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Tales from Sophia

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Furever Home!

September 26th 2010 3:04 pm
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Yesterday, I flew from North Carwowina to Wisconsin to my furever home! I'm only 11 weeks old and flew all by myself! My momma was Nellie and we wived at Auntie Vanessa and Uncle Kevin's house, they were my pawrents until I found my home.

Uncle Kevin took me to the airport and told me that I was going to my furever home and told me to be a good girl, and I was. My new pawrents drove to Chicago to pick me up. When my plane awwived, I was taken off by a nice man and given to my momma, who was anxiously awaiting fur me! My new daddy and auntie were also there. Against auntie's better judgement, momma took me out of my travel crate and picked me up and held me. I loved my momma right away. Then we took a train to the car and auntie let me out and gave me some kibble, boy I was hungry and played with me until I fell asweep in momma's arms.

My former name was Calliope, but momma said that my new name was Sophia Wauren *looks at momma* oops, it's Sophia Lauren - I have some twouble with my L's and R's. MOL!

I have two kitty sisfurs, Bewwa and Tawwy and a doggie sisfur, Nikki. Me and Nikki are pwetty good furiends now, and Bewwa is okay with me, but Tawwy is mad. I'm twying to tell Tawwy that I'm Tigger little foster sisfur, but haven't had the chance.

Daddy says that I'm a little spitfire, I'm already jumping and crawling all over the furniture and running around the house.

Bewwa even gave me one of her beds! Thanks Bewwa!!

I think I'm weally gonna love it here! I want to say a special purr to Auntie Vanessa and Uncle Kevin for taking such good care of me and my furmily and I will always love you!




September 29th 2010 6:47 am
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Hi! Hi!!!

I went to the vet yesterday! I weigh 3.05lbs now! I'm growing so fast!!! MOL! I do have ear mites though, the nice nurses cleaned my ears out fur me and the doctor gave me a treatment and then gave me a shot!!! I tried to run fast, but he caught me! I hopped away and gave him a hiss! MOL!!!

I'm weally starting to feel comfowtable, and I stay out in the living woom with mom, dad, Nikki and even Tawwly comes out. She hisses at me somefing tewwrible, but I hiss back and then I walk away. I fink Bewwa likes me though, we were nose to nose last night, and then I hissed at her, and she looked at me like I was crazy. I am crazy! That's what mom says!

Mom is working from home today, and I am being "awful" at weast that's what she keeps telling me. I run on the keyboard, and play wif her pen, and I keep pawing at the screen monitors. She tells me that I need to take a nap.

Nope! No nap yet! I'm not done crawling around causing twouble!! MOL!!

Oh! There's that pen..........



I'm Freeeeeee!!!!

October 3rd 2010 5:57 pm
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I'm free!!!

That means I am no longer confined to my "room" while mom & dad are gone or sleeping at night! Mom says that I was tewwible! Because as soon as she put me in my room for "sweepy time" I would cry and cry and then bang at the door and then run my paws along the vent making a very loud noise! MOL!!!

Mom would have to come in and cuddle with me and give me kisses, and pet me while I nibbled my bedtime snack, and then maybe, just maybe I'd be quiet. That lasted fur a week. However, they decided that I've been weally good with Bewwa and Tawwy that they would see how a night went.

Well it went great! In my pwetty little green eyes! I jumped and ran and hopped all over the bed, all over mom, all over dad, pwayed with the blinds, the comforter and just about anything I could get my paws on. Finally around 1:30am daddy did put me in my room for a little while but then let me out around 5am. Of course I did the exact same thing. Later, I heard dad tell mom that he only slept for a couple of hours. *blushes*

Last night, I was a little better, but I did notice the tassle on the curtain, and ended up hanging by my paw as I spun around, I heard mom laugh, but then she said, "SOPHIA LAUREN - NO!!!!" I don't think I was suppose to do that.

Things are going furry well here, I think that Tawwy is getting better with me, she keeps following me around, but then I hop around and hiss and then she looks at me. Bewwa is pwetty mellow and just watches me run around like a possessed kit.

