very dehydrated. When Mommy came home she gave me a Cerenia, to settle my stomach, and then, a bit later, Cypro, which is an appitite booster.
Well, as some of you may know, I am a Mad Tail Pyrate. And very early this morning, about 3 am, the appitite booster kicked in my much suspected FHS. I attacked Daddy-smacking him over and over. When he hid under the covers I 'maaahed' at him loudly, and then when that would not work, I squeaked pathetically.
This did wake him up. It got him to pet me and try to reassure me. But it would not...nothing did.
Daddy laid back down and then I attacked him, like I didn't even k now him, and bit his hand.
Daddy got up, mommy heard and got up. For some reason mommy's voice soothes me when i'm upset, though I am my daddy's girl.
Mommy told daddy she believed it was a side effect of the appitite booster.
They have to call the vet today. My appitite without this stuff is indifferent at best.
This morning I appeared to feel somewhat better, but my body soaked up the 150 ml of fluids. Mommy isn't sure why i was so dehydrated-I didn't throw up very much.

Daddy says it feels like they are riding a roller coaster-one morning I look well, that evening not so.

This morning when they left I was napping in a patch of sun.

I let them both kiss my little head.

I know they are worried-

Harry dear, can you and your angel pals...Bud, the legendary Hazel Lucy and all of you wonderful kitties out there who have faced down all this troublesome stuff.....Violet....purr up and out for me?

love to all,
Natalie the Natcat,
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws,
Big Harry's Wallaby Twin


How to Make your Parents lives hell when you have CKD.

January 2nd 2013 9:58 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,

I battle on. The CKD, the pawrents who are insisting on sticking me with needles and filling me up like a water ballon. This morning I inflicted a nice boo boo on mommy's hand when she went to give me azodyl. Can you blame me?

So here are the things to do if you want to make your parents lives unhappy-after all, misery loves company.

1) When your pawrents go to 'give you fluids' do not let them accomplish this easily. No indeed. Yell, snarl, do your best immitation of a Mountain Lion about to face down another over territory. Snarl with your teeth exposed. Yowl! Make alot of noise so that the next door neighbor can hear you. This is espeically good if they insist on sticking you with that needle at 2am 'for extra fluids'.

2) When Daddy is sitting with you between his knees as if he's wrassling a gator in the Florida Swamps, do a very good impression of said Gator. Open your mouth wide, showing all your teeth. Snarl. Emit several blood cuddling MAAAAHHHS and then hiss like a cobra. Let t hem know that Size Matters Not.

3) Make sure you sneer and hiss at Mommy holding aloft your fluid bag. 'I'll get you, My Pretty!'

4) Do not, when you are in this very undignified position, allow Daddy to rub your little head with his hand to comfort you. Yowl louder. Hiss like said Cobra again.

5) When it's over, look small and patethtic . Sit with your back to said pawrents and make them feel VERY SORRY FOR YOU!

6) Scream and emit loud growls every time another fur sib comes within 3 feet of you. This will enable you to get them kicked out of the room so you can have it to yourself.

7) Refuse to eat. Make sure Mommy runs back and forth with at least 4 different plates of food and holds it up for you to nibble at while you sit in the comfort of your little heated bed.

8) Wake Mommy promtly at 4:30am. Yowl. Say 'Baaah!' in a sad little voice that makes mommy say 'oh, Natalie, let me get you something, sweetie!' When she goes to get it, take her space in the bed.

9) When she returns, let her hold the plate for you when you eat. Eat grudgingly. Do not leave her spot. When you are done, remain where you are. Resist any effort at being moved, forcing her, in her guilt ridden state, to retreat to the other room to curl on the loveseat with the 6 feline tormentors out there. Laugh quietly to yourself as you picture her in the flight path of three male adoescent stooges as they leap and tumble over her.

10) When daddy wakes up and reaches over to pet you, give him a firm and meaningful Smacky Paw in the Face. Payback for the Alligator rassling, Daddy dear! Look small and sad when he starts to scold you.

11) When you go to the box, make sure daddy is nearby. Leave the smellyest and most nose jarring poop you can.

12) Stalk back to the bed. Squeak pathetically at Mommy who will run to get you a crunchy treat. Enjoy it as she pets your little head.

