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9 Best Cat Grooming Gloves of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

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Cats are generally small creatures, but you’d never know it by the amount of fur they can produce. Seriously, science has proven that a single cat can coat an entire house with hair in less than twenty minutes (note: this is probably not true).

That’s why grooming them is so important. Not only does it keep your house looking clean, but it also reduces the risk of hairballs.

Unfortunately, convincing your cat that grooming is important isn’t so easy, and many kitties react poorly (and violently) to being brushed. These grooming gloves help you avoid that issue, though, as they allow you to remove excess hair by simply petting your cat.

Not every glove on the market is a keeper, though, and in the following reviews of the best cat brushing gloves, we’ll show you which ones work and which ones you should skip entirely.

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Quick Comparison of Our Favorites for 2023

Best Overall
  • The 255 silicone tips offer excellent coverage
  • Thick enough to offer protection
  • Tips are soft and gentle
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pet Thunder Pet Thunder
  • Requires little pressure
  • Good budget option
  • Protects hand and wrists
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
  • Work on both wet or dry fur
  • Hair doesn’t stick to gloves
  • Good at removing fur from tail and legs
  • Petmate Petmate
  • Wrist strap for adjustable fit
  • Mesh exterior lets water through
  • Nodules arranged in cute pattern
  • Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Glove Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Glove
  • Fabric on top catches loose hair
  • Well-ventilated for use in hot weather
  • Good for baths
  • The 9 Best Cat Grooming Gloves

    1. DELOMO 002 Pet Grooming Glove – Best Overall

    DELOMO 002 Pet Grooming Glove

    Each DELOMO 002 glove is packed with 255 silicone grooming tips, ensuring you’ll get maximum coverage with every stroke (and that’s important, because you never know when your cat’s going to decide enough’s enough).

    The gloves are extremely flexible, so you’ll still have regular range-of-motion in your hands. This lets you easily hold your cat with one hand while the other one removes loose fur, and getting in hard-to-reach spots like around the elbows is easier, too. They’re also thick enough to protect you from teeth and claws, if it comes to that. The tips themselves are very soft, and your cat likely won’t even realize he’s being groomed.

    One problem we found with the DELOMO 002 is that it’s difficult to get the hair off the gloves themselves. This is likely more of a problem for dogs than cats, though, as you won’t have as much fur to deal with, and let’s face it — your cat’s not going to sit there long enough for the hair to pile up anyway.

    All in all, we think these are the best cat grooming gloves out there.

    • The 255 silicone tips offer excellent coverage
    • Provide excellent range-of-motion
    • Good for getting into hard-to-reach spots
    • Thick enough to offer protection
    • Tips are soft and gentle
    • Difficult to clean

    2. Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Glove Brush – Best Value

    Pet Thunder GBG001-1 Pet Grooming Glove Brush

    If your cat hates being petted with any sort of pressure, the Pet Thunder GBG001-1 removes hair with minimal force. You can simply glide it over his fur, and the thick nodules will do all the work. There’s plenty of room between each nub, so removing fur isn’t much of a problem.

    While this glove doesn’t offer much in the way of dexterity, it does cover quite a bit of ground with each pass. Its large size also ensures your hand and wrist are protected if your kitty decides to turn on you unexpectedly.

    The Pet Thunder GBG001-1 is fairly inexpensive, so it’s surprising that it should perform so well (in fact, it’s better than many pricier options). If it were a little more flexible, it would be a serious contender for the top spot, but for now, it will have to settle for being the best cat grooming glove for the money.

    • Requires little pressure
    • Easy to clean
    • Covers lots of ground with each pass
    • Protects hand and wrists
    • Good budget option
    • Bulky and limits dexterity

    3. H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves – Premium Choice

    H HANDSON 867988GrBlMD Pet Grooming Gloves

    These gloves from H HANDSON look like something a Clive Barker villain would wear, but they’re actually surprisingly comfortable for both you and your pet. They work equally well on wet or dry fur, making them a great choice if you’re unlucky enough to need to bathe your cat.

