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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Howlween Photo Shoot

October 29th 2012 5:27 pm
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Saturday was the Petco Howlween photo shoot. Mama and daddy wanted to take me and Guns cuz the monies were goin to the Pet Paw-See, and that is the rescue that saved me and Guns when we were just babies. See, the peeples where we were borned did not want us. Guns was probly a stink bug, but I do not know how anybuddy could resist me. Anyway, Guns and I dopted mama with the help of the nice peeples at the Pet Paw-See, speshly auntie Leslie.

Thursday night after Guns and I had been practisin wearin our costooms, mama got out the steamer and steamed my little sparkly pink dress so it would be perfect. She put it on the teensy hanger thingie. Then she packed treats and a comb and brushy and Gunnie's skull tie and Howlween collar.

Saturday morning it was cold and snowin, but mama and daddy packed us into mama's truck, and away we went for Petco. Gunnie had to go first, and mama and daddy turned my carrier so I could watch and see what was gonna happen.

After Guns was done with his pictures, mama got me out and put my dress and wimple on. Guns would not sit on the bench all alone, so mama knew I would not do it neether. I learn lotsa stuff from watchin Guns, and then sumtimes I copy what he does, speshly the bad stuff.

Guess what? I found out scarecrows are nice! The scarecrow let me sit on her lap, and she put her arms round me so I would not be so skared. I do hafta say mostly I wanted to jump down and run away, but mama makes me and Guns do stuff that is kinda skary sumtimes, and then we get to come home and everything is the same. Then the next time we are not so skared. I did try to push the scarecrow away with my hinder leggies, but she held on tight.

Then all of a sudden mama came and got me. She asked where my aunt Debi was cuz she was my foster mama with the Pet Paw-See. We walked round and round Petco lookin for aunt Debi. Mama said I was the very best girl cuz I just looked at everything over her shoulder while she walked and jigglered me like a baby. The peeples who saw us were all smilin. I think maybe they never saw a kitty princess before.

I went right in my carrier as soon as mama took my princessy dress off. Then Guns and I and daddy all had to wait while mama checked our pictures and got our CD and paid the monies for it.

When we got home, Guns and I had lunch, and then we took a long, long nap. We talked bout how mama wants us to be worldly. Yep, we get skared, but it does not last very long, and then everything is just like before. I think we can do that...

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October 30th 2012 at 12:39 am

You make a pretty princess!




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