Maybe I am!!

Nighty night!!



I am home

October 9th 2010 6:43 pm
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I can offically say that I am now at home. I love my new home furry much. I still do think of my old home, with my momma, and brofurs and sisfurs and of course Auntie Vanessa and Uncle Kevin and I still miss them, but I am so furry happy here!

Me and Nikki are buddies and I stopped hissing at Bella, and now I follow her around and when she eats, I come running and eat with her. Sometimes I chase her and she just looks at me and then we also sit by the back door together. I'm still working on Tally though. She's a tough one. I've been pulling out all my kittenish charm, but she's not buying it - yet. MOL!

My mommy gets to work from home a couple of days a week, and when she's here, I crawl up her leg, shuffle her papers, paw at the monitor and then cuddle up next to her on the chair. I also taste test her muffin every morning - have to make sure it okay before she eats it! *grins*

During dinner, I sit right on the table, and I give daddy my cutest look ever and he sneaks me a nibble. I'm pwetty sure that momma knows, but she doesn't say anything. When it's sweepy time, I run and jump all over the bed, sometimes hopping straight up in the air and then pounce on absowutley nothing. It's funny at first, but then mommy says, "Sophie! NO!" For some reason, I think I'm going to have to ask Lilac and Lolly about being a McNoNo, because I've been hearing alot of No! No! No! MOL!

I am so comfortable and feel like I have been a part of this furmily fur-ever! I love my sisfurs, and my mommy and daddy. I have a HUGE basket of toys, I have no idea how I'm ever going to be able to pway with all of them, but I'm sure twying hard!

Mom says that I'm a talker, I do have alot to say, especially when I feel like I'm being ignored. Mom says that I have something called a "calico" attitude, I'm not sure what that means, but that's just me!!!

Uh oh! I see mommy's swipper... gotta get it!!

Happy mews,


No kitties fur me!!!

October 30th 2010 2:09 pm
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Hi everycat!

I should have known something was going on when daddy was home yesterday and there was no kibble. Hmmm. Anycat, mommy brought out my carrier and in I went.

I cried a little in the car and then we went to see Dr. Troy. More shots? Nope! I was having a "procedure". They weighed me and I now weigh 4 lb, 13 oz! I'm growing fast!

When I got there, there was a little boy, he was 12 weeks and he was having the boy "procedure". So, the tech put me in a suite right next to him! I tried my hardest to get his attention, but he didn't want anything to do with me. Am I not pretty enough?

My surgery went furry well! I have to take some medicine in an eye dropper, we'll see how mommy does that later! MOL!!!!

When I saw mommy, I ran over to her and rubbed up against her arm and purred and purred and purred! I was so happy to see mommy! Right now, I'm taking it easy, as my tummy is kind of sore, but I did jump up on the counter *giggles* and then went and ate! I'm hungry!!!

Tonight mom & dad are having a Halloween party, so I might have to spend the night in the bedroom, but mom said she'll see because I'm being so mellow right now.

Happy Halloween!!!




November 8th 2010 11:01 am
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My surgery went well, I never picked at my incision and it healed gweat! My fur is starting to come in, I hope it does soon, because mommy says that winter is coming soon and I need all my fur!

Mom says I'm growing so fast and getting more sassy. Me? I don't think so! I love my furmily so much! Me and Nikki are the best of buds even when she chases after me, and I think me and Tally have finally become furriends and me and Bella are buddies too!

Me and Bella have been pwaying and pwaying alot! Sometimes I try and put her in a headlock and then she nips at my ear - it's fun!

I'm a talker, and when I want mom I cry and cry until I hear her say, "I'm right here Sophie" and then I come running. I love my mommy, I love daddy too, he's got the best wap ever!

I've been real good with my medicine too, I just open my mouth an daddy gives me my liquid and I don't even try to squirm away.

I'm so happy and I just love life!!




December 7th 2010 5:33 pm
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Hi kitties!!

