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My first day in my new forever home!

July 4th 2010 3:15 pm
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Hi Everyone!
My name is Rose (used to be Cali). I was brought to Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary about a year and a half ago because my former family's home was foreclosed on.

My other brothers and sisters got adopted but people were afraid to adopt me because I'm older. While I was at PetsMart I met these nice volunteers who came to see me every week. I could tell they loved me but kept trying to resist adopting me.

Finally, they came to their senses and decided to add me to the family. I haven't really met my new brother and sister too much yet, they've spent most of the day hiding under the bed. However, I'm really happy to be in a new forever home and I'm loving having a Mom and Dad again.



Thank you!

July 7th 2010 7:10 pm
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome that you've given to me. I've gotten so many lovely comments, friends requests and rosettes, so I wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Dad and I played with a wand toy last night. Then Mom brought out this tunnel and that was really fun too. Callie and I were at opposite ends and almost touched noses.

I know that I'll win Teebo and Callie over because if they are scared or hiss/growl at me I'll just walk away and try again later. What can I say? I'm a lover, not a fighter.



OMC, I'm a DDP today!!!

July 9th 2010 8:09 pm
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What a way to start my time on Catster - as a DDP!!! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to congratulate me on being selected. I promise to do a more detailed thank you tomorrow, but I need some cuddle time with Mom and Dad as they got home late.

Thank you again!!!



My thank yous and my vet visit

July 10th 2010 9:02 am
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As promised, here are some thank yous to everyone who dropped by yesterday to help me celebrate my first DDP.

Pansy and family: A pretty pink ribbon and a picture (see my 2nd photo)

Ginger and family: A lovely red heart.

Sugar and family: A great beach ball to bat around.

Adam Dylan and family: A little ladybug to chase around the house.

Hooch and crew: A pink ribbon (how did you all know pink is my favorite color?)

Lucy and family: A beautiful heart

Tate: A yummy pink cupcake (what else would the cuppycake king send?)

Karma and family: A shiny trophy.

Diary comments from Lucy, Sugar, Rose and Oreo and the Williams gang of furs.

I also got a lovely note from Buddie and family.

Thank you again for helping to make my day so special!!

I just got back from the vet as I have a little bit of a URI. Mom and Dad have to give me 1/2 of a pill once a day. It took the vet tech 4 tries to get my first dose in me. Wonder how long it will take Mom and Dad (seriously Mom says she stinks at giving pills).


Update on me...

July 15th 2010 7:29 pm
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My URI is getting better and Mom is getting better at getting me to take my pill (drats!). They tried using a pill pocket but I just ate around the pill and spit it out.

I must admit to a slightly embarassing incident from my trip to the vet. I'm a fairly mellow cat so being at the vet didn't really phase me (though I wasn't crazy about getting my temperature taken).

I was laying down on the exam table and I kind of sort of ran out of room on the table and fell off. Not my most graceful moment but I hopped up right away like I meant to do it so I don't think anyone noticed that it wasn't intentional.



I'm famous!

August 13th 2010 8:28 pm
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Mom logged into Facebook and saw my lovely face! The Sanctuary where I used to live (Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary) was featuring all of its July adoptees...and there I was!

Feel free to check out the other cats and dogs that found their forever homes from Happily Ever After at the below location (sorry, I don't know how to do links). imal-Sanctuary-Inc/127945636937#!/album.php?aid=195856&id=12 7945636937&ref=mf


I don't like storms

August 20th 2010 10:59 am
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We had a bit of a storm this morning so I made sure to cuddle with Mom on her chest for a while until the thunder and lightning stopped.

After it stopped I cruised down to the end of the bed and slept by Mom's feet. To my pleasant surprise, Callie hopped up and laid on the side of Mom's legs, she was about 6 inches away from me. She's still not sure about me though, because when I tried to sniff her head she ran away.

On an odd but unrelated note I woke Mom up by licking her eyelid. She's not sure why and I'm certainly not telling!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Me first year as a pirate cat!

September 17th 2010 7:09 pm
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This is my first year as a pirate cat. I'm so excited. I found out my pirate name and my ship's name.

My name is Blue Patience Spencer
My ship's name is Miss Aritza First Sea

Now all I have to do is build a boat...Home Depot here I come!


Thanks for making the big 1 0 such a great day!

October 1st 2010 9:38 pm
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Just a quick note to say thank you for helping to make my first double digit birthday (and my first one in my new forever home) so great. I got some great cuddle time with Dad on the couch and we also got some tuna Greenies - yummy!

Well, I'm off to bed now, I'll make sure to do another thank you entry tomorrow.


Thank you thank you!!

October 3rd 2010 9:33 am
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I'm finally recovered from partying for my birthday. Thank you to all my friends for stopping by!

I got a pink cupcake from Sofie and family
blue cupcake from Orkney and the girls
Pink ribbons from Shadow and Pansy
Bat from Adam's family

Thank you again for helping me to celebrate!

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