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Litter Genie

December 10th 2012 9:20 am
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Hey, everbuddy! The Peekster and I got a new rangement with our potty. The nuther day mama comed home with a white can thingie and a coupla black ring thingies covered in my fav-rit; PLASTIC! I did not even get to gnaw on the plastic cuz mama hided the black thingies. She said they were somethin called "re fills." Mama tooked the can thingie apart. Inside there was a kitty poo scooper and a thingie to put it in. Inside there was a nuther one of those ringie thingies. Mama put the ringie thingie inside the can, and then she hanged the poo scooper thingie off the side.

As soon as there was somethin in our potty, mama tooked the new scooper thingie. She scooped out the poo and put it in the can. Then she pulled a thingie on the front, and the poo diss-peared. MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is some kinda peeple trick, but it's still pretty cool. The poo is inside, but you catnot see it, and it is not even stinky. I think maybe the Peekster and I are gonna like the magic can; I know mama thinks it is wonderful.


Winter Wonderland

December 8th 2012 3:21 pm
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We are livin in a winter wonderland. Last night it got blizzardy. Our poor little light-up Santa Claws was face down on the deck this mornin, and his light-up prezunts were scattered at his feets. Santa Claws is speshl to mama cuz he looks like the old Coca-Cola Santas. He is pretty old, and mama paid $5 for him at a rummagey sale years and years ago.

This mornin the wind was goned, and it was snowin big fluffy flakes. They were floatin down all soft like, and they were makin me crazy cuz I thought I could get em through the window, but no matter how hard I pawed and leaped, I could not catch a single one.

This afternoon mama went out and shoveled fluffy white snows off our back steps and the deck. Then she rescued Santa and his prezunts. When she first went out, they looked like white lumps; you could not even see em no more.

Hey, mama made the Peekster and me a speshl Kissmouse card of our very ownest. When they get here, we will have 25. Mama knows a few addresses for sendin our cards to Catster pals but not many. If you would like to have one of our cards, feel free to p-mail us with your mailin address.



December 5th 2012 6:43 pm
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Hey, we finally got some Kissmouse dekrashuns. Mama has beened workin all week makin the house nice and clean. She said she spit and polished everythin, but Peekie and I never saw her spit even once, so we think she is fibbin.

I finally decidered to quit gettin in trubl for jumpin up on the dinin room siderboard. Course, there is nothin up there I want anymore, but mama thinks I am bein a real good boy. She even hunged up my personal Kissmouse stockin with the rest of em.

We have a cool centerpiece on the dinin room table with mama's Cambridge Caprice candleholders with real candles and some sparkly fruits and stuff. Mama does not know I did check em out, but they do not smell like nuthin to eat, so I leaved em alone.

In the livin room mama put some green garland stuff up WAY high where even I catnot jump up and get it. Then she put a big gold bow in the middler and on both ends she hanged some golden, sparkly fruit thingies. Then she put up our stockin holders and hanged the stockins. I was sweatin bullets until I saw my blue stockin in her hand. It would be terbl to not get no Kissmouse prezunts at all.

I sneaked a peek at Mama's shopsterin list, and it says Petco: Pet Wipers. I sure hope she is keepin sekruts bout some kitty toys. There was somethin else on the list. I think it said "Litter genie." I wonder if Peekie and I get wishes from the genie?

Hey, what's this Kissmouse tree I keep hearin bout? Peekie and I have never even seened a Kissmouse tree. Mama sez maybe next year...


We are Musical Again

December 5th 2012 6:36 pm
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I got my Bonny Portmore back from podsnack, and I even got a second player. Mama sez it is for when I am bad. Bad? Me? I do not think so!

I am not the one who gets poop balls stuck in my bloomers. In fact, I do not even have bloomers; well, only really teensy ones. I also did not erp up on the kitchen floor this mornin. That was the Peekster, and mama even saw her do it.

Anyway, the podsnack players are not quite as cool as mixpod, but they are free. Thanks to Tessa from Pawsome Pages for sendin group mail to help us kitties who have challenged mamas and daddies. ;)


Coal For Me...

November 30th 2012 4:41 pm
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There is no way that Santa will not find out bout me bein naughty. I think I told ya on the sly that I was gettin into mama's rangement with the wheat and snackin on it. Well, mama made an evil cat trap and put it on the siderboard. The next mornin it was on the floor, and mama knew I had been tryin to be naughty again. The second mornin the trap was askew, but no wheats were missin. The third mornin the trap was all covered with bits and piecers of wheat, and another piece was pulled clear out. Mama was mad, but I think it was more cuz she could not outwit me. Mama and daddy figured I just jumped up and stood or sat stuck to the duck tape on mama's trap and ate the yummy wheat anyway. Soooo, the rangement dis-peared, the mess got cleanered up, and the cat trap is gone too.

I got my snack, but mama sez I am gettin coal for Kissmouse cuz I am a rock head. What's a rock head?


Don't Tell Santa

November 24th 2012 7:36 pm
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Well, Thanksgivin night I got real hungry for a snack in the middler of the night. Mama and daddy were sleepin, so I looked round for somethin to eat. Finally I looked up and saw mama's pretty blue pottery pitcher. It had a birdie nest on a branch and some yummy lookin wheat. I thought, OK, I will have some wheat cereal, and I can get it all by myself.

I jumped up on the siderboard. There was a buncha birdies up there, but they are not real. They are somethin mama called "handcarved." Some of the birdies got pushed round some, but they did not break. I hope Santa will remember that part if he finds out. I ate some wheat, but it was kinda crunchy, and it kept breakin and makin a mess. I made sure to be far away when mama and daddy got up.