13) Refuse to look at them when they kiss you and say 'See you later, Natalie, Mommy and Daddy have to go to work now." Turn your head and look out the window. This will make them think of you all day long.

Now, and only now, can you get a good morning and afternoon of peace and quiet in the nice, warm room.

Keep up the purring, Kit-tahs, though, would you?

love to all,
Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws
Big Harry's Twin Furever


Home again, home again...jiggity jig!

December 30th 2012 1:15 pm
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Oh, I am home! It is so good to be home, in my little bed, on my big bed. I was not happy to see the others, you would have thought Mommy and Daddy would have taken the hint and disposed of them, or at least gotten another apartment for them to live in.

You should know that I am happy to be here-Mommy could have left me there another day, but I am so glad she didn't. I wanted to come home-whoever said that you can't sleep well in a hospital wasn't kidding.

The doctor had hoped my levels would have gone down more. They did drop...but not as well as she would have hoped. This did entail mommy asking her what else could be done. Azodyl 2x a day, fluids, 100ml to 150ml once a day, and a special kidney diet if i will eat it. Dr. Kramer...her name is Nana- how neat is that, has ordered it for me to see if I will.

Mommy is still worried. She thinks that I am a candidate, I suppose for a remake of Bette Davis in "I'll Cry Tomorrow'. I, however, seemed more anxious to prove what a singer I was. The receptionist remarked to daddy, with an edge of what sounded like sarcasm 'She certainly meows very loudly-if we wanted everyone to know we took cats here, they know now." Daddy remarked tht wasn't a bad thing.

So I apparently sing quite well. Another accomplishment.

I met IV. In me the whole week....

oh wait, how does that sound? And Catster is a family friendly site.

But I do feel some better. I have a little boo boo on my front leg though now.

Mommy wants to know if there are any other kitties out there with CKD doing other things to stay well...

Would you let us know?

Thank you, Kit-tahs, for the purrs. They are much appreciated.

And please, keep them coming. I haven't yet finished my bucket list.

Natalie the Natcat,
Tinyface, Tiny Paws
Big Harry's twin forever!


Update for Friday-Natalie remains hospitalized.

December 28th 2012 5:24 pm
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Natalies mom here:
Forgive me for hijacking her diary. Here is the update.

Natalie will be in the hospital tonight. She has her IV. She is eating fairly well as per report. She also peed quite a bit and pooped. She is crying for attention and watching everything going on with interest. She is up in weight a tiny bit.

They will do another blood work up late tomorrow afternoon. Depending on what it shows she could be released probably Sunday.

Would everyone continue to purr?

thank you,
A worried but relieved she's responding,
Mom and Dad and the rest of the clowder (who are really enjoying the bed.)


Going to vet to get put on IV this morning

December 27th 2012 8:33 am
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Daddy spoke to the Vets this morning. My 'numbers' aren't good, and this is why vet wants me put on IV. She said that my 'numbers' fall so far out of range that it is not good for me.
So mommy told Daddy to pack up my little blue blankie, and bring some Fancy Feast for me.
I don't know what they are talking about-numbers. I mean, I am a good girl. Thats why my numbers are off. And now I have to be on IV for 2 days and I don't even know IV!!!!

Mom asks for purrs for me.

On a slightly humorous note....

this morning daddy tried to give me subq fluids. I decided I did not want them and was hissing, growling and yowling...I even went to bite daddy!!!!

Mommy said all Daddy's Seminole side came out. He wrapped me in a thick towel and sat on top of me and put me between his knees. I yowled and hollared but he held onto me and gave me that silly needle in my back. Then he petted me when the subq fluids were on and mommy had to stand up and hold the subq plastic thingy over her head like the statue of liberty to make it go faster, and Mommy said to Daddy 'you look like you are rassling a gator' and he said 'and you look like the Statute of Liberty.'

I got my fluids.

UPDATE: 11:00 am. Natalie was admitted to the hospital. She will get an IV drip this morning and she will be reassessed tomorrow morning. Dr. Kramer said that she would also recieve some vitamins via IV to help her body.

Dr. Kramer said that Natalie is fiesty and cranky, grooming and yowling for attention and food is all good.

We hated to have her admitted-she was comfortable in her little bed, but if this will help her, then we feel it's for her own good, even if we don't like it.

Please continue to purr for our Natcat.

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