Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9

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Picture of Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, a male Russian Blue/Domestic Shorthair

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"Thank you Bugsy~ Happy Summer 2014"

Home:San Antonio, TX  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male
Thank you Manytoes 'n furmilies~

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"Thank you Manytoes 'n furmilies~"

Welcome to Heaven

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"Welcome to Heaven"

Lovin' the Unicorns~!

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"Lovin' the Unicorns~!"

Me and my saweeet Sadie

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"Me and my saweeet Sadie"

Me and my saweet Sadie girl

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"Me and my saweet Sadie girl"

Flying high and sprinkling angel glitters and love across the world

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"Flying high and sprinkling angel glitters and love across the world"

Smokey Joe always loved forever

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"Smokey Joe always loved forever"

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Smokum's, baby boy blue, Smoke that Joe

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Gotcha Date:
December 18th 2003

November 15th 2003


Favorite Toy:
Just a rolled up peice of paper bally so he could catch it and bat it and chase it like a retriever

Favorite Nap Spot:
In the bed with me

Favorite Food:
I liked my lunch meats and canned food as long as it wasn't fish

Retriever, Batter, Catcher, Riding Mommy's shoulder


Arrival Story:
Smokey Joe was a rare cat in that he was THE caretaker of me, through my separation, the death of my mom and my divorce. Smokey Joe was so smart and loved to bat the bally back to me and play fetch. Sometimes I thought he thought he was a dog! When I would arrive home from work he would be waiting to jump atop my shoulders and ride around with me while I did my chores. I never had a cat that did what Smokey Joe did. He was really a quiet one, never asking for much. But anyone could read those vivid green eyes. He never wanted for much and he was spoiled, but that action was wholeheartedly returned. May he rest in peace in Kitty Heaven over the Rainbow Bridge.

SMOKEY JOE November 2003 - April 2009 You're forever in my memories my beloved friend and companion.

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Remembering Baby Boy Blue

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Remembering "Smoke that Joe"

The For Ever Love of a Catster Angel

August 10th 2014 11:05 am
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Hi my pawsome Furiends~! Long time no speak 'n write here in my Diary/Journal.
I flew down from heaven this morning early to whisper into momcat's ear, Hey MOM~!!! I need to talk to my wonderful Catster furiends 'n furmilies! So here I am. Although mom can't see me, she feels me 'n she knows I am here often with her, showing her the way 'n helping with decisions and keeping my furbro Milo 'n my fursis Mallee in line! I must do that, it's what us Angels do~!

We are furry busy ya know!

Let me tell you what all we do here in heaven helping make it the bright, lovely 'n furtastic purrlace that it is~ :D Yes we play many sports 'n we bowl efury Caturday night, just like last night~! I am not so good, but I purrlay anyway~! MOL~ All our angel furiends gather round 'n we share catweiser's 'n mega nip nachos! Yes it's a blast. We dance, 'n sing 'n oh my yes, we EAT~ It's ALL so good~!

That is not all we do! But we DO pawty a LOT ;D~ Hehehee!

Being an Angel, yes, We always keep watch, we always have some much needed kit whofur needs our love, our golden rainbow dusties to sprinkle down, our purrs 'n our strong undivided purrayers. Those kits, those who are sick, those whose mom's 'n dad's need our spawcial comforting thoughts, our devoted ways, our hugs 'n our For Ever love.
Ya know, all of it is needed here~!

We Understand. We know that feeling. The loss of a pure unconditionally loved fur child.

The comfort is the fact that coming here, coming to OUR purrlace, our Catster purrlace, we all share this ONE characteristic~! The heartfelt memories, those dearest to us. Those forever loved.

So, with mom's help, I come to you all to share my love, my memories, and as you all remember your loved ones, your angels that once roamed the Earth, remember us with love, with fondness and forever keep OUR LOVE alive.

Here is where we come to do just that. These thoughts came to me when mom read my dearest furiend, my angel BFF Flyin' buddy, RAINCLOUD's diary. =^.^=
You my love, said a mouthful~!!

We live on. We love on. For we will never be forgotten.

It's HERE we reign~!!