Daddy was the one who saw the brokened wheat. When he showed mama, she got mad and started yellin and pointin her finger at me and yellin even more. I tried to look real innersent, but it did not work.

After while everbuddy forgot. Well, at least I thought everbuddy forgot, but mama is real sneaky. Last night I thought I would have more snacks. When I jumped up on the siderboard, I got caught in one of mama's cat traps. Mama makes the evil traps with carderboard and duck tape, so if you jump and land on one, it sticks on your feet, and you hafta try to run away.

When mama got up this mornin she checked her trap, she said it was askew. Who is this askew guy, and why does he wanna tattle on me?

I really hope nobuddy tells Santa.


Kitty of the Day MIA

November 12th 2012 6:02 pm
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Jeepers, we just went to see the kitty of the day, but nobuddy is home. I am just scratchin my head...



November 8th 2012 4:42 pm
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Hey, a storm guy named Brutus came to our house today. He comed from the southwest, but the snow is blowin kinda siderways toward the south. Mama sez our Canadian friends sent us this nice wind. We are sposed to get bout 12-14 inchers of snow, but mama does not worry. We do not have to go anywhere for awhile, and mama's truck, Sapphire, gots 4-wheel drive. Mama worries more bout the nuther drivers, specially those who do not know 4-wheel drive is not 4-wheel stop! The storm will last bout two and a half or three days, and then Brutus will go away.

Where daddy lives in Havre, they got a blizzard warnin until Saturday mornin. Daddy has a big Dodge Ram, but it is a diesel, and they are wimps in cold weather. Daddy has to plug his truck in if it even gets below bout 20 degrees, and he does not got no garage like mama does for Sapphire.

Mama does not mind the bad weather, but she sez it is not good for our budget. What's a budget? Mama sez it is so comfy in the offis sittin in front of our computer and... SHOPSTERIN!

Mama ordered a hollerday dress for the Peekster. It is red on top with a red bow and a red, green, and white plaid skirt. I am gettin a new white collar with a red bow tie and a cute coat thingie with tails. I think there might a Kissmouse photo shoot at our house soon.

Peekie and I are not sposed to know, but mama ordered a new bed for us for Kissmouse. I was peekin over her shoulder when she thought I was napsterin in the chair. The bed looks real snuggly like our blueberry bed. One of us is almost always in the blueberry bed. When Peekie leaves, I hop in the bed. Then when I leave, Peekie hops back in.

Mama is thinkin she should leave the new bed in the livin room cuz when we watch TV I nap on my beloved otter-mun or next to mama, but the Peekster comes out and curls up on the carpet. If mama gets the blueberry bed and brings it out in the livin room, Peekie usually goes right in. Mama is hopin Peekie will speshly like the new bed and be more soshable when we are in the livin room.

Mama bought Angry Birds Star Wars today for her Kindle Fire. I catnot wait to help mama kill piggies! I speshly like the sound the piggies make.


Gunnarr the Brave

October 29th 2012 5:11 pm
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Mama sez I am a very brave kitty. Saturday mama and daddy took me and the Peekster to Petco where they were havin a Howlween photo shoot. Mama likes to help me and Peekie become what she calls "worldly." I guess that means that we are not sposed to get skared all the time. Anyway, it was cold and snowin and windy. Daddy carried me and Peekie in our carriers with mama runnin behind carryin all our stuff. Peekie's little princess dress was even steamed out and hangin on a teensy hanger and covered with plastic so it would not be all wrinkly and wet.

I had to go first cuz mama knewed it would take a while to get the Peekster out and get her dressed. I think she was hopin I would set a good example cuz mama and daddy turned Peekie's carrier so she could see me gettin my pictures. Mama sed the place where they were takin the pictures was better than where they usually do it, but it was still kinda skary. Mama put my Howlween collar on me and carried me over and put me on the bench. Nun-uh; I was not gonna sit there all alone. Mama got a treat and gave it to me, but I was too nervus to eat it. I was ready to run away REAL fast, but then the nice scarecrow said I could sit with her. She was pretty cute, so I decidered it might be nice to let her hold me while the nice lady with the camera pointed it at me and went "snappety snap." After a few pictures, daddy wanted me to wear my tie. Mama didn't think it would work very well, but they tried it anyway becuz daddy bought me the tie and wanted me to wear it so bad in the pictures. It seemed like a long, long time, but finally mama said I was done and could go back in my carrier. Usually I try to back out, but I was real happy to see my carrier with the nice comfy bed and blankie, so I went right in.

To find out what happened to the Peekster, you will have to read her diary.



October 24th 2012 3:09 pm
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I was feelin bad cuz everbuddy but me seemed to have a Howlween picture. Missy has hers, and even the Peekster had somethin mama could use for Howlween, but not me.

Today mama got home from a pointment and decidered the Peekster and I should practis wearin our Howlween costooms before we go to Petco for their Howlween photo shoot.

Peekie got her costoom on first, and she was bein so good, mama got the camera out and started takin pictures. She got out my Howlween collar with the jingle bells, and I wored that for awhile. Then mama got my fav-rit outfit. It is a little Howlween tie with skulls on it. Daddy found it at Petco while he and mama were shopsterin, and daddy bought it for me.

Just in case mama and daddy do not have time to set up our home studio, (fabric draped chair and an extra lamp in the livin room) mama tooked a few pictures of me and the Peekster while we were practisin wearin our costooms. I look kinda sprised cuz mama akshly managed to whistle at me. I am hopin for good pictures from the Petco shoot, but it might be too skary. Then I would have to run away. If that happens, the Petco peeples lock the doors, and all the peeples in the store will chaser me. If mama has some treets, I might just come right back to her, but I have not decidered yet.

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