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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Mom fell and hurt herself AGAIN.

September 30th 2011 4:10 pm
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Well you won't believe this but mom has re-injured herself. Yesterday morning her friends were coming over to help her go and get her new bed. Rick usually will send her a text message first to let her know to put me and Finney in her office with the door closed so they can move the stuff in easier when they come back. He didn't and I heard him coming up the stairs. I tried to pull a Houdini and jump around mom but she moved to come at me and stop me, tripped and took a header and landed right on her knees on the hardwood floor. She's got no skin left on them and they hurt her like crazy! Not to mention it feels like she re-injured her muscles. sigh. Sorry momma!!!

Also within one day's time a new neighbor has moved into the place next door and she swears like a sailor every other word really loud OUTSIDE for the world to hear, even her kids. And right now her kids are outside playing in the driveway, screaming and now we won't be able to keep those windows open anymore because the houses are so close.

Top it off with Ingen missing and you have yourself a top notch day here!!! NOT.

Good news...Tigger is doing GREAT! His daddy just said that his vital signs are outstanding and he BIT the vet tech! Go Tiggy!!! Feisty is a great sign. Whoo hoo!! We'll have to hang onto the little bits of good news we have.


Cats speak dictionary

September 28th 2011 2:17 pm
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Does anyone know if there's a dictionary out with cat speaking terms? I like the idea of making one. The tabbies just invented a new one, SPOING. I love it! But we all have so many words we use that is "our" language. Is there one? If not, what if we did one!!! We could sell it! What do you think? If so, I'll start jotting them down.



September 25th 2011 6:14 pm
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You should have seen it. There I was...eating like I normally do. Chowing down making nom nom sounds and enjoying every minute of it. I was fine, all was good. Until...I got up on the tower. I started to groom like normal and then it happened...that sound, that motion, blap blap blap blap!!! Oh lord! Where can I go! In the midst of my hairball ejection I ran down the tower and landed on the floor just in time to flowjectile all over the place. And kept doing it as I ran through the whole kitchen. It wasn't pleasant.

Mom was super happy though that I got off the tower before I did it. She felt so bad! Boy, I couldn't wait, it just spewed all over the place. Stupid hairballs. It totally made me look and feel unladylike! Honestly! But I'm okay. I was back to being my googly self in no time. Like 5 minutes! MOL.

So that's my vomit story! Short but sweet and to the point. I know how much some of you love to read about this stuff so I figured I'd do a diary. I'm sure I'll see Newman here and maybe even Henry if he's still around. Haven't seen much of him lately. He was even COTD last week and I don't even know if he knows that!!!

I'm gonna do a mantra for all the kitties we're missing these days. "COMMMMEEEE BAAACCKKKK TOOO CATSTERRRRRRR. COMMMMEEE BAAACCKKKK TOOO CATTSSTERRRR". Everybody now!!!


Update on my meowmy & two friend's birthday pawty!

September 24th 2011 7:48 am
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Hi everyone, don't know who'll see this, it's so dead here this week. But I wanted to give an update on my mommy. Still not doing too well although she's better than yesterday. She was in pretty bad pain this week and yesterday was so awful she called her regular primary doc and they took her in the afternoon. She got more medicine for the inflammation, and some muscle relaxants. She has not been able to sleep all week because the throbbing in her back and now her legs and knees were so bad, it was keeping her awake. The pain was pretty intense. As some of you know, she has fibromyalgia and suffers from chronic migraines. So pain is nothing new and she's pretty used to it. She's no wimp about it. But this is different.

Mommy had a car accident when she was 18. An old man went through a red light and hit her broadside. They think that's a good portion of how the fibro started but can't be sure. Anyways, she was 18 then and now she's 46 so the difference in healing time and pain tolerance obviously is different. She's been really depressed, this is the time of year when she can go out in her garden and start getting it ready for next year. She has all these projects to do. And it's NOT that she feels she has to do them, it's that she LIKES to do them. It's her therapy and now she can't.

But anyways, the doc did some neurological tests on her and the good news is that it's all spasm related and no damage so that's good. She's gonna go to physical therapy hopefully starting this week. She's not happy about that as her insurance will only pay for so much of it. So on top of trying to get a new mattress now, she'll be paying off doctor/hospital and now PT bills for the next year.

