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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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tagged! I'm it!

July 29th 2010 12:22 am
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Pipo tagged me! Fun!

1.Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Yes, sometimes I want to play and will do lots of things to wake mom. I like to sweep things off shelves or the dresser with my paw. I also touch her face (cheek, nose or mouth) with my paw. Also, I wake her at 5:30ish every morning (although mom considers this night) to be fed and to play.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

I like to bite cardboard boxes and sometimes the corners of books, but I don't really tear them up.

3.What is your favorite treat?

I like those freeze-dried chicken treats (Halo), but I like lots of different foods. like Greek yogurt, cheese, any meats, ice cream... I've even tried cakes and cheetos. one time I ate a whole bunch of brownie bits from a pan that mom left out. I can open the toaster oven door, so if anything tasty is left in there, I'll take it.

4.Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

Yes, I can- but will I? That's the question. I'm bored of that game. I used to fetch my rattling fur mice over and over when mom threw them, repeatedly bringing them back. O yeah, and one time when mom was sleeping, I found a big gross wad of masking tape- used masking tape in her old roommate's bedroom, and I brought it in to mom. I put it on top of her and tried to wake her up. She opened her eyes and saw my face and then saw the gross wad of masking tape and she picked it up and threw it off of her. She tried to go back to sleep, but I kept fetching the wad of tape and putting it back on top of her. Again and again. Anyways, now I will only fetch if I feel like it.

5.Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Until I was 8 months old, I lived with my breeder.

Okay, so now you copy the questions into your own diary and make your own answers. Then choose FIVE cats to tag! Have fun!


the search for the perfect toy

July 25th 2010 2:07 pm
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My search for the perfect cat toy continues. Mom buys me tons of toys, which I enjoy for a few days before getting bored. The toys of yesterday lay forgetten until mom puts them away. If she brings them out, I throw them in her face- no, just kidding- I just look at them with a mild expression. If mom shakes them in front of me, I will give a polite sniff, then stare at her. My feline feather flyer that I was so excited about several months ago very rarely makes me jump now. I have figured out that the laser dot is not alive, and I won't chase it anymore.
There are a few toys that have had staying power. I still bat around the rattling fur mice. I run and leap if mom throws them for me. I still love my big stuffed ferret/stoat and will wrestle and rabbit kick it, and carry it around.
And now for my newest toy. Mom is surprised and hopeful. She bought me a fishing fly toy, and I am crazy for it. It's a real deer hair fishing fly with the hook cut off and glue put on the end so it's not sharp there. I LOVE IT. I have been playing with it every day for a solid week with no signs of boredom. I leap and flip and twist to catch it. It is AWESOME. Because it is a wand toy with a line/cord, mom won't leave me alone with it, and puts it away for safety in the zippered cat toy bag she has. I KNOW IT'S IN THERE. Every night this week mom has heard me pawing at the bag and trying to stuff my face into the zipper trying to open it. I WANT THAT TOY. When she gets up to feed me at 5:30a she takes it out and plays for a couple minutes before putting it away to get some more sleep. When she gets up for work she takes it out to play for 15 more minutes. I start purring when I see her unzip the bag. When she gets home from work, I start pawing at the bag again. She takes it out and I will play all night if she is willing. The toy is already getting beat up with the deer hairs coming out. Mom doesn't want it to fall apart completely and me to eat the parts, which would be dangerous, but I still want to play. Give me my toy! Mom wants to get some more fishing flies so she can make them into toys. So far, this is an awesome toy. Two paws up for fishing fly toys!


the happy poop run

July 15th 2010 8:12 pm
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Sometimes, very often actually, after I poop, I jump out of the litterbox and hit the ground running. I run run run as fast as I can.
I can't explain it, it's just a feeling. A feeling of joy. Like, "YAY! I pooped!", and I have to run like a maniac. And then play. Mom thinks it is hilarious, and calls it the happy poop run. She says, "GO TOKI! GO!" when I poop and run. In fact, she is convinced that it's a boy-cat thing, because her old girl cat Spooky, who she had for 13 and a half years, never did it. She has witnessed her boyfriend's boy cat doing the happy poop run. And two of her friends said their boy cats do it sometimes, but their girl cats don't. It's not my ordinary superfast run. I do sometimes decide to suddenly break out into a sprint and tear across the room. What cat doesn't? But this is DIFFERENT. This is the happy poop run.



my prizes are awesome!

July 8th 2010 1:55 pm
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My prizes from the Buzzin into Spring contest came yesterday, and they are AWESOME. I was stuffing my head into the tissue paper and box before mom could even get anything open. I could smell catnip!! Here are the prizes: a totebag that says "I AM TOTALLY FABULOUS", a fuzzy rabbit that buzzes when u pull the tail, a catnip little duck/bird toy, catnip pillows with pirate skulls on them, pipecleaner bee toys, furry rattling mice toys (those are a longtime favorite of mine), a fleece crate pad with bee print, and a purple harness that Morgan's mom gave me just because my mom had admired the one that Morgan has. and a children's picture book called Boris and the Snoozebox, by Leigh Hodgkinson, about a little cat's adventure.
The toys are so fun! I was playing with everything, pawingunder the tissue paper, sliding around, going into the cardboard box, tossing around the catnip duck and pipecleaner toys. By far my favorite is the little catnip bird, I flipped it around and batted it like a Kung Fu master. Mom had seen that toy before in a store, but she wasn't sure I'd like it, so she didn't buy it. Ha. Shows how much she knows. I LOVE IT. I love picking it up in my mouth and flipping it, then catching it with my paws and beating it up. If anybody is interested, it's a Purina FEATHERED FRIEND tease me toy- catnip inside, stuffing free.
The rattling mice are an old favorite that I can never get enough of. Mom buys me dozens that I play with and lose. I get very excited when I see her sweeping a ruler or stick under the furniture, cause I know all my mice will come out.
Those pipecleaner bees are also a blast! I was fiddling with them forever with my paws. So fuzzy! so weird! morgan's mom really knows what cat's like. The catnip pillows are a good little size too, perfect for batting. All you kitties should support Morgan beds, which helps pay for Morgan's high vet costs, due to his juvenile diabetes and recent cataract surgery. The crate pad I got will be very comfy on the couch. You can see happy cats all over Catster in the round Morgan beds.
The harness fits nicely and looks great, but so far I look pretty pissed when I wear it. I just lay right down. Mom is sure I will feel differently when I get to go outside on walks, but she wants to wait until the heatwave is over.
Anyway, I am so happy with my prizes and happy I was in the contest. Good luck in the next one to all my friends! You won't be sorry you entered.
Oh yeah- the book! It's Soo cute. The illustrations are wonderful. Mom went to art school for illustration, even though she works in costume making now, but she has a soft spot for good picture books. She read it to me and we both loved it. (Actually the truth is I was too busy playing to pay attention, but I sat on the cover later, and I feel sure it's a good book.)


