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Kitten Tales

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Valentine's Day

February 7th 2013 10:23 am
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Well, I just got real brave and asked a girl to be my Valentine for 2013. I catnot tell her name until she sez yes, but I hope she will. We have beened friends since we were just kittens, but she tooked a looooooooooong break from Catster, and we did not get to play much for a long time. She is a real sweet, beautiful kitty, and it would make me real happy if she says she will be my Valentine. I got all four of my paws crossed...


Rabbit Shotters

January 31st 2013 9:46 pm
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Yesterday mama tooked me to see Unkl Dr. Mike at Best Friends Animal Hospital. She sed sumthin bout "wellerness" and "rabbit shotters." I started worryin that I might turn into a rabbit with big old ears if Unkl Dr. gived me a rabbit shotter.

I did not like it very much when we got there. Mama had to pull me outta my carrier while the vet tech held onto the carrier. Then I mediately tried to go back in, but mama spun the carrier around and closed the door. I was kinda skared, but don't tell nobuddy. Mama wrapped me in a blankie, and we sat and waited for Unkl Dr. Mike.

Pretty soon Unkl comed in the room. Mama tried to tell him I had scaped, but Unkl knew I was in the blankie. I had to get lights in my eyes, a thingie poked in my ears, and my heart, lungs, and tummy examined.

Mama told Unkl Dr. bout the nuther vet lady sayin I was real fat. She told him it made her pretty mad. Unkl told mama they just started measurin kitties to figure out their BMI. What's a BMI? Oh, mama sez it means body mass index, and it tells if you are fat or not. The lady who showed Unkl how to do the measurin sed kitties should be asleep when they get measured because they would not behave. Well, I showed her! Mama and Unkl measured me, and I hardly wigglered at all. I got measured in a buncha places, and Unkl wrote down all the numbers on a paper. He thought auntie Serena could put the numbers in at the webbysite and print the results out for mama, but the webbysite was down, so we still do not know if I am fat or not.

The last thing Unkl did was give me my rabbit shotter. It did not even hurt. Finally, mama put my coat back on me and let me go in my carrier. I went right in thinkin all the peeples in the whole place could not pull me out again. I onliest had to wait while mama paid the bill, and then we got to come home. I was so happy when mama brought me in the house and opened my carrier door. Mama took my coat off, and then Peekie and I had some yummy kitty chow for dinner. After that I took a nice long napster.

This mornin it was all like it never even happened, and my ears are still little and pointy, not like a rabbit at all...


I'm a Naughty Boy

January 9th 2013 2:52 pm
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Mama sez lately I am a naughty boy. At night I have beened rattlin the closet doors. Mama yells at me, and I run away. Then bout five minutes later I come back and do it again. The second time mama claps her hands at me, and then I jump on the bed. Mama wonders why I come to her when she is tryin to make me stop doin sumthin. She does not know why I do it, and I am not tellin.

Two or three times every single night I sit next to mama's pillow and whine. Then I start pawin at mama's covers. I want her to let me come underneath the covers and snuggle. Usually the first time she lifts up the covers, I pretend like that is not what I want, so she puts the covers back down. Then I whine some more and paw, so mama lifts up the covers again, and I slink underneath. I go down aways, and then I turn around and come back and snuggle as close to mama as I can. Then I start purrin REAL loud. It is mostly the only time I purr anymore. I only stay a few minutes before I wanna leave, so I crawl around until I can find a way out. Then we start all over again.

Anuther thing I do that makes mama and even daddy think I am naughty is when I try to make Peekie get outta the blueberry bed. See, we both love the blueberry bed, and usually we take turns sleepin in it. Sumtimes in the night Peekie gets in the bed, and I wanna sleep there. I start leapsterin at Peekie and pretendin I wanna wrestle, but then I start bitin at her leggies. Peekie either starts growlerin, or she cries, and then mama and daddy if he is here, start yellin and make me jump down off the big bed and leave the beddyroom.

Geez, can't a guy cat have any fun?


