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12 Funny Cat Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh

Funny cat at the hairdresser
Image Credit: FotoYakov, Shutterstock
Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

If you are talented with a pair of hair clippers, you might be curious about what you can do with a cat. Well, whether you are looking for your cats next hairdo or want to see some funny pictures, keep reading while we explore some of the most amusing haircuts we’ve ever seen on a cat, and in some are guaranteed to make you laugh.

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The 12 Funny Cat Haircuts

We’ve searched the deepest recesses of the internet to find the strangest cat haircuts, and this is what we’ve seen.

1. Dino Cat

The Dino Cat is a unique hair cut that leaves your cat with some prehistoric scales on its back. The intricate tail will be quite challenging for even skilled cat barbers, but the result is stunning and is sure to get maximum attention.

2. Wise Cat

The Wise Cat is a hilarious cat haircut that is sure to turn a lot of heads. The hair on the body is shaved short, but the hair on the face is left long. Since the cat in this photo is a longhair, it not only looks incredibly intelligent, it also looks a little like the owl logo of Wise Potato Chips.

3. Lion Cat

The Lion Cat haircut requires your cat to have the right coloring, but if your cat is a medium-long hair breed, you can trim the hair short on the body but leave the hair on the face and neck, so it creates a lions mane.

4. Fantasy Cat

The Fantasy Cat haircut uses dye to achieve the effect, but it’s extremely important to use a non-toxic dye if you try this at home. Only use a product that specifically states that it is safe for use on pets, but you can get some amazing color combinations, and many wear off in a reasonable time so you can try out different ideas.

5. Peace Lion Cat

The Peace Lion is another version of the Lion Cut, but this artist took it a little further and carved a peace sign into the back. It’s the perfect accessory to the Woodstock reunions they have every year, and the flower is the ideal accessory for the haircut.

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6. The Puppy Cat

The Puppy Cat is an advanced hairdo that requires quite a bit of talent with the trimmer to create a female dog’s design into the back of the cat. While we might be impressed and even had a little laugh, we don’t think the cat is too happy about it by the look on its face.

7. The Bieber Cat

The Bieber Cat hairdo requires removing all hair off the body down to the skin. You also shave the face very close to the skin, but the head’s hair is allowed to stay, and you groom it to resemble the haircut sported by the popular musician Justin Bieber. We only recommend trying this haircut in extremely warm environments to help keep the cat from becoming too cold.

8. The Poodle Cat

The Poodle Cat hairdo is a fun haircut to try if your cat has the right kind of hair. It looks funny and resembles the hair on many Show dog Poodles around the world but doesn’t leave the cat too exposed. It’s sure to get plenty of attention from anyone who sees it before they realize it’s a cat

9. The Ballerina Cat

The Ballerina Cut is an attractive haircut that allows your cat to look like it’s wearing a ballerina outfit. You can even use the non-toxic dyes we mentioned earlier to add more contrast to the design.

10. The Warrior Cat

The Warrior Cat is a majestic looking haircut that gives the cat an almost royal look. It’s only possible on longhair cats, but this is one of our favorites.

11. The Bow Tail Cat

The Bow Tail Cat is a haircut that only applies to the tail area and can go with many other haircuts, especially the lion. It will require a significant amount of skill with the trimmers and cooperation to pull off such an intricate design, but certainly worth it.

12. The Stacked Rings Cat

The Stacked Rings Cat is a hairdo that resembles a bunch of stacked rings, not unlike a toy a baby might use. This haircut is surprisingly difficult to cut, so it achieves multiple rings, but is sure to get your cat a lt of strange looks from passers-by.

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We hope you have enjoyed looking over this list of unique haircuts and found a few you would like to try out. We think the Wise Cat is the funniest, with the Ballerina Cat coming in a close second. If you have had a good time, please share these 12 funny cat haircuts that will make you laugh on Facebook and Twitter.

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Featured Image: FotoYakov, Shutterstock

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