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19 Funny Cat Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh (With Pictures)

Written by: Grant Piper

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Haircut at the barber's cat

19 Funny Cat Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh (With Pictures)

One of the best ways to elevate your day and shrug off malaise is to look at funny cat pictures. The internet is absolutely full of ridiculous and comical cats that will make you smile, even if you don’t feel like it. One guaranteed gold mine for cat humor is silly haircuts. Didn’t you know that cats can sport a number of ridiculous haircuts? Here are 19 hilarious cat haircuts that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Don’t forget to share your favorite look to spread joy.

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Top 19 Funny Cat Haircuts

1. Dinosawwwh!

The dinosaur haircut has become an instant classic thanks to a bevy of excellent social media exposure. This hairdo combines two of the most popular things in the world right now: dinosaurs and house cats. It is impossible not to feel warm and fuzzy while letting out a genuine chuckle any time you see a cat cut to look like a dinosaur.

2. Grumpy Cats in Boots

Grumpy Cat is an online movement with dozens of beloved look-alikes. This haircut takes an online classic and gives it a special twist. These grumpy cats were shaved to look like they were wearing fuzzy boots. This look can be replicated with nearly any long-haired cat if you shave everything but the feet and the head. The result is simply hilarious.

3. The Meowhawk

cat with cool haircut riding a skateboard
Image Credit: Andy Carton, Shutterstock

If you’ve got it, rock it. This cat is living its best life with a totally rad mohawk. Not many cats have enough fur to make this look work, but for those who do, look out. This look is both elegant and amusing. Not everyone would be happy with such a ridiculous hairdo, but this cat looks more than happy to be sporting this fuzzy mohawk.

4. Silly Layers

Was this the intended look for this cat, or are the fat rolls throwing off the vision? Either way, the outcome is amusing. The more you look at this haircut, the more confusing it becomes. What was the goal here? Would this have looked better on another cat? Is the point to make you laugh? This cat is simply baffling, which is why it is so funny and why it had to be included. Really, though, what is going on here?

5. The Modified Lion

The lion cut is a classic look for a cat. Who doesn’t want their cat to look like a tiny lion? The idea is already heartwarming on its own. This look is a slightly modified version of the classic lion look, and it adds all the right details. There is a reason the lion look is so iconic for house cats. It is both comical and adorable.

6. “Just a Little Off the Top Please”

a scottish fold cat with a cool shaved haircut
Image Credit: Dmitry Tkachuk, Shutterstock

This cat got more than it bargained for with its look. Instead of getting a fresh cut, this cat had its entire body shaved. The result is absolutely riotous. The lack of fur only accentuates the cat’s chubbiness in a way that is sure to turn the corners of your mouth upward. Next time, the cat should be more specific about what it wants. If you only want 2 inches taken off, be sure to say that, or you could end up looking like this.

7. The Farmer’s Tan

Farmer’s tans are funny. There is no way around that. Whether you spot a person out in the wild sporting a strong farmer’s tan or you cut your cat to have one of their own, this look is downright silly. Cats don’t have the ability to get their own natural farmer’s tan so why not shave one into them? Next time, take your tank top off when you go to the beach or you might end up looking like this feline.

8. The Drunk Cut

Go home, cat groomer. You’re drunk. What was this look going for? Instead of looking fresh or interesting, this cat looks like either the barber was drunk, or it is waking up after sleeping off a bender. Either way, this haircut is enough to make anyone snigger.

9. The Headshot

pretty cat with a lion cut shave haircut lying at home
Image Credit: Kirk Fisher, Shutterstock

Headshots are a part of life in the professional world. You need to make sure your face looks its best, and you need to capture the regal elegance of the head to make a strong impression. That is exactly what this cat is doing in its very own headshot. The cat was meticulously groomed to accentuate the head, and the results are hilarious. This cat is ready to turn in its CV to the nearest Fortune 500 company. Who wouldn’t want to hire this glamorous cat?

10. The Silver Fox

If you’re going to go gray, you might as well own it. Many people grapple with their hair turning silver. If you have any doubts about how stylish you could look with a gray mop on your head, look no further. Although not a true “hair cut” as the fur was left over from brushing, this cat is absolutely rocking it. It is a verifiable silver fox. How can you not smirk when seeing this absolute stud rocking their silver mane?

11. The Blowout

This cat looks like it just had a blowout. It is fuzzy to the max. This look combines everything people love about a good cat picture. It is silly, it has the vapid expression so beloved on cats, and it is iconic. Next time, they should get some action shots of the cat sitting with a fan or hair dryer blowing on it for maximum effect.

12. 80s Perm

Ah, the 1980s. The decade of 10-minute rock ballads, iconic movies, and hair for days. This cat is living its best life as a 1980s teen heartthrob. This haircut is amusing on almost every level. It instantly takes you back to a different time while also being incredibly strange to see on a cat. This one has to be an instant favorite.

13. Monster Cat

This cat looks like some sort of Halloween creature. Between the odd tail and the squares along the back, this cat looks absolutely silly and mildly terrifying. One wonders if this look would have succeeded better on a cat of a different color. In any case, whether you see this look as a failure or a purposeful gaff, it is quite funny.

14. Rotisserie Chicken Back

One look at this cat will cause you to burst out laughing. Thanks to precision shaving, this cat’s back now looks like a rotisserie chicken. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It really looks like a whole chicken that is ready to be thrown into the oven. This raises an obvious and maddening question. Do all cats’ backs look like rotisserie chickens under their fur?

15. The Braid

It is unclear if the groomer was trying to go for a dinosaur cut and simply failed or if this was some sort of creation from the mind of the cat’s owner. Either way, the outcome is interesting. This cat looks like a giant braid. It takes a minute for the look to really hit you. Turn your head from side to side if you think that will help. In the end, there is only one word to describe this cut, and the word is funny.

16. “I Want a Fresh Cut That Highlights My Best Features”

This cat is begging for a photographer to capture their good side. This haircut has highlighted all of this cat’s most recognizable features. The shaved tail, the trimmed body, and the focus on the paws make this look iconic. Not many cats could pull off this makeover, but this one is working it. It is hard to choose what is more ridiculous: the expression, the paws, or that fluffy tail.

17. “When I Said Surprise Me, This Isn’t What I Had In Mind”

If you go to the barber enough, you are eventually going to come out with a bad haircut. It is the nature of life. This cat left the shop with a bad haircut, and it is gut busting. We’re not sure what they were going for with this look, but the outcome is positively tickling. Luckily, the cat’s fur will grow back in time. Until then, this feline is definitely going to turn heads and generate some good-natured laughs.

18. The Rockstar

This look is a modification of the classic dinosaur cut. Instead of using spikes and a tail to create a lizard look, this cat has switched it up and now looks more like a hungover rockstar than a prehistoric creature. With a mohawk type of look and the guitar case accessory, this cat has been vaulted into the realm of grunge. You could use animal safe dye to enhance this look or customize it for an even greater effect.

19. The Feather Duster

It is unclear if this was a purposeful look or a happy accident. Either way, this one is chuckle inducing to the highest level. Thanks to the odd haircut, this cat now looks like a feather duster. The contrast between the fuzzy tail, black color, and flat head is really something special. It is hard not to laugh when looking at this cat.

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There is no way you can look through this list and not laugh at least once. These haircuts cover all of the bases, from strange to unique to outright silly. Who knew you could cut your cat’s hair in so many amusing ways? Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own cat’s next social media photo shoot or are just having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, this list is brimming with potential and hilarity.

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Featured Image Credit: Helen Sushitskaya, Shutterstock

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