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from Mom: Hallelujah!

September 19th 2011 7:38 am
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They had a two hour playing session - yes, together! - this morning! Tink was very gentle, not bapping, no claws out, just kind of tapping at Snow. They did that thing where one chases the other to the end of the apartment, then they come tearing back out in reverse-positions! What a riot!


DOTD & playing

September 22nd 2011 9:32 am
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I am Diary of the Day!!! YAY!! This is SO awesome - I'm LOVING it!!
Snow and I now play all the time and we don't have any problems sleeping in the same bed with mom. Mom says she already loves Snow because he's adorable, but she also said she loves me more now than she ever has!! It's because I'm so gentle when playing with Snow. I might bite "at" his butt, but I haven't nipped him at all. I tap him but there's been no smacky-paw. Mom knows at some point it will get out of hand, or I won't be in the mood but Snow will keep pushing my buttons, but we haven't had a skirmish yet!! We play all sorts of games, and I'm having SO much fun!! No more chasing imaginary enemies - I have a real playmate now!!
Luv and thanks to all, Tink


Thank you's for DOTD last Thursday

September 26th 2011 2:48 pm
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Thank you to all my wonderful furriends for helping me to celebrate my DOTD last week, including:

Calie & Furmily - Pirate Flag
Luke, Tully & Furmily - Pink Ribbon
Sleeper & Samhain - Baseball
MILO & Furmily - Heart
Grace(concats on COTD!) - Football
DA TABBIES - Pink Ribbon
Indiana - Heart
Mikki, Milo, Mimu & Furmily - Heart
Tasha - Ice Cream
Kally Kat - Pink Ribbon
Smiley Casanova - Pink Ribbon
Elsa - Heart
Monida - Heart
Teddy Bearz & Furmily - Crown
Finney, Lacey & Alex - Diamond
Skylar & Furmily - Diamond
Gump & Nadia - Cupcake

And for the lovely mementos:
Tundra & Furmily
Zach (& Zoe & Griswold)
Teddy Bearz & Furmily
Big Harry at KCK
The Bush Furs
Xena Princess Warrior & Furmily

Thanks for all the comments and support - I had a wonderful day!!
Now, here's what's happening lately:
I'm playing like a kitten most of the time, Snow keeps me very well-occupied. But one thing was really bugging me: the back of his head is dirty!! He washes everywhere else, but I guess his momma did this for him. I kept trying to get him to be still, but he wouldn't! Finally, today when he was sacked out I went up and started washing the back of his head. Then he did something I didn't expect - he woke up enough to wash my ear for me!! It didn't need it, but still, it was kinda nice!!
So, we're getting more and more used to each other!!
Luv to all, Tink


That is One Heckuva Spy!!

October 11th 2011 9:50 am
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Our Diary of the Day is a SPY!! The big secret is he's a kitty disguised as a Doberman who is bringing back top secret info about Dogster!! MOL!
(That's the only explanation that makes any sense)
Luv to All, Tink


New Photos!!

October 16th 2011 4:09 pm
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YAY!!! We are getting new photos finally!!! I only had 3 photos, but Mom has wanted to get more all this time!

Nanny(Mom's mom) came over & dropped off their camera, which is digital, Mom gets to keep it all week, so we'll be adding the best of our pics all week!! I'm SO excited! Check out the two new pics of me and two new ones of Snow. There's more coming!

Meanwhile, Nanny got to meet Snow, and, as usual, it's a lovefest between me & Nanny!! She took care of me for about six months when Nana(mom's grandmother) was sick. Nana was my original owner.
Naturally, when I heard the knock at the door, I ran to see who it was!! It's my wunnerful Nanny!!! And now we get new photos!


Penn State scandal

November 8th 2011 3:46 pm
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Of course, because we live in Central PA, we are practically MANDATED to be Penn State fans. WE love them because they have a big cat as their mascot, a Nittany Lion. The coach, JoePa, should have reported the abuse allegations to officials as well as the admins of the university. Whenever a child is in danger, we as human beings are obligated to do THE MOST we can, not the least. JoePa did the least and we cannot condone that. It allowed further contact and additional victims. With his influence, if he had stood up for the victim, he could have made a positive impression on many, many people, who might have gone on to report abuses they may have witnessed. I just can find no good reason why he did the minimum.
JoePa is almost 85 years old and he has now broken the record for college-game victories at 409. He made it this far, but now it's time for him to go.


Dedicated to Newman, Leo Lovebug, & Hunter

November 16th 2011 7:47 am
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A poem:

Did a newmie
in my roomie
but some stuck -
I tried to zoomie,
but, alas,
My floofy pants
would not let go -
I tried to prance,
butt in the air -
the dangles danced
but stuck right there!
So I gave up
and went to bed.
- Tink the Cat


Free Presents in the Gift Shop

December 24th 2011 8:32 am
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Mommy was going to write a diary entry for each of us, but since there are free prezzies, she's going to give them to as many kitties as we can before she has to leave for the day!! Merry Christmas Happy Chanukah Happy New Year!!! Luv to All, Tink


Please Light a Candle for Moma Ivey's Family - Let's try this again

January 10th 2012 9:11 pm
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Okay, so I'm going to try putting a link at the bottom. I don't know how links work, because Catster changed it and mom does it with direct code that she has to type out, the old-fashioned way! Well, so that didn't work, we had to delete that version and start again. Mom will type out the address this time so you can copy it into your browser to get there. If it doesn't work, she'll try again giving specific instructions. Geez, Catster!

