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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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grammy!!! OMC!!!

February 20th 2014 10:29 am
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Hello all! I had a long angel day yesterday. I had to save my grandma's life. Me and all the other angel kitties were called to action in the biggest way. Mom wrote a long post on her Facebook page and will paste it here so she can explain everything that happened. Get ready for your jaws to drop!

From mom, last night: I'm home and mom is home too. This has been a day from hell. I lost 10 years of own life getting the life scared of out of me. so here's what happened. Last fall, mom fell in my sister's driveway. She has bad osteoporosis. She felt like she hurt herself but not that bad. Until recently, when she began experiencing terrible pain in her neck, shoulder and then yesterday her elbow. We thought it was just her osteoporosis. Little did we know. The doctor sent her to the hospital for a simple x-ray. they kept us there after the initial x-ray and said they needed a CT scan. Then they told us we couldn't leave. They came out of the room with a wheelchair and said we needed to get her into the ER NOW. They told me they found an abnormality in the scan and she needed surgery. Well she cannot go through surgery, she wouldn't live. She's already died twice before on the operating table because of her heart. I was losing it! I was alone and scared! they put a cervical collar on her and told me she had broken her neck in several places and she could become paralyzed. We were like "WHAT!?!!!" My sisters came and we didn't tell my dad anything because we didn't want him to have another heart attack. So my brother in-law-came to stay with him and keep him company. They called in two doctors from the neurospine center and when they came in and saw her scan, they told us that she's a walking miracle. There is no way she should not be paralyzed right now. But if she falls again, it could happen this time or we could lose her. They showed us her scans and MY GOD!!! She's a broken mess! yet she can still walk, feel everything, no numbness, move her bowels. She even went grocery shopping yesterday and drove herself! I swear I don't understand this and frankly neither do they. They said literally they've never seen anything like this in all of their years. But now she can't drive anymore, she cannot lift anything heavy and she has to wear that collar 24/7 for a very long time. She's extremely sick right now from the Morphine and throwing up. I don't have long, I need to get back downstairs. I did all of this today on only two hours of sleep. I was having anxiety attacks last night in bed and didn't know why. Now I know. We joked and said we were going to bubble wrap the whole house! The doctor laughed. They just love her, she weighs all of 80 pounds and has NO fat on her. yet she's still walking. Nurse will be coming tomorrow so just like last summer with dad, now this starts all over again. We'll have to help her get dressed, bath, do their laundry now, cook for them, everything. It's only going to get worse from here. but she's here!

Alex: they are actually thinking now she fell WAY before that. so she really is a walking miracle. she had a rough morning, dry heaving and feeling sick. But she's feeling better now. Keep her and our family in your prayers if you can please! This is not over! XXOO


gotcha day

November 3rd 2013 2:36 pm
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Hello all my wonderful friends! I want to say thank you all so much for my gotcha day prezzies, well wishes, thoughts and love. Mom says she's so blessed to have had me in her life and I feel the same way. Mom has been having a difficult time because as you know grampy is sick with cancer, congestive heart failure and now he's anemic on top of that. He's still doing okay but could be better. The holidays this year will be all about them as mom just wants to spend quiet time with them in case it's the last year for grampy. We just don't know if he'll be here next year at this time realistically so mom wants to make the most of it.

Admittedly, mom has been very strong up until now but is starting to crack and cry a lot. It's that realization that he's very sick and we don't know how much time he has left. Anyway, we wanted to say thank you to everyone and we love you so very much! It means so much to us that you're here on this day! XXOO


My birfday!

August 8th 2013 11:15 am
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Wow! Today is my birfday! I am technically 17 years old but I feel like a kitten! Mommy is having a rough day because ever since Grampy got out of the hospital he and grammy have been making her and her sister do EVERYTHING. So things are not all hunky dory there at chez mommy's house. But she sure got cheered up quick with all the lovely emails and prezzies I've been getting. We both love our furriends here so much and it wouldn't be a happy birfday for me if I couldn't celebrate it with you all. So thank you for being here and helping us have a great day.

