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Cant wait till next year!

December 26th 2011 11:40 am
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Cat O Cat what a fun Time my second Christmas Whee!

This was even better than last years! I don't know how that could be but it was! I had great fun with my brofurs and helped Pops get his prezzies out of the bag. He got some really good cat books but he does not lay on them he props them open and looks in the insides. Funny Hoomans!

I am all worn out from the Noms and Play do I am heading back to my own personal Sleeping Bag!

Thanks to all our furends fur being, well, furends! That is what life if all about! The little things! Caring!

See you before the New Year you cool cats!

Rumpy Bump


Happy Dayz!

December 25th 2011 6:21 am
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Wowzers Meowzers Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to all our furends!

Thanks so much fur being a part of our lives! You are all very special furs and this goes fur your wonderfur pawrents too!

Rumpy Bump


But Santa I promise...

December 11th 2011 4:20 pm
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I really hope Pops does not tell Santa-Claws about my, uh, mistake. I mean really how could a cat know that those toys were gifts and...

Buddy:"RUMPERS! Youz be elongatin the truths. It plain as treaterz dat dem goods were gifti-cats! Youz jus run up an grab-em-up"


Oh cat oh cat!
Woe is me.

Timmy:"Maybe if you say you will be Pops helper?"

YEAH Thats the ticket!

Hey Pops!
*Rumpy run off*


Im going to be a Santa-Claw's Helper Helper!

December 9th 2011 4:37 pm
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Hey thanks furs fur the support! I had my harness on all day today to get used to it again and I am going up with Pops to be his Helper when he dresses up to help the real Santa Claws spread cheer to needy pets.

Yeah Cat!

So I also would like any of my furiens who may feel the spirit to drop me an pawmail if you would like to swap cards this holiday!
It is great fun

Purrs and Bonks
Rumpy Bump!


Should I or??

December 7th 2011 6:46 am
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Yo friends.
Pops wants me to be his side-kick while he is a helper fur Santa-Claws. Maybe so. Maybe not so. Hmmm. I mean I used to go to events but then there was the flea issue. Then there was my burn and I got out of all that. Well I gots to think on this fur shur.
Rumpy Bump


Ye-Ha its fun to be ME!

November 20th 2011 7:44 am
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Hi Furs!

Have a grrrrreat Thanksgiving! Tell your Moms and Pops just how special they are for taking such good care of you.

So last week I was telling the Brofurs about my exploits down south before I was adopted by Pops. And they are really really really good stories too. Like when I escaped from the evil nasty and bad breeder by jiggling the cage open, jumping down to the floor, oh it must have been fifty feet or so, then I had to navigate my way over to the ventilation duct in the dark and get the screws out and, well you know, it was amazing. So I had remembered some details and wanted to tell the guys and... They walked away! Whats up with that! So I followed Pops around telling him. He does not know cat so it is not as much fun. Oh well. I think the Boys are jealous.


Pops tried a test. He got these cat treats called "Greenies". I think they have a special use for something hooman. I think Pops said "Pills"? So Timmy just sniffed and walked away. Now not passing up a treat I jumped in to finish them all and... YUCK! I spit it out.

Pops said: "They are healthy snacks!"

Yuck! So what. Just letting all of you know there are treats that are, well, not very treat like. Hard to imagine but true.

Well have to run and play with the Brofurs! HEY GUYS! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!



A busy day and then....

November 17th 2011 5:46 am
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It started like any other day.
Chase Buddy!
Whack Toby!
Push Tim as I get to my treats!
Get a treat!
Go up and whack Toby again!
Push Buddy!
Chase Tim!
Well how was I to know they didn't want to play?
So they all said I needed a time out!
Gee what is this? Some new cat thing? Geez-O-Cat!
Well I did my time and then all was forgiven.

I like to nibble Pops fingers! Not hard just like a light chew.
He just finished a book called "The Body Language and Emotions of Cats" by Myrna Milani DVM.

He says he now knows a lot more about why I act like I do. I think I am just fearless, but, he says it is because I did not learn cat etiquette from my Mom so do not know when to stop.