Kissmouse Joy

December 25th 2012 5:01 pm
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It has beened pretty quiet round our house today, and I have been thinkin bout how lucky I am. See, my bruthers and I were not wanted. I can't say the first human I met was real bad, but she did threaten to take us to the shelter if sumbuddy did not take us away. Auntie Leslie from the Pet Paw-See found us a real cool foster mom, and we went to live with our foster mom and her son and daughter and lotsa nuther foster kittens and even two dawgs. We had lotsa luvs from all threes of the peeple who lived at our foster house, and we had nuther kitties and dawgs to play with and plenty of food and stuff, but we did not have furrever homes.

One day a lady came to see me. I was pretty bizzy playin with some bigger kittens, so the lady played with my bruthers almost as much as she played with me. She even almost tooked my bruther, Solomon, cuz he was such a fraidy cat, and he cried a lot, and she feeled sorry for him. In the end the lady gave her heart to me. She is my mama now.

I am a very lucky boy. I have my mama and daddy who luv me, and they let me know how much every single day. I get yummy chow with roasted deers and slammen and all the cold fresh water I wanna drink. I got a potty that is always clean and never stinky. I got more toys than I can even count. I got speshl kitty beds and nuther places that mama and daddy let me sleep like in my stroller or a speshl chair. I get to sleep on the big bed at night with mama every single night. If I get sick, mama takes me to my doktor, and he makes me weller.

The best thing I got besides mama and daddy is my sister. Her name is Peekaboo, but I got lotsa nicknames for her. Peekie is my very best friend. We bathe each nuther, and we wrestle and chase each nuther and ride together in our stroller. We guard the campster trailer together when we go on vacashun with mama and daddy, and we guard the whole house when mama and daddy are not here. My favorite thing to do with the Peekster is snuggle. I feel all warm and safe and happy when Peekie and I snuggle up with each nuther. Yeppers, I am a very lucky boy.

Kissmouse Joy to you all.


Why Celtic?

December 20th 2012 11:35 am
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Ya might be wonderin why I got a Norsky name and Celtic music on my page. My great great grammie camed to America on a ship from Norway. My name is Gunnarr cuz of great great grammie Marta Hanson. I got a great great grampster from Canada, but he was Scottish. Then there is anuther grammie even farther back than that who was from Galway, Ireland. On the nuther side of the family we got what one of my great grammies called "black Irish". Mama sez they got the hottest tempers of all, and it is all cuz of the Spanish Armada. I do not even know what that is.

I guess just like my kitty catness is kinda mixed up, mama's family is made up of lots and lotsa diffrunt kinds of peeple. Mama's favrit ones are the Scots and the Irish. Mama sez ya either love bagpipes or ya hate em, and she loves em, both the great pipes and the parlor pipes. Even the Peekster and I don't run under the bed no more when the pipes and drums start up in our livin room.

Does that make me a Norsky Celt?


Music Players

December 19th 2012 8:50 pm
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Ummmmmmm, well our mama is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she kept workin at podsnack until she got our music players lookin better. After tryin a buncha dif-runt colors she figgered out she could make the player transparent so our background showed through in the middler. That made it so she could just make the writin match somethin else on our page. Silly mama had our players set to loop, and they would not play without clickerin on em on our page. Finally mama decidered to check the autoplay box. Geez, I coulda told her that would work, but would she ever ask a kitty? Nope, not even a really smart kitty like me.

Anywhoo, we are happier with our new music players now. Maybee we will even add more songs later. It sure is nice to hear some music playin again.

P.S. The Peekster and I could not wait. Now we both got more than one song on our players. Course mine is wilder than Peekie's...


Not So Kissmousey

December 19th 2012 12:36 pm
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The Peekster and I are feelin not quite so Kissmousey as we were before.