Everybody please enjoy this big spread that my friends here at the bridge have made for me. We have cuppycakes, catnip iced tea, finger sammiches, and lots of cake and ice cream! it wouldn't be a pawty if we couldn't share it with ALL of our furriends. Love you all!!!

Angel Alex


Bridge Day

July 10th 2013 11:45 am
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Hi everybody! Thank you so very, very much to all my friends that have remembered my bridge day. it's been five years today since I left my mom. She's doing good as far as not thinking about me too much. But that's because she just went to the hospital to pick up grampy. You see, he's been in the hospital since Sunday. he's doing a little better but needs his rest and now so does mommy. she's run ragged! Back and forth to the hospital 3 times a day and now running around to pick up his prescriptions and helping him get into bed and so on. She doesn't really have the energy to get sad about my passing, which is probably a good thing.

OH! Can we ask you guys a favor? Mommy's blog is in the running to be Best Cat Blog for a really fancy award. And the prize money goes to a shelter of mommy's choice. Can you go and vote for us? Vote for IBD Kitties in the Best Cat Blog section. You can vote once every day until the end of the month.

Thanks everybody! And thank you again for coming to share this day with us. it helps mommy a lot to have all her wonderful Catster friends who we know loves us. And we love you too!!! XXOO


thank you and blog

April 30th 2013 5:43 pm
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We want to thank you all for your prezzies and warm loving thoughts on the loss of our sweet cousin Midnight. If you'd like to read about her, mom wrote a blog about it: Goodnight Midnight

Love you all so much!!! We couldn't get through this without our loving friends.


Cousin Midnight

April 27th 2013 1:14 pm
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Hi all, I have some very sad news. I had to help my cousin Midnight cross the bridge today. She went downhill very fast this week and nothing was working to save her. She looked at my mommy and in her eyes she said, "it's time auntie, please let me go see Alex and Moufasa". Mommy's heart is broken but she did what Midnight asked. She's at peace now but my mom is hurting. She knows she did the right thing and she's free from all her pain. They will miss sweet cousin Midnight so very much. She's here with me and Moufasa now and we are taking good care of her. We'll give her a bath as she had pooped herself and there was some blood. We'll get her looking all beautiful again and pretty soon she'll be ready to fly down and visit my mommy and give her angel kisses. Please purr for my mom if you can. Her heart hurts so much. Thank you everyone for always being there for us and for purring so hard and so much for cousin Midnight all the times we needed you. We love you all so much. XXOO


blog time!

April 10th 2013 6:16 pm
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Hi everyone, we finally have a new blog entry up. I know mom has been slacking. MOL. She says she's had a brain cramp, sounds painful. Anyway, hope you're all well. Here it is!
The Risks of Feeding Your Pet


New blog entry

March 6th 2013 11:28 am
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Here’s this week’s blog. To access the links you’ll have to copy and paste them into your browser instead of just clicking on them. We were having a lot of trouble with them messing up my format. What's in Your Water.

Could you also purr and say some prayers for my mommy's mom, (my grammy)? She's been having a lot of heart palpitations lately and she's got a leaky mitral valve. She's way too skinny and feeble for them to operate, she'd never make it. She's been living a long time with this but it's been causing her a lot of discomfort lately. Thanks everyone! We appreciate it.

Hope you're all well! Love you guys!


New blog entry

February 15th 2013 12:18 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day a day late everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the company of your sweethearts and the oodles of candy and prezzies you all got! Thank you all for the prezzies, candy and flowers from me, Finney and Lacey! Love you all so much and there's no one we'd rather spend our Valentine's Day with!

This week's blog entry is FINALLY up! Enjoy!
The Winter Blahs


blog time!

January 30th 2013 11:22 am
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Hi everyone, here is this week's blog. Because of spammers infiltrating my blog I had to turn on the word verification so please let me know if that doesn't work for you and you aren't able to post comments, it should be fine: When A Cats Stop Eating

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