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Growing up with Mac's Cat /Kitten food!

Fall stinks!

September 25th 2011 9:32 pm
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When it starts to get cooler outside, all of my pray,lizards, go into hiding :( that does not make me very happy. But since it is still quiet warm outside, I am still able to hunt them down and that makes me very happy! :) Meowma as been brushing all of us a lot more now that the weather is changing and I am growing my longer hair back in. I almost got all of my big white ruff back!


Meowma Said it is Valentines Day!

February 14th 2011 9:55 pm
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I do not know what P.C is talking about! I am the greatest Lizard hunter in the house! As P.C. would not come inside very much because he did not like me at first.I stalk them all the time and can not understand why they are not out when it is a bit chilly. Mom said it is because they can not move well when it is so cold outside. The cold does not bother me at all.
Mom gave me some of those Greenie things, Sootbal ate them before I could grab them :( Though I did get my own can of Nutro Max Cat, Kitten Chicken & Liver Formula. I made such a mess with it. As for that cat nip stuff... I just do not get it. Mom said to give me time and I might have to grow a bit more first.
I also got a few new toys to carry around. I just have to play with them when that big yellow dog does not have them..He thinks all my toys belong to him. Mom also brushed out all of my long silky fur with a Zoom Groom and a rake comb! She can do that all day! I was making biscuits the whole time!


Diary pick of the day!

February 5th 2011 10:29 pm
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Oh My Cat! I was DPOD once again!
Thank you for choosing me! Please check out my latest pictures!
Don't worry, those snakes can not get to me.
Mom said I best NOT slurp up one of her fish!mol....


Today is Groundhog day!

February 1st 2011 12:34 am
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Meowma said it has something to do with one seeing its shadow and more winter or something. Miss Puff , P.C. and Sootball have no clue what one is. But I knows what one is and it is a lot bigger than a mouse! I would be the first one to run up and grab it! Well that is if it was still sleepy and all...Because it may see the sun and be blinded and I can grabs it with no problems...
Wish me luck.
Mom just said we do not have Groundhogs here in Florida. =^^=. how sad, I guess I will just have to be content to torment those pesky lizards then..


Check out what Meowma just found

January 31st 2011 11:47 pm
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I have done this to the other cats in the house before!
If you have any dogs in the house, check this one out; e-blues/

and Meowma says, speaking of dogs, did you know that our favorite food is coming out with 3 different types of Grain Free for dogs? Yes The Natural Choice Dog Team is proud to introduce 3 NEW products to the NATURAL CHOICE Dog family: NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural
Turkey Meal & Potato Formula, NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural Venison Meal
& Potato Formula, and NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Large Breed Adult Natural
Lamb Meal & Potato Formula.
Meowma wants to let the dogs know that it is not out as of yet, but will be out in ether Feb. or March 2011. She can hardly wait to see how our dogs like. Now go find a box and scare some cat!


UTI'S and how to help prevent

December 15th 2010 4:35 pm
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Meowma was so worried about kitties having uti's and all. I was telling her that I am so glad she feeds me Nutro Max Cat, dry food as it was made to help prevent uti's,kidney,and bladder stones along with crystals. I stopped eating the Kitten because I liked the Adult Max Cat better and the Adults were eating my Kitten food. Though she was given two very small/young and sick bearded dragons. They did not make it so she buried them.I found them and brought them back to the sidewalk... and after the 3rd time of doing this... she let Dad dig a very deep hole to keep me away from them... I have not gotten to the again.
Like she said about the bed, Sootball actually went to sleep next to me the other night.. She also took a lot of other pictures of me and will be posting them soon. Keep warn every cat!


As I grow more and more!

November 30th 2010 2:02 pm
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The food I have been eating since July,is all natural, which is healthier,safer and tastier. It is also fortified with added vitamins and minerals. What I like is the fact that there are no additives such as artificial colors and preservatives. Every thing is naturally preserved. She said it maximizes nutrient delivery through (whole) ingredients. I do not know what that means, but I know I love my food! I can jump and get around because I am not over weight from any whole ground yellow corn or grits which may be found in some other foods. Best thing is the fact that there are no chicken by products, such can be heads, feet and intestines. Unlike my siblings, I have never caught anything but those small sidewalk lizards. I love to bring them in the house and play with them. Mom can usually see me coming in through the big doggy door with them in my mouth. So she will grab me before I can bring them inside. She keeps them in a big glass tank in the bedroom. She puts live crickets in there to make sure they are all safe and then she lets them go away from the house so I can not catch them again :(
I am getting bigger all the time, she was combing me out the other night and was shocked to see just how large my paws truly are! I was so happy she was combing me and it felt so good, I opened my front feet up real wide and placed one one her lag, leaving some claw marks in her skin. She did not get mad because I was not being mean, just real happy! Mom said she will get new pictures of me up soon.


Bringing my Toys in the house

September 30th 2010 3:11 pm
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Dad saw a lizard in my litter box the other night. Now Mom saw me bring one in today. She picked it up and put it back outside...
I looked for it but I could not find it :(
Meowma will have some new pictures of me up soon. I am now 8 lbs.
As I was fixed last week Thursday,I did not know I was broke. But after Meowma caught me going pee on the leather dog couch... I went to the vet and they fixed me and gave me a something called a microchip. I also got a rabies shot... rabies??? I do not want that, but Meowma said it was to help prevent me getting it. I am so glad.
Mac's Cat


Meowma told me of a great way to get me to take my pillz!

September 30th 2010 3:04 pm
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Meowma had to give me a pill for worms and I would have nothing to do with it! So she got out a Pill Pocket treat and I loved it! Meowma said I never even knew that a pill was in there! Here is a link she found . It was written buy an independent Woman on Petanim. I do not know any of that. Mol. I just love them and want them all the time. Esp since the Pug gets a pill everyday! I think I should get a treat too!

Mac's Cat


As I grow!

August 14th 2010 1:41 am
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Meowma has had me for 2 months and 1 week today. When she first rescued me from "Lots Of Love Pet Rescue", I was only 4 lbs and had a few places on top of my feet that were missing hair. Now all the hair is growing back and and my coat is no longer dull. I have gained weight and am at 5.4 lbs, but my bio will not let Meowma put that in, it wants to put me in as 45 lbs.. now that would be one FAT kitten..
I have been dragging out all the dust bunnies from under the furniture that she has not moved to clean under.. mol you would think she would do that with her allergies to dust mites and all. But now that I am doing that, she has been a bit more diligent with here cleaning.
P.C. and I are getting along rather well. But Miss Puff still hisses and yells at me. Sootball is starting to like me a bit more. At least he tolerates me and does not run out all the time when he sees me.
I must admit though that I ma not happy with all the ADULT cats eating my dry food! They have not been kittens in a few years. Mol. Mom said that as long as they do not start to gain weight and that they still had access to there Adult dry,this was alright. Since they are not getting fat, I guess I will have to shear. Though I do get first eats when she puts wet food out!! Yumm

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