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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Concats to you all!

January 26th 2011 8:02 am
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Every single one of the pics today are good furriends of ours so we wanted to send a shout out to them and let them know how much we love them! They are truly wonderful kitties with big, big hearts and they deserve to be honored. What a fun week we're all having! (except it's gonna snow again tonight, BLECH).

Natasha is COTD! So wonderful gorgeous girl!
Pumpkin, Karma, Hazel Lucy (no surprise anymore, MOL) and Natalie the NatCat are all DDPs. Always fun!
And Rumpy Bump is DOTD! Rumpy's had a hard 2 weeks but feeling good.

Whoo hoo! Way to go Catsters! You're all in our hearts and we wish you a fun and exciting day.

Luv Lacey & Family



January 12th 2011 11:09 am
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Oh my goodness, so much snow. Everyone is trapped in the house, hee hee. 18 inches & counting! 50 mph winds. Brrrrrr. We can barely see out the windows! They're frozen over. Momma can't get out of any entrance at all. Check out the pictures my momma just took:

Sure are glad we have a warm house and we're safe! Hope all you kitties out there are staying warm and cozy too!


Thank you Catsters!

January 2nd 2011 10:53 am
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We definitely HAVE to do thank yous to everyone for all of our prezzies and stuff yesterday. What a great day to be picked for COTD and we'll never forget it! Momma is hoping that's a positive sign of a good year.

Thanks to:
Kiki - snowman
Miss Mittens, Kaci & family - heart
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne - pink ribbon
Gimli & family - pink ribbon
Casey & family - heart
River & Simone - snowflake
Sigmond - snowflake
Quincy - star (speaking Russian, me no comprende!)
Wally & family - crown and super cool new picture of COTD!
Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha - crown
Lucy & family - star
Gumpy & family - gingerbread man (nom nom nom)
Annabelle & famil - party hat (whoo hoo)
Milo - trophy
Monida - snowflake
And all of you who wrote to me in my diary with concats and on my photo.

We love you all so much and I can't tell you what an honor it was for me to be chosen COTD on the 1-1-2011! Very, very cool. Catster kitties rock!

Luv, kisses, headbonks & purrs
Lacey and family


I'm a New Year's girl!

January 1st 2011 9:26 am
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Holy canoly! Momma was just using that awful vacuum monster because it was really hairy in here. Her hair is just as bad as ours. She's got super long hair and those darn hairs even get in our food! Blech! I don't mind eating my hair or even Finney's but not momma's. It's a whole different breed of hair.

Anywho! WOW! I can't believe it! This is really pawsome. What a furtastic day to be picked COTD! Momma will have to make me a special picture for that. Come on momma! Get on the stick already! It's all about ME! MOL! It's super warm here today, already 54 degrees. So we've got the windows open, the birdies are all eating in the yard so me and Finney can nash our toofies at them. Momma is gonna go for a long walk (we'll tear up the house while she's gone) and it seems it's gonna be a good day.

Momma's been uber depressed lately. After losing Mouffey a couple of weeks ago and winter being so blah and cold, she needs to have a good pick me up. This is just the thing to do it! Thanks Catster and all our furriends! I can see that momma is feeling better already which makes US feel good too.

We want to thank all you wonderful Catster friends for all the Christmas cards and prezzies! WOW, momma said she never got so many cards before and it was really nice. She had cards plastered all over the fridgidator, the walls, the shelves. All had pictures of cute kitties too! OH and Tully and his family even sent us real pictures of him & Lukey sitting on Santa and beautiful Natasha and Sammy cuddling together. Momma has those on the fridge now that she took down the cards. So we can look at you guys all the time now! We can look at you and pretend we're playing wiff you! River & Simone too, Annabelle & Misty, Gumpy and Nadi! All the cute prezzies we have will always remind us of our furriends. (hope we didn't forget anyone, we has a bad memory).

BTW, momma has a surprise lined up for all of you. Tee hee, we're not telling! It's gonna be GOOOODDDDD!

Momma has a new riddle for everyone too! She'll put it up soon!

Luv you all
I'm gonna go and pawty with Finney now. Just like Ahnold says "I'll be back".


Happy birthday momma!

December 26th 2010 1:02 pm
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We hope you all had a pawsome Christmas and we just want to wish our momma a happy furry birthday today! We're getting a bad blizzard tonight here in the northeast so all of our furry good friends on Catster who live in the snow zone, please stay home, stay warm and stay safe!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! WE LOVE YOU!!! Extra kisses, licks, headbonks and purrs to her. She was missing angel Moufasa last night and angel Alex so we were little furry bookends with her on the couch watching Christmas cartoonies! We didn't do much for Catmus but that's okay, we were together, warm and very much loved and that's the best thing a kitty could ever ask for.

Happy holidays everybody! We love you all!


A thank you to all

December 14th 2010 3:34 pm
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Hi everyone! My momma and I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of my pressies and gifties for my DDP day on Saturday. We were going to thank all of you individually like we usually do but we had a kitty death in the family today and my momma is too sad and crying right now to do it. (see Alex's diary). Me and Finney are fine, it's not us, don't worry!

