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Deep Freezer! Shaggy Goat Invasion Thwarted! Table Dancing- Not Appawsiated:(

January 22nd 2013 6:42 pm
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Baby, its cold out there! Meowmy says if you go out now you will freeze off your toes...and we would freeze our ears off, too. It was minus 10 degrees here this morning with a way colder wind chill, Not only were the roads treacherous but a lot of schools had to delay starting, because the buses wouldn't start, MOL! And snow has been falling and blowing around off & on here for 3 days, now...
Want some snow and deep freezer temps? Pipo & I will gladly send them to anyfur...its only zero right now at about 945pm...

Sunday, when meowmy was at work...carrying water cups, with lids... She was taking them to the residents' bathroom to dump them out, only they were almost dumped on the carpet, MOL! Meowmy caught her toe in a wire under a residents' bed, attached to a fall alarm. So she careened across the floor, and stumbled to the bathroom door...where she couldn't keep her balance any longer, and DOWN she went. Kaboom! Miraculously the lids stayed on the cups, and meowmy's knees were not hurt...just her pride was sorely wounded. Both residents had a good giggle at meowmy's expense, and so did the nurse out in the hall who witnessed this incident...well, meowmy got up and finished her work with a furry red face... the funny thing was the fall alarm did not register the fact that someone had fallen...because meowmy only tripped over the wire, not the mat...MOL!
Its a good thing there was no one there with a camera...

At least she didn't do a repeat fall on the ice perfurmance, that was exactly a year ago:( Still feels that wrist with heavier work chores...

Meowmy had to shovel out twice yesterday and once today, to keep up with all the snow(lake effect)...but it is easier work now that we have the concrete, rather than the old gravel and mud ruts.
She was glad to be off yesterday,today and tomorrow. The roads are awful and there have been lots of 'incidents'. The main highway was even closed completely for a while, more than once... today...well meowmy ventured out to get the groceries ...at least the cupboards were getting depleted of fresh items. The kitty treats and food bags are full, so we would have been fine, fur a few more days, MOL!

Today Prince, the neighbors big goat,was trying to get in our yard as he had gotten out of his pen, while his peeps were not home, sigh...poor dude, its amazing that he doesn't freeze to death, but apparently with shelter they can handle it, he sure has a shaggy coat.
He tried to get in meowmy's van when she went out to get groceries, and upon her return he was there again...then he tried to get in when meowmy opened the gate, at least its a 'sally port' (double gated), so she could shoo him out, but he did not want to go! MOL! He appawrently wanted to eat our grass at the fence line...the grass being greener on the other side, you know? MOL! Even though he knows we have a naughty dog-guy....and all the grass is covered in furry cold snow right now...Does anyone want a big goofy, bumbling goat? I do NOT! He tried to eat the contents of meowmy's purse and grocery bags, too...

And now about this table dancing...well meowmy & pawppy did like it, I thought. Sheesh! I want to give them a nice show of my talents, and some loving head bonks, too, the best time fur these activities of course is when they are both my captive audience at dinner time...MOL! Well, now meowmy has gotten out that dreaded squirt bottle to thwart my efforts. OMC! I scuttle away as fast as I can...and wait a bit befur trying again, only to be met with water instead of appawlse, HISS!
So I have to revise my thoughts...I guess they do NOT like it. Sigh...what's a kitty supposed to do?


Oh MY!!

December 29th 2012 8:56 pm
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Goodness Catness!
Today is my birthday, and it has been FUN...well, until dog-guy decided to bust it, MOL! He has no manners sometimes, or if he does, I seem to make him forget them!

I got some yummy catnip early in the day followed by a thick felt mousie, and a smaller one with leather ears and a sisal tail...that little one is the bomb, I have already hidden it twice...I had to make meowmy hunt it for me, MOL! That ensued in the rediscovery of some other lost ones...and I have been playing like a wild kitty, (With that refound one, mind you, it has been my fave, even though it is now tailess and almost bereft of all its furriness, MOL), I threw it up the stairs, bashed it down again and soon...all the while singsonging mewy purrsday to me...did the same thing all over again...and so on...that's when things got silly around here...dog guy tried to capture me at the top of the stairs on the landing, and that got Pipo into his hissy-smackypaw the dog mode...Pipo was actually riding on dog-guy's back for a short distance, OMC! I was just waiting for my chance to escape to the dog free zone, but the fracas on the floor was so intense, not to mention that meowmy was giggling herself...so much mirth at my expense! Sheesh! And on my birthday. Hummphfff!