Smokey Joe sends massive spawcial angel hugs all around.
Share that love. Spread that love.

We are united. (") (")

For Ever.

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue
Livin' 'n Lovin' on Cloud # 9


BelEVEing We Do Go On~!

April 6th 2014 2:18 pm
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Smokey Joe here with mom helping me write in my diary on my 5th year Bridge day~

Dear Diary/Journal,

Mom hesitated come and write in my diary, as it's been such a dreary 'n wet, gloomy day here in San Antonio. We are all so sick and tired of the cloudy mess and fog that has fallen upon us lately. Mom wonders, does the pain of losing a sweet loved one ever go away, but then answered herself; nope, it might get a bit easier, but the pain and tears still come. And on this day, yet another tear fell.

Mom must think about my fur sibs, Milo and Mallee, yes that is what she lives for now; them. Of course I watch over them, but don't we all know that someday they too, will be here with me? Mom frets each day, knowing that I was cut short of my life on Earth. Still she says, those 5 years were the best she'd ever had with me, and I was a good kitty, a soul mate, a best friend. She smiles thinking of Milo and Mallee. And Milo, being her flame point baby boy, yeah, she smiles. I am glad. I have my little furbro to go on with my legacy!!! And yes, being over here at the Rainbow Bridge, I am thought of and loved forever. I know that. All my Angel friends know this. We were/are/and always will be loved. As for our friends here on Earth, well, I love them all. Mom says that a cat isn't just a cat when it is part of a loving family!~ We are children of sorts, don't ya know? Yeah, we here at Catster know that feeling. This is why my family and friends here understand that our lives, our kitten lives, are never long enough on Earth, never. But as the circle and cycle of life turns, as with humans also, we go on. We travel across the bridge so that another life can have a place here on this planet. You all remember that story, "We chose Tears"? Yeah, that little orange boy didn't understand, but he learned. And the Angels helped.

I want to take this time, as mom writes for me through foggy eyes, to say how much I purrpreciate all the prezzie's brought forth on my page by my purrfect friends here at Catster. You all are so spawcial to mom 'n me 'n Milo 'n Mallee. We have a family here. Thank you. Thank you for being here for us. Thank you Catster for sticking around and not shutting down our pawsome hang out. And know we aren't here all the time, for we can not be. Life has ups and downs and much as we'd like to be here more, sometimes mom can not take the stress on her eyes anymore. But, you know we are here, you all know we hang out. Yes.

And together we will always be.

And our Angels are forever.

Dream on and Dream big for life is too short to stop dreaming.

Reach for the skies. We are here.

'n Love will light the way.

We go on and on....

Thank you,

Loving always,

Angel Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Living on Cloud # 9


Hi Ya'll 'n Are we United? Yes, We are~ Thank you Catster- for Keeping Us Around~!!!

February 16th 2014 10:04 am
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Hi Efuryone~! I would love to say that we are one happy families knowing our CATSTER COMMUNITY will be sticking around~! Oh, wow, you gotta know mom was in tears reading the fact that Catster was closing and shutting down all the pawsome Communities and forums and diaries, etc.

That just WOULD not work~ We fought, we rallied, we protested~!
We won. I just hope we did.

Catster rocks, we all know this. We have so MANY warm, thoughttful, caring, loving furiends. These furiends have been in our lives a long long time~! WE do not want to LOSE them~! That would really bite, mom says MOL~ Anyfur, we are very thankful that we do have a bit more time here.

I love each and every one of my pawsome, enduring furiends. OUR furiends, one's we've made for years. YOU... make what Catster is. We ALL make it so.

From Heaven and the above, all my love, watching over you all, all our memories, all our antics, our unconditional closeness, all our being together and knowing just knowing, we make our parents happy, this is what counts. This is what rocks.

Keep all the Angels in mind. Keep us in your hearts. Keep us strong. For we were once a part of that vast timeline that MADE your lives happy. Yes.

We love you. I love you.
And Mom, I will continue to watch over Milo 'n Mallee and you also.

Purrs, Love, Angel winged Hugs and Love,

Smokey Joe, Baby Boy Blue
Dreamboat #9, Living & Alive on Cloud 9

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