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Teddy Bearz, Snow, Snap-Crackle-POP & more

February 23rd 2011 4:20 pm
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First, I hope I’ve thanked everyone for the purrs and prezzies you sent us recently. We’ll double check that and make sure we've thanked everyfur.

Today is a fun day because our sweet pal, Teddy Bearz, is the Diary of the Day. He and his family are great furiends, and if you don’t know them, stop by, say hello and make furiends if you’d like. Teddy B is one of Alfie's bros. I smiled when I saw he was DOTD cuz his last diary was about his mom trying to decide if she should get a tuxie cat. I just happen to be a tuxie.

Who said spring is here or just around the corner? I was Lacey and family! MOL. Last week it seemed to be when it warmed up and our snow melted. But then right after the snow melted, we got hit with another 6 - 8 inches of snow. And it’s been cold. There is also more snow that is supposed to arrive this week. We didn’t get a lot of white stuff in January, but we’re getting it now. But hopefully we'll see signs of spring soon. St. Pawty’s Day is coming and that will be fun.

Well, a couple days before all that snow, Mom was just laughing and moving around, and she heard this POP sound in her calf muscle - she could tell it was the muscle not the bone. She then felt some pain and couldn’t walk well on that leg. She was concerned because of the sound - she’d never experienced anything like that. She looked online and found out it was a torn calf muscle, and the popping sound does sometimes occur. She didn't have much pain unless she tried to walk. But luckily after a couple days she was able to walk fairly well, so it must not have been too severe. The calf muscle is healing and she is doing fine and actually able to walk around pretty well now.

I’ve been doing pretty well myself. Mom has been feeding me some different foods, including some “novel proteins” and a bit of raw food. More about that later. I’ve also been getting vitamin B12 injections every week, and there is a veterinary supplement called Denamarin that I’ve been getting. This is supposed to be beneficial for cats (and dogs) with liver issues. Denamarin has something called SAM-e in it and also ‘milk thistle’. Mom thinks it’s great that there's a vet product that has an herb in it. There are also a couple meds that the vet wants me to try, but Mom hasn’t started those yet....Mom still has some concerns about the possibility of cancer with me, but I seem to be doing well now. Today I was running around some and I had to chase my sis around a little - I do have to let her know who’s the boss in this house.

Thanks for reading and hopefully spring will be here soon!


Happy Valentines Day! Being DOTD was great yesterday.

February 14th 2011 9:08 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! It's a day we can send love to a valentine or anyone!

Yesterday we woke up to find out I was the Diary of the Day. It was really a lot of fun to be DOTD right before Valentine's Day! I had a great day. I also was very happy that my diary entry was mostly about my valentine, Lacey! I think we both had fun yesterday. Thank you to the Diary Gal for making me DOTD yesterday.

I also want to thank everyone for all the kindness and gifties. It made me feel really good and helped me feel better since I had been ill and recovering. We're still getting our purrsonal thank yous sent out, but I also wanted to thank everyone here...

Thank you to:

Lacey, for the big smoochie! And thanks again for asking me to be your valentine :)
Wyatt, for the pawsome trophy.
Alfie, Ollie and family for the Forever Crown and the wonderful memento.
Tully, Luke, Sammy and Natasha for the Forever Diamond.
The Tomcat Boyz (Rumpy, Timmy, Buddy & Toby) for the Big Hugz!

Molly, Tate, Beepers, Tasha, Jasper for the shrimpies.
Zoe & Zach for the Bubba Gump Shrimp.
Milo, Riley & Skippy for the hearts.
Grace, Pepper, Simone & River for the smoochie kisses.
Tink, Eddy for the pretty little rose.
Julius, Big Harry & Pete for the blue ribbon.

I believe I got everyfur, if I missed anyone I'll update this.

Thank you also to everyone who stopped by to leave comments in my diary or for sending a pawmail, and thank you for the friend requests. We love new friends. Thank you to Pipo and Minko for the DOTD picture in my diary - that was sweet of you. Thank you also to Big Harry for making one of his wonderful pics.

I had a great day and furriends like all of you really made it spawcial!

Sending you love today and always,


She asked me to be her valentine! I'm also feeling better...

February 11th 2011 5:15 pm
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I just had to share that I have a valentine! Woohoo! I’m a lucky mancat because sweet and lovely Lacey is my valentine...And yes, she asked me!! How cool! I love a girlcat that is confident enough to ask a boy to be their valentine! See all you girlcats, you can ask a boy to be a valentine!