Well...let me say that I have had a great birthday, I even got some kitchen yums in the form of turkey tidbits, and yogurt.

My gift box is overflowing, just before I asked my catretary to take down this di-cat-ion, we counted 24 prezzies! OMC! What Catster love is happening here! Big ♥ back at all of you and my heartfelt thank-mews, too.
Hopefurly I shall be able to get said catretary to send out thanks really soon!
(She says she is busy...hasn't even sent out Pipo's yet...sorry, she says, please furgive her...things are always hectic with unfur-bros here, holiday meals to make, snow to shovel, chores to do and work, she still has to leave to go to her job...mostly when things start to get fun around here, MOL!)

I wish all of you a furry Happy and Memorable New Year!!!


Christmas May Be Over...But There Is More In Store

December 28th 2012 10:36 pm
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Yup, that's right!
First its Christmas, then Pipo has his spawsial day...and tomorrow it will be mine! My birthday that is.
I will be eight, just like Pipo. we are almost twins by other kitty-moms. MOL!
Three days apart, and from different parts of the city. So we are more like fraternal twins if at all...like regular furblings, I guess.
I am glad that we have our birthdays close together, its fun! Except meowmy sometimes wishes we had our birthdays at another time of the year...hey, we didn't have much choice in that matter, MOL!

Well, at least having my birthday now, means that pawppy is home more than normal, unfurbros are here too, and all those spawsial decorations are just for my benefit, right??! MOL!

I am so curious to find out what I may be getting...Pipo got some cute little mousie toys with feathers and catnip...purrhaps I shall score similarly!

And soon after my birthday is New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!
OMC! Lots more fun things going on!

I do believe this is the best time for having a purrsday!
Yes I surely DO!


Oh, My!! Me A DDP?!?

November 21st 2012 12:22 pm
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Happy Day befur Thanksgiving to all my furry pals, their furmilies, and my furmily, too, of course!

Meomy hasn't put any words down in my diary, fur me, fur quite a while, so I was furry surpawsed to note that I was one of today's DDP's! MOL!

Meowmy thought she was going to have an less time on Catster day...well, I made sure she has to spend some time here! So there!

She did furniture rearranging, cleaning, vacuuming and laundry,,,good thing, because now I am having fun with a bunch of rediscovered kitty toys, MOL!
Now I have even more to give thanks fur!

Soon the kitchen will be replete with yummy smells as the food preparations get started. OMC, I hope to make her know the desires of my heart when she goes in there...tidbits and tasty morsels of course! And she knows I am there, no excuse, because I always give these little chirps and 'mreeps' to let her know I NEED something NOW!! MOL!

Thanks in advance for all the giftees and messages that have been coming to my page! If meowmy can come back here later she will send out proper thanks to all who helped make my day extra spawsial!

And of course:
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Purrs & Gobbles!


I Can Go Through Closed Doors??!

November 13th 2012 8:02 pm
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We had some exciting happenings here yesterday and this morning...meowmy has her birthday, today...(Happy Birthday to you, Meowmy!), and her sister came to visit...dog-guy was disappointed that she came without her own little black doggy...but needless to say were were quite pleased about that! MOL!
Dog guy had to get all silly with me, but since Pipo got involved, I have graciously allowed him to tell that tail to you all...in his diary.

I hid fur quite a while, but when those 2 ladies sat down to watch TV, I decided to check them out from a closer distance...then I jumped on the bed to get a close up view of meowmy's sister, my auntie...well she smelled like dog! MOL!
I thought I was going to get a chance to burrow in bed with her, but Pipo & I got locked up in the spare room/office...sigh...so mean was meowmy, MOL!

Meowmy took some medicine for the cold she has...an unwelcome birthday visitor/gift...then when she had been asleep for a while, I heard her yelling...
She said I had been going up the stairs and getting into her bedroom over and over, through the closed door...(And I must have also gone through the closed office door...), and trying to get into her bed. She kept picking me up, and putting me back on the other side of the door...and as soon as it was shut, she would hear my miaows again, from her side of the door. Finally she was so frustrated she yelled loudly, NO, and was raising her arm to throw me down the stairs, when she realized she had been dreaming...a side effect of that cold medicine. OMC! Poor meowmy had no idea she had a violent streak in her either...MOL! Good thing it was a furry nasty, naughty dream...though I do wish to be able to get through those closed doors sometime, MOL!


Hey! I Meant To Do That!