I'm growing up so fast, at least that's what mom and dad tell me all the time!!! I had my first Thanksgiving and got some stuff called turkey. It was pretty good, Tally really liked it!!!

We celebrated mommy's birthday and daddy took her usual picture with her cake and with me!!! Mommy said she had a picture with everyone else so it was my turn!! Yay!!!

Mom and dad put up something called a tree! Wasn't sure what that meant, and then me and Bella played in the box with all the branches and then I chewed on the box. *giggles*

I've been really good, not chewing on the tree, and I've only knocked off one ornament. That's pretty good for a 5 month old!! Then one night I decided to chew on the lights and mom laughed as my mouth turned orange! That's when mom called me a sassy cat!!!

So, me and Bella play all the time and even Tally plays with me. I just love my sisfurs so much! I love Nikki and really love mom & dad. Momma even made me my own stocking!! Bella told me that Santa Paws fills those stockings on Catmas.

I'm a little confused, so if anycat could tell me about this Santa Paws that would be great!!

Happy Holidays!!!



Diary Pick?

December 10th 2010 3:28 pm
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OMC! I got chosen as a diary pick today! To tell the truth, I had no idea what that meant!! MOL! Then mommy said, "Sophie, you're a diary pick today and that means that every kitty on Catster will see your page!" Holy cats! Thank cat that mom changed my wallpaper just in time!!!

*giggles* So, mom has been wondering if Nikki has been eating our kibble during the day, because the bowl is almost empty when they get home, and then when mom picked me up, she realized that I'm the one eating all the kibble! I told her it's because I'm a growing kit and I hafta get big like my sisfurs! MOL!!!

*looks at self* I think I look pretty good! I got nice legs and soft, shiny fur, so I'm doing okay!!!

Thanks HQ fur picking me today and I wish everycat the happiest, bestest Meowy Catsmas ever!!!



New Year!

January 24th 2011 8:37 am
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Hi everycat!

I haven't updated my diary in awhile (momma!)

I'm now 7 months old and a big girl! Auntie says she can start to see a "pooch" on me... I looked, but I'm not sure what she's meowing about! MOL!

So, my first Catsmas was furry exciting! I was really good with the tree, with the exception of knocking the snowman off the tree and once trying to bite a light, but other than that, I didn't bother it much. Much to mommy and daddy's surprise!

Me and Bella are the best of buds, I snuggle up and sleep with her whenever I get a chance. And me and Tally are getting along good too! She still growls at me when I'm having my "witching" hour but we chase each other around the house. And of course, Nikki is my buddy too. Sometimes I help her finish her supper and momma says "No, Sophie that's Nikki's food!" MOL!

Yesterday was furry exciting.... momma tried to put the Packer bandana on me, and I wasn't cooperating furry well, but she managed to get a picture. Grandpaw and Auntie came over and we all watched the football game yesterday and the Packers won!! We're going to the Super Bowl! Not sure what that means, but if it means that there's going to taco dip on the table again, I'm all fur that!!! MOL!

Today, momma is trying to clean up the files and I keep sliding on the papers and trying to rip them up and mommy keeps telling me, "Sophie, NO!!!" But I'm doing it anyway!!!

I am just one happy kitty! I love my home so much and I love my furmily and I'm just HAPPY!!!!

Oh! There's more paper on the floor..... gotta go!!



A day fur love?

February 13th 2011 1:24 pm
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Mommy says tomorrow is Valentine's Day... not sure what that is. Dad says its a "hallmark holiday" and mom laughs and told me that they've been together too long and all mom wants is fur daddy to take the garbage out.

I've celebrated alot of firsts this year and they've all been fun! This morning I woke mom up by nipping at her feet at 5:15am, she says that I haven't learned the time yet. She keeps telling me Saturday and Sunday they get to sleep in, but I guess I just don't understand or just don't want to listen. I think it's that I don't want to listen.

I'm a kit with my own mind and I do what I want, whenever I want. MOL! That's what makes me - me!!!

I wish everycat a Happy Valentine's Day!!


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