Lacey and her family are some my best furiends on Catster. If you don’t already know, they are a very kind, caring and supportive family...and fun - we can’t forget that! I can talk to her about anything (even what’s happening in the litterbox!) Also isn’t Lacey just beeautiful. I mean, not that I’m partial or anything to tuxie cats. But she’s just so purrty.

We aren’t in a relationship or anything, cuz Mom doesn’t think I should have a girlfriend or wife (MOL), but we are great furiends and we'll have fun being valentines...Like my pal Luke said, Valentines can be very good friends. It’s fun and sweet to have a valentine on Valentine’s Day.

Who wouldn’t love this girlcat and be so happy to be her valentine....

My valentine...what's not to love?!?

I’ve been feeling so good that after Lacey asked me last night, I clicked my heels in the air! I seem to be recovering and feeling even better. When Mom came home in the evening the last couple days, I met her at the door and I popped outside when she opened the door! It has been really cold here, too. And I didn’t even care that it was cold, I just wanted to pop outside for a few minutes. Mom picked me up right away because it was too cold for me to be out. But I’ve been feeling well enough to want to go outside.

I also wanted to mention Lacey’s cousin Midnight isn’t feeling great. I am sending lots and lots of purrs to sweet Midnight to feel better. I know you miss Moufasa.

Like Lacey also mentioned in her diary... cheers to Egypt for another step in the bettering of their country!

Valentine’s Day is going to be very sweet since I have my sweet valentine. I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day. It’s great to celebrate love however we can...

Lots of love,


I'm doing better. I also saw a specialist vet

February 8th 2011 6:30 pm
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Sorry if I'm a little late writing an update. We got home late from a vet appointment yesterday and couldn’t write an update until now.

The good news is that I have been feeling better! I started eating on my own on Sunday. I have been eating everyday since then and sometimes I’ve been eating with gusto. I’ve also had normal poopies since Sunday. Yay! Mom has been on poop watch and has observed solid poops each day since Sunday. I am recovering from this “episode”, but I am still weak and not my playful, normal self yet.

We also ventured out to see a specialist internal medicine vet yesterday. This place we went to is a vet speciality place with specialists in many fields. We got an ultrasound and the vet told us some of what we knew already and a few more details. I have abnormalities in the pancreatic area and also some other surrounding areas. She also noticed some abnormalities in some areas of digestive tract. Though on the other ultrasounds we had done, there wasn’t much thickening of the digestive walls observed. This vet said that this could be pancreatitis with some digestive inflammation and inflammation in some other areas, or I could have lymphoma (cancer), or both. We will get a written report in the mail with details.

This vet did say that since I’ve lost some weight over the last year that could point to lymphoma. Though the only way to know for sure about cancer is with a biopsy, but at my age it is concerning and probably not recommended. So we don’t know for sure if I just have some pancreatitic and other areas of inflammation, or possibly something more (lymphoma). There are some more meds that we are going to try. Mom also wants to try some different foods and possibly more raw food. But she isn’t going to give me a lot of raw food until she gets more information. We may try to get a consultation with Dr. Lisa Pierson from

We didn’t get a lot of new info from this appointment, but maybe it will be more informative when mom gets the report. Mom was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to see the actual ultrasound images so she could be clear what the vet was referring to. Mom was able to be in the room to help hold me and observe when I had an ultrasound done with my vet in November, and she got to see the images of the ultrasound they did last week. She feels it’s helpful to actually see what they are referring to on these ultrasounds, and likes that our vet allows pawrents to be in the room to observe ultrasounds.

So I have some problems, but all we can do is hope I don’t get worse, and hope that there isn’t cancer involved. We are going to try a few new meds and other things. Mom is also going to be extremely careful about me getting into things. It is possible that I got into something that triggered this. With these sensitive organs who knows what can set off a cycle of serious inflammation. The other good thing is that though I have these issues, other things looked good. Most of my blood work was pretty good last week. My kidneys are looking decent and my blood glucose is still good. So hopefully this is only pancreatitis and other inflammation which we can deal with as it comes up. I do feel crappy during these flare-ups, and Mom can only deal with them with the supportive care and meds. Mom is also going to do more research, and maybe she can find a vet with more experience in these specific issues.

I wanted to thank everyone again for all the purrs and concern. It really, really helps to know I have friends purring and concerned about me. I’ll be thanking everyone soon.