Thank you to everyone who's been emailing momma with condolences and support. It means the world to her and us and honestly, she says she can literally feel your love and hugs! It's not something she's used to having and it's very special to her and us. So thank you all again and thanks again for our special day. Hope you understand.

Luv, headbonks and purrs to you all
Lacey and family


I'm a DDP, yipeeeee yippeeeeee!

December 11th 2010 8:18 am
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Hello everyfur, thank you for choosing me as a DDP (diary girl) and thank you for the gifties and stuff. Little did I know last night when me and Finney were trying to get into mommy's glittery stuff that I'd be chosen today!

Well, she didn't put up a tree, bummer. She said no way! Finney's so tall when he stands up he'd knock the thing down with his huge musckles. She did put up some stuff on the walls (DRAT), and on the shelves. Momma has to drive around a little today and fight the Christmas shoppers, YIKES! I hope she makes it home in one piece and she's not too grouchy after that.

I hope everyone has a furtastic day. I don't know what I'll be doing since momma won't be here for awhile. Hmmmm, I'll have to think of something! HEE HEE HEEEEE. It's still really cold here, we bundled up together on the couch last night with a nice fleece blanky. BRRRRRR. I don't like this winter stuff, I can hardly see the birdies in the yard through the frosted windows.

Well, my typist has to go for awhile so we'll be back later and tell you how it goes today.

Luv Lacey Bug



December 10th 2010 2:25 pm
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HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohhhhh, my mommy is so silly it's almost too easy. She doesn't trust me and Finney around any decorations so she really never does much for any season. She says it stinks because the house looks so drab.

Well the last month has really drab, gray and depressing outside and she says she's had it. So she went for a walk somewhere, we think it's the basement, we've never been down there. She came back up with a big box full of all kinds of glittery stuff and stuff to eat and chew on. Oh man! We hit the jackpot!

She's trying to put them all kinds of places we can't reach, but she forgets that we have built in springs on our toesies! This is so great because we have been bored to tears! This a going to be so much fun, hee hee heeeeeee! Finney's already losing his marbles. She put up a long red curtain on the bathroom window and we've been running and hiding under it, chasing each other. Whoooo!

Momma says good, maybe you'll get out from under my feet for once! I've actually tripped her several times today alone. I will not leave her alone. I'm driving her completely crazy.

OH! Finney is chasing me now, he's doing his famous trilling sound. Momma loves that! Funny how just bringing up a box of strange things can get us all geared up to play. We are just nutballs! Hmmmm, maybe momma will hang us up as decorations! We certainly make enough noise! MOL!

I'm gonna see if that Santy Paws has any nippy for us. Mmmmmmm yum!!! Well, I'm off to do some investigating and see if I can get that box open! What do you want to bet I can!


So sad

December 7th 2010 2:21 pm
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Ohhhhh, my momma is really sad hearing of the death of Elizabeth Edwards. Momma met her way back when her "crummy" husband was running for President. My mom had worked for his campaign and met his wife several times. She said that he was very, very charming and handsome. But his wife was the nicest, warmest lady and really had a huge heart and a brilliant mind. She fought the brave fight with that awful breast cancer!

NH is an EXTREMELY political state and at one time momma was very involved in it. She can't stomach it anymore at all and doesn't trust anybody. But she's met a lot of people in that world and even in the media because they swarm here and spend months here. Anyway, I guess we're righting this diary to reinforce how important it is to find a cure for this gosh darned disease! It's taken yet another wonderful woman, too many of them.

RIP Elizabeth! Hope you've met up with your son and are at peace now. We continue to pray for all the kitties with cancer and for their pawents and family who are sick with it also. We hate you cancer!!! Go away!!! Leave everyone alone now!


My new job

December 2nd 2010 7:48 am
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So I have a new job now. My first priority and job is to be guard kitty of the house. Whenever I hear someone coming up the stairs or even talking in the stairway, I growl. I'm momma's alarm system. But I have a new job that I REALLY love!!! I'm a massager! At least once a day, maybe 2 times a day, I jump up on bed and start my purring machine and get my concentration ready.

I look at momma and signal her that I want to give her a massagy. She gets in the bed, under a few covers so I don't rip her apart with my nails of steel, and it begins. Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmm! I concentrate real hard, my eyes get big and black and I start walking up and down momma and purrrrrrr purrrrrr purrrrrr. My feeties go up and down, back and forth all around. Sometimes I slip and slide all over her, she thinks it's funny but I'm busy working, no time for laughing!

I'll go all the way from her toes to her head and boy I'll be concentrating so hard I'm hypnotizing her with my big eyes when I look at her. Hmmmm, maybe I should be making some hypnotic suggestions while I'm there. "You will give me catnip, you will give me toys, you will give me nom noms!" Yup, I think I'll do that next time.

Sometimes I do this for a half an hour! She loves it, she just lies there and enjoys it. She'll lay there and let me do it as long as I want to! Isn't my momma helpful? I feel the need to knead! Then when I'm done, I jump off the bed and she says "thank you honey! that was wonderful" and comes and gives me big kisses. I say I have the bestest job in the world! What a great life I have!

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