    There are scrubbing nodules on both the fingers and the palms, so every part of your hand will be actively removing fur while you stroke your tabby. The nodules on the fingers are especially good for removing hair from the legs and tail.

    Best of all, hair doesn’t stick to these gloves very much, so there’s minimal cleaning involved. This lets you spend your entire session grooming your cat instead of your gloves.

    They’re not without their shortcomings, though. They’re more expensive than most of the other options on this list, and while fur doesn’t stick to the gloves, it has to go somewhere — and that somewhere is usually all over your house. Expect to spend some time vacuuming after the grooming session.

    If you’re fine with those two issues, though, it’s hard to find much else to quibble with on the H HANDSONs. They’re every bit as good as our top two picks, but the others are a little bit better of a value.

    • Work on both wet or dry fur
    • Nodules on fingers and palms
    • Good at removing fur from tail and legs
    • Hair doesn’t stick to gloves
    • On the pricey side
    • Create a bit of a mess

    4. Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove

    Petmate 89800 Furbuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove

    While the Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 isn’t the best glove on this list, it’s hard to argue that it’s not the most adorable. The nodules are arranged in the shape of a cat’s face, which doesn’t add much utility but is a nice touch nonetheless.

    There’s a convenient strap on the wrist that lets you customize the fit, so it shouldn’t slip and slide while you’re using it. It’s able to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes, allowing children to get in on the grooming action, too.

    The mesh exterior allows water to flow through, so it’s a good choice for using in the bath, as it will dry quickly.

    Fur sticks to it like glue, though, so you’ll need to stop and clean it frequently. It’s also not contoured to the shape of your hand, making it difficult to use in nooks and crannies. It’s more of a total-body glove than one suitable for detail work.

    While the Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 isn’t our favorite, it’s still a very good glove, and worth having around for its cuteness alone.

    • Nodules arranged in cute pattern
    • Wrist strap for adjustable fit
    • Mesh exterior lets water through
    • Requires frequent cleaning
    • Not good for nooks and crannies

    5. Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Glove

    Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Glove

    While there are only rubber tips on one side of the Sweetsweet Grooming Glove, this is technically a double-sided model, as the fabric on top is designed to catch loose hair that you’ve worked free. This helps keep your working area as clean as possible, although you will need to stop periodically to clean it.

    The fabric top is a smart addition because the glove itself doesn’t catch much fur. It’s good at working it out of your animal’s coat, but it just sits there unless you use the top of the glove to scoop it up.

    The mitt is well-ventilated, so you can use it for as long as your mouser will let you without your hand getting hot and sweaty. This can also come in handy during baths, if you’re feeling lucky.

    While there’s a strap on the wrist, there aren’t any finger holes or anything else inside to help you control it, so it tends to move around a bit. This also makes it quite cumbersome to maneuver.

    All in all, the Sweetsweet Grooming Glove is an interesting concept, but it doesn’t perform as well as the more highly-ranked units here.

    • Fabric on top catches loose hair
    • Well-ventilated for use in hot weather
    • Good for baths
    • Nodules don’t catch much fur
    • Lack of finger holes makes it hard to maneuver
    • Moves around during use

    6. FASTDEER Pet Grooming Glove

    FASTDEER Pet Grooming Glove

    You get a pair of mitts with each order of FASTDEER Grooming Gloves, and they’re good for two things: making you look like you just wandered off the set of Tron, and removing loose hair from your cat’s coat.

    Unfortunately, once that hair is removed, these gloves aren’t much help. Much of it gets caught in between the tips, and it’s hard to work out once it’s there. Despite the large amount on the gloves themselves, there’s usually still quite a bit of fur surrounding your workspace.

    The good news is that, since they’re basically mesh gloves with a rubber brush attached, they’re extremely flexible, and they make it easy to hold your pet while you stroke him. That makes them a good choice for especially skittish animals. Don’t expect them to provide much in the way of protection, though.

    That’s not enough to justify ranking the FASTDEER Grooming Gloves any higher than 6th, however, as there are several better options out there that are just as flexible while creating less mess.