Much love,

P.S. Oh yeah, they shaved some of my floofy tuxie fur from my sides. My regular vet only shaved my belly and it wasn’t noticeable. So I won’t be wearing a full tuxedo for Valentine’s Day....We’ll get some photos.


I haven't been feeling good this week

February 5th 2011 11:16 am
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We haven't been writing or around that much this winter. 2011 started sadly when sweet little baby Mikko died from FIP. Mikko was part of our dear friend, Alfie's, family; it was also a year ago that Alfie went to the Bridge unexpectedly at age 4. The start of the year was sad and we weren't feeling light hearted.

But I need to write in my diary. All week I haven't been feeling well and I haven't been eating much. It's likely a pancreatic flare-up, though it seems more severe this time. It started last Sunday night when I didn't sleep with Mom (which is very unusual). Then Monday, Mom woke up to find vomit and diarrhea. I also wasn't interested in eating. She thought it could be a flare-up of pancreatitis. It is our understanding that cats who have pancreatitis can be fine for periods of time and then have these periodic flare-ups. But this seems more severe because last time I was sick I didn't have diarrhea. And man, this is liquipoo, not just squishy stuff.

Monday and Tuesday I wouldn't eat any my canned food, though I ate some sliced turkey which I threw up. Mom took me to the vet on Tuesday. I got some fluids, an anti-nausea shot and some other meds to take at home (an antibiotic, pain meds, appetite stimulant, and more injectable vitamin B12). The next day, Wednesday, was when much of the midwest and east coast got hit with a lot of snow. We were supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow, but we only got about 6 - 7 inches. Mom was able to get out that morning (though it was a bit treacherous) to get anything I would possibly be interested in eating. She got sliced turkey and roast beef, roast chicken (still warm), tuna, cottage cheese, canned chicken, and more varieties of canned foods to tempt me. I did eat some roast beef and chicken, but not a lot and I wasn't interested in any canned food.

We went back to the vet Thursday and got some blood work, an x-ray, fluids, some other tests, and also they were going to do a recheck ultrasound to see if anything looked obviously different. I was left there in the jail room for several hours when Mom had to go to work. There wasn't anything major that stood out from all of the tests. Though the pancreatitis looked like it may have progressed. The good thing was that everything else looked pretty good. My kidney numbers were even a little better than last time and my glucose and liver looked good...It's apparently just this problem with pancreatic inflammation; though cancer is still a possibility, and ultrasounds can only provide so much information.

At the vet Thursday, the vet techies also syringe/force fed me. Mom has also been syringe feeding me. She wraps me in a towel and has canned food in a big syringe and squirts it in the back of my mouth. I've been good about this, and this morning I decided to eat what she was going to force feed off her hand instead. I did eat a little bit of canned food this morning (Saturday) and some chicken and roast beef. Mom has to make sure I get enough food and protein so I don't develop hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) - this is a very serious/life threatening condition that can occur when cats stop eating (though its more of a risk for overweight cats).

The vet also thought I should be looked at by an internal medicine specialist vet. We have an appointment for Monday and they are also going do another ultrasound. These vets are specialized and have more training and experience, so maybe this vet can give us more information about what's happening with me. It may be a severe pancreatic flare-up, but cancer or something else is always possible. But the thing is, I have been doing really well up until this week. I had been eating like a little piglet like I do normally do. In fact, I had been getting into things I shouldn't, and Mom is wondering if maybe something I ate triggered this. Well, maybe or maybe not. But still, once I recover from this, Mom is going to be extremely careful about me getting foods that I shouldn't.

Today I'm still just wanting to sleep and I still have diarrhea, and though I ate some, it doesn't seem that I've quite turned the corner. It is concerning to Momma that I have this bad diarrhea, and the last time I was sick I started to turn around after 4 or 5 days. I've also been taking a lot of meds. In a way it makes it worse when you're sick and not feeling good, because you get all these nasty tasting things, or they shove pills down your throat or you get stuck with needles.

Momma thought I would have started to turn the corner more by now. Though it takes time to recover from things like this. We hope this is just a pancreatitis flare-up (more severe) and not something else. Hopefully we'll get more information from the internal medicine vet on Monday. I'll have to ride in the car for about an hour. My normal vet is only five minutes from our house which is nice.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any purrs.



January 30th 2011 5:06 pm
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I was tagged by my pals Pigeon and Alexis. This tag game is about 5 things that your humans do that annoy you the most. I'm a pretty laid back boy and not annoyed by that much. But here are a few things that annoy me.