November 2nd 2012 10:34 am
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The other day, I was rolling around on the organ bench cover, leaving lots of my purrty furs on it...and besides that I know I look handsome there, too, because the color matches my eyes, MOL!
Anyways, there I was rolling around with complete abandon, when all of a sudden I found myself on the carpet instead...and somewhere I could hear meowmy giggling...so I just stalked off, befur that silly dog-guy could pounce on me in my state of clumsiness...and afterall, I truly meant to do that, I did NOT fall off that bench, so there!


Yikes!! An Interloper!!

October 25th 2012 9:49 pm
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We, that is the peeps and the dog-guy can only use the front door fur a while, because of all the concrete work going on outside our den...there are new back steps poured, but they lead to nowhere, MOL, because the sidewalk isn't there fur now...

Well, meowmy opened the door and the doggy door in it, and dog-guy ran right through it...and lo and behold the neighbor's kitty was sunning himself on the front porch, looking fur all like it was *his* porch...all in the blink of an eye, befur meowmy could stop the dog-guy...We think that cat must have had a heart attack!
A purrty grey tuxedo looking kitty, with a completely pink schnooter! MOL!
Somehow we do not know that kitty's name, it could be interloper or trespasser. He lives with a large furmily of children and a big oaf of a dog, too, so after the initial scare he held his ground...but dog-guy was bouncing all around him like a silly puppy...and he is 10 years old!
Sheesh...Eventually kitty ran off and climbed back over the fence to his own yard...and we nevfur knew he had even been there...dog-guy had fun, though...he even chased it into our woodsy area, and it was from there that it went home...(Probably a good thing we didn't know he was here, or we would have gone into frazzle mode.)

And then dog-guy came back inside and woofed at us...We think he thought he could chase us like that, too...UM...NO WAY!!

We have other interlopers/invaders here too...stink bugs by the dozens...UGH!! The Indian Summer we are having has woken them up...

Any furs want any stink bugs???



September 22nd 2012 8:52 pm
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Pawppy brought in a chair to use later when he will need a different kind of chair as he recovers from a hip replacement.
Anyways, it is an upholstered chair with armrests, it will replace a dining room chair fur a while, so he told me...

This chair has no kitty odors on it, and I only could smell pawppy on it. There was only pristine upholstery on it...well not fur long! I love to make things feel lived in, and need to add my own touch to it...that means putting lots of kitty furries all over it!

I jumped up on it, and rolled all over it, I chirped at it..and did bunny kicks on it, too. Around and around! OMC! It was so much fun, I should have enjoyed this type of pleasurable activity a long time ago! Oh well, better late than nevfur! MOL!
Then I proceeded to take ownership of this chair by grabbing ahold of it with my paws and then giving a lot of love bites. OMC! I have no idea why pawppy and meowmy were removing me from that neato toy!
Meowmy thinks I am just a regular nutty or maybe insane kitty! A long time ago, I did the same thing only with more intensiveness to a recliner-rocker that meowmy got from grand-meowmy. I could smell grandmeowmy and her hair spray...so I had to help make it ours...um I mean mine!

Pipo & I got a new kitty bed from River after winning his contest...thanks so much River, we love it!
Well, there is catnip in there, so I have done a fair amount of biting, bunny-kicking and scratching in that bed. It is well covered in kitty furs, too. Pipo is dull, and just goes and curls up on it...he is so laid back...I am the active one, and therefur the funner one, MOL! Well we are each different in our own ways...Pipo keeps dog guy in line by attacking him if necessary so I suppose I should not diss-hiss him about not going so crazy about the nip as I do...MOL!

I guess that we each are attack kitties in our own way...watch out if you come in our den, esp if you bring in upholstered furniture!


A Purrfect Helper!

August 30th 2012 9:06 pm
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Yup! I was a purrfect helper today...I was watching the unfurbro, meowmy and pawppy...they were slugging all these boxes evfurrywhere, the house was full of them. Then meowmy & unfurbro took some of those boxes and emptied them, they were trying to reorganize them I heard them say...so about the same time that meowmy was ready to fill up a box again, she couldn't, cause I had already done it fur her...I was in the box, MOL!
So she shooed me out of that one and when she wasn't looking, I hopped into the closest empty one...wheeeee, Moving times are fun, well at least fur a helpfur kitty like me!

