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tiny mighty moe

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I am a pirate!!

September 11th 2011 10:56 pm
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Look at me I am a girl Pirate! Ivey is not a pirate I can feel my confidence soaring!
Thank you Pigeon for helping me out with a pirate photo and thanks so much to da tabbies of troute town for helping me get my pirate name. Now I can really talk like a pirate!


Anonymous pirate flag! wow!

September 18th 2011 8:33 pm
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Hey check that out I got an Anonymous gift, yay! Oh this is the first time that has ever happened to me. I think I like it! You are pawsome my Anonymous friend! My catster friends are the best! I got help with my name from Da Tabbies and my friend Pigeon did my photo for me and I now I even got a pirate flag!
Thank you! If knew who gave me that flag I would give them a big ole head bonk, and some chat time too, I love to talk. MOL I hope you see my diary and know that I love my flag. Thanks for thinking of me.
tiny might moe keeping my eye on Ivey so I can get outta her way!


old toys are like new!

September 20th 2011 11:23 pm
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ok so mom pulled out some of the old toys we have not seen in a while and callie, me and tiny played like we did when we were kittens, the that crazy "let's chase moe" ivey cat tried to join us and oh my girl callie slammed her with one mighty right paw and she went down, on to her back and bared all four paw claws and backed her ears, so callie gave her a mighty growl that plainey said "you fight like a little girl now back off of moe" ok maybe she just said back off. I went back to play with new/old toys cause I am not gonna be scared of her I am just staying near callie and then callie smelled me and rubbed my shoulder (mom thought it was so cute.)I said "mrr' to let callie know I am okay.
Later that mean Ivey chased me into the patio door and so mom locked her up. I feel so much better when I do not have to watch out for her. So when momma told boo "I love you booboo" I chased her and she ran and then stopped and we had blows. Mom said moe if you don't like ivey to do that then do not do it to boo...but see it is waaaay different when I am the one doing the tormenting because of course we all know I am just playing around. kitty smile


what about orange girl cats?

September 23rd 2011 10:18 pm
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Ok so the vet said to my mom that most orange kitties are boy cats. What?! I am not a boy cat and I am an orange kitty right? Oh maybe I ma more kinda like a yellow kitty..but no Alley was yellow and Ivey is yellow I am not the same as them. Does this mean I should have been a boy? or am I a rare orange girl cat you know like the "NatCat"? If I am a rare orange girl cat wonder if I am as rare as a calico boy cat?
ummm just some thing that makes me go ummmm.
tiny mighty moemoe out.


a rose is a rose by an other name

September 25th 2011 12:11 am
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and a moemoe is still a moe moe by any other name MOL. See when mom first fostered all of us she gave us names and they all stuck except for mine (yea that is why our calico is a calie and that tiny cat is still tiny tot in name only and alley was alley cat)
Okay so focus on me my foster name was ..... ready "peanut" yea mom had a yellow boy cat that was a peanut cat when she was little. Dad didnt like that name when they choose to keep us all he wanted to rename me, so mom said maybe she can be a "morris" well dad said "noooo" that is like calling a calico callie MOL
see what what they did to calie but that's because "alley and callie were the girl girls" that name stuck.
Okay so back to me,then dad said how about "moe" oh I was listening but nobody cared or heard, I am a GIRL is that a girl name? No it's not but I have come to like it and of course "tiny might moe" so fits me and MoeMOe says to me "moma loves moemoe"
Oh yea and when we first got here we were the "four stoogies" MOL Alley, Callie, Tiny, Moe.


chicken soup for the kitty lovers soul!

September 25th 2011 10:58 pm
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Dad got mom a book titled like this diary, several years ago and mom loved it.(daddy is almost as good to mom as he is too us kitties MOL) She said it is so good and it is all about kitties and their kitty luvin humans, of course it is by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jennifer Quasha cause they write the chicken soup for the soul stories! Now this week dad got mom another one of their books "chicken soup for the soul" and it is "my cat's life" all new kitty stories as told by their moms and dads.
If any of your pawrents like to read, you gotta have them get these books, and the first one is now at half price book stores.
One more thing is that there is a place in the book where pawrents can send their kitties's story and have it published in their next book! Mom just might be sending one of our stories now she wishes she would have done it years ago when she got the first book, and the story of Skids long life would have been in this one.
Just thought there might be some readers out there reading my diary (haha no pun intended) that might enjoy these books.


let me get my own

October 6th 2011 9:41 pm
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That is what we told mom tonight at play time. She always makes time for group play time with us (2 sessions 1 with ivey in it and 1 non-ivey cause she is still too mean to me) and she picks the toys we can play with so tonight after playtime she laid the toys on the table and got us some treats and dinner. Later she came back to the table (after Ivey was put away for the night) and sat at the computer which happened to be on the dinning room table where she had left the toys, so first callie then tiny and then me, tiny mighty moe we all jumped up there and gave her a questioning look to see if she would scold us cause she does not like it when we get on the table and we know it but the toys were there so one by one we each took our favorite toy in our mouth and took off with our "kill". Mom thought we were cute so she let us play with them for a while and then she took them away cause they are all supervised play toys only :( sad sigh. Well I guess its time to nite nite any way.
tiny mighty moe out.


did you see it

October 24th 2011 11:19 pm
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Little Boy wrote about it, it's or newest present from mom and dad, a kitty scratch house! If you like boxes I know you will love it, there is a scratcher in the box!


NO do not pick her up.

October 28th 2011 10:36 pm
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Tonight when mom came home I ran over to greet her and she said "hey moemoe" then dad told mom "pick her up and hug her" (that is what dad does when he sees me) so mom reached for me but I said "don't pick up the momemoe, don't pick her up, no don't pick her up" as I moved away I continue mumurrmering to both of them. Then she did grab me anyway so I very loudly told her "no means no!" dad laughed at me! He and mom say my voice is waaaay to loud for my tiny mighty moemoe body, but I made my point and when she put me down I walked away making more little murmmeriing sounds. Really I think they need to learn more kitty talk, I am doing my best to learn their lingo, "come here, you want dinner, playtime" Can't we meet in the middle? I learn a word or two and then you learn some kitty lingo. Start with mmeeeeeooroow! is equal to Please stop what you are doing it displeasing me greatly.
I don't mind a little kitty luvin but I will be sure to let them know when I want it and that comes across as a very gentle meeow.
tiny mighty moe out.


Oh what a tease!

November 1st 2011 8:00 pm
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We have a bird in our house (sorry tabbies but it's all mom) and bird watching is so fun for us. I sit for hours on my tree and look out the window at the birds. Mom puts food out for them and we get all kinds of birds there but we cannot touch them or smell them or taste them..ooh ok so as I saying.....
Mom has this bird in it's ow little house inside our house and it gets his own room. We can go in his room if mom is home but when she is not we are all locked out of there. SO tonight Ivey and I (yea the two of us not buddies just a common interest) were watching the bird and Ivey got to close so mom said NO IVEY! and she backed away, well that crazy bird
s-t-e-r-e-t-c-e-d his wing waaaay out and moved to the bottom of cage just so teasing me to grab him. So I got on two legs and touched it his cage (no I did not slap it) lightly with my paw. Mom said my name like this "mooooeee!!" and I looked at her and back at the bird he just looked down his beak at me and chirped! oooh it is a good thing mom is there. Mom doesn't think I want to hurt him, she left me in the room with him the other night hehehaha she thought I had left the room and she closed his door with me in the room!!! MOL he was fine the next morning and I was well rested.
Tiny Mighty Moe out.

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