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Mom's Baby Boy Blue Angel

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2 Days in a row, who me?

October 21st 2010 4:00 pm
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OMC! This is pawmazing. Those Catster girls & guys are really sweet! May I mention once again, how us Angels over the Bridge are really happy here? How much we know our furmilies love us, and how much we love them, and watch over them. Keeping our memories alive and happy, makes our mom's happy to realize that we aren't really gone. We'll always be close by. And we will share our dreams and memories with our wonderful furiends on Catster. Catster brings us all together in so many wonderful ways, and maintains our recognized identities. You wouldn't believe how many happy tears were flowing today from mom. She knows we are very proud, very spawcial, and always do our best to watch over our little kitfurs on Earth. Spawcial thanks goes out to my sweet Sadie girl, and all the warm, furiendly, and loving Angels here with me. There's much comfort knowin' I will always be remembered. I am with you, mom, now and forever.

Mom, remember our 'happy dance' we used to do, circles around the living room, to our favorite songs? Espawcially, Buddy Holly's "Rock around the Clock"...oh did I tell you, mom he is with us up here, and he's STILL Rockin' so cool!

Happy purrs,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


I Got Diary Pick! Yippppeee!

October 20th 2010 5:04 pm
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Meowlloooo, Happy furs! I am so happy today, I got chosen Diary Pick of the Day, along with several other beautiful kitties! ME! I never won anything before and I am so honored! I've been pawtying all day long with all my kewl Catster furiends at the Bridge and on Earth! Me and my Sadie girl have been having such a sweet time! Mom just cryed and cryed this morning before work. And is still so happy, crying tears of joy! Thank you world of Catster and to all my pals in Heaven and on Earth, *Smokey Joe bows for his lady, kisses her sweet paw, and brings up a 'toast' for his furiends*
Thank you all for being my wonderful furiends. Mom thanks you so much, from deep in her heart. I know she loves me so very much. Mommy, I will always be here for you.

Love, & aways remember our sweet cuddle time, and my shoulder dances,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


Beyond the Bridge and other stories

October 16th 2010 8:42 am
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Meow, efurfur! Mom sez it'z time for me to write in my diary once again. Seems like peepz running low on time these days. What with life and all. I peacefully watch, always. Here at the Bridge there is no sense of time. Magical things happen all the time here. Did you know we can just snap our paws and get to anywhere we want? The Rainbow Bridge is just like that. We're happy here, all of us, all the Angels back home with our Lord. Oh, but it's been a very busy life for my furbro. Milo, Tate, Bugsy, Pigeon, Timmy Tomcat, Luke, Simon, Toki & Gump all went out last night for boyz nite out. It was Tate's birthday & I know he had a wonderful one! As usual, myself & Sweet Sadie were following. It was a splendid time for them, although I think they've learned their lesson now about drinking catniptni's far too much! Things happened they don't remember. But alas, me and my Sadie girl were right there, protecting them, guiding them for their safe trip back home. Mom says what would they do without OUR guidence? What would they do without our protection?! And mom knows, that I am always watching out for her. My mom, my furbulous mommy, the one that always took care of me, cuddled me, in times of stress. In those times, I was there for her, I was stong for her, I made her happy. She thinks about me often, and about Sadie, and all the other Angels which were once Earth bound, giving love & warmth to their fur homes & furmilies. I know we are remembered. I know we will always be in their hearts to stay. I still come to mommy in her dreams, and I softly purr to lighten her stress and anguish from day to day living. Oh the woes, the tears, the sadness! But...amoung that sadness, there is an ultimate glow of happiness. With each day, I know mommy grabs that happiness for all it's worth, and enjoys it, as life isn't a promise. Life is a gift. I was a gift to mommy. A shared, 'for a short time', gift. She treasured me. And I love her very much, and will always be in her memories. Memories..that is a gift also. For life is a tough road, no one said it would be easy, we do the best we can. Mom says Catster is the greatest gift. She can share with others who have so much in common. Mom shares my thoughts, so may I say, my life was great. My time was short. But, it was Grand! I want all my Catster furiends to put their worries aside, and give thanks for the time we shared, the good times, and the marvelous times to come. I love you my Sadie girl, and I'm so glad we met up here at the Bridge. I cherish you with all my heart. I am very fortunate, I have humans who loved me, as well as my Sadie girl. Sadie watches over my fursib's, Milo, Timmy, Ziggy & lil Angel Baby. I watch over her furmily as well, Simba, Bugsy, Max, Rex, Tutti, & Spice. Forever we will be here. For we once were, We will always be. We just are. Simple & Free.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary,

Wishing you bright sunshine of love, sweet thoughts, and cherished memories...

I love you, mommy!

I love Catster & all my furiends, thank you for being a part of my memories,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue



September 3rd 2010 3:44 pm
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Hi, Catster Furiends & Furmilies!

