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Fido the Cat

August 25th 2012 10:51 pm
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If you are on facebook, please "like" our friend FIDO THE CAT. He just joined FB. He and his Mom make really cool catnip toys, that look very tasty, like the real thing. You can even see us on his page! Pictures of us with the Poptarts that Enzo and Melody gifted to us :)

Fido the Cat & his Mom



September 11th 2012 1:12 pm
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Zack and I found a long package on our porch. And it is a surprise because we weren't expecting it and we don't know who it is from! We opened it up to find a Cat-A-Pole plus extra attachments. Wow! We have never had one before and we LUV wand toys. We play wand toys 5-6 times a day. It is very cool to have a new wand toy to add to our mix. Mom likes to change it up for us so we are always hunting different things on the wands. The Cat-A-Pole looks like it is going to be loads of fun. Cat-a-pole does not use a string for attaching the toy. Instead the toy is attached to a long thin plastic tube. This is what creates the unpredictable motion. Which sounds like a great idea because a lot of wand strings do get tangled up, even in our tails. Sometimes the wand toy starts chasing us instead of the other way around. MOL!! And Mom agrees that wand toys are as much fun for her as they are for us. Mom will open it up for our next play session this afternoon.

OK, so who sent us this cool gift?? THANK YOU!!


New prey! We were so excited when Mom opened the new Cat-A-Pole. I am the Queen of wand toys. It is like I am out in the wild going after my dinner. I am so fast, running back and forth across the room and up the stairs. The Cat-A-Pole has a cool crazy movement unlike other wand toys. It is really nice and long so Mom can reach out far with it. It would be great for a large space. We need a bigger house or bigger rooms! I went after the furry ball with pretty feathers right away. It was easy for Mom to bounce around to make us jump and also drag across the floor. I like running across the floor back and forth to chase it best. It did still get stuck in my tail once but I think it must be my tail that gets in the way. After we play then it is time for a meal. So it is like we did catch our prey and eat it!

Mystery Solved!

We put our detective hats on and figured it out.


Sink Me! Daily Diary Pick!

September 15th 2012 9:50 am
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Ahoy maties! Thanks to Catster HQ fer honoring me today.

Blow me down! I be flying me Jolly Roger at half-mast in honour of me hearties who have recently gone to Davy Jones's locker. Way too many. Rest In Peace me mates.

I am using me spyglass n' keeping watch on the horizon fer signs of me Cap'n Hunk... Sail ho!... Shiver me Timbers I think I see him! Heave Ho! Maybe we can find some island to be marooned.

Thanks fer celebratin with me on the high seas. And thanks for the loot, twas kind of ye:
Cap'n Tasty Tate of Cuppycake fer the Jolly Roger, Angel Buddie n' family fer the pmail, Henry fer the diary comment, brand new Angel Colleen fer the diary comment, Ember, KiKi & Angel Sam fer the Jolly Roger & diary comment, Cap'n DG Zoe Morgan fer the diary comment, Cap'n Timo Nip-in-yar-eye Naper fer the Shrimpies to eat on me boat, Smiley Cassanova fer the pmail, Cap'n Minnie the Black Pearl fer the diary comment, Tiger, Tiny & Angel Beauty fer the Heart of love & the diary comment, Jezebel fer the diary comment, Monster fer the diary comment and Kato fer the diary comment. Thanks me hearties!

Fair Winds!
Pirate Princess Zoey

Ginger escaped some bad pirates n brought me ther Jolly Roger. So happy yer safe, Ginger. Thank ye!!



October 1st 2012 10:50 am
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I think I am the next Cat of the Week!! I think.....

Today it says Cat of the Week in the catster box on my page and I never had that before. I got the COTW zealies deposited today into my account for being COTW. And there are FREE Balloons in the Catster Giftstore on the same day to celebrate my honor. MOL!!

I think HQ just hasnt changed the COTW picture yet as my good friend Athena is still pictured on the Community Page.

But I am predicting my picture will be up there soon. YIPPEE!!!!!

Thank you Catster HQ!

I want to wish our Angel Uncle Tigger and his fursis Angel Taylor a very Happy 20th Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge today!! We know Angel Rocky Ann is having so much fun helping you celebrate. We miss you Uncle Tigger!

(COTW Athena let me know that it took a whole week before her picture showed up on the Community page! HQ, you can do better than that!)


COTW Honor Update (prize update)

October 3rd 2012 2:18 pm
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Catster is having COTW techno difficulties. I just heard from Watch Cat and he meowed to me:

"The Techno Cats are working on this. Not to worry, however, Zoey will get a full week on the Community Home page once they get the Cat of the Week setting to properly update."

I thought it would be fun to have a contest for the first cat to comment that they actually see me on the Community page, whenever that might be. (We are happy to look at pretty Athena until then!) Rules for the contest:

1. My picture is on the community page
2. Come back to THIS Diary entry and let me know.
3. In your comment must be the SECRET PASSWORD
4. U.S. only (sorry)
5. Be the first one and get the password correct

You will win a cool prize!