Later on, when meowmy was relaxing, she heard a funny swishing sound...and when she tried to determine what was going wrong in our old house this time, she saw that I was in the laundry basket and trying to rearrange the folded things in there...there were some not yet folded sheets on the side of the basket, I crawled under those and was trying to make a nest in them, but they fell down, so that was the source of the noise..and wow, I helped meowmy some more, cause she had to get up and fold those sheets befur I did it again, and now , temporarily at least, the laundry is all neat in its basket...Hmmm...what can I do now???
Ahhh! All this hard helping work, I have now found the purrfect pawlace to nap...pawppy's soft underwear! Zzzzzz...


The Secret Life Of Minko-Cat

August 21st 2012 9:18 pm
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Pipo wrote a bit about what is going on in our den, meowmy is way busy with unfurbro getting ready to move into an apartment, the whole furmily minus us is going to a Tiger's game tomorrow, work is shortstaffed,and October will be even busier, she said, well, we will be here but in a limited fashion. Maybe there will be a bit of time to make a few kimis fur furs, but if not, we hope you will be patient until later when another oc-cat-sion will come your way needing a piccie...

Well, right now, I am going to relate some kitty things about myself...the secrets of Minko...as commissioned by the latest tagging game:
"Who are you really?"
I got a few already, so I thought I had better get to it!

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

I like to chew on the branches of our little table-top trees, and I work at it until the whole thing falls over, that is so fun, then too, its fun to watch meowmy get all bent out of shape over these so called disasters...MOL!
When there are any kinds of baubles, breakable or not, those have to be removed and taken to secret hiding places, not to be found until spring cleaning purrhaps...

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Inbetween two couches that are back to back to each other like room dividers, there is a kind of tunnel in there. I used to be able to get behind the piano...but now that I am no longer a kitten, well, its too tight in there! I like to lay in wait, and then any purrson or fur who walks by will get a paw from seemingly out of nowhere, of course I like to do that pawing from other spots as well...like from under the dining room table, I lay on a chair and peer out from under the table cloth, and then I can stick out my paw at just the right time! I like a good deep box as well, then when Pipo saunters by, I jump out and spook him! MOL!

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

A great big kitty that can roar! I may be a Meezer kitty, but I have this pitious teeny mewling sound that I make...it makes meowmy giggle, and so I wish I could ROAR! Like a Tiger, the peeps are going to a Tiger's gam e tomorrow, If I went maybe I could learn how to roar, but meomy said I wasn't allowed:(

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

Chewing the USB cords, the earbud cords, and if I can, the napkins that may have been left on the table by mistake, I lick them until there is a hole in them, MOL! Oh, and I love to bite cardboard boxes, even ripping them with my teeth. Meowmy says it is a novel way to get my teeth cleaned, MOL!
And sun puddles, of course!

5) Whats your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Getting up on the kitchen counter when no one is around to see if there is anything to snitch or play with...almost nevur!
But meowmy knows I went there, because she finds bits of kitty litter that stuck to my paws until I was up there, it is how I get busted from my secret times on the table cloth, too...
And I like to rattle the door knob to the bedroom hallway after the peeps are all up there, and I miaow my displeasure too, at being left to fend fur myself fur the whole night long...sigh...

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Home, Home, and the laps that live there, esp if they are in a sunpuddle...well, maybe the grassy yard, to eat some of that...

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

Being kitty number one, the alpha kitty, I like to boss Pipo artound! He almost always gives in to my whims with no fight. His spot must be good, so I want it!
Next is a nice soft lap, to jump in and knead on...no matter what part of the anatomy I might have landed on, I need to dig in there, and then when all is ready, I start kneading and kneading and kneading...ahhh!

And licking the furs of dog-guy's ears! Now that is gourmet, MOL!

And catnip...OMC! Catnip! I even stole a catnip teabag that mneowmy was going to use, MOL!

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

I don't think there is one, unless there is one that can jump on walls...wait, spider-cat, I runright up the walls here after the laser light! If I was a spider-cat, then I could go higher!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guests....what is your dread?

Yes, strangers...I do not want them to see me at all, and why did meowmy think she could take me out of my hidey hole to show me off? HISS!
Getting my teeth brushed, what does that do but make me feel so silly...
And that way too noisy vacuum cleaner that steals all the furs I worked so hard to get on evfurrything...

10) I’m not so sure if Zach and Zoe are going to have coed ships this year or not, but in any case, which ship would you want to be on: Zach’s, or Zoe’s?

I think likely that Zach would have to put up with me...MOL!

So now all of Casterland will know that I am not a goody two shoes,m or even a goody four paws, MOL!!

I am not going to tag any specific furs, if you want to play, feel free to do so!
Thanks to my taggers!

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