I've been watching ALL the wonderful new Angels come aboard, you should see them all!~ They are so happy now, content, no more pain, no worries, because they are free now! Free to fly, with beautiful wings that are so gorgeous! Just imagine, birds on high limbs, happily chirping & boldly sounding out purrific songs! It's simply pawmazing! I've been learning a bunch up here from Buddy, Calvin & our Rock Star Sonny Bono! What great & wonderful Angels they are and I am so fortunate to have those great Angels by my side each and every Silvery moment. Oh my, there are so many of them, & I want to thank them all! But the list would be way to long. Recently we've welcomed Smoke & Midnight, two wonderfurl furiends. Miss QT was pinked out in all her Glory when she came on up. There are more; as the list keeps building. It's very sad for their hoomans, because cats all know when the Lord sayz it's time to come home. But, it takes hoomans a little longer to understand the truth. You see, we animals are only but on borrowed time. And hoomans really need to understand what little time we are with them, those times are precious & should be glorified. We are so blessed to have been given the chance to live with loving and considerate & caring people. Some of us do not have that opportunity. We grieve, just like our hooman companions. But we know our time is limited. For with all His glory, this limitation gives other kittens that needed opportunity to be born, and live by good standards with worthy hooman companions. It is the circle of life, you know? Ahh, and I'm so thankful fur my furiends here on Catster. I'm also in thanks for the safe return of my good furiend, PIGEON. May he stay safe from here on out. Sadie, my girl, we do have to keep an eye on THAT one! *Smokey Joe smiles at his love*.
Time moves on, and this, my furiends, keeps the Circle of Life & Love flowing smooth.

Thank you for reading my diary tonight, and may all your dreams come true.

Mom, I love you! I'll aways be watching over you and all who care about you and all furs & furmily's surrounding you. My Silvery Glow & Angel Dusties will keep you safe each and every day. I'll be coming tonight, mommy; again, while you sleep to whisper loving words in your ear. Just keep on remembering!

Your Baby Boy Blue For Ever & Ever,



Another Angel Comes to The Bridge: SMOKE in Loving Memory

August 21st 2010 8:08 am
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Good Morning Furiends,
It's been awhile since I've written in my diary, but this time I want to talk about Our Catster ANGELS. There seems to be so very many kitties & doggies making their way to the Bridge lately! But rest assured that me and my lady Sadie will be awaiting at the Pearly gates with open arms!! Mom haz been really feeling so sad and crying a lot just thinking about all these Angels and their sweet loving furmilies. And of course, then she thinks about me. I watch over her. And she crys even more, because she know's I'm in the wind, I'm in the rain, I'm the ripples in the water's that flow along the rivers & beachs. The wind blows her hair and she thinks of me. I whisper soft and low, I love you mommy! I know she hears me. At night when it's quiet, she dreams about me in sweet slumber. I can come to her that way, and she understands me. Our Angels here at Catster help all our mommy's to remember the wonderfur times we all shared together! Catster is a comforting place where we all share ONE important factor! We LOVE OUR KITTIES & DOGGIES!! Our Community here is of ultimate GREAT importance to all Pawrents! UNITE! We are as one! Happy Furmilies, with happy memories!

Pawlease visit SMOKE's Page and share your love, respect and puurayers with his Furmily:
Send Prayers & Love to SMOKE's Furmily

Light a candle for SMOKE:

LET'S all Unite to Light a Candle for all our Precious Angels here on Catster, for all they do, and for their memories so sweet!

For the Love of my Furmily, MILO, TIMMY, ZIGGY and for the Love of my Sweet SADIE (the love of my world) AND for ALL my CATSTER FURIENDS, I send WARM & WONDERFURL GREETINGS of PURE GRATITUDE to the CATSTER COMMUNITY and all the WONDERFUL MOM'S & DAD's!

Always watching over you,
All my Love to my MOMMY,

Your Baby boy Blue


Saturday blues

July 17th 2010 10:36 am
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OMC! Mom haz been so sad this week! Her's gone and thunk way to mush! About me, about her mom & dad and work haz her in tears! So I grabbed Sadie and we're going to fly on over there right now to sprinkle spawcial love bridge dusties! I don't like it when mom is sad. She is usually so bubbly and fun and laughing, she has wonderfur furiends both here and at werk and home. I've been doing really fine, flying all over God's creation-the world with my Sadie. I know mom understands that we will watch over always. Over her and our loving Catster furiends. It's been magical with Sadie flying all over Europe. The mountains, valley's and streams have been so lovely. The castles have that magic that sends us into our precious world with such happiness. I want you all to know that CATSTER is a very BIG part of mom's life now. She is always happy when she comes here. Most of the time she remembers with such happy thoughts. Some dayz are really rough. Milo takes very good care of her, but even he doesn't know what to do. I whispered in her ear last night. I told mommy that I loved her and was always watching over her. We try our best to provide love and even guidence when we see what life does and how it effects her and others. Mom, I love you and no matter what, I am shining down on you, showing my wisdom and all I've learned. You'll be fine mom. And tomorrow will be a much better day. Pawlease look at all the goodness in the world and don't think about what your boss said. She probably was having a bad day herself. Life is far too precious to be sad. Live it up mom!