3rd prize in Bee-in Cute contest!

July 1st 2010 8:05 pm
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Guess what everybody! My photo won third prize in the Buzzin into Spring -Bee-in Cute Contest! I won a Bee crate pad and a buzzing duck (whatever that is) and a surprise for my mom. I am so excited and flattered after seeing all the great entries. In fact, there were some that I'm surprised didn't win. In the cute category I particularly liked the pick of Adam Dylan licking an ice cream cone, and the kitty Poppy sleeping in a flower pot. But thanks to the judges for picking me as 3rd, mom is really proud. Like I said to the contest group: I guess it was worth mom interrupting me while cleaning my little tinkler to take that photo. Congratulations to the other winners, their photos are awesome! And congratulations to Guido for winning 2nd in the Silly category. Hurray!


the mighty fly-hunter

June 29th 2010 1:47 pm
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I am TOKI! the mighty fly-hunter!
Yesterday, mom watched in amusement as I leaped around after a large fly. I twisted and jumped, batting in the air at the fly, and chased it to a window. It flew stupidly at the window again and again, and my lightning quick paws danced around. SPLAT! I trapped it with my paw. Suddenly mom's amusement turned to horror as I took the fly into my mouth.
"Ew NO! No, DON'T EAT IT!" she yelled and tried to grab me.
But I, the mighty fly-hunter, was too quick for her. I ran under a table and chewed up my prize. How dare she try to take away my PREY? My big squishy crunchy buzzing black fly. I licked my lips and looked at mom happily. She said sadly, "ew, TO-ki. You ATE IT. gross."
Mom brushed my teeth for a little longer than usual last night. But today, she just saw me catch another fly, and once again was too slow to stop me from chewing it up.


cat weightlifting: the best sport ever

June 28th 2010 12:51 pm
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The best sport show ever! Cat weightlifting! Please watch, this is hysterical. ng-is-the-sport-of-the-21st-century


crotch sleeper

May 25th 2010 9:38 am
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I have become a crotch sleeper. It's my favorite little nook. Yep, that's right. On top of the blanket, but right between mom's legs. Lately, mom has been waking up in strange, uncomfortable positions because I insist on sleeping there. Even she moves, she'll wake up later with me right back there. I'm telling you, mom, it's a futile battle.
Don't judge me!
Who among you is innocent?
Let he who has never slept in a crotch cast the first stone!


monkey business

May 10th 2010 7:31 pm
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I am feeling frisky, my friends.

Mom came home a little late tonight. When she got home, it was like someone lit a spark under my butt. I tore around like a firecracker. I ate half my dinner in a big rush, then ran to see what mom was doing in the refrigerator. I could hear the sound of a drawer being opened... She was leaning over getting vegetables out, so I jumped onto the counter like I always do. Instead of just putting my front paws on her like usual, this time I jumped with all four paws onto her back. Mom was stuck leaning over with me on her back. heehee. She laughed and managed to scrape me off back onto the counter. She leaned over again and I jumped back on. Wheeeee! I could get a much better look into the beloved refrigerator from up there. I managed to jump on her back three times while she got out her veggies. She took them over to the sink to wash and I sat by the sink and played with the water. I love dipping my paw into the spray. Then mom got to chopping and made me get off the counter. Then I heard the can opener and I jumped back up. Tuna?! is it tuna? oh. chick peas. how disappointing. I went back to my own dinner. Mom ate her lame dinner of bread and salad with chickpeas. No meat tonight at all! What a looozer.


new toy!

May 7th 2010 5:28 pm
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Mom has been working a lot lately, and she's feeling really guilty. Luckily, we have been visiting grandma and grandpa's house, so they have been keeping me company during her long days. They spoil me with extra food like chicken and turkey, which I love! They just can't resist me when I stand up and put my front paws on them while they are eating. Mom is a little worried that I'm eating too much, but I play all day and half the night, so I'm still sexy.
Tonight mom came home a little earlier with a brand new toy for me. Yay! It's a new and better feather feline flyer. I LOVE IT. I went crazy, and I didn't even want to stop playing to eat my dinner. This is very unusual. Food is my top priority. But tonight, I ignored the yummy wet food mommy put down and went back to the feather flyer. Mom put it away and I started looking all over for it, meowing and poking around. Finally mom brought it out again and played some more. Then she hid it under the blanket on her bed so I would eat dinner. I knew it was around the bed somewhere, so I looked around and sat on the blanket. After a bit I finally went and ate my dinner. I'll be sure to demand some more playtime later. I love my new toy!

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