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Interview with the Vamp-cat

On Oktober 2010

November 1st 2010 7:20 pm
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Last month was a bit hectic. I came to a new home, which I'm now very comfortable in, then two cats came through, though the first one I never really saw. Shortly after that one left the last time, Mama was crying a lot, and just wanted to hug me. The second one became my older sister. Her and I really didn't get along at first. I think she was pms-ing, but ever since she's put on that menacing cone, she's gotten nicer, slowly. We're friends now... sort of.... I'm sure I'll like her if I give it time. I just wish she'd play with me more!!


Oktober 2010-- I can haz noo haus nao?

October 7th 2010 7:44 pm
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Hai thar. Mai naem iz Louis (pronounced "loo-EE") an dis iz mai laif storee.

Soooo... I used to be a stray until someone took me to Citizens for Animal Protection, aka CAP. I was about to go to Petsmart again, until the woman there put me into the arms of this girl with this scarf on her head that tantalized the other kitties. But I was resistant of its charms!! She sat down in a chair and put me in her lap and then arbitrarily decides she'll take me home.... Ok.... Whatevs. I also begin sneezing some.

But then I'm put back in the cage, and next thing I know, I'm in a room with some lights and I fall asleep, then wake up to find a cut on my crotch with a couple of round appendages missing. That doesn't bother me so much as the itchiness on the cut, but it's getting better.

But anyway, later that day, that girl with the scarf comes in and-- lo and behold-- I'm put in a cardboard box and am carried away by her in a metal machine with four wheels. After riding that, and not feeling too hot, the box is opened again and she lifts me up and sticks me in a litter box.

But let it be known, despite my new surroundings, I was amazing and did NOT hide under the bed, couch, or any other piece of furniture.

But the next day, I felt really REALLY bad, and my new owner, who lets me sleep with her on a little bed on her bigger bed, took me down to a clinic. I felt so bad, I wasn't too traumatized by the doctor, or the other dogs. But then the animal doctor gave my owner medicine to give me. And it. Is. DISGUSTING. She claims she has to give it to me, and that she doesn't enjoy it anymore than I do, but I think she secretly takes a little bit of sadistic pleasure in it. (Do not!)

But that's ok, because she gives me a lot of love and attention, so I forgive her within an hour. I am starting to get better, but she did take me down to an animal stuff store and insisted pulling me around on a leash. //sigh// Whatevs, mama.

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