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Life As the Oldest Sisfur


January 10th 2011 2:56 pm
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There is nearly a foot of snow outside: the most I have ever seen. Strange because we live in Tennessee, or in the south. It's interesting because the two legged creatures keep going out there and then they come right back in freezing and shivering. They have also just put down the tree and lights recently. I just don't get it! They do it every year! They spend hours putting it up, keep it up there for a while and then they always end up taking it right back down!


Watching My Younger Simblings Live Their Lives (must read)

October 7th 2010 9:22 am
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As you probably know, I am aging away. Mom says I still have plenty of years left, at least maybe four or more, but my simblings are so much younger. Live life to the fullest; you know what they say. I may be an older-type cat, but I just have to keep living. My two younger simblings, Socko and Daisy, are just working on their hopes and dreams, and deep down, so am I. But with all I've been through, gosh cats, you've got so much to go.


No longer young.....

September 4th 2010 6:19 am
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I'm turning old, I am now twelve human years old, and I'd better not even mentipn how old I am in cat years. I don't know what to do really, I just would like to be young again, which will not happen!


Hi again

August 10th 2010 4:09 pm
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Nothing much happened today; just the usual. My humans have been going places very frequently lately, and I really don't fully understand why. I guess nothing is really important enough to include in my diary; except saying that pretty much everything that happened was the usual, that is. But anyway, be sure to groom your fur well, don't let your humans take over you too much, have a good day (and night, of course; we are generally nocturnal creatures here, after all) and let me only say this now: "By!"


Bored and Practically Stuck in a hole!

August 8th 2010 1:39 pm
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I've practically spent over half my day down in the basement with my tail curled up under my butt and my eyes looking out the window. The sun shines and glitters on my black, white, tan, and gray multi-colored fur as I squint with the sun in my rare bright green eyes. Why am I doing this, you ask? It is only because I must avoid being around other cats and people.


Team Up!

August 7th 2010 9:38 am
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Daisy and I are teaming up against that kitten. I'm the leader, and she's the follower. Sometimes, she likes to go along and do her own thing, or even feel sorry for the kitten, but it's still up to me to keep her under control.

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