We miss her a lot. She can't play with us, she's always sad and looks like she's cringing all the time. She's trying to spend time with us and we're trying to give her a lot of love and patience. We've been good the last few days. So anyways, that's the scoop. If we're not around or we don't answer pawmails or emails right away please know it's because mommy is taking naps and trying not to stay in the same position for too long.

On a happier note, our really good friends samhain & Sleeper are having a birthday party in their diary this Tuesday! They are new to giving parties so please stop by and give them some wonderful birthday wishes and have some fun with everybody! It looks like a great pawty theme as well! The setting will be at the Maharaj’s palace in Katni, India. We'll be there, hopefully for a bit but we'll at least stop in. This time we don't have to do the cleaning up!! Whoo hoo! MOL.

Oh and we have some new pictures up: This is of Mommy's garden this summer, and these are some new ones of us. Some of those are already here on Catster but you can look at all of them if you'd like. Finney & Lacey.

Hope you're all having a good weekend! Luv you guys and miss everybody!
Luv Lacey & Finney


Mommy was in the hospital this morning

September 17th 2011 11:44 am
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My mommy hurt her back pretty bad last week. All because of her really terrible mattress on her bed. She can't afford a new one, she said they're too expensive. But she's gonna have to do something because this was the worst I've ever seen her. She rolled out of bed last week and she said a nerve must have pinched her lower back. It just got worse and worse as the days went on and finally yesterday was the last straw. By last night she couldn't walk upright and the pain was all the way down her knee, into her pelvis up to her fingers, etc.

So after a night of crying in agony she had her sister take her to the urgent care at the hospital this morning. They took x-rays and she doesn't have anything wrong with her disks, it's spasms and pinched nerves. So they gave her medicine there, some prescriptions and gave her a shot in of morphine in the fanny. She said that felt nice!! Not the shot, the morphine, MOL. I don't know what that is but it made her happier so that makes me happy too.

Now she's just nauseas but feeling someone better. Me and Finney never saw her like that before. Every time she walks, moves or breaths for that matter she crie out in pain! My poor mommy always has something going on. She says she hates her body, it's very uncooperative. So if we're not on here a lot the next couple of days, that's why. our typist really can't sit here for too long right now.

But we just saw that Harrison might have IBD now so mommy wants to keep checking on here in case they need us. Mom is gonna go back and lay down and rest for a bit. We'll check in later on when she can sit here for a few minutes.


Dear Anony mouse

September 14th 2011 11:17 am
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Dear Anony mouse, you are the pawsomest there is! Top Cat extraordinaire! Thank you for our furry wonderful gift. We were not expecting that and certainly we were not hinting for it either! I hope you all know that. We just wanted to let everyone know we'd still be here but our pages might look like we weren't because our Plus Membership was running out tomorrow. And our dumb dumb mommy forgot to put the green stuff (NO not salad) aside for it. We panicked when we saw that because I don't know what happens to all of our pictures and everything when the Plus thingy runs out. We would have had to start alllll over again! That would not have been fun at all!

This makes 2 years in a row someone bought our membership for us. Last year it was Lucy, Leo & Charlie's momma. Pawsomest gift EVER! We kinda feel bad, we're not cheap, believe me. Mom would buy EVERYONE a plus membership, zealies, food, medicine, anything you needed, if we were rich. But we are not even close, not by a long shot. So we offer up our hearts, love, support, friendship, purrs, hugs, headbonks, all that stuff. We have endless supplies of that and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to share those.

Do you know last week, momma joined another forum only cause they were linking to our website. She looked at the thread and found there were numerous kitties with IBD. So she said, "well, okay, just to see if I can help". PPPFFFFSSST! HISSSSS, MEOW! Talk about catty and crazy! You had to jump through big time hoops to even post anything every single time! And mom wasn't even on there 2 hours when a moderator wrote her and very nastily said, "you'll have to remove your url from your page because of the donation button on your site, or remove the donation button itself!"