Our daddy was here last week. On Friday mama and daddy drived to Clancy, Montana, to a sawmill, and daddy bought lotsa blue pine to build his boxes for Ducks Unlimited. They had a real nice day. Peekie and I were real happy when they comed home. Mama and daddy played games with us, and we had a nice evenin, but then after everbuddy went nighty-night, the phone ringed. It was our grampster. He was real sick, so daddy went to stay with him while mama called a amboolance. The firemans got there first and helped grampster. Then the amboolance camed and took grampster to the mergency room. Mama and daddy spended bout 4 hours with grampster at the mergency room, but they would not let grampster come back home. Mama and daddy comed home and tried to sleep, but they could not sleep good, so Peekie and I couldn't neether. After that mama and daddy were at the hos-pitl mostly. Mama was hopin grampster could come home soon, but now she does not think so. That makes me and Peekie and mama and daddy all kinda sad.

We are purrin hard for our grampster to get well and come home to his house and his kitty.


Litter Genie

December 10th 2012 9:20 am
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Hey, everbuddy! The Peekster and I got a new rangement with our potty. The nuther day mama comed home with a white can thingie and a coupla black ring thingies covered in my fav-rit; PLASTIC! I did not even get to gnaw on the plastic cuz mama hided the black thingies. She said they were somethin called "re fills." Mama tooked the can thingie apart. Inside there was a kitty poo scooper and a thingie to put it in. Inside there was a nuther one of those ringie thingies. Mama put the ringie thingie inside the can, and then she hanged the poo scooper thingie off the side.

As soon as there was somethin in our potty, mama tooked the new scooper thingie. She scooped out the poo and put it in the can. Then she pulled a thingie on the front, and the poo diss-peared. MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is some kinda peeple trick, but it's still pretty cool. The poo is inside, but you catnot see it, and it is not even stinky. I think maybe the Peekster and I are gonna like the magic can; I know mama thinks it is wonderful.


Winter Wonderland

December 8th 2012 3:21 pm
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We are livin in a winter wonderland. Last night it got blizzardy. Our poor little light-up Santa Claws was face down on the deck this mornin, and his light-up prezunts were scattered at his feets. Santa Claws is speshl to mama cuz he looks like the old Coca-Cola Santas. He is pretty old, and mama paid $5 for him at a rummagey sale years and years ago.

This mornin the wind was goned, and it was snowin big fluffy flakes. They were floatin down all soft like, and they were makin me crazy cuz I thought I could get em through the window, but no matter how hard I pawed and leaped, I could not catch a single one.

This afternoon mama went out and shoveled fluffy white snows off our back steps and the deck. Then she rescued Santa and his prezunts. When she first went out, they looked like white lumps; you could not even see em no more.

Hey, mama made the Peekster and me a speshl Kissmouse card of our very ownest. When they get here, we will have 25. Mama knows a few addresses for sendin our cards to Catster pals but not many. If you would like to have one of our cards, feel free to p-mail us with your mailin address.



December 5th 2012 6:43 pm
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Hey, we finally got some Kissmouse dekrashuns. Mama has beened workin all week makin the house nice and clean. She said she spit and polished everythin, but Peekie and I never saw her spit even once, so we think she is fibbin.

I finally decidered to quit gettin in trubl for jumpin up on the dinin room siderboard. Course, there is nothin up there I want anymore, but mama thinks I am bein a real good boy. She even hunged up my personal Kissmouse stockin with the rest of em.

We have a cool centerpiece on the dinin room table with mama's Cambridge Caprice candleholders with real candles and some sparkly fruits and stuff. Mama does not know I did check em out, but they do not smell like nuthin to eat, so I leaved em alone.

In the livin room mama put some green garland stuff up WAY high where even I catnot jump up and get it. Then she put a big gold bow in the middler and on both ends she hanged some golden, sparkly fruit thingies. Then she put up our stockin holders and hanged the stockins. I was sweatin bullets until I saw my blue stockin in her hand. It would be terbl to not get no Kissmouse prezunts at all.

I sneaked a peek at Mama's shopsterin list, and it says Petco: Pet Wipers. I sure hope she is keepin sekruts bout some kitty toys. There was somethin else on the list. I think it said "Litter genie." I wonder if Peekie and I get wishes from the genie?

Hey, what's this Kissmouse tree I keep hearin bout? Peekie and I have never even seened a Kissmouse tree. Mama sez maybe next year...

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