Furefur loving you,

Smokey Joe
Your darlin' baby boy blue


Happy Dayz from the Rainbow Bridge!

June 27th 2010 5:25 pm
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Haio Everyfur! It's been a long time since momcat's written in my diary, guess lot's of things have been going on with the new kitty in town! As always me and Sadie have been watching over the little one and also making certain that everything is A-Ok with Timmy AND Milo. That Zigzag is something else! He is certainly a cutie! Well, momcat has been working on all of our pages, trying to get the music set up and adding some photos. Sadie the top one on my page mom did today. For us. I'm loving it in Germany and surrounding countries. It's really warm but nice and the gardens and flowers are so lovely, just like you, my girl! I can't wait to fly around the castles here! I see that Milo got his trip to Egypt going with style this afternoon! I'm so purroud of him! You can't believe just how much mom was nervous about that trip with him being Honorary Engineer in Meezer Junction. She even learned how to put pictures in a forum! Yay mom! Yeppers, mom, I am watching. I see all you do. And believe me I am happy, so happy with Sadie and all my purrfect Angel furiends and Earth furiends too. Hope Catster is being good to everyfur! Mom never has much trouble with Catster, just her own computer, it's lousy! But because I was watching and sprinkling spawcial love dust on her, not once did her computer shut down during the Egypt trip. She was so happy and so was Milo!
I love you mom and always will, I know everyday you talk to me, and I will always know you love me so very much. Hey mom, my page looks really great! This way all will forever rememember me. And now, with Sadie and the Angel Kingdom, I will never be alone.

Forever your Baby Boy Blue, Smokey Joe



Another Day in Purradise!!!

May 26th 2010 8:12 pm
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Hi Furiends out in Catsterland! The love I feel is so so wondefur here! I'm sush a fortunate Kitfur to haz such meaningful and furbulous Furriends. The love I feel is so sweet and I am one lucky cat to have a mom that memmers me each and efuryday! The love of my lives is Sadie. We have been traveling Europe and seeing all the lights in France, & Spain. Europe is such a Love oriented Place. Attractions galore. 'Parle vous Francais?' Welpers we listen, me and Sadie, and I am trying to learn the language of AMORE, becoz I want her's to know that since I met her, my world at the Bridge has been a never ending, one of a kind, Adventure! Our wings take us to places we never knew existed! Sadie's comfort and love haz turned me into mush! Yes, I am love struck! She haz shown me how the world can be and how much love is really here! It iz honestly a beautful, fun filled place! Amoung my furriends who care and the world of Catsterland, I've known more comfort, love and pleaasures some never know. To you, Catster and to all my Catster furiends, YOU ARE THE BESTEST! Thank you and God Bless.

Much Love, Baby Boy Blue Smokey Joe

I am the luckiest Cat EFUR!!!

P.S. I love you mom, thanks for keeping my memory alive!


Hey Mom I love you! It's Your Day!

May 9th 2010 11:05 am
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Dear Mom,

As I think about our times together and the love we built upon just us two, because it was only us two. You were my world. And I was yours. We danced together as I would just lay up on your shoulders all wrapped around your neck, just nuzzling there. You would dance and I would purr in your ear. You would sing and I would softly purr again. I remember when you would come home from work and I would be right there waiting by the front door on top of my couch, my love seat. Jumping up to greet you and tenderly landing atop your shoulders. MOL I wouldn't even let you sit down! You would walk around with me there while you did chores or whatever, picking up around the apt. MOM! I LOVE YOU MOM!
Also, Today me and Sadie sprinkled kiss dusties all around your place, did you feel me?! And we also spread the love and angel kisses dusties around Sadie's mom's house. Did you feel us?! We are still lingering there! Feel us?! Sadie love's her mommy so much!! And we know that you mom, and Sadie's mommy Pat, are feeling our love connection today all day long. We are here. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Have a blessed day!!!

Your baby boy blue, Smokey Joe


May 1st Happy Birthday my Sweet Sadie!!!

May 1st 2010 7:45 am
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This has been the best day efur! Sadie and I flew over her meowmy's home and sprinkled lots of Angel dust over her and FurBro's Max, Rex, Simba, Bugsy and FurSis's Tuttie and Spice. They were so happy to know we were there! It's beautiful in Las Vegas at night and the lights are so bright and shiney. And now I know I will never be alone, with all my Angel furriends and my Sadie by my side furefur and efur! Onwards to Scotland and the castles and then from there, who knows..I only care that I'm with Sadie. Since we met I've been the absolute happiest kitfur in Angel Heaven. Oooh I very much enjoyed out cake together. Yummy good. Sadie we are going to celebrate this day and do efury thing you would like to do and then tonight find a most comfortable place to nap and cuddle. Then maybe one day soon, we can also fly over my mom's house in Texas. It's so big there with such wide open spaces! There is a little bit of efury thing in Texas, miles and miles of landscapes, lakes and trees. Blossoms on the vine and fruits to make your mouth water!!! Devine! So get ready for a treat.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LADY SADIE!!!!!! I love yous bunches, Your Joe

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