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Snowed In

February 9th 2013 5:29 pm
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Being snowed in wouldn't usually be so bad. Except, that the hooomans came home early on Friday and they've been home ever since. What that translates to is I DON'T GET SLEEP LIKE I USUALLY DO!!!

I'm SO furry tired that I've been by myself all day upstairs sleeping. For me that's unusual cause I'm a furry needy kitty. I need to be with my peeps all day in case they give me treats, food, etc.

The good news is they haven't stuck me outside this time. The pawrents went outside but I sure didn't. It's cold out there!!




February 8th 2013 2:56 pm
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So for my furrday guess what I got?? Nothing, that's right, NOTHING!!! And the pawrents don't even feel bad about it!

So I told mama (since she's the bigger pushover) that I'd like a new sissal horizontal scratcher so that I can have one upstairs and one downstairs like a real cat should.

I'm getting nervous cause it's pawfully snowy and cold here. I heard papa say he's gonna throw me out in the snow to see if my camouflage works! Can you image the horror? I told mama she'd better protect me.



My furrday!

February 3rd 2013 6:10 am
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Oh my I haven't pawed in so long!!!!!! But a furrday is a great way to start back up since I'm celebrating my birthday today when I came home with the pawrents.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was SO excited to be outta my cage and room that I was isolated in (cause I'm so furry scared of other kittehs) that I just walked around looking out the windows.

I stared out the windows and walked around looking for other furs for 3 days straight cause I was convinced other furrs were somewhere in the house. But they weren't - woo hoo I realized - I'm an only kitty!!

Thank mew for celebrating with me especially my giftie from the Cuppycake King himself (can you guess what I got??).




November 9th 2012 8:35 pm
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I think the Diary Gal has passed out at her keyboard and snarffed herself awake long enough to make me DDP again! Thank mew for your pawmails, support and gifties... again. I'm furry exhausted from all this pawrtying but I will try to push through and do my thank mews. Meowmy says she's going to be away but that I should do them before she gets back cause she says my furriends are pawsome to me.

I know that, but I let her tell me again anyway cause it is true.



Thank you, thank you!

November 7th 2012 3:31 pm
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Wow, I'm DDP! The Diary Gal must be bored to listen to me rant about the pawrents, MOL. My furriend Lacey has a pawesome diary entry about her pawrents and I'm starting to think we're from the same litter. To read her diary click this link

Diary Gal I think she should be next DDP, MOL just for being dead on.

A huge thank mew from my furriends for helping me celebrate again. Do you ever get tired of pawrtying? Me neither, MOL.

Angel Buddy, Gibbs, Cash, the Ms and Ricki for the happy paw dance (they called me sweet MOL.)

Smiley Cassanova for the pawsome pawmail, the concats from evfurrybody's buddy Newman and last but not least a pumpkin pie slice from the Cuppycake King Tate which was furry tasty.

Thank you again and I hope everyfur stays warm and dry in this crazy weather right after Sandy.



The Mouse Wheeesperer

November 5th 2012 6:16 pm
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So I've been telling the 'rents for days and days. Do you think they'd listen to me? Nooooo, of course nottttttt!!!

Well what I've been trying to tell them is that there's a dead mousie in the mouse trap!! I'm furry sad cause to me that's a toy that's not so much a toy anymore. I sniffed and pointed to it and mama saw me, checked it and said "Ew, we finally caught it!" She went scurrying away like the fraidy cat she is. Papa looked at it and said "Yup, it's there, that must be what he was trying to show us."

Geez, I can't make this up - YES that's what I've been showing you!! Does anyfur else have humans who don't listen?



Hurricane Kitteh

November 1st 2012 5:57 pm
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I haven't written in a long time cause meowmy's had to work to pay my vet bills, so she hogs my catputer!!

The storm we had was a big one but I was glad the pawrents were home for a change. A couple storms ago I was home alone and furry, furry scared. This time it was furry windy but I was so tired I just sat on a lap and was sleepy.

Mama told me there are a lot of other furrs stranded and scared in NJ and NY though. She said it's really bad so we're purring for those furrs and their family.

During the storm mama told me that if we had to evacuate I'm going with the pawrents and that no isn't an answer. I should hope so, after all I do for them, geez!!



Good stuff

October 11th 2012 6:41 pm
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Wow, well I've been trying to paw a diary for the last couple a weeks but every time I do mama says "Sparky, I have to work extra hours to pay for your vet bills so you can't play on the catputer right now."

Well that's just dumb. So thanks to the Diary Gal for shaming meowmy into letting me paw! I got the email this morning and have been furry excited all day.

A HUGE thank mew to my furriends for celebrating with me. Thanks to Tate for my pumpkin that I've been bowling with in the house, Angel Buddy and gang for my ribbon and pawmail, and from Smiley Cassanova's crew for the pawmail. Thanks so much.



Thank mew!!

October 1st 2012 6:50 pm
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Thank mew again so much furr all my gifties and prezzies this month. It really has made me feel better, check out my videos for proof, MOL.

I'm so spoiled I got a healing paw from Tate, a yummy shrimpie from Newman, a thank mew acorn from Colorado (I don't like being pilled either) and the best thanks is that he's starting to get better.
Balloons from Samoa et al, Big Harry and the Orange furrmily, Tate, pirate flags from Samoa, Harry and the Orangies, The Catfather, Humphrey Lee Haunted, Monida.

Thank mew so much, I really do appreciate it.



Mmm, mmm good!

October 1st 2012 6:43 pm
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Well Papa dragged me back to the vet today for a follow-up. My Feliway worked so I was being furry good until the end when I was in my carrier. Then whoever walked by got swatted at cause I'm sick of going there so they can poke my udders.

The vet said nothing really but she said how she likes my Dalmatian ears again - I got my docdoc back!!

She said I'm ok for now 9even though I puked 3 times this week) since I'm getting better and I get my tuna treats again to help my bladder. I also got my new favorite thing ever - wait for it... wait for it... prescription gravy and morsels!!!!

It is the BEST thing I've ever eaten in my life and after I ate dinner I even hunted mama down in the house. I said "Mama, that was so good I NEED more."

She looked at me and said "you're already fed and I've spent enough money on you this month. You don't need anything."

Hmph, well that backfired but I still love that stuff. I even got crab cranberry treats the docdoc gave me (I told you she's good) that I get everyday now too.

I feel so glad to be out of the vet's office I even played and the video's on my page.


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