1) When I get put in that box and then carried out to the car. I do not like riding in the car. I'm usually a pretty quiet boy, but I let my mom know how annoyed I am when I'm in this carrier thing in the car...And often we end up at that vet place (you know what happens there).

2) When Mom won't give me more food. Though I'm a little boy, I'm a big eater and I usually want more. I also like a lot of people food and I wish I could get more of that. Why can't I get more food? That's annoying.

3) When I get in trouble for chasing after and sometimes beating up my sisfur. I am a very sweet boy, but sometimes I have to put that girl in her place. Why do I have to get in trouble for that?

4) When I'm ready for breakfast and sometimes I have to wake Momma up -- that's annoying. Sheesh, I need my mancat food when I need it.

5) When my mom pricks the edge of my ear to get a drop of blood. She does this to test my blood glucose, but still, who wouldn't be annoyed with that...Who likes a prick? ;)
Well, at least I don't have to get insulin pokes anymore!

We'll have to think about who we can tag, but if you're reading this and haven't been tagged -- consider yourself tagged if you want to play.

Thanks fur reading...


Prezzies, prezzies, prezzies!

December 13th 2010 5:40 pm
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Boy oh boy, we are some lucky kitties. We have some sweet friends who sent us some goodies for Christmas in the mail. We wanted to thank our sweet pals for sending us some wonderful presents and cards. It's been fun to get things in the mail from our Catster pals. It's taken Mom a couple days to write a diary, and before she did we got something more in the mail today.

First we got some really pawsome gifts from sweet angel Alfie and family. Wow, Alfie's family sent me (us) a really great thermal mat to help keep me warm, and some great 'nip toys and also something for mom. He had already sent me a wonderful heated bed recently (for my 16th b-day). He must know what he's doing because it has gotten crrazy cold and snowy here the last couple days. Alfie and family are such wonderful and generous friends.

Then we got a pawsome package from our great pals Tully and family. They sent us some special Christmas 'nip toys - one was a pawsome Yeeoow Catmus tree (which I like to lick as well as play with), and another 'nip toy. They also gave us a cute Christmas card with another detachable catnip toy. Wow, this is like catnip heaven!

Then we got a pawsome package from our sweet pal Pigeon. He sent us more cool stuff. He sent some catnip balls and mousies, and several fun and unique little toys with feathers on them. Oh my catness, so many pawsome toys!

And today we just got another handmade catnip toy from River and Simone. They are so thoughtful since they already sent us some of their special toys. This one is a festive Christmas toy. We love those custom made 'nip toys!

Oh yeah, we also got a cute Catmus card in the mail from our pals Rex, Bugsy, Simba, Tutti, Max, Spice, Abby and family. Thanks my furriends.

Here are a couple photos...

Which toy should I play with?

Nadi is saying "Christmas catnip jackpot"!

Thank you so much my furriends for your wonderful gifts and your friendship! The gifts are great, and your kindness and friendship is really a gift (but we still love the toys). We're lucky to have met some really pawsome cats and people here on Catster. Happy Holidays and Meowy Christmas!

Much love,


It's baack!

December 4th 2010 9:28 pm
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I'm going to keep this diary entry short and sweet. I know I've written a few long ones lately...

There are actually two things that are baaaccckk: my appetite and winter!

Winter decided to show up right on time here on December 1st. We woke up to some light snow that day (though it was gone soon). It had still been pretty warm up until December 1st. The day before it was still warm and in the mid-fifties...Well, I guess fall is over for us.

I've also been eating and chowing down like my normal self again. Today when Mom was gone I opened the cabinet and knocked over the trash can - I do that when I want to see if there's anything good to munch on in there. Mom has to keep the cabinet shut with a rubber band. I've also been eating my regular food really well. Mom thinks I've pretty much gotten back to my old self. Mom started giving me weekly injections of vitamin B-12. Alex, Lacey and Finney's momma has been helping Mom with that and giving her info and advice about pancreatitis - we're grateful for that! She has a great website called

Mom is still working on updating our pages for Catmus. Talk to you later...



Ultrasound, PLI...oh my! It seems to be good news, though.

November 25th 2010 11:32 am
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted post another update after having an ultrasound and also getting some more test results back. Mom thinks we've gotten some information to be thankful for; this is a relief because after the ultrasound Mom was scared.

