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Precious's Prairie Prattle

Cadillacs,Goldie Locks and Deluxe Pampering

January 23rd 2013 3:13 pm
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Well, I'll pop in and report on myself.
I'M STILL NOT 100%...The pain meds. the Fur Doc
gave Gpa helped. I ate better,was less restless
and more comfortable. However, whatever, it was
they gave Gpa....a kitty paws can only take it
for 3 days.

I have Expanded my places to curl up and rest
these old bones. I've added the office swivel
bad back chair. Under and on a padded extra
kitchen chair sitting outside the office. A
well padded Fur bed,placed neatly in a canvas
lawn chair in the sunroom. Angel Baby's extra
large pillow bed. Gma says, "I'm still looking
for more comfort! It's like Goldie Locks and
the Three Bears! I haven't found just Right!"

I'm using Gpa's lap when I can. Still perching
on the soft loveseat in the sunroom. I still
must check out the weather without going outside.
My appetite still isn't normal but I'm eating
enough. I tend to eat more than I need....

APARTMENT IN THE SKY! Mazy, the little doxie who
is my fur-sis and puts up with my catness....She
has a Brand New Rectangular, Extra Soft, extra
thick,extra fuzzy cranberry red box style bed!

The other day she was off sleeping under a blankie
on a chair or something????? I thought, she's not
using this...I'll give this a TRY! Well, it is
the Cadillac of small beds! I JUST LOVE IT! I
curled up,went right to sleep,staying there for

the REAL SHOCK IS: Mazy didn't growl,make me move
or pitch a fit! She just looked at me like, What
are you doing???? Kinda shook her head, with big
eyes and looked to Gma for answers. Gma said,
"Mazy-Precious still has ooowwwies...let her use
your bed! If she really likes it, we will buy her
one too!" Mazy trotted off leaving me to snuggle
in and rest myself. I was so very HAPPY!

meowied by: Precious


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