Exsqueeze me??? Mom was like "I don't think so!" And what would be the point of us being on there trying to help if we can't give people our website address so they can read our information? That's stupid! The button is very tiny and mom has been paying for this site out of her pocket all herself for 3 years. She didn't even want to put one up there at all. But so many of our good friends wanted badly to help with the site cost that momma said okay, we'll gladly accept the help of wonderful people.

Needless to say, we quit that site that same day and it's a darned shame that we can't help other kitties who need it because those moderators are power hungry. It's nuts! Anyways, didn't mean to go off on a tangent. It's just not right. But here on Catster, regardless of these furry awful fleas that seem to pop up every couple of months, we're able to do what we set out to do. Help other kitties. AND have the best fun and the bestest furriends besides that. Icing on the catnip cake.

I guess sometimes we all need a reminder of how great we have it here. Even with the little stuff that gets annoying, we can deal. So thank you Anony Mouse!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Luv Lacey, Finney, angel Alex and of course mommy Lisa


An original poem by my mom in honor of the heroes Sept. 11th

September 11th 2011 10:15 am
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Ground Zero

Digging in the rubble
Under a dark and blackened sky
I lay my head within my hands
And scream "oh God, please tell me why!"

I knew that judgment day would come
Though I hadn't been prepared
To see so many brothers fall
Yet somehow I'd be spared

How do I go on each day
Without them by my side
While I dig deep within the earth
Praying to find some sign of life

My hands still bleed, I haven't slept
The light is growing dim
I won't give up, I took a vow
Although the chances are so slim

The smell of death is rampant
The dogs can't find your scent
It's one more day I've searched for you
And another day I'll search again

I need your strength to see this through
If you're there, give me a sign
I'll go to hell and back for you
Because a brother's love never dies

Mom wrote this the week of the actual Sept. 11th attack.


spoke too soon. Major breach in a damn north of us!

August 28th 2011 1:16 pm
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We want to just tell you that we are NOT on a river front and we're on high ground. But this is what we were talking about. Even though a storm seems like it's not a big deal and it's gone, flash flooding occurs all the time hours even days afterwards. Right now there is a damn in Camden NH that has breached and they are insanely trying to get senior citizens out of a nursing home right in the path of this raging river and I can tell you that river rages on a normal day. This is bad news. People have died around that river many times before.

AND what goes up must come down. NH is all full of hills and valleys and any rain that comes down at flood speed up north from us comes down all the rivers and reaches us hours away down south. We just had a flood warning for the river near my house which again, we're not on that riverbank and we're much higher up. Thank god!

I fear loss of life here. Several houses are already under water and some people are trapped in a trailer. Also, it appears some of these very old damns were actually damaged from the earthquake that was centered all the way in Virginia and one we got back in May that was 3.5. I felt that one, believe me. I know it sounds small but granite is solid and that's hard to move.

Please purr hard for the animals and people in this raging river's path. I don't know anyone, (I don't think) but either way, I do not want to see this again.

Again, we are FINE. But so many others are in peril at this moment.

Hugs, Lacey


Name that song!

August 25th 2011 5:33 pm
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Okay before everything gets too serious this weekend with this storm let's play!

Name a song title with the word hurricane or storm in it OR a song title to do with weather. I'll start:

You are like a hurricane (Neil Young)
Riding the storm out (REO speedwagon)
Against the wind (bob seger)
Dust in the wind (Kansas)

All old songs I know. These are the ones mom thought of.


WE'RE FURMOUS, WE'RE FURMOUS! Thank you Monster's mommy!

August 24th 2011 9:33 am
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Look everybody! Me and Finney are famous! Monster's mommy wrote this article about us and it's on the web AND in a nice glossy magazine we just got today. Soooo cool! That a great way to celebrate Finney's Gotcha Day! We thought it would only be on the web but NOPE, it's in print too.

Our other bestest furriends are in it too. Colette, Marrakech, Samsara, Blizzard, Gypsy & Kringle!!! Concats to you guys as well. So pawsome!

Here's the story...of a kitty named Lacey...who was living with a giant poofy boy. He had hair that looked like gold and amber eyeballs, and was a ball of fun. (That's all I can come up with...MOL).

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