This link is to Light A Candle for Ivey. Please light a candle for Moma Ivey's family. Many of you have the link already & the Group Name is "Ivey". 1193391 is her ID if you want to visit on Catster. She is the biomom of some of these kitties of the family of Booboo, littleboy, Calie, Tiny Tot, and Tiny Mighty Moe. She was feral-ish, but was brought inside into the family, and though it took a lot of time and patience(and hissing), she finally fit into the family, and became a real mommy's-girl.

I hate to even tell you this next, awful part of the story.

Her mommy came home to find her gone, there, yes, dead. No apparent reason and she had been fine & checked by the dad just an hour before that. Her mommy is devastated and unable to say anything about it now. It was all she could do to let anybuddy know.

I know, it's just a heartbreaking story, one that has happened to some of us and we hope won't happen to anyone else. We are heartbroken FOR her. All my mom did was cry last night after she heard about it; she looked like she had been hit by a truck this morning! These are dear furriends of ours, and we experienced Ivey's journey through them as it happened.

Please include them in your purrayers. Please light a candle to show them support. Please hold your own babies just a little tighter, and give them a kiss for Ivey. Luv to all, Tink g&gi=Ivey


Punxantawney Phil Is Simply Ridiculous - An Expose by Tink the Cat

February 1st 2012 12:01 pm
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1) This is ALL obviously some kind of sinister conspiracy. A RODENT Meteorologist? Who voted for him? Most of the time, he doesn't even wait until the sun comes up. Tomorrow he will rise from his den, in the middle of the storm, at the one moment when the clouds part, see his shadow, then BAM! WE, who reside above ground, are SENTENCED to six more weeks of winter!! A CAT would be too busy napping to do this kind of widespread damage. We'd say, "I'm busy, tell 'em I didn't see a THING!"

2) Punxie is only about 2 hours due east of us, but for approximately 1,500 cat years it has been completely overcast where we are, yet he SOMEHOW manages to see his shadow. Even when we send him VERY CLOUDY THOUGHTS.

3) He sends his erroneous message to the BURDS in Florida. They heed the call for six more weeks of winter, so they don't show up for about 42 MORE days! (It exhausted me to figure that one out.) I depend on said BURDS for entertainment, so I am destined to four extra, above-and-beyond, NAPS a day. Until well into MARCH. I'm TIRED of sleeping! (need a nap to get over it - brb...)Sorry, DA TABBIES!

4) WHO are his HANDLERS??? Pomp & Circumstance, Victorian-Era garb, a Town Decree? It's all so LAST CENTURY! He'd do MUCH better with a Facebook Campaign & a few well-placed tweets(LOVE that word!) Still, for the MOST fun possible, elect a CAT. It would be bright, fun and AWESOME on Catster, with presents and MUCH BETTER FOOD. Catster Mommies Rule!

5) He is obviously high-strung. THIS is what you get when you assign an important job to a VARMINT. He cracks under the pressure and runs away at the sight OF HIS OWN SHADOW. What?! "Scaredy-CAT", my everlovin' tailbase! When I see MY shadow, I POUNCE on it! They need to give that gopher a Xanax! Then let him sleep - all the way thru March! Don't ask, don't tell. Do us all a favor!

6) NOT a media darling at all. Just LOOK at that face(if you dare)!! Beady eyes, buck teeth, not exactly soft & cuddly, no graceful moves, no adorable antics - and what is UP with that tail??? Manx & Bobtails have backends that look a THOUSAND times better. These CRITTERS must have dirt diets, or they wouldn't be called ground-hogs. I mean, who would come up with a name like THAT if it wasn't true? And, of course, we all know that you are what you eat.

IN CONCLUSION: Punxsutawney Phil, I am so sorry that you were handpicked to take over for the old Punxsutawney Phil. They couldn't even be bothered to give you a new name like Punxsutawney Paul or Punxsutawney Punk, because they have the local myth that your cocktail-of-choice, Punxsutawney Punch, has kept one "Phil" alive for 110 years, even though your life span is more like 10 years. You're probly even A GIRL, but who but another groundhog(or not) would be able to tell? I'm sure you were just minding your own business, digging your FOUR HUNDRED THOUSANDTH tunnel when they nabbed you. Nothing personal - but this business of seeing your own shadow, especially considering that you're PRACTICALLY BLIND, has GOT TO STOP.

whew! GLAD to get THAT off my chest! back to napping....prrrrp, Tink

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