I had an ultrasound done on Tuesday - wow, that was interesting and I now have a little pink shaved belly! The ultrasound revealed some abnormalities of the pancreas and some of the surrounding areas. There was also an abnormal area in the digestive area near the pancreas. This area was also likely the same abnormal area that was seen on the x-rays. The vet said these abnormalities could be either "infiltrative cells" aka cancer, or the better scenario would be pancreatitis. The vet recommended sending the ultrasound images out (digitally) for review by a radiologist. We were hoping to get a report back the next day (Wednesday), which we did.

Mom was scared and sad after the ultrasound. She kept thinking about the possibility of cancer, and she was crying on and off. Mom was in there during the ultrasound helping to hold me, and she saw the abnormalities. {By the way, the vet said I was 'a gem' during the ultrasound!} Mom was so sad thinking about the possibility of pancreatic and/or intestinal cancer. She didn't want to post anything until we found out more information.

Well, the vet called Momma late yesterday (Wed). The vet first gave us the results of the PLI (pancreatic lipase immunreactivity) test. The PLI for me was 36.5 where normal is 3.5 or less!! That made Mom feel better - maybe it was pancreatitis and not cancer! And then the vet said they got the review back from the radiologist which also said that it looked more indicative of pancreatitis, though pancreatic cancer couldn't be ruled out. So Mom is feeling purrty thankful that it looks like we're dealing with chronic pancreatits and not cancer. Many diabetic cats also have chronic pancreatitis; and when cats have pancreatic flare-ups it's painful and they just feel sick.

So we're feeling thankful this Thanksgiving that it isn't looking like cancer (still we're not 100% sure). The test results and the fact that I am getting back to normal and eating well is also a good sign. However, pancreatitis isn't just a walk in the park. Yes, we think it's much better than cancer, but there are concerns with chronic pancreatitis and it can get worse. And being diabetic means I've got a more sensitive pancreas in general. Although my blood glucose levels have been purrty good during all of this - I'm still in remission. :)

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We're having a good Thanksgiving with the information we've gotten. And there is lots more to be thankful for...


Here are a couple links with more info on pancreatitis, if anyfur is interested:

Pancreatitis info from Feline Outreach

Alex and her momma's site:


Another update on me - I'm feeling better and eating more!

November 21st 2010 2:38 pm
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Hi everyone,

I first want to thank everyone for the purrs, purrayers, comments and gifts you've sent. Those purrs and kind gestures really have helped me feel better this week. This is the first time I've needed some POTP, and I got to experience how that feels - it really helps!

I've got a good update (though momma is still cautiously optimistic). I've been feeling better this weekend and I ate some of my regular canned food - and today I ate pretty enthusiastically. I hadn't eaten any of my regular food for several days.

We ended up going back to the vet on Friday because I still wasn't eating on Friday morning and I seemed worse. We had x-rays taken and they took more blood to send out for a test for pancreatitis (a PLI test), which will come back in about a week. The vet also gave me more fluids, a vitamin B-12 injection and I got some antibiotics. We decided to try amoxi drops (which is pink and bubble gum flavored antibiotic :)? ), because that had helped me one time before, and also clavamox may be more upsetting to the tummy. We also scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday.

When I got home from the vet Friday evening I ate about half a can of food (some canned food the vet gave me called a/d). I still wasn't myself, but at least I ate. Then on Saturday morning I actually ate some of my regular Wellness wet food. I still was weak, but I was eating. I seemed to be better later in the day. I wasn't laying in the meatloaf position by Saturday evening, and I slept with mom that night, too. This morning (Sunday) I ate some Wellness canned food and I ate pretty enthusiastically. I do seem to be doing better. Though we are still going to get the ultrasound to see more of what may or may not be happening with me. There was a potentially questionable area on the x-ray that we'll be able to investigate further with the ultrasound. I'll fill you in more on what we find out from the ultrasound.

Mom is feeling relief that I am eating and seem to be more like myself today. Though we don't know for sure that I am completely recovered and well. Maybe I just needed an antibiotic which I didn't get until Friday. The vet was initially concerned that it could upset my stomach more. During all of this we ended up doing a lot of tests; and even if I'm okay mom is glad to be doing these tests to see what could be happening with me. At my age (16.5 years) it's scary for momma when I just stop eating! But, I may have turned a corner this weekend! I'll keep you posted and let you know what the ongoing tests show.

Thank you again for all the purrs and support. Even though it's just virtual support, it still is felt!

Lots of love,

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