    • Difficult to clean
    • Create quite a mess
    • Offer little protection

    7. Poppin Pets Pet Grooming Gloves

    Poppin Pets Pet Grooming Gloves

    Like the FASTDEER above, this offering from Poppin Pets gives you a pair of options to work with. One is a basic glove, while the other is a larger mitt that envelops your entire hand. They also come with a carrying case, which reduces the chance that one will get lost.

    The idea is to use the glove to groom your cat, and the mitt to clean your carpet and furniture. That’s a borderline brilliant idea, and it’s a shame neither one of them lives up to their promise.

    There simply aren’t enough tips on the glove to do much good, so you’ll have to spend forever petting your cat to make a dent in his coat. Meanwhile, the mitt helps you herd hair around your upholstery, but it offers little help when it comes to actually get it off.

    Of all the options on this list, the Poppin Pets likely has the most room to move up, given its intriguing design. However, it would take a pretty dramatic overhaul of each mitt for it to do so.

    • Includes mitt for cleaning furniture
    • Comes with carrying case
    • Not enough nodules on finger glove
    • Mitt just spreads hair around upholstery
    • Takes forever to remove fur from cat

    8. Pet Magasin Grooming Gloves

    Pet Magasin Grooming Gloves

    There are over 200 silicone tips of different sizes and shapes on these Pet Magasins, which sounds good in theory, but the fact is that most of them do nothing to remove hair, and what hair they do remove goes everywhere instead of getting trapped on the gloves.

    What’s worse, the gloves themselves are cramped and uncomfortable, so it’s likely you’ll tire of the grooming process long before your feline friend does.

    The tips are fairly rigid as well, so they could cause some discomfort if you apply too much pressure.

    Where the Pet Magasins excel is on wet fur, which comes off in thick clumps. That may make them a good choice for dogs, but chances are you’re not bathing your cat very often, so you’re better off giving these a pass.

    • Work well on wet fur
    • Doesn’t remove much dry hair
    • What hair is removed goes everywhere
    • Cramped and uncomfortable
    • Rigid tips could cause discomfort

    9. Aufew Magic Pet Grooming Gloves

    Aufew Magic Pet Grooming Gloves

    The Aufew Magic looks more like oven mitts than grooming gloves, and they’re best suited for pulling a roast out of the oven. In fact, they’re actually heat-resistant up to 501°F, but if your cat gets that hot, you likely have bigger problems to worry about.

    The heat resistance can come in handy if you’re dealing with sick animals, as it allows you to sterilize them in boiling water, but that’s not what this list is focused on.

    The bristles don’t offer much resistance, as they just slide right over your kitty’s coat, taking little hair with them. If you wear both mitts at the same time, this slickness means you’ll have almost no control over your pet.

    We assume the reason why they’re so large is to provide protection from teeth and claws, but there’s simply way too much material here, and it gets in the way more than anything. They’re also likely to intimidate your kitty and make him not want to be petted, which defeats the purpose of the gloves in the first place.

    If you need to treat sick animals regularly, the Aufew Magic is likely a smart buy. For anyone else, though, they’ll be more trouble than they’re worth.

    • Can be sterilized in boiling water
    • Bristles glide over hair instead of removing it
    • Slickness makes it impossible to hold cat
    • Excess material gets in the way
    • Likely to intimidate pets
    • May cause animals to fear grooming

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    Conclusion: What are the Best Cat Grooming Gloves?

    Our top pick for best cat brushing gloves were the DELOMO 002 because they’re covered in grooming tips — 255 of them, to be exact. They also work well as gloves, giving you plenty of range-of-motion and allowing you to get into tight spaces with ease.

    For a glove that’s less expensive but nearly as good, try the Pet Thunder GBG001-1. It snags lots of loose hair on every pass and requires little pressure to use, which is something you and your cat can both appreciate.

    We hope these reviews helped you find a grooming glove that you and your pet can both agree on, so you can keep him sleek and shiny all year-round.

    If nothing else, though, at least many of the gloves shown here will protect you when he decides that a violent insurrection is the only way to get out of being brushed.

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