Nope! Fearless!
Rumpy Bump


Time Flies

October 2nd 2011 2:04 pm
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Gee furs looks like the summer is over around here.
Leaves are falling.
Nice and cool in the evening.
Days are shorter.
Well I for one am glad to see the hot and wet go. We had another 5 minute flood here on Friday and then this morning again. Like there is a bathtub pouring out for 5-10 minutes then, Poof, gone. Weird weather fur shur.

So I want to thank all my good furends who wished me well on my Got-Cha Day! It was a grand time! We had special treats and all! Purrfect.

So I have been a good boy lately. Pops is happy because I have not been chasing any cat over top of him at 3 am. I wait till 5am! MOL! No really I have been better. I have been having a good time with Da Bro's. Even Buddy.

We heard about the fosters too! Great! We want them to get homes soon so Pops spends Saturdays with us again. You may think thats selfish, and, well, it is! We are cats! MOL!

Purrs Furends!


My Very Special Day!

September 18th 2011 9:58 am
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Well it is here!
My Got-Cha Day!


A FULL Year with the Pops and Brofurs!

I am such a lucky cat. I do not know if you know, but, I came from Virginia. Pops was really looking for a Siamese or Sphynx kitty on

I have to give them the plug as they put us together.

I was adopted and Pops was going to look elsewhere and then he got the email "The adoption fell through. Do you want this kitten?". The rest is history.

Pops was waiting for me when the big truck came to PA at 6am

Right on time! Wow! I had to wait until very last at there were a bunch of doggies getting off and the cats are in a different part of the truck. A very nice touch I may add.

On the way home I kept reaching out of the crate and grabbing at Pops as I did not know he was "The One". I wanted this person to know I was a good cat and was really looking for a nice home.

I got here and stayed with the Fosters for a few days until I was all checked out and Pops was sure I was healthy. As if! Geez Dood! MOL!

So I am now an official part of the Tomcat Krew! MEOW!

I am so happy. I love my brofurs, in a man-cat way of course, and my Pops. *Whispers* Buddy too but don't let him know.

I have been being go... Ah I have been being better at night. I have settled into my own spot. I know I should not hog and push the brofurs off, but, I really spent a lot of time alone in a crate. Tim was here by 3 months. Toby was a young cat and had a home to grow up in. Buddy had a home for years. Me I was saved from a shelter.

I am furever grateful. Thanks Pops Thanks Doods!

No Mates I be talkin Like a Pirate fur da rest of the day!

Rumpy Bump!


Exciting things and and exciting day coming

September 10th 2011 8:33 am
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Well furs happy Caturday!

Glad the rain has stopped and hope you have all dried out.

Thanks to Spice fur the GREAT Got-Cha Day Photo! I was so surprised to see it in my paw-mail I just cannot stop purring! Wow! So nice!

So that is the exciting day. Now to the exciting thing.

I was exploring! Way way way way way way up high! Not high! Way way way high high high! Near the clouds. Next to the moon. It took great courage to get up there and I found wonderful things. Jewels and gold and...

*Buddy Yells Over*
"Youz didz nonna dat whut youz jus say! Youz jus be inda bafsroomz an get onda shelfz."

No no no! it was a big exciting adventure. And when I needed a hand getting back home Timmy came and helped carry all the wonderful...

Buddy: "Noez he did'n do dat! He jus yellz up ta jumperz and you skeered and he say JUMPERSZ an you did and datz dat."

Well... OK... Maybe there was no treasure. But it was high high and...

Buddy:"Youz furgetz dat Buddy Bud Livez in dat dere linen closertz fur a mont or 2 when Buddy Bud furst move herez. It all high high fur kitten. Not fur cat. You say tanks to da Timmerz! Yessir!"

Ah shucks. Well. Thanks Tim for helping me get down, ah, off the linen shelf.

Toby: "Is he talking about the shelf again?"

Buddy: "Yup"

Tim: "Comon cats. Give him a break. He's still a kid. We furget that cause he is so big but his breed takes 2 years at least to mature."

*Da Boyz all yell out* Rumpy we are just messin wit-cha! Youz a good Fur of ours! We are glad you came to live with us!

*Rumpy chokes up*
Thanks Cats! You really are a good bunch of furends! I am such a lucky cat. Meow!

Happy Caturday all!

Your fur Rumpy Bump

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