Ok, let me know when I am officially the Cat Of The Week!!

10/04/12 UPDATE:

Watchcat has added to the prize pool!! Now the first 5 cats that comment in this diary entry (one per family) and let me know that I am the official COTW and also include the correct password will each get 10 zealies!! This part of the contest open to cats of all countries.

Thanks Watchcat!


CAT OF THE WEEK!! Fursure!

October 8th 2012 6:56 am
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Today I am officially the new Cat Of The Week!! Thank you to Athena for passing the COTW Crown to me. I am proud and honored to follow her.

Thank you to the cats who were the first to run over to my diary this morning and let me know my picture was on the Community Page and included the correct password "lizard" to win prizes!

1st Place: KiKi
2nd Place: Fearless
3rd Place: Kovo
4th Place: Milo
5th Place: Platelicker

KiKi wins a cool prize that I will be ordering for him and 10 zealies!! Fearless, Kovo, Milo and Platelicker all won 10 zealies. Way to go kitties!! Thank you to Watch Cat for contributing the zealie prizes!

Thanks to all my friends who posted in my diary making my pre COTW Honor so much fun. Thanks for all the catgratulations, pmails and giftees. Thank you so much to Kovo for the beautiful COTW Keepsake that I hung on the right side of my page. My honors are complete - DOTD in 2010, COTD in 2011 and COTW in 2012. Thanks Catster HQ!

Most importantly thanks for being friends to me and Zack. We luv you!

We want to wish a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Kovo, Pansy, Sully, Sacha, Touky and alll our Canadian Friends!!

Miss Zoey


My Week & Thank Yous!!

October 10th 2012 11:44 am
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I am having a super COTW Week ... Zoey style! Every day is a super day to me. I am a very happy kitty and so excited to wake up every morning and enjoy the day to the fullest by running around with Zack , playing wand toys, lounging & napping, getting brushes by Daddy, eating my fav food and then repeating thruout the day. I get up at 5am and go to bed after 1am so I can fit a lot into my day! Zack and I are running around totally wild as I dictate this diary entry to Mommy.

I am SO excited. I ordered KiKi's prize for winning my diary contest and it will be delivered to him by the brown truck tomorrow. I hope you luv it KiKi!


Athena for passing on the Furever COTW Crown to me
Tate for the Furever Sparkling Diamond
Skylar, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty & Furfamily for the Furever COTW Crown
Milo & Mallee for the Furever Heart of Gold
My Hunk Kovo for the Furever COTW Crown
Platelicker for the Furever Sparkling Emerald
Kibbles, Francis, Angel Yoda & The Crew for the Furever Heart of Gold
Maus, Helene-Iris, Gabielle & FurAngels for the Furever COTW Crown
Mr. Beepers & Ashlynne for the Furever COTW Crown
Angel Uncle Tigger for the Furever Bright Star
Tasha & TT for the Furever Sparkling Diamond
The Manxsters - Jobel, Jasper, Jillian & Angel Zoe for the Furever Sparkling Emerald
Prize Winner KiKi & Em for the Furever Bright Stars for Zack & I
Uncle Bellsnickles for the Furever COTW Crown
Tink the Cat & Snow the Kitten for the Furever Heart of Gold
New Friends Cody, Jingle's, Buffy & FurAngels for the Furever COTW Crown
PfO Dogsters Hershey, Sonja, Jasper, Sumo & Miss Scarlett for the Furever Heart of Gold
Keisha, Sillyvester 'n Angel Merlin for the Furever Heart of Gold
Hunter Devious & Hannah Darling for the Furever Sparkling Emerald
Toffy & Vanessa for the Furever COTW Crown
Lily & the Krew for the Furever Sparkling Diamond
Angel Blade, Angel Rufus, Tigga & FurFamily for the Furever COTW Crown

Melody, Enzo & Furfamily for the shiny COTW Trophy
Murray, Willie, Pearl & Cindy Lou for the shiny COTW Trophy
Felix, Mama Kitty, Miss Kitty & FurAngels for the shiny COTW Trophy
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the shiny COTW Trophy
Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny & Furfamily for the fun Ball of Yarn
Tiger, Tiny & Beauty for the delicious Chocolate Cupcake
My Hunk Kovo for the COTW Balloons
Lil' Muppet, Nakita, Sampson & Chico for the COTW Balloons
Ashley, Tony, & Angel Callie for the shiny COTW Trophy
Mietzi & Timo for the cute Mousie
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the delicious Chocolate Cupcake
Nadi & Gumpy for the beautiful Fall Leaves
AnnaBelle for the shiny COTW Trophy
Smudge, Sissel, Angel Smokey & FurDoggies for the shiny COTW Trophy
Hunkalicious Kovo for the Spooky Jack-o-lantern and Pretty Pumpkin Of The Week Honor

My Hunk Kovo for the gobbling Turkey
My Kovo for the hunkalicious Nut
Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for the yummy Turkey Drumstick
Fearless, Sleeper & Samhain for the big Heart
Miss Pansy for the Halloween Pumpkin
Tristan & Furfamily for the lucky Ladybug
Angel Sam & Furfamily for the Halloween Pumkin
Hilda & Furfamily for the Halloween Pumpkin
Finney, Lacey & Angel Alex for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Kato for the yummy Turkey Drumstick
Newman & Furfamily for the lucky Ladybug
Smiley Cassanova for the Halloween Pumpkin
Angel Sonny Bono, Presley & Paris for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Timmy Tomcat, Toby Tomcat, Buddy- Bud, & Furfamily for the big Heart
Eddy & Furfamily for the winning Football
Simon & Angel Reuben for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Kaci Sunshine & FurAngels for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Ginger & Furfamily for the royal Red Ribbon
Pounce, Dexter, Sigmund & Furfamily for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Tessa, Percy, Sawyer & Murphy for the lucky Ladybug
KallyKat for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Angel Missy Mups, Gunnarr T & Peekie for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Beckham for the Halloween Pumpkin
Fave for the lucky Ladybug
New Friends Bamboo, lu lu, Mr. Baby & Baby Major for the Halloween Pumpkin
Miranda, Milo, Linus & Furfamily for the Halloween Pumpkin
Playful the Empurress for the Democatic Blue Ribbon
"Poco" Taz-The Legend Continues for the big Heart
My Hunk Kovo for the flying Black Bat
Miss Puff, Sootball, P.C. & Furfamily for the lucky Black Cat
Tasha for the spooky Ghost
Kovo aka HOTC for the Witch Hat and Witch Of The Week Honor
Bugsy for the lucky Witch Hat
Kovo aka HOTC for the Bat and Beautiful Bat Of The Week Honor
Colorado & Napoleon for the pretty Pink Ribbon
Kovo aka HOTC for the Lucky Black Cat and Cat Of The WeekS Honor
Angel Alfie, Dave, Ollie & Buzz for the beautiful Rose
Kovo aka HOTC for the spooky Ghost and for the Gorgeous Ghost of the Week Honor

My Kovo for 2 COTW Keepsakes
Tundra, Manytoes, Rory, & Lynzee for the COTW Keepsake
Zeus & Furfamily for the COTW Keepsake
Kally Kat for the COTW Keepsake

A shout out to all the Pets for Obama Members for keeping the PfO Group active and fun since January 2008 and sharing in my COTW celebration. Luv you guys!

Thank you friends for all the sweet pmails, picture comments, diary comments, friend invites and treats in my treat jar. You ALL have made my Week (and preWeek) so much fun!!

I luv Catster because of all of you!



October 16th 2012 3:44 pm
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What a fun week! Looks like I am entering my second week of being COTW. I am sure that HQ is working hard on my replacement. Maybe someone already knows they are the next COTW because of the zealies in their account. I wonder who it will be?? I am already so excited for them.

I got a new wool bed for being COTW. And it is pink! This wool bed I prefer to sleep on top of instead of inside of. So Mom put it on top of one of our bottom Catty Stack cubes and it is like a bowl nest. Very comfy cozy! Zack and I love wool. The only problem is that Zack likes it a little too much. Zack's motto is what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine. Brothers!

Mom did an experiment and put one of our other marbled brown beds in the pink bed place and put the pink one on the top of the other bottom cube. Zack didn't want the pink one, he wanted whatever one I was laying on! Luckily I could just walk thru the middle cube and get ontop of the other wool bed. And then we could look at each other thru the port holes. Zack likes to cuddle more than I do. I like my own space.

The most fun thing about being Cat Of The Week is hearing from old friends that aren't around as much and also meeting brand new friends. What was Angel Rocky Ann's favorite Hello Kitty quote? "You can never have too many friends!"

Thanks again to all my old and new friends for celebrating my Cat Of The Week celebration with me!

Miss Zoey

10/18 Update:

OMC, the giftees keep coming on my page. Thank you so much. It is too hard for me to thank every friend individually so I keep adding to the thank you list in my last entry. THANK YOU!!


Good Witch Of The Week!

October 18th 2012 2:58 pm
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My Kovo in Canada has been spoiling me on my whole special week. He has made me beautiful COTW Keepsakes and keeps sending me cute giftees to decorate my page. Today he sent me a Witch's Hat with this:

Good Witch of the Week

Thank you my Kovo! I nominate my Kovo for HOTC. I know he would win fur sure.

What does HOTC stand for? First one (except Kovo - LOL!) to guess correctly wins a Halloween Giftee for their giftbox. Good luck!



October 19th 2012 1:37 pm
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Oh my cod. The honors and giftees keep coming!

Beautiful Bat Of The Week

Thank you for that distinct honor, Kovo!!

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